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The OVA Southern Saints Athletic Club 2017-18 Yearbook www.ovasouthernsaints.com.au info@ovasouthernsaints.com.au /ovasouthernsaints @ovasouthsaints




HISTORY OVA was founded early in the 1930’s, by a small group of students with the intention of enjoying the sport of track and field and wanting to start an athletics club. Due to the war, the small numbers in the group meant that the club was disbanded in 1947. In 1964 “Old Boys” of the College, Bob Hamilton and Harold Rennie - together with the support of the Christian Brothers and athletes from the school - succeeded in fulfilling the original intention of the OVA Athletics Club. Application for affiliation was made with the Southern Tasmanian Amateur Athletic Branch Old Virgilians Association Athletic Club which was duly granted. The club very quickly built up a membership of some 40 athletes. Early in the 1980’s women were granted membership and the club became what it is today.

The OVA Committee has continued to develop its outreach in season 2017-18. The Race to the Taste was again a popular and successful event for the club, as well as the supply and addition of new uniform items. Executive President - Nathan Morey Vice President - Rosemary Coleman Secretary - Louise Elkerton Treasurer - Sally Kovacic

Committee MembersScott Carter Graeme Beechey Deborah Byrne Dominic Anastasio Denise Morey Hillary Revill Ioan Jones

Integral to the ongoing sustainability of any club is a progressive, working committee. The growth of the OVA Southern Saints committee over the past three years has been incredibly successful. It has seen the club be able to extend beyond providing the essentials to our members and families, to items such as a great new uniform and the ongoing support of the athlete assistance program.



2017-18 AWARD

WINNERS OVA SENIOR FEMALE ATHLETE OF THE YEAR “Lauren Jauncey (Gorringe) Trophy” Alice Randall

OVA SENIOR MALE ATHLETE OF THE YEAR “Brendan Hanigan Trophy” Nathan Morey OVA JUNIOR FEMALE ATHLETE OF THE YEAR “Gabby Prenter Trophy” Bec Kovacic OVA JUNIOR MALE ATHLETE OF THE YEAR “Simon Hollingsworth Trophy” William Robertson SPORTSMANSHIP AND ENCOURAGEMENT AWARD “Harold Rennie Award“ Maddi Casey Frank Jaio

2017-18 AWARD

WINNERS OVA WINTER ATHLETE OF THE YEAR “Rene Sluyters Trophy” Alice Randall Brian Lyons BEST CLUB PERSON “Hamilton Trophy” Lucy Carter

U/18 MEN Bayley Campbell

U/18 WOMEN Bec Kovavcic

U/16 MEN William Robertson

U/16 WOMEN Wena Jones U/14 WOMEN Bianca Tagileri


REPORT The OVA Athletics Club find themselves in a very special time in our history. Club numbers have remained consistent around 75 members (during track and field) for the past three seasons. . I would like to see if we could hit the magical 100 next track and field season. The club is in a strong financial position, allowing us to provide assistance to athletes travelling for competitions. For a club historically from an all boys school, to have basically the same number of men and women (on average) compete on a weekly bases is a tremendous achievement. We now have a club mascot, OV-Anna! The winter season saw OVA have a handful of committed attendees at weekly interclub cross-country (Elkerton Family, Callum Stevens and Jamie Laurence) and as always, a strong contingent at the Winter Walks competition. OVA’s representation during the winter cross-country season isn’t anywhere near as strong as track and field. I don’t see this as an issue as we are a niche club and have a strong club culture during the summer season. I don’t attend cross-country on a weekly basis but the committee are looking at ways to create more of a club vibe during the winter season, i.e. purchasing bag storage tents for our athletes. If anyone has any idea how to increase our numbers during the winter season, please let me know.

OVA continued to build a strong relationship with Queenborough Little Athletics Centre, with a strong contingent of athletes assist during specific event group training sessions. I know QLAC appreciate the time OVA give up for their athletes and we are now starting to see some of their older athletes transitioning to OVA. I hope to continue this relationship in the coming years. Last track and field season saw the launch of Athletics Tasmania’s Local Athletics Series (ATLAS), with three new look programs included into the season. ATLAS was born from a handful of people from Southern based clubs to deliver a vision that had been in the front of their minds. Dominic Anastasio and I were heavily involved and it was great to see OVA Members embrace the new format. Work is already occurring to make ATLAS 2018/19 bigger and better. Communication with Athletics South will be occurring to allow interclub and ATLAS programs to have a positive outcome for both.



