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Mostafa Mohammed M. El-Shawadfy 2-B, 12th Neighborhood, 1st District 6th October City, Egypt Tel: +201061875677 - +201149882966 E-Mail:

Personal Information: Date of Birth: 16th Nov. 1990. Marital Status: Single. Nationality: Egyptian. Military Service: Exempted.

Education: High Institute of Engineering, Culture & Science City, 6th October City. BSc in Mechatronics Engineering with Good grade (GPA: 2.32), Jun. 2012. Graduation project: Converting a Traditional Lathe to a CNC Lathe with Excellent grade.

Secondary Education: Technical Education & Training “Mubarak-Kohl-Initiative” (MKI), 6th October City. Class Year: 2007 – Electronics Department.

Training Experience: Egyptian-German Automotive Co. (EGA), (Mercedes-Benz). (2004 - 2007) Positions: - CNC Production Line (One Year). - Electrical Maintenance Team (Two Years). COMEX Co. (2010) Position: Mechanical & Electrical Maintenance Team (Two Months).

Skills: Languages

-Arabic: Mother tongue. -English: Very Good command of speaking & writing. -Aspire to learn German and Russian.

Computer knowledge

-Concepts of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) -Word Processing - Spreadsheets -Using Databases – Presentation.


-Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Fabrication. -Electrical Control panels Installations. -Electrical building Structure Installations.


-Computer-aided design and drafting (CAD) -Design (mechanical, electro-mechanical, fluid flow, thermal, hydraulic and pneumatic systems, and heating, ventilating & air conditioning (HVAC)) -Manufacturing (metal and plastics processing, automation, robotics, and computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) for computer numeric control (CNC) machining) -Management (quality, production operations, and project management)

Courses: 1. ICDL. 2. AutoCAD. (2-D) (Autodesk)

- Computer-aided design and drafting 3. Mastering Inventor. (Autodesk) - 3D CAD and Simulation for Mechanical Design. With Grade: Excellent - Course Period: 90 hrs. 4. Microcontroller (PIC). (MICROCHIP) - PICBASIC language - I/O Debounce - ADC - PWM - Interfacing (LCD-7segments-Keypad) - Timers - Interrupts - Serial Communication (RS232). With Grade: Excellent - Course Period: 36 hrs. 5. PLC Basics & Advanced PLC. (LG-SIEMENS-MITSUBISHI) - Digital IO device - PLC architecture - Circuit wiring - Memory map - Timers - Counters - Step controller - Analogue signals operation and application - High Speed Counter (HSC) and Encoder signals - Mathematical operation - Human Machine Interface (HMI) programming and connecting to PLC. With Grade: Excellent - Course Period: 72 hrs. 6. SCADA System. (SIEMENS - SIMATIC WinCC) - (Project - Communication - Dynamic Process Screens - Trend - Alarm - Report) Configuration. With Grade: Excellent - Course Period: 36 hrs. 7. Lab-View & Robotics. (LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT - LS - MICROCHIP) - Statics - Dynamics - Gears, Sprockets and Chains - Actuators - Materials - Batteries - Sensors - Microcontrollers or PLCs - Programming Miscellaneous for ROBOCON contest. - LabVIEW system design software. With Grade: Excellent - Course Period: 36 hrs.

Mostafa M. Elshawadfy - CV  
Mostafa M. Elshawadfy - CV  

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