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Vanda Gregorovรก

June/July 2012

Ivana Sipalova

Jo Tristram Redas Masiulis

Lithiania on the way to the AWC 2012


June/july 201 SUMMARY Junior European Open Agility 2012

Junior European Open Agility 2012 MEMORIES...

Lithuania on the way to the AWC 2012


interview with Vanda Gregorovรก

Y European Open Agility 2012

interview with Ivana Sipalova

interview with Jo Tristram

Junior European Open 2012



European O

From the 13th to the 15th of July will be held the Junior European Open Agility 2012 in Burgenland , Austira. The event will be held in Pinkafeld , that is a village in Burgenland, in the east of Austria. The Junior European Open Agility 2012 is an Agility competition which is officially recognised by the FCI and is based on the FCI Agility regulations of 2012.




Junior European Open 2012

The competition is OPEN to all dogs, with or without pedigree.  For logistical purposes the number of competitors has to be limited to approximately 400 dogs. Of these a maximum of 50% may be in the category “Large”. Each National Organisation has the right to nominate competitors and to send the entries to the organizer at the latest by May 15th 2012. The Junior EO competitios are divided in 2 groups: Children: under 15 years old (born 1998 and younger ) Juniors: from 15 to 18 years old (born 1994–1997) They competitors will compete in 2 competitions the Individual and the Team competition.

The Judges of the event are:

Gabriele Steppan (Austria) , Rudolf Pöhl (Austria) and Karl-Heinz Krause (Switzerland). Junior European Open - Individual Competition The Individual Events take place on July 14th 2012 and are held in the categories Large, Medium and Small separated by children and juniors. In this competition there will be an Agility round and a Jumping round in all 3 height categories. Both rounds are scored separately by faults and time for all competitors. The team (handler + dog) with the best overall result (Agility & Jumping) will be called “Winner Junior European Open Individual 2012” in each height category separated by children and juniors. Junior European Open - Team Competition The Team Events (mixed Children and Juniors) take place on July 15th 2012 and are held in the categories Large and a combined Medium/Small. Mixed Country Teams may also compete (one Team composed of handler and dogs from different countries). For the Junior European Open Team Event one Agility round and one Jumping round will be run. The 3 best runs of each team will count towards the team result for each round. The team with the best overall result (3 best runs Agility & 3 best runs Jumping) will be called “Winner Junior European Open Team 2012”

About the 2011 competition results. First of all , they were all good , they still have a long road ahead of them and this can be only the beginning of a very pleasant hill . The Swiss Lisanne Mozzetti with Alba (ShetlandSheepdog) dominated the Child Small category with more than 4 seconds behind the second place .Borbála Kovács won the Medium Child competition with a Mudi named Bojtár. Junior Vandeveur from Belgium was awarded with the victory of the large child section and hoax others without winning Jumping and Agility run. In the Junior section ...Yannick Boutellier and Simba a Harlekin Toypoodle won in the Small category. In the Medium the winner was a superb run of Katerina Malackova with Jackie (Pyrenean Sheepdog) from the Czech rep. In the category large the young German Kevin Pohl ( 2010 winner) didn>t collects ​​the victory and grabs the second place in front of the Working Kelpie Indiana of Tonia Theuretzbacher. The winners of the teams competitions are : for Small / Medium the Czech Mix team and for the Large category the victory of the Suisse Large Team. turn the page->

Junior European Open 2012

On this event we will see who will be in the next generation of Agility handlers , who will face the champions of nowadays in few year...Some names of good Agility Junior competitors from the past years are Paulina Jarmolińska from Poland , Valerie Kerkhecker , the German Kevin Pohl , Viola Veres a girl who has proven to be on the same level as the top handlers of the moment , the Italian Camilla Nari that was very good this year at the World Agility Open in Belgium , Eliška Panáčová from the Czech Rep. , Loic Cusumano , Lukas Purtscher , Beatrice Viotti another Italian talent. She’s very young but can face with the top handlers in Italy. Those are only a few names of who have been part of the history of this event.

JUNIOR LARGE overall top 10 1 Tonja Theuretzbacher & Indiana ( Working Kelpie) 2 Kevin Pohl & Funny ( Border Collie ) 3 Laura Nelles & Fly ( Border Collie ) 4 Rebecca Kammer & C´Mmon Cody ( Mixed Breed ) 5 Geraldine Rissé & Abba ( Border Collie ) 6 Silvia Guccione & Gecky ( Border Collie ) 7 Anna Lang & Alexia ( Collie ) 8 Jana Mikuskova & Dykin ( Pyrenean Sheepdog ) 9 Jeffrey Hoorelbeke & Falco ( Border Collie ) 10 Geraldine Rissé & Sloep ( Border Collie )

JUNIOR MEDIUM overall top 10: 1 Jackie Katerina & Malackova ( Jackie P 2 Petra Castova & Zamba (Shetland Sh 3 Katharina Meyer &Amiga (Shetland 4 Sara Macciò & Woody (Shetland Shee 5 Anneleen Daems & Nora (kooikerhon 6 Núria Fortuny Tarragó & Hanna (Po 7 Isabelle Mertz & Difuso (Brasilianisch 8 Laura Hopp & Champ ( Jack Russell T 9 Lukas Purtscher & Mandy ( Shetland 10 Michele Bertolini & Charlie (Mixed

Pyrenean Sheepdog) heepdog) d Sheepdog ) epdog) ndje) odle ) her Terrier ) Terrier) Sheepdog) d Breed)

JUNIOR SMALL overall top 10: 1 Yannick Boutellier & Simba (Harlekin Toypoodle) 2 Katerina Chalusova & Gledis (Parson Russell Terrier) 3 Eszter Olรกh & Panda (Foxterrier, Smooth) 4 Petra Pauler & Ghosty(Poodle) 5 Samuel Schmied & Nouchka (Cavalier King Charles Spaniel) 6 Anna Schoorens & Sherlock (Shetland Sheepdog) 7 Martina Valentini & Trilly(Mixed Breed) 8 Slavka Podmolova & Tesi (Shetland Sheepdog) 9 Michael Meyer & Candy (Shetland Sheepdog) 10 Lucie Jerabkova & Kiki (Yorkshire Terrier)

