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Largest LED Light manufacturer now in India. November, 30, 2016, Delhi/ NCR: -- Dollar Luminaries is the largest manufacturer of LED Lights in India. The company gives you a variety of options to chose the lights which best suits you. Dollar Luminaries is the largest LED light manufacturers in India. The company stands at the location of NCR. Giving the details of the company, the spokesman told us that Dollar Luminaries stands in the location of NCR. It is the largest manufacturer of LED Lights in India. More and more people are moving towards LED Lights from the traditional lights. These lights are deepening its roots in the market at a very fast pace. There are various reasons, why these lights are preferred so much in the market. They are extremely energy efficient and saves energy. They consume 90% less energy than the traditional lights. Since in consumes less energy, it is lighter to your pockets too. It saves you from heavy electricity bills and saves your hard earned money. These are the most energy efficient, cleanest and most eco-friendly lights. These lights are durable than the traditional lights. One of the important features these lights carry is that they do not emit UV rays. They are available in various size and designs. Not only this, these lights can bear the most extreme conditions. They can work in extremely hot and extremely chilled weather conditions too. These lights do not need any external reflector to reflect the light. It can focus the light on a spot on its own. And the best is that it can work efficiently even in low voltage.

The company is the largest LED Down Lighter Manufacturer in India and an expert in manufacturing LED Street Lights too. It manufactures the highest quality LED Lights. We are the largest manufacturer of LED Downlights and LED street lights. We offer the down lights of the best quality for offices, malls, and shops. The lights manufactured by the company are highly energy efficient, durable and consumes less power.

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Dollar Luminaries is the largest manufacturer of LED downlights and Street Lights in the city. It gives the highest quality lights. The team of experts manufactures these lights with utmost care and gives you these lights in a variety of sizes and shapes. Apart from this, the company is the best LED Street Light Manufacturer in India. Company Details: 52/ 94, Rajendra Nagar Industrial Estate, Mohan Nagar, Opposite Dass Hitachi, Ghaziabad, UP- 201007. Contact: 011 23865355/ 23869563/ (+91) 9811841991/ 9873810005 Email Address:

Largest led light manufacturer now in india