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The OVA Southern Saints Athletic Club 2016-17 Yearbook www.ovasouthernsaints.com.au info@ovasouthernsaints.com.au facebook.com/ovasouthernsaints @ovasouthsaints #goOVA Yearbook by Domin8 Designs

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Season 2016/17 was another year of positive growth for OVA Southern Saints. As a club, we are continually building registrations and the overall involvement in the club is on the rise. In the past 12 months, there have been two new members on the committee with the upcoming season seeing five new faces. OVA’s website and social media presence is our point of difference. The quality and consistent posts keeps our members and the greater community up to date with all things OVA. Dominic Anastasio has been the man behind the scenes keeping our website and social media exciting. With the ongoing demand, Lydia Attrill has put her hand up to assist I have no doubt she’ll do a stellar job. I’d like to think that the increase in volunteers across the club is a direct reflection of OVA’s culture. The Race to the Taste continues to be the clubs major fundraiser and biggest resource hungry event we are involved in. Page 03

Without this race, the club wouldn’t be financially stable. The majority of the work is done leading up to the event, liaising with Hobart City Council, Tasmania Police, and The Stroke Foundation etc. In the years gone by, it has been Brendan Hanigan, Dominic Anastasio and myself doing the majority of the leg work to get the event up and running every year. We always seem to get things together and haven’t had any major issues during the race (touch wood). On race day, anywhere up to 20 volunteers are needed to set up, take and hand out entries, act as course marshals etc. Over the last few years, there has been discussion for someone new to take on the roll as Race Director. Personally, I’d like to see someone else take it on as my time during summer is limited between my work commitments, training (when not injured) and additional athletics commitments – Club President and Athletics Tasmania Chairman of Selectors (Track and Field). Between, Brendan, Dominic and myself, we can mentor any willing parent that has an interest in taking on Race Director. Athletics was revolutionised last summer with Nitro Athletics, headlined by the fastest man in the world, Usain Bolt. Track and field was on free to air TV, across three jammed packed nights of entertainment at Melbourne’s Lakeside Stadium in February 2017. The brand of track and field needed a change to keep Page 04

PRESIDENTS REPORT CONTINUED up with the increasing social demand, cricket has Twenty20, Tennis has Fast4, AFL has AFL9’s and Soccer had Futsal etc. Before the start of the last interclub season, Athletics South held a forum to hear what the athletes wanted. Athletics South introduced some minor changes with the introduction of morning interclub and shorter programs. OVA provided a comprehensive response to Athletics South at the end of the season, which was circulated to all members. There will always be challenges and compromises that have to be made along the way, but I hope all OVA members support and are open to any future changes to keep track and field relevant for the broader community. Last season OVA once again continued a close relationship with Queenborough Little Athletics Club. After the lessons learnt from the previous season, OVA held a number of training nights for specific event groups rather than a generic coaching session. The training nights enabled OVA athletes to teach event specific techniques that they may not get of a Saturday morning at competition.

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I’d like to thank all the OVA athletes that volunteered their time; I know that QLAC are very appreciative of the time and effort we show their members. As well as helping at QLAC, OVA members volunteered there time at Kingborough and East Derwent Little Athletics Centres. It’d be great to see Athletics Tasmania and Athletics South working together with Tasmanian Little Athletics to create a positive culture and transition young athletes smoothly through their teenage years. Lastly, I’d like to thank the hard working OVA Committee, without volunteers there isn’t an amateur sporting club in Australia that would survive. The committee has grown on the last two years and I hope that we can continue to grow and provide a positive environment for all current and future OVA members. Go OVA!

Nathan Morey

OVA Southern Saints Club President

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Despite injury, Dusty’s efforts at #AAC17 were incredibly appreciated by team management and our insta followers alike.

Bec and Lucy were all smiles before the OVA Club Handicap 400m Page 07

Ryan soaring through the skies was great, as was Gus’ sportsmanship.