Junior European Open 2012

2011 CHILD MEDIUM overa 2011 CHILD LARGE overall top 10 1 Junior Vandeveur & Ice (Border Collie) 2 Yannick Hmina & Ginger(Old German Shepherd Dog ) 3 Line Kia Christensen & Charlie (Border Collie) 4 Lisa Nowosad & Suna (Mixed Breed) 5 Bas Proost & Uilleam (Border Collie) 6 Tereza Tuzilova & Wiki (Border Collie) 7 Beatrice Pinchetti & Luna(Border Collie) 8 Giulia Beretta & Puppyboy (Border Collie) 9 Thirza van Houten & Rossi (Hazer Fuchs) 10 Tobe Heremans & Faja (Border Collie)

1 Borbála Kovács & Bojtár (Mudi ) 2 Rebekka De Backer & Babette (Schape 3 Luca Heinen & Bounty (Shetland Shee 4 Kia Christensen & Sammy Line (Shetla 5 Denisa Sommerova & Arisek (Kooikerh 6 Zuzanna Felczak & Ares (Mixed Breed 7 Lucas Wattecamps & Biloutte (Parson R 8 Laura Aubertin & Dallas (Shetland She 9 Amélie Blanc & Unau (Grand Spitz ) 10 Petra Hajkova & Brim (Shetland Shee

2011 CHILD SMALL overall top 10 1 Lisanna Mozzetti & Alba (Shetland Sheepdog ) 2 Rebekka De Backer & Pipa (Papillon ) 3 Jan Almberger & Ally (Shetland Sheepdog ) 4 Dominika Machova & Aimee (Cavalier King Charles Spaniel ) 5 Anna Sipkova & Flery (Shetland Sheepdog ) 6 Petra Csatlós & Tappancs (Mixed Breed ) 7 Ramona Gorisek & Jeremy (Poodle, Toy ) 8 Michaela Taflova & Goldie (Shetland Sheepdog ) 9 Giulia Beretta & Luna ( Jack Russell Terrier ) 10 Chernysheva Liubov & Fanya (Miniature Schnauzer )

all top 10


endoes ) epdog and Sheepdog ) hondje ) ) Russell Terrier ) eepdog )

1 Czech Mix 2 Czech Medium Children 3 Braun-WeiĂ&#x; Meets Sheltie 4 Czech Small Children 5 Czech Medium Juniors 6 Czech Small Juniors 7 Hungarian Team Small 8 Austria 3 9 Suisse Small/Medium Team 2 10 Austria 2

epdog )

TEAM LARGE OVERALL top10 1 Suisse Large Team 1 2 Italia Large 2 3 Agility Of The World 1 4 Hungarian Team Large 5 Czech Large 1 6 Austria 1 7 Agimaniacs 8 8 Powergirls 9 Luxembourg 1 10 Belgium Team 2 Large

Junior European Open 2012

Agility Jun European O


Laura Nelles

Viola Ver >

Eliska Pana

nior Open 2012 IES...

res >


Junior European Open 2012: Laura Nelles

La Laura Nelles is very young and very talented handler. She’s from Liège, Belgium . In her “short” agility carrer she have collected many good results .Here is a short interview with the third placed at the 2011 JEO .

You have participated several times at the Junior European Open. The 2012 edition will be the last for you. What do you expect from this year’s event? Well ,I hope to spend a pleasant weekend, memorable . I really would like to run very beautiful courses and to win the Junior European Open Agility. Since you were present many times at the Junior European Open you have brought home excellent results. Which competitions remained more in your heart ? In 2006, in Baden, Austria. There was the first time that Belgium was involved. I really didn’t believe that I could finish second, I remind me of the Vast (Agility course), it was very very hard, and I began to stress a lot to see so many handlers DK( disqualified), But ,phew, I heard my dog, Yverness, everything was wonderful an perfect. I remind me of my father crying in me hugging. Frankly I have very fond memories.

aura Nelles “My “Model” is of course my father...”

Which team do you like most agility? Do you have some “Idol/role model”? My “Model” is of course my father; It’s thanks to him I got here. He teaches me the positions and the technical work in agility and without him; I wouldn’t have that experience, etc. I owe him a lot and I thank him a lot. Other idols are Sally Andrews, Andy De Groote, Marc Van Beeck and Stan Peeters. When I see their runs, every time I tell myself that’s so wonderful, and I’d really like to reach their level one day.

“...thanks to my father that I have great knowledge in agility”

To arrive at un certain levels you must have a good treiner. Who is behind your results in additions to you and your dogs? As I said above, it is thanks to my father that I have great knowledge in agility. My father is the monitor of agility in the club where I am and was my coach during the competition. As a child he was always there to help me and show me the proper driving techniques.

Junior European Open 2012: Laura Nelles

Laura Nelles & Fly at the JEO 2011

How do you train and how much? There is training every Tuesday and Thursday and sometimes on Saturday when there is no contest. My father rides a full itinerary and then we work by small shops, so he cut the course in 4 or 5 parts. After each small part of the run he explains what needs to be corrected or what method would be appropriate for this piece of course. We rarely do an entire course so the dog always ends on good things. Plans for the Future? At the moment I am trying to show my young dog a Shetland Sheepdog, Her name is Magic Kiss Blue Dune. She passed the social test on the 4 August. I hope to arrive in grade 3 with here and to participate at the European Open Agility, and my greatest dream is going to the World Championship with hopes of making a good result

“ greatest dream is going to the World Championship�

1. Toni Dawkins

2. Dave Munnings

3. Keith Johnson

4. Live Wires

5. Scotland Gundog Team

6. Noel Bayley

7. Nuneaton Titans

8. Graeme Scott

9. Kevin Evans

10. Richard Millichap

11.. Aled Owen

12. Billy Steel Jnr

Champions in all Fields... CSJ really does understand the specific nutritional needs of all sporting dogs.

If you would like some help in tailoring a feed programme to suit your dog, please contact your local CSJ stockist, email or call 01745 710470

1. Toni Dawkins - Crufts Singles (Med) Agility Champion 2009 & 10; Crufts Midi and Large Agility Champion 2009. 2. Dave Munnings - Crufts International Agility Champion 2009. 3. Keith Johnson - 3 x IFSS Dryland World Sled Dog Champion. 4. Live Wires - British Flyball Champions 2007, Runners up Crufts Flyball Champions 2010. 5. Scotland Gundog Team - Winners of International Gundog Event CLA 2008. 6. Noel Bayley - Retriever Champion 2008. 7. Nuneaton Titans - Crufts Flyball Champions 2010. 8. Graeme Scott - 2 x World and European Sled Dog Champion. 9. Kevin Evans - International Supreme Sheepdog Champion 2008. 10. Richard Millichap - International Supreme Sheepdog Champion 2009; 2 x Reserve International Supreme Champion. 11. Aled Owen - 2 x World Sheepdog Champion; 3 x International Supreme Champion. 12. Billy Steel Jnr - 2 x Retriever Champion; Capt of Scotland Gundog Team CLA 2010; Gundog Trainer of the Year 2009.

