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Sealyham Terriers 181 118 92 39 13 12 12 11 11 10

GCH CH Efbe’s Thunder Rd At Burberry S Hawks/F Bergeron/L Tetreault/S Middleb GCH CH Hotshot’s Royal She’ll Make ‘Em Cry B Dunlap/R Dunlap GCH CH Wildwind Mojito B Snyder/J Ferrera/B Fain GCH CH Slyfox Sassy Lady Of Bluff’s End C Echelbarger/J Taggart/K Jacobson CH Wildwind Keep Your Hat On B Snyder/J Ferrera CH Afterglow’s Rapunzel L Inman/R Inman CH Dubwyre Cherrydun Ladyhawke J Thill/D Francois/N Dunleavy CH Thunder Rds Blueberry Hill S Hawks Afterglows Princess Kate L Inman/R Inman CH Thunder Rd For A Dancer S Hawks

Skye Terriers 125 115 91 76 61 59 54 38 25 25

CH Cragsmoor Good Time Charlie V Malzoni/Cragsmoor Knl GCH CH Gleanntan Wonderful Wizard Of Oz Gleanntan Knl GCH CH Jay-Roy Byrne ‘N Hot For You D Salandro GCH CH Kuhlbreeze Voice Of Reason D Ridley/D Divis/E Ridley GCH CH Marwyn Blackfyre Rebellion E Shaw/C Schuman GCH CH Desire Of Love Dell’Antica Caledonia S Middleton GCH CH Talakan Trumpeter Swan J Davis GCH CH Solana Big Lebowski M Shiue GCH CH Solana Demolition Man M Shiue CH Talakan Winterhawk At Ladybank S Parsons/P Koff

Soft Coated Wheaten Terriers 792 304 240 234 212 207 193 178 156 139 139

GCH CH Doubloon’s Extreme Play E Landa GCH CH Shandalee Fireworks D Sealy/N Bailey GCH CH Lochlinear Gleanngay Cha Ching P Mullin GCH CH Diamonds Cactus Cash B Hillwig GCH CH Ainle Villanova Mouth Of The South CGC K Elliot GCH CH Greentree Gold Charm B Mcdonald/K Mcdonald GCH CH Cuilinn Expresso Con Panna H Million GCH CH Greentree Cayenne Dancer R Reey/B Mcdonald GCH CH Mirikal Double Top Breakout NA NAJ S Mcgee GCH CH Bonney Labor Of Love V Gosnell/D Gosnell/B Snyder GCH CH Reyem’s Red Rover Come Over R Hager/L Hager/G Meyer

Staffordshire Bull Terriers 514 413 147 142 131 129 126 125 110 103

GCH CH Sylon Bruce Of Ringmaster M Darwish/J Miller GCH CH Red Samurai Z Smith GCH CH Vomhausharrock Dondiegoredrock L Heimbuch/T Alberg GCH CH Shortyrocks Jasper By Dumbriton M Bryant/S Carter CH Ashbull Odriscoll T Matusiak/M Czyzak GCH CH Trugrip Summer Dayz T Pawson GCH CH Tartans Eddie Van Halen By Dynastaff M Haney GCH CH Moonstruck Calamar’s Mighty Worrier M Neale/J Heller GCH CH Empire N Divines Change In My Pocket CA L Divine/T Glover GCH CH Red Rocks Desert Storm B Kriger/C Kriger

Welsh Terriers

422 GCH CH Shaireab’s Bayleigh Maid Of Honor S Abmeyer/K Bailey/T Lee/X Xie 162 GCH CH Andover See-Z The Moment P See/J See 140 GCH CH Malvado Devil Woman P Clark/N Clark 106 GCH CH Sanherpinc Poporopo At Teritails T Lohmuller 37 GCH CH Brynmawr Loud And Proud K Rost/J Callens 30 GCH CH Summersun’s Sweet Memories J Simmons 28 GCH CH Malvado Thunder Storm P Clark/J Stephens 26 GCH CH Redragon’s Brown Eyed Girl F Adams/P Adams 21 GCH CH Cambrian Four Star Brigadier General J Fox-Stephens/T Stephens 18 CH Musart Ruby Dee Of Maridawn J Williams