Our ‘rapping’ girls were caught in the moment, as our club captains shared some love and likes! Page 08


The OVA Southern Saints wish to thank ongoing supporter of the club, local business Domin8 Designs. Domin8 Designs designed and maintain the OVA website to it’s attractive and high standard, enabling the club to be well represented online and easily provide information to it’s members. The business is also involved in administering and developing content (like some of the videos and the photos) for the club’s social media profiles. For a unique, affordable website, graphic design or videography project, visit: www.domin8designs.com.au Show your support by following facebook.com/domin8designs @domin8designs on Instagram/Twitter Page 11

OUR COMMITTEE 2016 and 2017 season

President: Nathan Morey Vice President: Rosemary Coleman Treasurer: Scott Carter Secretary: Lousie Elkerton General Committee: Graeme Beechey (Records and Results) Denise Morey (Uniform) Dominic Anastasio (Website and Social Media) Brendan Hanigan (Events)

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Season 2016-17 provided a great opportunity to continue to develop on the growth experienced by the club over the last few years. In particular, a focus on team spirit and participation has seen the OVA Southern Saints as the destination club for both members looking to further their athletic ambitions - but also those who want to experience a good time with friends. The previous season continued to develop this, particularly through the increased encouragement and participation in relay events, of which the club was often the best represented. For the first time in a long time, OVA were often around the top - if not on top - of the points score for the weekly interclubs; a great sign of members wanting to get involved.

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The introduction of the hoodies last year and the long sleeve t-shirt this year has enhanced the opportunities for our members to show their OVA love, and we’ll look to continue to create awesome gear for our members in the coming season. Given the now positive standing of the club in the local track and field scene, social events are back on the agenda as we want to extend the good times beyond competition the Domain. Our club records have seen a great revamp in the past two years, courtesy of committee member Graeme Beechey. These ongoing updates, along with monitoring of the points, greatly assist with the respective awards at the end of the year also. The Race to the Taste continues to be tweaked and fine tuned - the amount of effort that goes into this event behind the scenes is enourmous, as the club looks to balance the work and financial loads of this event more evenly. Season 2017-18 will be an exciting one for the club and track and field in Hobart, as we look to reinvigorate athletics to both meet the needs of members but also attract the interest of the wider community. Stay tuned and thanks for your ongoing support of OVA #goOVA

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The OVA Southern Saints wish to congratulate the following members on their achievements in season 2016-17, recognised as recipients of the following OVA club awards:



Ava Faint

Jack Lewis



Grace Jacobson

Torin Jones



Alice Randall

Dusty Rankin

Best Club person “Bob Hamilton Trophy” Lydia Attrill Page 15

Senior Female Athlete of the Year “Lauren Jauncey (Gorringe) Trophy” Alice Randall

Senior MALE Athlete of the Year “Brendan Hanigan Trophy” John Howe

Junior Female Athlete of the Year “Gabby Prenter Trophy” Anna Blackwell

Junior Male Athlete of the Year “Simon Hollingsworth Trophy” Dusty Rankin

Sportsmanship and Encouragement “Harold Rennie Trophy” Jamie Laurence Metasebia Duggan

OSS Athlete of the Year “Rene Sluyters Trohpy” Alice Randall Robert Elkerton Page 16


Aldanmark Consulting Engineers provide structural, civil, hydraulic and geotechnical engineering services for domestic, commercial and industrial clients, specializing in engineering of architectural building products. Aldanmark have again contributed to the ongoing success of the OVA Southern Saints through their financial support - enabling the club to support our athletes who travel for competition and progress our team OVA apparel. Visit: http://www.aldanmark.com.au/ Show your support by following https://www.facebook.com/ AldanmarkEngineering

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514 464 436 356 290 266 233 233 231 208

647 369 313 275 234 231 221 170 169 164

13 11 12 10 9 10 10 9 10 11

Lydia Attrill Ava Faint Elka Paprotny Kaela Beechey Bec Kovacic Lucy Carter Rebecca Revill Grace Jacobson Charlotte Harper Anna Blackwell

12 9 13 7 8 10 7 8 4 7

Jamie Laurence Dusty Rankin Gus Tomlin. Smith Bayley Campbell Callum Abbott Robert Elkerton Mark Nichols Torin Jones Jordan Cox Callum Stevens

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ATHLETICS AUSTRALIA ALLSCHOOL RESULTS – 2016 (18 OVA Athletes competed) Alice Randall: DNF - U18 5000M Race Walk – Fell DNF Anna Blackwell: U16 3000M Race Walk 4th -15.43.66 Grace Jacobson: U16 200m 18th 26.29/Long Jump 13th – 5.18M/Relay 4x100M -6th/Swedish Relay 7th Ava Faint: U14 400m 67.89 -12t h / 1500M 12th 5.43.61/800m 12th -2.40,91 Hannah Steele: U14 Javelin 9th 28.56 Lucy Carter: U16 200m Hurdles 17th 35.87/ 4X100M Relay 6th Bec Kovacic : U18 100M 17th 12.84/ 200M 17th 26.93/ 4X100M Relay 4th /Long Jump 20th 4.83m Bec Revil: U18 400M 18th 61.07/800M 11th – 2.14.64 Kaela Beechey : U18 Javelin 19th 40.27 Jack Lewis: U14 200M pb 24.05 in heat, Final 6th 24. 38/100M 6th Final 11.62/4X100M 5th Page 19