Junior European Open 2012: Viola Veres

Viola Veres

In this section Viola Veres explains how things went for her in the last 2 years of presence at the Junior European Open. A little reminder from Viola about her experiences at the Junior EO 2010 and 2011

Junior EO, 2010, Germany

We travelled 18 hours and finally arrived at Gelsenkirchen. We spent a very hot and memorable weekend there. The weather was warm, so we got a little pool where we bathed the dogs and ourselfs in the water. The place was nice, the EO was organised there in 2008 as well. I loved it, every Junior Championship has a special athmosphere! I could meet my foreign friends from my age year by year. This was the first Junior EO so the organization was not so perfect, the organizers had some problems, but in total, me and my teammates enjoyed it! The Hungarian junior team showed their best, we got a lot of good results and we stood often on the podium. How I remember the courses were not the best in my life, but I knew less about the handling then. I have a different approach now. I enriched with new experiences and I leard from my mistakes. And that was the first time I met people from Africa (I changed my Hungarian hat for an African one :) ).

Junior EO, 2011, Netherlands

This time we travelled 20 hours straight. We had to wait on the highway because of a big accident. Our accomodation was near the belgian border. We were on the road towards the championship and we were surprised because we didn’t find the border line. It was interesting, the border line became a built-in area. The weather often changed, but usually the sun shined. This place was nice, too. One big green field. The EO was organised there in 2009. The organization was much better then the first JEO. The opening and ending ceremony were spectecular. I liked especially the flying baloons. I liked the barbecue party with junior music and colorful luminescent bracelet. The second JEO was really organised for children. The courses (both team and individual) were appropriate. 2011 was a successful year, too. Among other things, we had a Medium Children Champion and the Hungarian Large Team with my dogs could stand on the podium again.

Unfortunately I’m too old to go to the JEO now, but I’ll cheer for the Junior Hungarian Team from home. Anyway, instead of JEO I’m going to the original EO, Sweden. :)


Viola at the JEO 2011

JEO 2011

Junior European Open 2012: Eliška Panáčová


Eliska Panacova >

In this article we will read what memories has got the Czech handler Eliška Panáčová that was present many times at the Junior European Open . Eliška wrote: I was asked to write down my memories from Junior championships which I participated with my schnauzer. I participated 3 Junior championships – 2003 in Gyula, Hungary, 2004 in Jicin, Czech and 2006 in Ostrava, Czech. I can say that these competitions were special, unique. And great! Czech representation had always workshop/training camp before this event and there was a lot of fun. But the most amazing experience was the championship itself. During these 3 days czech children shouted our “battle chants“, supported very loudly all our teams and we were also running around the hall waving with flags. It the time of rebuilding of parcours all the children from all the states danced together on special songs like Asereje or Macarena. We smiled, we had a lot of fun and simply enjoyed it as much as possible. The atmosphere is unforgettable. I also must emphasize Championship in Gyula (2003), because it was the best experience ever. Hungarians were friendly, we were invited for common dinner and also town was beautiful. They had impressing opening ceremony. Finally I have to add that Czechs always belonged between the most successful states with most medals. Adults – enjoy competitions like children do! :)

My results: 2003 Gyula – 3rd place children individual medium, 2nd place teams medium 2004 Jicin – 2nd place teams medium

a i n a u h t i L on the way

Lithuania on the way to the AWC 2012

2012 Agi

is? l u i s a s a d e s ho i . .. s a d e R t u o b a g in th e m o Let’s know s


Agility is my hobby since 1996. At that time I was training with the German shepherd Sumpango Black twins, then I started to train with the Belgian Shepherd Tervueren Comer from the Star. Currently these athletes are no longer with me. Now I am training with Border Collie Hiq Amaze (Turbo), which came to me from the remote Canada. Turbo is fantastic. It is my ideal dog, which I have always wanted. My dream came true and this breed became my number one. As people say, only two Border Collies may be better than one Border Collie :). So agility is in my life for already 16 years. During that time many splendid victories have been achieved :) . In 2011, I became agility judge. I like fast style routs with many kinds of provocations requiring an extraordinary understanding between the dog and human, reaction and, of course, sportsmanship.

y to the ility world Championship with Redas Masiulis

Lithuania on the way to the AWC 2012

. u o y r fo ll e w ry e v t n e w It . 2012 p u C s u ia n il V e th ld e h s a w y a M In ent. v e e th t u o b a ts n e m m o c d n a s n Your opinio Yes, on the 5-6th of May, 2012, nearby our capital Vilnius club “Abu2”, in Balkūnai site, the first qualifying round of the 2012 FCI Agility World Championship in the Czech Republic took place. Svetlana Zolotnikova, the judge from Estonia, was refereeing. The judge built very diverse, however, interesting routs so all athletes could experience challenges. Ones were successful in one routs, others in other ones. 49 athletes registered in the competition, only 18 of them managed to collect some valid points. The difference among seven athletes in the number of collected points is small, while the rest athletes remained behind them. It is clear that the final winners clarified in the second qualifying round of the competition.

Who do you think has all the credentials to go to the Czech Rep in October? Who should go to the World Championship? Well this is rather complicated question. Everything becomes clear only after the second qualifying round. After the first qualifying round mainly quite fast dogs dominate by ranking points. In the second qualifying round they also received many point as they are already quite stable and I believe at the end of the summer season their best form will be achieved, which is one of the most important things, i. e. to achieve the best form just before World Championship.

“...this year in Lithuania an international sporting event World Sport for All Games will take place, the program of which includes an agility sports”


How many qualifing com petitions there will be un til the World Championship? Altogether there will be two qualifying rounds of two days; each day includes four runs in the Open class, two jumpings and two agilities. Thus, taking into consideration both qualifying rounds, the qualification will contain 16 runs, 8 jumping and 8 agility routs. During the first days of June in the Park for Society Harmonisation, a beautiful Lithuanian leisure complex/stud, the second - final qualifying round took place. Race conditions were terrible because of heavy rain. For some participants the complex and speedy routs, structured by the judge from Czech Zdenek Spolek, were a real challenge, because athletes had to cope routs while pouring rain. After second qualifying round, the leaders remained the same, only slightly redistributed places. After two qualifying rounds our team (I and my wonderful Turbo) won the second place.