120 Dog News

(M) (F) (M) (F) (F) (F) (F) (M) (F) (F)

(M) (M) (M) (M) (M) (F) (M) (M) (M) (M)

(F) (F) (M) (M) (F) (F) (M) (M) (M) (F) (M)

(M) (M) (M) (M) (M) (F) (M) (M) (M) (M)

(F) (F) (F) (F) (M) (F) (M) (F) (M) (F)

Based on breed Chihuahuas (Smooth Coat) competition 397 GCH CH Genbrook’s Playin’ With Fire

West Highland White Terriers 846 599 354 335 245 232 229 208 148 135

GCH CH Deerhaven Hez Justin Kredible At Orion D Bouderra/J Kays/G Kays/I Keushgenian GCH CH Camcrest Andsurely Jasmine J Downing/S Campbell/R Roberts/A Sanders GCH CH Tullybloom’s Classified Credentials P Cohen/C Cohen GCH CH Devonshire Out Of The Starting Gate T Pancost GCH CH Ashgate U S Great Expectations L Pacheco/N Brown GCH CH Mizzentop Storm King M Fiore/H Fiore GCH CH Glenns Monte Carlo W Falls GCH CH Wyndbrae’s Maclaren P Whiting/S Byrd/W Noble GCH CH Plum Creek’s Hear Me Roar E Keener/K Mcdonald GCH CH Whitesprite’s Most Happy Fella Of Glenmaw J Auger Maw

(M) (F) (F) (M) (M) (M) (M) (M) (M) (M)

Toy Group

Affenpinschers 490 256 76 42 39 37 33 21 21 20

GCH CH Tamarin Tarheel A Shultz/G Shultz GCH CH Yarrow’s Hi-Tech Ben There Done That W Truesdale/W Truesdale/L Wubbell GCH CH Strongfort Opium Puffn Muffn L Carpenter/C Beaver/M Peat GCH CH Xela’s Party Tric D Wood/S Jones/D Hichborn/P Belmont GCH CH Aberdeens Monkey Man K Hickey GCH CH Airescot Peer Gynt D Gehnert/L Bitz GCH CH Airescot Sunset L Baker CH Coachlight Frolicn Highwayman S Boyd/S Wymore GCH CH Induna’s Ink Spot C Duran/L Duran CH Schnaffentangens Norwegian Wood J Plank

(M) (M) (M) (M) (M) (M) (F) (M) (M) (M)

Brussels Griffons 439 354 304 246 232 161 131 71 68 67

GCH CH Paragons Sharp Dressed Man At Greengates (M) F Cashin/M Gale/K Fleener GCH CH Hilltop’s GQ Cover Boy (M) P Brown GCH CH Hilltop’s Watch Me Now (M) M Grafton GCH CH Fist Face A Penny For Your Thought (F) D Burvee GCH CH Marsdon Frankly Speaking (M) B Strange GCH CH Tupelo Axel Rose Br (M) J Saba/P Kolesar-Stoltz/J Constantine/L GCH CH Chismick’s Lights On Broadway (M) K Jaeger/M Jaeger GCH CH Krossfire Bellini (F) D Henderson GCH CH Seagryphs Cuba Libre (F) M Rogers/M Kornfeld/E Kornfeld GCH CH Genesis Ben-Jamin To My Own Beat (M) S Yarnall/S Seymour