Mark Elkerton: U14 800M 12th 2.19.28/1500M 4.52.76 11th PB Torin Jones: U18 800M 11th 1.58.82 Liam Watling: U16 3000M 15th 10.07 51 PB Raiden Lemon: U18 4X100M 4th / Swedish Relay 6th/100M 17th 12.06/Triple Jump 13th 11.67m/Shot put 13th 12.10 Dusty Rankin: 100M 16th 11.63/200M 12th 22.72 PB/400M 51.73 13th/ 4X100M 6th/Swedish 5th Gus Tomlinson-Smith: U18 400M 11th 51.44/4x100M/ Swedish Relay 5th Jordan Cox: U18 Long Jump 12th 6.18/Triple Jump 15th 12.64m/4X100M 6th Ryan Cooper U18 Long Jump 10th 6,64m/Triple Jump 6th 13.46m/4X100M 6th AUSTRALIAN ROAD WALKING CHAMPIONSHIPS – (4 OVA Athletes competed) Alice Randall: Gold 5KM 25.04 Anna Blackwell: Injured Bayley Campbell: 8th 5KM 26.13 William Robertson: DQ AUSTRALIAN ATHLETICS CROSS COUNTRY (2 OVA athletes competed) U15/16 – Robert Elkerton 18th 4KM – 13.20 U14 – Ava Faint 3KM 69th 12.83

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ATHLETE REPRESENTATION CONT. AUSTRALIAN JUNIOR CHAMPIONSHIPS – (12 OVA athletes competed) Alice Randall: U18 5000M Race Walk – 25.08.91 Gold Anna Blackwell: U17 5000M Race Walk – 5th Bec Revill: Open 800M 9th heat 21.19.83/U18 800M 8th 2.17.51 Bayley Campbell:U16 3000M Race Walk 5th -15.11.89 Grace Jacobson: U18 100M 13.13 8th heat/Long Jump 8th 5.15m Bec Kovacic: U18 100M 8th heat 12.87/200M 8th heat 26.47 Torin Jones: U17 800M 3rd Heat 1.57.77 9th overall Elka Proprotney:U16 100M heat 11th 13.52/ 400M heat 8th 65.92/4X100m Relay 7th Charlotte Harper ;U15 200M 9th heat 30.05/4X100M Relay 7th Ava Faint: U15 400M heat 8th 65.69/1500M 21st 5.28.42 Gus Tomlinson: U20 800M 4th 1.56.76/4X400M Relay 7th Jack Lewis: U15 100M 8th Final 11.84

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For over 20 years Hobart Private Hospital has been providing high quality care to Hobart and greater Tasmania residents. The OVA Southern Saints wish to thank Hobart Private Hospital for their valuable financial assistance to support the most recent Hartz Race to the Taste, run by the club. Visit: http://www.hobartprivatehospital.com.au/

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OCTOBER 2016 15th U12 Discus 20th U12 400m 20th U12 1500m 20th U12 1500m 29th U12 800m 29th U12 800m 29th U16 1500m DECEMBER 2016 21st U16-U20 1000m 21st U17-Open 1000m JANUARY 2017 28th U15 3km

Josh Walker Riley Griggs Metasabia Duggan Mitchell Walker Metasabia Duggan Mitchell Walker Robert Elkerton

8.74 1.11.35 5.46.21 5.25.81 2.43.58 2.36.58 4.11.25

Torin Jones Rebecca Revill

2.37.34 3.00.37

Jamie Laurence


FEBRUARY 2017 25th U15 3km W Bayley Campbell 26th U17 2km SC Lochlan Bromfield

14.53.8 6.21.31

MARCH 2017 19th U16-U20 19th U17-U20

3.57.21 10.12.97

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1500m Torin Jones 3km SC Lochlan Bromfield

The OVA Southern Saints Athletic Club 2016-17 Yearbook www.ovasouthernsaints.com.au info@ovasouthernsaints.com.au facebook.com/ovasouthernsaints @ovasouthsaints #goOVA Yearbook by Domin8 Designs


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