Lithuania on the way to the AWC 2012

How can hack into your country a good result at the World Championships. Could expand the reputation of the sport much more quickly? Of course, a high place should have a positive impact on our agility sport :) Lithuanian clubs are trying to promote this area by participating in various events and programs, during which they organize demonstration programs, acquaint the general public with the agility sports and its rules. Besides, this year in Lithuania an international sporting event World Sport for All Games will take place, the program of which includes an agility sports.

Last year your country were not present at the AWC. Do you think this year the Lithuania can do much better than the results obtained in 2010? Yes, last year nobody represented Lithuania in the Agility World Championship. I think sometimes we do need a break when we want to start something new and different. So happened to us. This year Lithuanian Agility Sports College was founded which has taken the coordination of the agility sports in Lithuania. The beginning is always difficult but there is no shortage of enthusiasm and it is most important :) . You ask whether this year in the World Championship Lithuania can strive for more than in 2010. Well I can say this: according to my personal opinion, if it succeeds to gather in the team certain athletes, a really interesting team will be composed. I think this year we could have a pretty strong standard category team. There are four or five dogs that are sufficiently stable and show a very similar rate. They could form a pretty strong team, however, the second qualifying round will determine whether this happens or not :) . I am not going to forecast my personal results because I think it is a lottery and forecasting is not thankful in a lottery :)

“I think this year we could have a pretty strong standard category team�

interview with Vanda Gregorovรก

Vanda Gr



All the photos by Svetlana Astashina ASTA PHOTO

One of the most famous names in Czech Republic, when talking about dog dance... Vanda has begun its first steps in this discipline alone by inventing the movements since the discipline was not yet known In the Czech Republic. She, after inventing methods of training and choreography, made i​​ ts way into the most prestigious competitions in Europe up to now in 2012 where She managed to bring 3 dogs in the World Championship finals (freestyle & heelwork to music) .She placed in the top 3 with all three routines and win the title of World Team Championship in Freestyle.

interview with Vanda Gregorová

At the HTM & Freestyle WC 2012 you did something that was amazing. You qualified with three routines in the individual finals and placed in top 3 with all three routines , you also won the Team World Championship in Freestyle with the Czech team. What’s the thing that comes to your mind when you thinking about this event? I can say only one word : Wow! :) I did not expect that all of my routines will take place on winners stage. With which routine you have enjoyed more? It is not easy to say. Maybe the HTM routine with Brandy because there is not so different moves like in my freestyle routines where are some very quick sequences. The last year you had some problems with you car and you wasn’t present at the Open European Championship 2011 in Danmark. Tell me about the 2011 season, what were your expectations, how was the season : the best and worst time spent ... The worst time was definitely my trip to Denmark to the OEC, when I was only a few hours before the competition found that the journey is over. Otherwise the season 2011 was successful for me and my dogs. My Australian shepherd Brandy won International competition in Austria, International German Championship and also both HTM and FS on Czech Championship. I also focused on the work with one of my dogs which is not easy dog to train. So success for me is not only to win on the competition but each tiny progress in training. About your start in this discipline...What has fascinated you in dog dancing at the biginning? I first saw some dogdancing demo in 1999. I was very fascinated even so the dog did only about 3 moves :) . At the time I had an old daschund which was a family dog without training. In 2001 I bought my first own dog chihuahua Brutus and I started to train with him. Dogdancing was in this time not very common dog sport in the CZ so I had myself to invent methods of training, choreography etc. There were no workshops, no seminars, no coaches. I must found my own way and I think it gave me a lot.

“So success for me is not only to win on the competition but each tiny progress in training”

It’s already a couple of years that you are at the top in most major competitions. How does you feel to participate in an event like the World Championship... the excitement is always a constant or you have already made ​​a habit to be present in front of a large public . How do you prepare yourself and your dogs before a routine (the pre-ring)? Actually I compeeting in different countries for several years so I´m only little bit nervous. I don’t like a few minutes before I am entering the ring. I´m trying rather to warm up the dog and not think about what is happening around me. My dogs are used to be present in front of difficult conditions so they have less problems than me :) Where do you get inspiration for a new routine? It depends on the situation. Sometimes I´m going by car and hear some good song on the radio. Or I decide that I wanted to have a special theme for my routine so I´m seeking for a suitable song on internet. If I don´t find song that would be appropriate I mixed couple songs together. Inspiration mostly depends on the music I hear.

interview with Vanda Gregorová

h t t o n d n a g o d e h t p u m r a w o t r e h t a r “I´m tr ying ” e m d n u o r a g n i n e p what is hap

Do you remember how was your first competition? I remember exactly this event. It was in April 2004 and I was very very nervous. I competed with Brutus in beginner class and get second place out of 18 competitors. Mainly I still remember how I thought the competition ring I will never go because of nerves :) How much time you devote for training during the week? I have four dogs in training but I´m in last year at the University. I am almost without free time. But I try to train dogdancing several times a week. Aussie Brandy also compete in obedience and dogfrisbee, so she has divided the diverse training during the week. My three chihuahuas train only dogdancing. Tell us about the dog dancing in Czech Rep. How are the competitions. Is there a lot of interest about this sport? There is about five official competitions per year and many unofficial races. We are competing according by four divisions ( Musical dressage, HTM, Freestyle, Dances with Dogs). But since 2013 there will be only HTM and FS as main divisions. There is also possible to pass dogdancing exams ( according to Paws´n ´Music association from UK). Team who passed all of 12 exams get the title Champion fo Dogdancing.

hink about

How is the scene there growing up? Dogdancing boom in the CZ was several years ago. Now there is constant number of competitors. I guess it is about thirty teams. But there are many people who do not dare to official competitions and use only fun classes. I think it’s a shame, because there are some promising teams. A typical day in your life... I get up :) and then either go to the University or make some work around the school or I write some articles from home ( I work as a journalist). Every day I also walk the dogs for a fitness walk. In what consist a fantastic day for you? Because I’m tired at the moment so fantastic day for me would be sleep all day.

interview with Vanda Gregorová

“I would also like to develop this sport in the Czech Republic and take support for beginning handlers” Do you have hobbies, plays some other sports or activities besides dog dance ? I study the history of the Jews, and it also involves visits to museums, meetings, exhibitions and in general culture life in prague society. But concurrently it’s a hobby for me. Previously I represented in sprint running. Short run was the sport no.1 for me, but due to a problems with my knees I had to stop running races. But if I didn´t stopped running, I would never started with dogdancing. What are your strengths and weaknesses? I don´t like to rating myself. But I think previously I had a tendency to laziness, but now I’m disciplined :) . What are your goals and aspirations for the next years?  I’d like passed the dogdancing judges exam. I would also like to develop this sport in the Czech Republic and take support for beginning handlers. And I would like to continue in competition with my dogs.