Cavalier King Charles Spaniels

1755 GCH CH Quail Garden Loch Lomond Deja Vu J Mittelman/K Subramanian 1412 GCH CH Miletree Northern Star E Whitney/R Whitney/S Henry/B Henry 944 GCH CH Piccadil’s Twist And Shout CD BN RN J York 785 GCH CH Orchard Hill Play For Keeps C Darr/E Venier/R Venier 606 GCH CH Kinvaar Make Pretend G Reardon 594 GCH CH Tudorose Apollo P Mixon 584 GCH CH Grantilley Galaxy Moon M Talley/J Talley 481 GCH CH Burbrook Storm Chaser J Ioia/B Ioia/D Petralia/C Rose 455 GCH CH Orchard Hill Only Human G Bill/G Wells 432 GCH CH Fleet Street Bet Me At Rosebriar W Stang

Chihuahuas (Long Coat) 638 634 596 552 470 460 380 373 368 331

GCH CH Timeless Cottondale Pink Champagne D Miller/S Miller/K Potts GCH CH Mini Cooper (Lamuno) J Lamuno Gonzalez GCH CH Matriart Lg Muffin A Paola Diniz/L Guilmerme Diniz Pretoni GCH CH Jetstar’s Simply Outrageous J Chandler GCH CH Bayard Wendy M Newell/E Lanasa GCH CH Don’T Blame Me I’M Cute (Lamuno) J Gonzalez Lamuno GCH CH Victory Mask Of Zorro K Hulstein/S Hartwig GCH CH Lone Pine’s Boston Legal D’Ouachitah M Blank/C Eugene/L George GCH CH Whiteclouds Miss Kitty D Franklin/D White GCH CH Bk’s Wild About Harry B Smith

(M) (M) (M) (M) (M) (M) (M) (M) (M) (M)

(F) (M) (M) (M) (F) (F) (M) (M) (F) (M)

355 350 341 314 300 297 289 285 262

B Kaye/G Stiles GCH CH Gaga Lady De Aqlla M Blank/L George GCH CH South Fork’s Sweet Harmony M Held GCH CH Sandy’s Babes Tradewinds As Ever D Corl GCH CH Shorepointe’s Buddy Dazzler W Mccollister/J Ward/S Chavez/J Standish GCH CH Flo-Davi ‘N Timeless Creating Havoc F Davis/D Davis/K Potts GCH CH Aqlla Quo Vadis A Dinardo GCH CH Super Cj Of Golden Side M Macaraig/G Manas GCH CH Koniki’s Queen Of De Nile 4 Bellachi S Molash/K Hirn-Sheppard GCH CH Krispin Ever Done Good J Breazeale/S Guthrie/B Overstreet

Chinese Crested 869 754 656 550 539 489 458 363 346 308

GCH CH Dejavu I Want’A Talk About Me R Kusumoto/J Kusumoto GCH CH Storytime’s Rocky Road For Gingery M Fields/A Butterklee/J Temple GCH CH Kaylens Girls Just Want To Have Fun T Isherwood/K Peiser/V Dorris GCH CH Belews Les Bons Temps Rouler D Parker/M Parker/S Frampton GCH CH Egillo Z Teramonu A Lynn GCH CH Stillmeadow Solo In The Spotlight M Patti/J Patti GCH CH Kulana’s Sh-Boom S Frumkin/M Frumkin GCH CH Hampton Court’s Charlie Of Legend J Deeming GCH CH Pegasus Ace In The Hole T Watson GCH CH Creekside’s Put On The Red Light V Burdine


325 319 259 240 185 183 182


Japanese Chin

(F) (F) (F) (M) (M) (M)


799 302 191 179 176 175 162 149 147 144



(F) (F)

(M) (M) (F) (M) (M) (F)

GCH CH Chaseland’s Howard Glodek B Miller/J Glodek GCH CH Loujon Thornwood Little Jacob K Miller/J Ward GCH CH Clussexx Champagne Breakfast D Johnson/J Hubbard/J Peterson GCH CH Loujon Backroads To Paris C Williams/J Ward/K Miller GCH CH Adair’s Journey To Ravissant OA AXJ J Smedley GCH CH Sanchi Valentino B Miller CH Dragon’s Lair Hoard Of Treasure I Cary GCH CH Legacyrock My World D Stevens Lindemaier GCH CH Sequel Martin Chuzzlewit D Cunningham CH Danaho’s Jack Of Hearts D Hopkins

