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Holy Cow! Written by Maya Brown / Photographed by Tiffanni Reidy

Stuck in a winter meal rut? Vaishali Honawar of “Holy Cow!” has the perfect solution with light winter meals that will warm you up without weighing you down. We spoke with Vaishali about her pets, the beauty of Rock Creek Park, and of course, her spicy vegan recipes that will heat up your long, cold winters. DomiCile: What neighborhood do you live in? Vaishali: North Woodside, Silver Spring, Md. DomiCile: How long have you lived in the region? Vaishali: Seventeen years now—as long as I’ve lived here in the United States. DomiCile: What’s your favorite thing about living in the region? Vaishali: Many, many things—I love the fact that we live in one of the world’s greatest cities and there’s always something happening here. I love the diversity of our region and the richness that diversity brings to our lives, whether it’s in the day-to-day interactions with people from around the world or the wonderful food and restaurants. I am always awestruck by how magnificent the city is—just looking at the Capitol dome all lit up at night takes my breath away. 43

DomiCile Winter 2013/2014  

The Winter 2013/2014 Issue is the premiere issue of DomiCile Magazine. It highlights the Hampden neighborhood in Baltimore, Maryland and sho...

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