“dogdancing is development dep your relationship ever”

Thank you so much for taking the time to do this interview! Do you have anything else you would like to add? I just wanted to say that dogdancing is one of the most beautiful dog sports, and its development depends on each one of us. But never forget that your relationship with your dog is the most important thing ever.

one of the most beautiful dog sports, and it’s pends on each one of us. But never forget that p with your dog is the most important thing

Ústecký psí festival konáno pod záštitou Bc. Zuzany Kailové, náměstkyně primátora města Ústí nad Labem

aktivní pes =

spokojený pes = spokojený páníče

Datum: 5.


ost řejn e v á ojen = sp o k

8. 2012

Místo konání:

Trmice - Areál ZKO (vedle zámeckého parku)


Mezinárodní soutěž v dogfrisbee • Výstava voříšků Voříškyáda 2012 • Vystoupení Aleny Smolíkové a Keysi (znáte z Talentmánie)

• Ústecký slalomář 2012 • Netradiční soutěž agility Gaučák 2012 • Interaktivní cvičák sdružení ForPes • jízda na káře tažené psy • soutěže pro děti o věcné ceny • skákací hrad

Vstup pro diváky ZDARMA! Více informací: Partneři

European Open 2012

Eur Open

From the 27th to the 29th July in Kristianstad ,Sweden will be held the European Open 2012. First of all , we need to thank the organizers of the 2012 edition the FCI , the Hässleholms Hundungdom Located in Vankiva, Hässleholm , the Göinge-Broby Brukshundklubb Located in Hanaskog and the Kristianstads Brukshundklubb located in Rinkaby, Kristianstad. Without them this year, the EO could not be organized in Sweden. The European Open 2012 is an Agility competition which is officially recognised by the FCI and is based on the FCI-Agility Regulations of 2012. The competition is OPEN to all dogs, with or without pedigree. All National Member Organisations of the FCI or National Organisations with a close relationship to the FCI are invited to participate in this event. For organisational purposes the number of competitors has to be limited to approximately 650 dogs. Of these a maximum of 50% may be in the category “Large”.

text Luca Bartole All the photos are from the EO 2011 by Olga Kwiecień-Maniewska


n 2012


The event is devided in two competitions : Individual Competition The Individual Events take place on July 28th, 2012 and are held in the categories Large, Medium and Small. In the Individual Events an Agility round and a Jumping round is run in all 3 height categories as qualification for the EO Individual Final. Both rounds are scored separately for faults and time for all competitors. In the category Large the first 25 placed competitors in both the Agility as well as the Jumping round will have qualified for the Final, in the categories Small and Medium each time the first 15 placed competitors. Where a team qualifies for the Final in both the Agility as well as the Jumping round, the worse of the 2 scores will be scratched and the next ranking team in that class will move up until all 50 places in Large and all 30 places in Small and in Medium have been filled for the Finals Team Competition The Team Events take place on July 29th, 2012 and are held in the category Large and a combined category Small/Medium. The total number of competitors per country in the Team Event is limited by the number of competitors in the Individual Event. The number of competitors in the height category Large is limited to 50% of the total number for each country. A Team in the height category Large consists of a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 4 handler and dog teams. A Team in the height category Medium/Small consists of a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 4 handler and dog teams, whereby the composition of Small and Medium dogs is not prescribed. Mixed Country Teams may also compete (one Team composed of handler and dogs from different countries). turn the page->

interview with European OpenAlan 2012Stewart

In the Team Event one Agility round and one Jumping round will be run as qualification for the EO Team Final. The EO Team Final is a relay race where 4 separate courses are built in one (extended) Agility ring, partly using shared obstacles. The time is started when the dog of the 1st Team member passes his starting line and stopped when the dog of the 4th Team member passes his finish line. Eliminations of Team members are counted with 100 faults for the respective part, and the time for the whole Team is in this case the fixed maximum time. The 10 Teams start in reverse order of the qualification score, so the best Team in the qualification will run last at the Final.

The EO2012 schedule Friday July 27 Registration 08.00 -- 16.00 Training 08.00 -- 17.00 Opening Ceremony 18.30 Saturday July 28 Individual qualification round 07.00 -- 16.30 Individual Finals 18.30 - 21.30 Sunday July 29 Team qualification round 07.00 -- 16.00 Team Finals 17.30 - 19.30 Closing Ceremony 20.00

Judges Magnus Andkvist, Sweden

Magnus started with agility in 2000 . He become swedish agility judge in the 2006 and in September 2011 he also got the title of International agilityjudge. His philosophy : agility should be both speed and handling.

Sharleen Blicher-Olsen, South Africa

Sharleen agility career started in the USA when she was living there in the early 1990’s She competed there for many years with a Beagle and an English Cocker Spaniel, and her German Shorthair Pointer in AKC and USDAA. In 1997 she returned to South Africa ,She helped get Agility started in SA, with rules and equipment specs etc ...Now , She’s on the SA panel as an International judge, and a senior championship show judge. Sharleen have judged national Agility championships as well as finals for the WC South African team and have also judged in Czech republic in 2009. She’s also a competitor with her Border Collie and have represented South Africa in Lievin in 2003 , 2011 and in Germany in 2010.

Nalle Jansson, Sweden

Nalle became a judge in 2000 and had the pleasure to judge the World Championship last year and the Agilityfestival in England and the Invitational in USA .

Nils Lindqvist, Sweden

Nils started agility in 1991 with a shih tzu . He have judged agility since 1997, and judges about 25-35 competitions each year. He judges the Swedish Championship, and also the Danish Campionship.In 2011 he judged at the Border Collie Classic and some competitions in Norway and Ireland.

Paolo Meroni, Italy

Paolo started competing in Agility in 1989 with a German Shepherd, he was a member of Italian National Team for several years. Paolo become an official judge in the 2000. Since then he have judged many competitions in Italy and abroad, many championships including the World Championship in 2004, and recently the Agility Festival 2011 in England.

interview with European OpenAlan 2012Stewart

The European Open is one of the most anticipated events in the agility world and the eyes are all focused on the top handlers - teams of the moment . We have collected the data results of the deemed major competitions of the recent years , the best results in the most challenging competitions. Unfortunatelly , those who “failed” to demonstrate what they have learned during the year in training , those who have had a bit of bad luck and didn’t have got the expected results, perhaps their names will not be found in our article but maybe this year without a bit of bad luck they will demonstrate to everyone that they are on the top. Here is a list of names of potential finalists of the EO2012. Competitors that in the last year were doing their best in this sport.