English Toy Spaniels (King Charles & Ruby) 205 194 49 49 39 22 21 20 19 19

GCH CH Lto Prosperity R Cole/M Landers GCH CH Southdown Nevermind B Van Deman GCH CH Novel Backroads Run For The Roses S Plance/H Reid/M Reid GCH CH Novel All Aquiver S Hepler GCH CH Denim Wicked Storm C Hess GCH CH Backroads Ruff An Rowdy S Plance/C Williams CH Marjaniemen Golden Ivory J Peterson GCH CH Marsward Miss Conduct J Swaine/M Tuesley CH Southwycks Send Me Home J Dooley CH Surucas Time To Shine S Jackson


1190 GCH CH Oeste’s Flirt’N With An Outlaw R Schindler/M King/J Vogel 921 GCH CH Yup’s Malibu Dream E Omeara/J Birdsall/D Stout 837 GCH CH Marcosa’s Bachelor Button J Mcgrath/H Kolzow 816 GCH CH Harbor’s Sky-Blue Pink C Field/H Bennett/B Call 635 GCH CH That’s Adorabull’s Dreaming Of You D Scheiris/J Chavez/D Scheiris/P Lucas/S 592 GCH CH Wyhaven’s How D’Ya Like Me Now C Wilson 565 GCH CH Qbin’s Strictly Confidential At Enginuity A Liebing/A Welling 517 GCH CH Yayas Dancing Through Life D Planche/C Livingston/K Livingston/B Ca 489 GCH CH Fuzzy Farm Qbin Who’s On First S Lawrence/A Lawrence 374 GCH CH Windfall’s Dude With Attitude K Ambler

Italian Greyhounds

1004 GCH CH Donavin’s Caramel Macchiato D Davis/J Davis 411 GCH CH Integra’s Masquerade Party M Lucas/R Weyer 345 GCH CH Voici Island Of Mykonos L Griffioen/R Conrad

GCH CH Victory Spencer M Mc Cormick/M Cooley GCH CH Touche’s Top Hat And Tails At Samskara D Martenson/J Martenson/R Wilson GCH CH Pem We-Syng Perfect Pitch At Sirius D Christensen/G Christensen GCH CH Blue Willow Cherbo Lil Bit Rocknroll M Dulin/C Boice/N Stedman GCH CH Mar-Pem’s Tiz A Tizzy B Reese GCH CH Dunkirk Hop To It T Reese/R Winters GCH CH Pochinka Polka Dot Dekobras J Dalton/J Turjoman GCH CH Cin-Don On The Road Again B Merritt GCH CH Pem We-Syng Lucky Mi J Dalton/J Turjoman/M Ballard GCH CH We-Syng Black Jack Luck B Czapor


527 445 226 223 199 190 115 107 96 88


Manchester Terriers (Toy)

(M) (F)

English Toy Spaniels (Blenheim & Prince Charles) 221 92 65 63 25 24 23 21 18 15

GCH CH Gdm Zenyatta At Lakeside M Manning/D Snoble/J Kulic GCH CH Trotwood July Fourth Rocket Of Bo-Betts P Swindell GCH CH Kashmir’s Laissez Les Bons Temps Rouler! C Weatherhead GCH CH Maplewood’s Aces And Eights M Caton GCH CH Wynson Swan Princess D Chapman/W Chapman GCH CH Voici Where There’s Smoke There’s Fire L Griffioen/K Gibson GCH CH Deerfield’s Point Blank D Wallace/A Shute

(M) (M) (M) (M) (M) (M)

