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5 Tips to Devising Effective Cooking Rules With Roommates Staying in dorms in college means you will have to take charge of your meals. But since you will have a roommate, you need not shoulder all the burden alone. Well that is if they are willing to make cooking arrangements with you. If they are, here are few guidelines you can use. 1. Discuss which meals you are sharing. Your roommates might agree to chip in only for dinner, or they might also agree to plan meals the entire day with you. Take note of each other's preferences. Your roommate might be under a medical condition that restraints them from consuming certain ingredients or foods. 2. Take turns cooking. Plan a menu for the week, or a month, or whichever is feasible for everyone. This is so to ensure diversity on the meals you are preparing. And then talk about how you will go about the grocery. Would you assign one person to shop for one week, or would you do the shopping altogether, once in a month?