From AUSTRIA we have to lool at Laura Reinhalter With Charlie (Sheltie) that took home the 6th place last year in Medium. Almut Bärtl With Ally (Sheltie) finished 11th last year and Anna  Schober With Joy concluded her EO 2011 in 12th place. The top BELGIAN competitors at the EO I think are Petrone Hoebeeck With Erszie (Mudi) that finished in 4th place the 2010 edition and Els Verbeke With Finn (Pumi) that finished in 12th at the Agility World Championship 2011 . The CANADIAN Jessica Martin will be present with Dice. Jessica is a young and talented handler and also the World Agility Open 2011 Champion . The CROATIAN top competitors I think are Željko Gora and Tanja Janes . Tanja with her Croatian Sheepdog Rudi stunned everyone with her fifth place at the World Championship last year. Željko and his Border Collie Tip have collected many good results as the 3rd place at the EO 2010 and the 7th place at the AWC 2010. This year he will be also present with the young Malinois Gunga. The FRENCH competitors are numerous and those that are currently the stronger are Johann Canal With Bad Boy Black (Shetland) . Johann last year took home the 2nd best time in agility . Alain Remund with Aspen is the other French competitor that can do a very good job , he’s many times FMBB agility champion and have also collected many good results on big competitions. We will find also lot of good handlers from GERMANY such as: Tobias Wüst that finished two times on the podium at the Amadeus Agility World Cup 2011 : 3rd place with Don (Malinois) and another 3rd place with Peanut (Sheltie) in small. Another amazing competitor is Silas Boogk With Caja (Sheltie) . Silas is the winner of the last year edition in Medium and also finished 11th at the 2010 AWC in large with Back. Sina Just With Kwiek (Italienisches Windspiel) had the 10th time in agility at the 2010 EO , maybe this year can collect a better result.

Daniel Schröder finished 5th at the 2011 AWC and at the 2008 EO had the 2nd best time in Agility 2008 and the 1st in jumping 2008 . Nicole Kelpen With Deav (Border Collie) con also do a good run . She ended the 2010 edition in 6th place in agility. The GREAT BRITAIN will be present with some very famous names like Anthony Clarke, Leslie Osborne ,Katie Long , Ian Jackson , Heather Mclean , David Russell , Sian Illingworth, Lee Gibson.These are only a few names of the Great Britain competitors and I think that they don’t need to be introduced they are all top handlers. From the CZECH REP. there are some very powerful competitors like the Czech Champion Tereza Králová , Kosek Pavel , Smocek Jan(3rd last year), Mandova Renata, Klimesova Martina , Zemkova Jana , Eliška Panáčová ... turn the page->

Silas Boogk

European Open 2012

HUNGARY will be also ready with a pretty good team . The Amadeus Agility 2011

Champion Bíró Zsófi , Ács-Kövesi Ágnes With Eppie (Poodle) ,Tóth Ágnes with Blade (Border Collie)and Gory (Schipperke) that finished 6th in jumping last year. Wéber Krisztina With Tikó (Parson Russell Terrier) that had the best time in agility at the 2010 edition . Viola Veres will be present with two dogs(Border Collies ) Zeusz and Iggy. Viola and Iggy took home the 8th place in Agility at the 2010 edition. Eifert Anna will be present with Nevian . Anna is the most popular agility handler in Hungary , many times present in the USA for seminars and competitions. She finished 5th in agility at the last year EO. Can not miss in this list , another very good handler, Zsuzsa Veres will be ready with two Croatian Sheepdogs with Kaj and Eta. Last year Kaj was 3rd in agility . Zsuzsa Veres

The ITALIAN team will be formed by a lot of champions like the BCC 2011 Champion Andrea Occhini , second last year at the EO and 3rd at the AWC 2010. The 7th placed last year at the Agility World Championship Irene Unkauf, Omar Babini with 2 dogs . Omar finished3rd last year at the European Open and 8th at the World Championship. Nicola Giraudi will be also present with 2 dogs , Twister (Parson Russell Ter.) World Champion in the 2011 ,2012 WAO and EO. Serena Malgaroli will be present with Sherry the last year European Open winner . We must also take into consideration Gervasio Sicignano 4th placed at the 2011 AWC with Winky (Border Collie) .

The FINNISH team will bring to Sweden a tremendous team . Jari Suomalainen that the last years is always on the top . Jari won the EO in the 2009 and in the 2010 palced 3rd at the EO and AWC. Last year from the European Open took home the 5th place in Jumping and 6th in Agility. The last year winner Niina-Liina Linna will be present with 3 dogs.Niina was also 5th at the Agility World Championship 2009 ,the BCC champion in the 2010 and placed 6th in the 2011 at the BCC. Then we will see Janita Leinonen ,Juha Orenius ,Naima Verri (3rd 2011 EO) ,Hannu Männistö ,Jaakko Suoknuuti ,Sami Oksa (8th 2010AWC and Finnish Champion 2012),Sini Eriksson did the best jumping last year , the 2012 Finnish Champion Elina Jänesniemi and many other good handlers . Nina Bekasiewicz

A lot of competitiors were are came from NORWAY a few names of potential contenders for the podium are Morten Bratlie with Quick (Shetland Sheepdog) and Hilde Bakken with Vaya (Shetland Sheepdog) . Hilde finished 10th last year at the AWC. Morten was 11th in Agility at the EO in the 2010. For the POLAND I can do the following names Olga Kwiecień-Maniewska (4th 2011AWC) , Nina Bekasiewicz ( 8th 2011AWC) , Magdalena Ziolkowska 6th in agility at the 2011EO . turn the page->

European Open 2012

From PORTUGAL we can count on two names Sergio De Sousa , Paulo Sousa. These are the ones who are representing on the best way this country in recent years, but has not said that some other name can come out during the EO The RUSSIAN “master“ Svetlana Tumanova will be present with 4 dogs. Leszek Kalisz

The SLOVENIAN competitors also have great potential , to name a few participants : Silvia Trkman , does not need presentation , will be present with 4 dogs . The 2nd placed last year Polona Bonač will be there with 3 dogs . Petra Pečar  5th placed last year will compete with 2 dogs . Daša Zakotnik will be ready with  Katka (Poodle) and  Nitro (Border Collie) . Others Slovenians that can also do well are Zoltan Pap (10th 2011EO, 2nd 2010EO , 14th 2011AWC /14th 2010AWC) , Matej Čuček  (4th time in jumping 2010 , 10th 2010AWC , 7th BCC 2011 ) .