The Race to the Taste this year was once again the clubs biggest fundraiser, raising $4589.67. Additional work/approvals was required last year to get the race of the ground and possibly required in previous years but never completed. Although mentioning last year that I would not be race director for the Race to the Taste, I fell back into the role. The race requires significant volunteers on the day and I’d like to thank the committee and all those members that assisted to make the event possible. I fear with the pressure on Hobart City Council to make The Taste Festival profitable, along with the increasing “anti-terrorism” measures that we way lose the monies provided by HCC and become harder to run the race on a major highway. The committee will be beginning communication with HCC in the coming weeks to ensure we know where we stand for this year’s event. My vision is to not have to rely so heavily on the Race to the Taste as our only real income each year. The committee will be continuing to pursue corporate sponsorship and be innovative to provide opportunities for our members. At the end of 2017, Deborah Byrne organised a function at Not Just Bras, although it was not well supported for a number of reasons. This is just one way that we will continue to build relationships in the wider community.

Trained officials is a major concern at club level with increased demand on “the few” to complete club duties. OVA’s commitment during summer interclub is downstairs administration and photo finish. Rosemary Coleman, Denise Morey and Owen Hunt have completed these roles for many years. I’d like to thank Daimon Casey who put his hand up to learn the administration software to enter athletes and results. I will continue to encourage Athletics South to make the administration areas an AS based commitment not a clubs. In my opinion, it is much harder to get athletes/parent to assist if numbers are lacking as specific training is required, compared to picking up a javelin or raking a pit. OVA also provide officials in the field, in particular, at the throws events. I would like to see OVA’s commitment be more in the field where more members can readily assist, and provide Rosemary, Denise and Owen the possibility to have the weekend off. As a club, we pride ourselves on being open and transparent with our members through constant communication via email and all social platforms. Dominic Anastasio once again lead the Social Media team with strong assistance from Lydia Attrill (especially whilst we journeyed overseas last year). I try my best to forward club information as soon as I get it with my “OVA Wrap” emails.



The club spirit throughout the track and field once again stood out, in particular, the four teams that OVA had compete in the Athletics South Club Decathlon. We wouldn’t have to go back too many years where OVA would’ve struggled to field a separate men’s and women’s teams. To have almost 40 members compete on that night was a great show of support for the club and everyone should be congratulated. It is still one of my favourite events throughout the season, as it most resembles school athletics that we all grew up with and loved. At the end of the evening, both our men and women’s teams were good enough to come away with the win. The committee made the decision to invest time in redesigning our club hoodie and long sleeve. The two items are now available through Project Clothing and really complement the new look OVA. From the samples available, they have been well received and I’d like to thank Dominic for his hard work liaising with Project Clothing in making these items available. It is the committees plan to slowly transition competition uniform to Project Clothing in the coming years. The committee will also be providing all registered members with a free pair of OVA socks (what this space).

Lastly, in the next 12months I will be considering stepping down as President. Good Governance, across all levels, requires fresh faces and new ideas. I will be considering stepping down as President at the end of the 2018/19 Season and hoping that I can transition an available candidate within the next 12 months. My final item I would like to complete prior to stepping down will be producing a new constitution for the club – ours is incredibly out dated! As Donald Trump would say, I want to make athletics great again! And at the earliest opportunity I will be standing for a position on the Athletics Tasmania Board. If circumstances permit, I will stay on the committee in a Vice-President role to nurture the new President of Old Virgilians Athletics and Associates Club. I encourage you to bring a friend along next season to join us in making athletics great again!

Nathan Morey

OVA Southern Saints President





by Lucy Carter (Vice Captain) I think as a club this was our greatest season yet, I saw much more involvement in the relays and many new members joining as existing or new faces in athletes. Every single member of this club matters and our family like vibe is inviting and inspiring. I feel like we had a strong leadership team this season ,and would like to thank the committee for selecting us and giving us this opportunity. I am grateful for this opportunity to express my uniqueness and voice my opinions. I’d also like to thank the members of OVA for supporting us and relying on us. Special thanks to Nathan for having trust in us to help out any way possible whether it be signing up new athletes, organising relays to suit new athletes or make a winning team as well as helping where ever needed. I guess the question for next season is “do you wanna do a relay”(Lucy Carter every meet).



by Callum Stevens and Gus Tomlinson Smith This year OVA had a number of people performing each week in their chosen events. The OVA athletics club always makes sure that the participants are trying their best and having fun at the same time. Personal best times and distances flooded in throughout the season for many of the athletes, there were even club records that fell throughout the season. Early on in the season William Robertson broke the club u14-16 1500m and 300m walk records. Liam Watling showed some stand out distance running breaking multiple age group 5000m records. Metasebia Duggan showed her strength by breaking the u13 1500m record and Mitchel Branch showed his class speed by breaking the u15 100m record, just to name a few. OVA always has fantastic participation in the relays which makes for a great end to the day. Overall OVA had a fantastic year and we hope to make it an even better one in the upcoming season.



