Dog News, March 14, 2014

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Conservation Dogs Protect Endangered Species

Specially trained conservation dogs defend wildlife from poachers on the African plains. By Sharon Pflaumer

Assault dog, Tarzan, during bite work training.

Introducing one of the Malinois to wildlife.

Photos this page: Daryll Pleasants

Dog trainer, Daryll Pleasants, teaching 20-weekold puppies agility skills, which not only help strengthen the bond between dog and handler but prepare the Malinois for any obstacles they may encounter in real life situations.

Chocolate, one of the Malinois, being taught to jump through car windows in order to apprehend poachers fleeing a poaching incident in a vehicle. This is part of suspect apprehension training. 44 Dog News

The Ol Pejeta dogs and their handlers participate in line training, i.e., dogs are placed in a line during the initial stages of bite work training to gain confidence. Less confident dogs are placed in the middle, while bolder dogs are placed on the outside to encourage the others.