The landlords , SWEDISH competitors are a myriad...A few names of good competitors are : Anders Nyholm , Eva-Marie Wergård with Piraya (Papillon) , Jenny Damm with 3 dogs. Stina Mattsson with Vincent (Border Collie) , Patrik Rosendal with Sam (Shetland Sheepdog) , Lovisa Hillbom with Nera (Mudi) , Sven Karlsson with Avatar (Parson Russel Terrier) , Jannie Abelsson-Svensson , Richard Isoluoma with Lova (Shetland Sheepdog) … The SWISS team brings to Sweden the 6th placed at the 2010 EO Manuela Eichenberger with Vetille (Berger Des Pyrénées) and a lot of others good competitors. Fron the NETHERLANDS the competitors that can make their mark are Henk Postma and Katja Slippens . Then we have competitors from JAPAN the 11th palced at the AWC last year Takumi Nagata With Jey (Border Collie) and the 2nd placed at the AWC2011 , Maho Yamaguchi with Suzuka (Shetland Sheepdog) . Also from the USA come in many and with some known names in the sport as Daisy Peel ,Linda Mecklenburg ,Tracy Sklenar ,Nancy Gyes ...

I can only wish all to have fun and may the best win!

Cirkus of Jan Egil Eide

Polona Bonač




interview with Ivana Alan Stewart Sipalova

Ivana v o l a p i S

va Ivana was born in the Czech Republic. She arrived in Italy at age of 19. She starts her Agility carrer in the 2005 with her Jack Russell Nyo. In 2007 she was a part of the National Team participating at the European Open. In 2009, with Nyo she was selected for the World Championship in Dornbirn where the Small Team Wins Bronze Medal. In 2010 comes back to join the National Team as a reserve. She is currently Vice President of Club Villa Gaia Cinofilo Pinerolo where, in addition to Nyo, Agility practice with the Jack Russell Nanu and her Kelpie Rei all in the highest class. This year she partecipated at the World Agility Open with the Italian team and collected many good results such as the 3rd place in Individual Agility Penthatlon and the Gold medal in the team Agility Penthatlon.

interview with Ivana Sipalova

From the World Agility Open 2012 you brought home some beautiful results, before the departure from Italy to Belgium have you ever thinking that you could bring home a gold medal? We were a great team. We have a great passion for agility. For some of us it was a first big experience but some have already took part in important competitions in the past. Nicola Giraudi is a assurance of a great result and under his leading we all have tried our best. We all know each other a few years and we have believed we can do well but nobody expected this result. Which was one of the most beautiful moments at the WAO 2012? One of the most beautiful moments was a hug of all team mates after the win in pentathlon. And another beautiful moment for me was meeting Zigo, australian kelpie, who is my idol. I haven’t had a chance and honour to meet with Nigel. Apart from Jack Russell I adore Australian Kelpies. This year you where for the first time at the WAO, and you did some amazing runs. Which will stay you more impressed? Definitely the last relay. All four of us were intense and nervous. I was also moved by my Jack Russell Nyo. It was his 13th run in this competition. He was tired, but he fought till the end. He is a little dog with a big heart.

“ Atmosphere was just super. I came home from WAO really excited” You have already participated in major competitions bringing home excellent results. Which event  was one of your most memorable? The most memorable event is without a doubt World Championship in 2009 in Dornbirn. We were there as outsiders but won bronze medal in teams. It was the first time for you at an event like this ...Had you ever tryed some competitions with Gamblers and Snooker...Biathlon, Penthatlon or the Speedstakes? No, never. We had one training session with Sally Jones, who has explained the rules to me. We ran three courses. It was lovely to work on strategy and time. It wasn’t a problem for us as Nyo and I are great team. But the result of Snooker was a massive shock. What do you think of this event : about the organization, hospitality, atmosphere... Organisation and hospitality was fab. People were really nice. Atmosphere was just super. I came home from WAO really excited.

interview with Ivana Sipalova

About your agility carrer ...What made you decide to take this career path? How did you get involved in agility? I have not been doing agility for very long. Nyo is my first dog. I have been training dogs since i was little but i came to agility only in 2006. At the moment I compete with Nyo and another one of my Jack Russells but I have a young dog called Rei (Australian Kelpie) with whom I would like to qualify for next WAO. How and how much do you train during the week? You separate the physical training of technicians? I havent got a lot of free time. We do obstacle course 2 times a week at maximum. Apart from that we have long walks, swimming in the river or pool. Important part is play. When I have spare 10 minutes I take my dogs and we play. How change your preparation before a big event?  We don’t really change anything before a competition. I just try and focus on the things that we don’t do well and I make sure that my dog in the best physical and emotional condition he could possibly be.

“I just try and focus on the things that we don’t do well and I make sure that my dog in the best physical and emotional condition he could possibly be”

Do you remember how was your first competition? Haha, you can find it on You tube. It was the first competition for me as well as for Nyo. Who would have thought we will get this far :-)))) How do you prepare yourself and your dog before entering the ring? Fortunatelly I don’t get stage-fright. I will go over the way again and then I give the attention to my dog. He has to come into the ring excited and eager. What is the worst part of agility?  I worry I will forget the course.

interview with Ivana Sipalova

What is the best thing about agility? Agility is beautiful sport and everything around it creates unbelievably amazing emotional adventure and experience. What are your strengths and weaknesses? I think that both me and my dog have strengths and weaknesses. In order to be a strong team, we have to help each other and that is definitely our strength and assurance. What are your goals and aspirations for the next years?  The nearest dream is to compete in World Championship in Czech Republic. It is not going to be easy to qualify as in Nyo’s category there are many great dogs and amongst them the fantastic Nicola with Twister. Thank you so much for taking the time to do this interview! Do you have anything else you would like to add? I would like to thank those who made it possible for us to compete at WAO, especially to Massimo Perla and his colleagues who gave us this opportunity. Massive thanks to Sally Jones for her advise, patience and humour, thanks to Nicola our team captain who lead us to a great success and also thank you to all members of italian team. Will see you next year at WAO.