by Lydia Attrill (Club Captain) The 2017/18 season proved highly successful for the girls of OVA, with booming numbers and several outstanding performances seen across the board. On the track it was Bec Kovacic and Laura McShane who dominated the sprint events, while the longer events saw the rise of newcomer Sophie Moore and racewalkers Alice Randall and Anna Blackwell. It was not only the track where the OVA girls dominated, with strong representation from Grace Jacobson in the pits, Claudia Williams in the high jump and Kaela Beechey on the javelin run way. It was fantastic to see OVA fielding at least one girls relay team almost every week, and even seeing up to three teams some weeks. Special thanks go out to OVA vice-captain Lucy Carter who worked each week to put the teams together and ensure as many people as possible got a run. It was fantastic to see such an overwhelming turnout of OVA girls at weekly interclub meets, with the blue and yellow often dominating the field on the start line. It was also inspiring to see so many new athletes to the club, a good sign for the future.

CLUB CAPTAIN REPORT CONT. This dominance carried over from weekly interclub meets, and saw OVA represented at National road walking, All Schools and Junior athletics championships. OVA was also strongly represented at a state level with several exceptional performances at the Tasmanian Age and Open championships. The girls of OVA had a promising 2017/18 season, which saw dominance at a local, state and national level, with the inclusion of a national junior gold medal, and I am excited to see the development of the club over the coming season.



Aldanmark Consulting Engineers provides structural, civil, hydraulic and geotechnical engineering services for domestic, commercial and industrial clients, specialising in engineering of architectural building projects. Aldanmark have supported the OVA Southern Saints over the past few years, by providing financial support which has enabled the club to continue our growth and importantly, further support our members through incentives such as our new OVA gear and athlete assistance. The club wishes to thank Aldanmark for their ongoing support, and invite anybody with engineering service enquiries to contact them. http://www.aldanmark.com.au/ (03) 6234 8666



The upcoming season through out 2018-19 is an exciting one for the OVA Southern Saints. Our new “Team OVA� uniform, supplied through Project Clothing, is available on the club website and the club is proud to announce that OVA socks are also in the pipeworks. Given the recent success of the club, continuing to grow in terms of support for our members and recruitment remains of high importance. The OVA committee has gone from strength to strength, as we look to learn and develop from the lessons of the previous season. The development of our athletes at both a junior, senior and throughout the transition period remains paramount. The results of the club decathlon show the club is heading in a positive direction off the back of a vibrant club spirit that now resonates through our membership base. Bring on season 2018-19! #goOVA


& RECORDS William Robertson U14/15/16 1,500m Walk - 6.35.50 U14 3,000m Walk - 14.59.67

Wena Jones U15/16/17/18/19/20 Pole Vault - 2.70m Annabelle Anderson Open Pole Vault - 3.30m Raiden Lemon U17/18/19/20/Open Pole Vault - =3.30m Liam Watling U16 5,000m - 17.49.78 Metasebia Duggan U13 1,500m - 5.30.39 Raiden Lemon U17/18/19/20/Open Pole Vault - =2.70m Mitchell Branch U15 100m - 11.38 U15/16/=17/=18/=19/=20 60m - 7.34

OUR ACHIEVEMENTS AND RECORDS CONT. Alice Randall U18/19/20 5,000m Walk - 24.26.53 U18/19/20 3,000m Walk - 13.57.70 Jacob Despard Open 60m - 7.01 Winner - 2018 Stawell Gift Amsbury Gibson U17/18/19/20 5,000m - 17.49.01


Female: OVA Yellow - 1st (67 Points) OVA White - 7th (27 Points)

Male: OVA Blue - 1st (61 Points) OVA Green - 6th (33 Points)

POINT SCORE Female: 1. Madi Casey - 520 (11 rounds) 2. Ava Faint - 495 (13 rounds) 3. Elka Paprotny - 393 (12 rounds) 4. Hannah Sheers - 302 (8 rounds) 5. Laura McShane - 293 (10 rounds)

Male: 1. Bayley Campbell - 613 (15 rounds) 2. Frank Jiao - 354 (13 rounds) 3. Gus Tomlinson-Smith - 283 (12) 4. Jamie Lawrence - 282 (11 rounds) 5. Mark Nichols - 281 (9 rounds)



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