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Organic Lawn Fertilizer For A Healthier Lawn Fertilizers are very important for lawns because they nourish the plants and ensure healthy growth. In the market, you will find plenty of fertilizers but most of them are chemical-laden. Chemicals, while working sufficiently well for plants, also have the potential to damage them and the helpful fauna living in the soil. Chemicals transferred to fruits may also be consumed, leading to numerous health problems. This is why choosing an organic lawn fertilizer makes a healthier option.

Benefits Listed below are the many benefits of choosing organic lawn fertilizer.  The

biggest problem with synthetic fertilizers is that they are prone to leaching.

All the excess chemicals ruin the nearby water bodies and the aquatic life forms. Organic fertilizers, on the other hand, don’t have this problem. The nutrients are broken down through microbial activity and they directly enter the soil.  Another

advantage is that the nutrients are released slowly and this is why oxygen

and water are retained adequately. Therefore, the nutrients reach the deep root system, too. The Best Organic Lawn Fertilizer When you want to find the best fertilizer, you should make sure you choose a fertilizer containing fish oil and seaweed. Fish oil consists of many trace elements. The extract from seaweed is loaded with numerous nutrients. Other

ingredients that are ideally found in quality and effective fertilizers are crab shells, alfalfa, earthworm castings and corn gluten among others. Forms of Organic Lawn Fertilizer

Organic fertilizers are available in different forms and they are listed below.  Compressed

spikes or sticks are pretty common. They are inserted in the lawn

directly at regular intervals.  Granules

are very popular. You should apply these granules by sprinkling them on

your lawn.  Liquid

organic lawn fertilizer is also a good idea because of the ease of


Purchasing Tips Purchasing natural lawn fertilizers is made easier through the tips provided below.  You

can make your purchase online or at various local fertilizer stores. You also

have the option of making a fertilizer for your lawn at home.  When

purchasing, make sure you go through plenty of turf builder and organic

lawn fertilizer reviews so that you will know which ones are the best. The only thing to remember is that an organic lawn fertilizer takes time to start showing effects. Sometimes, it takes a few months, too. This is the reason why you should be patient and not give up very soon. On your part, you should just be careful to buy the best one available in the market. Visit for more information about Organic Lawn Fertilizers Other articles you will find interesting: ·

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Organic lawn fertilizer for a healthier lawn  
Organic lawn fertilizer for a healthier lawn