“Agility creates u experien

is beautiful sport and everything around it unbelievably amazing emotional adventure and nce�

Jo Tristram interview with Jo Tristram

Joanne Tristram WEBSITE :


Joanne has been competing in agility for eight years and now instructs others ( She has competed in all major British finals including Crufts and Olympia on numerous occasions, gaining her first dog, Ellie, the ‘Agility Champion’ title. She has also competed for Great Britain several times gaining a team Bronze medal at the European Open and last year finished in the top ten of the large individual final with Bitz. At WAO 2011 the pairing won Gold as part of the Team Pentathlon for Team England as well as winning many of the pentathlon rounds. This year from the World Agility Open 2012 She took home , many excellent results such as the Gold medal in Individual Agility Penthatlon , bronze medal in Individual Agility Biathlon and 4th place in Agility Games

interview with Jo Tristram

You are able to achieve certain results ,that mean you use your head and determination after many years of experience. Who gave you the right advice at the beginning. Tell us a little of your debut in agility ...How did you get involved with Agility? I found agility because my mother bought home a Staffordshire Bull Terrier cross that someone no longer wanted and she was so full of energy that she needed to do something to occupy her! I was soon totally hooked and after gaining a clear round rosette at my first show I never looked back. Ellie (AG CH Ellie De Lyston) was an amazing first dog: winning several events at Crufts including the Medium Agility Championship in 2008 and winning team Bronze at the European Open 2010.

“The m the pen been a lot of p

moment that felt the best was crossing the line of ntathlon speed stakes final. Winning that had a goal of mine for over a year and we had put in a preparation” This year with Bitz you were present for the second time at the World Agility Open . This year your presence was in the middle of attention because you brought home a gold medal in Penthatlon , a bronze in Biathlon and the 4th place in the Agility Games. What was the most beautiful moment and what was the most funniest? The moment that felt the best was crossing the line of the pentathlon speed stakes final. Winning that had been a goal of mine for over a year and we had put in a lot of preparation. But another of our rounds that felt incredible was my biathlon agility run. Bitz felt fantastic, I felt we were completely in tune with one another at that point. Thats what agility all about for me. The funniest moments were all the strange looks I was getting from other competitors as our team sports massage therapist (Tace Allen – Hunt) worked on my calf muscles! They were sore for most of the event and it hurt so much she made me shout out loud when she worked on them! This was your second WAO , how was appeared the event this year to you, did the organization improved a lot or was already perfect last year? It was a great event again and was great to see many more competitors and countries represented this year. I really hope that it continues to grow because the jump height splits and the inclusion of all dogs including mixed breed make it a much truer world championships in my opinion. Next year the WAO will be held in Spain, what do you think of the agility in Spain. Have you ever competed in any spanish competitions? I have competed in Austria, Czech and Denmark but never in Spain, so look forward to the opportunity. When I have watched Spainish competitors run they always seem very determined and enthusiastic, I hope that that transfers to the organisation of the event in 2013.

interview with Jo Tristram

How change your preparation before a big event? Before an event like WAO I research the judges I am to run under. I then try to run through as many of their courses as I can, to pick up any particular style they may have in their course design. Then as the event draws nearer, I revert back to doing very simple skills drills to make sure all our basic handling manouvers (front cross, rear, serpentines, weave entries) are just right, as I believe even the hardest courses are just these things linked together. So if my dog and I have complete understanding of these, anything is achieveable.

How often do you train? You separate the physical training of technicians? I am a full time agility instructor so I usually train my own dogs in short 5-10 minute sessions before or after I finish training others. I think short well structures sessions are key. My dogs probably are trained around 40mins in total over a week. However in England we have UK Agilitycompetitions which allow us the option to train in the ring in a competition environment, this is an invaluable training opportunity I use! You have experience in many different breeds this helps you to have a much wider view on the behavior of dogs? My young dog ‘Tuesday’ is the first full Border Collie I have ever owned, I think it has helped me as a trainer having trained other breeds too, some dogs benefit from different approaches to training.

Do you remember your first competition? I do! I was so nervous! I was worried Ellie would be distracted by the occasion but she wasnt at all. I was very lucky to have her as first dog. Her focus and motivation is amazing. What are some of your favorite agility achievements? Winning Crufts in 2008 with Ellie my stafforshire bull terrier was amazing. Running at Olympia in London with Bitz in the Final was also one of the best, I have never heard a crowd like it!

Which is the competition that gave you more emotions ? I think this years win meant the most, as she may not look it when she is working but Bitz is a very nervous dog, I was so proud she had showed everyone that what she can do. What’s your good advice for everybody that wants to get better at agility? I would say consistency is the key in all things - in your handling, in criteria be that startlines, contacts and in your performance. I try to stay true to the training I have put in whether that be at a local show or an international event.

“I would say consistency is the key in all things - in your handling,in criteria be that startlines, contacts and in your performance”

interview with Jo Tristram


Working with dogs, it means a lot of patience and a strong will. What do you will add to this list? Adaptability- as I touched on earlier, every dog is different and although I stick to key handling and training rules, sometimes you have to adapt the journey to achieve these. How the agility has changed with the arrival of the Internet, cameras …The chance to see Almost all the videos of a competition the next day...nowadays you can see your errors on a video made w ​​ ith a cell phone. Do you think that these factors have a major impact on a faster learning on the errors? Definately. Watching video back is a great thing. It allows us to be more critical of our running, as even the winning run can have room for improvement. It can be easy to look back on a run with ‘rose tinted glasses’ and say it was perfect. But the best recognise their even their smallest weaknesses and train to them. What are your major strengths and weaknesses? I would say my strength is running at events and coping with the pressures that come with this, I love a big occasion! But it hasn’t always been this way, I have had to work on that! My weakness is obsession, I can sometimes worry to much about things I need to improve!

efinately. Watching video back is a great thing� Who or what had the greatest influence on your life? It’s a little cliched but my dogs! But also my dad he was a competative man at many sports and passed that competitive streak on to me! I feel that, particularly in Britain at times, we are told it is just the taking part that counts and of course that is important . But we shouldnt be discouraged from aiming as high as we can and being the best we can be at something. What are your goals and aspirations for the future? I would love to get my young dog up to World Championships level too, the very best handlers have got to the top with many dogs. June/July 2012  

In this issue : All about the Junior European Open Agility 2012 , Short interview with Laura Nelles , Lithuania on the way to the Agility Wo... June/July 2012  

In this issue : All about the Junior European Open Agility 2012 , Short interview with Laura Nelles , Lithuania on the way to the Agility Wo...