Dog News, July 4, 2014

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AKC recognition

“The AKC looked at the sport of dock diving in the past but hadn’t reached any conclusion about how best to proceed in regard to it,” says Doug Ljungren, AKC Vice President of Sports and Events. “Then, NADD President Debra Markwardt approached us with some ideas that were interesting. This led to on-going discussions, which eventually culminated in an agreement where the AKC recognizes titles earned at NADD events. We feel NADD will provide safe, enjoyable events that are structured to meet the needs of all dogs and their owners. The AKC is pleased to be associated with this exciting sport that can be enjoyed by all.” In order for owners to have their NADD titles recognized by the AKC, which officially began on May 31, 2014, they must do the following. First, they must complete the AKC Title Recognition form. (See dock_diving/application.pdf). Next, they must send it to the AKC along with a copy of their dog’s NADD Title Certificate and a $20 processing fee to cover the cost of recording the title and issuing an AKC Title Certificate. Owners also must include their dog’s AKC number, which may be in one of three forms: AKC purebred registration number; PAL (Purebred Alternative Listing) number; or AKC Canine Partners listing number.

NADD rules

Markwardt believes the program developed as a result of NADD’s affiliation with the AKC incorporates the best of all of the dock diving organizations. For example, it addresses her foremost Continued on page 98

Above: Quantum’s Cannonball v Tazzman CA NS (Connor), breed: Doberman Pinscher, owner: Debra Markwardt – Senior title/Distance Jumping Division. Right: Debra Markwardt with her “water dog” Connor. Below: Quantum’s Cannonball v Tazzman CAX (Connor), owned by Debra Markwardt, competed at the Purina Incredible Dog Challenge Eastern Regionals in 2013 and placed 2nd in the Fetch-It competition.

Ch. El Mesquital Vlucan CD BN RE NA NAP NJP CAX DN CGCA (Vulcan), owner: Ron Ackerman – Novice title/Air Retrieve Division. (Note the bumper hung from a pole.) Dog News 45