GCH CH Rhapsody’s Someone Like You T Holibaugh/K Kasten GCH CH Scylla’s Small Kraft Re-Lit D Burke/R Scott/T Rowell GCH CH Rhapsody N Cherub’s Oh So Henry T Mackenzie/K Mackenzie GCH CH Divine’s Work Of Art K Kent/A Stanberry GCH CH Richelieu’s Valentino P Keen Fernandes/J Mcquiston GCH CH Maltangel Heavenly Vision I Gram/M Harrigan GCH CH Fletcher Andes Henshaw R Setty/L Bettis GCH CH Rolling Glenn’s Baby Bear A Glenn GCH CH Mollydear’s Schubert Impromptu V Yanez/S Rowe GCH CH Richelieu’s Here Comes Trouble Again L Lawrence/J Mcquiston


254 136 117 84 65 49 46 38 34 32


Miniature Pinschers

(M) (M)

(M) (M) (M) (M) (M) (M)

(M) (M)

(F) (M) (M) (F) (F) (M) (M) (M) (M) (M)

(M) (F) (M)

877 583 314 274 254 247 171 171 161 154

GCH CH Rustic Lane Still Waters Run Deep P Lapinski/J Debraganca/C Horowitz/A Deb GCH CH Blossom’s Let’s Dance B Scott-Heim GCH CH Burmack’s Highlander At Chesterfield K Levario/P Mackesey/J Burrows GCH CH Rosewood Casanova D Texter/P Rank/B Hodges GCH CH Fwaggles Pret A Porter CGC K Cornell/A Kelly/W Kelly CH Fwaggles She’s So Fine W Kelly/A Kelly GCH CH Rustic Lane Walks On Water M Lee GCH CH Celtic Cross Lady Of Shalott At Carpe Diem T Meeks CH Poricias Straight From My Heart To Jades D Becker GCH CH Fwaggles Avant Garde R Travis/A Kelly/W Kelly

GCH CH Marlex Classic Red Glare A Angelbello/L Monte GCH CH Brackley My Amazing Warrior K Haney/D Haney GCH CH Marlex Kisa Wildfire K Noel/J Wilds/A Angelbello GCH CH Blythewood Golden Warrior J Huber GCH CH Pinnacole Winters Feel The Fire K Swilling/R Tarlton/K Winters GCH CH Kimro N Spiva’s Super Trooper K Pastella Calvacca/R Greenslade/H Schwe GCH CH Dar-Rich Sirius’ Einstein V-Redbarns J Ward GCH CH Marlex N Marisol Bold Moves A Angelbello/M Hackett GCH CH Keridan My Favorite Toy K Hawkins/K Haney GCH CH Aleight Satin’s My Eyes Of Jorja J Leigh/J Stout-Reynolds


2142 GCH CH Involo The King Of Pop M Mosing/G Garofalo 1720 GCH CH Fenice Le Beaudreaux R Greathouse/E Akers-Perry/M Perry 1395 GCH CH Wildfire On The Record N Shaw/A Pickett/C Pickett 1127 GCH CH Brevette Kid Incredible A Moser/L Tapyrik/J Ybaben 804 GCH CH Micfriends Trujoy Eye Candy S Johnson/D Peterson 793 GCH CH Titian’s Risky Business R Navarre/M Navarre/T Mcintyre/C Fredric

(F) (M) (F) (M) (F) (M) (M)

(M) (M) (M) (M) (F) (M) (F) (M) (F) (M)

(F) (M) (M) (M) (M) (F) (M) (M) (M) (M)

(F) (M) (M) (M) (F) (F) (M) (F) (F) (F)

(F) (M) (F) (M) (F) (M) (M) (M) (M) (F)

(M) (M) (F) (M) (M) (M)

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Dog News, January 10, 2014  

Dog News The Digest of American Dogs Volume 30, Issue 2 January 10, 2014

Dog News, January 10, 2014  

Dog News The Digest of American Dogs Volume 30, Issue 2 January 10, 2014

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