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“Passion cannot be learned, cannot be faked or copied. It is something that burns like fire and must always be kept alive.� i

ARTISTIC EXPRESSION Uniqueness comes hand in hand with my life path, with the circle of birth and death and with the time and patience that is dedicated to create something new, with the persistence to make a dream come true. Everything comes from Passion, Persistence and Belief. My aim is to inspire people to stop for an instant and feel different for a moment in time, to make them immerse in their imagination, believing in their dreams. My Passion comes from the burning desire towards discovering new Lands, new Worlds. I transform my life travels into vivid sources of inspiration. I am inspired by the contrasts, the differences leading to the quest for beauty and harmony. Differences and contrasts give birth to new ideas and new creations. Each story is beautiful within itself. I create to bring forth timeless, magical and inspiring dreams. Beauty, perfection and continuous renewal to amaze and make others dream... All these together define my objective for innovation. My footprints originate from a unique vision that cannot be categorized or compared to others, they speak their own language. My place is outside the box and I invite You to come along. The impossible motivates me to make a difference and to be unique. Dreams do come true!


MAJOR ACHIEVEMENTS Dodo Newman is a person who thinks and acts “out of the box� and is moved by visions, which have never been before. Her collections, creations are all about owning something, which is unique, rare, representing ultra luxury.

Swarovski crystallized surface detail from the 100th Anniversary of the Titanic Collection

SWAROVSKI Dodo is known for her close co-operation with Swarovski Crystals, and her latest artistic invention using resin  technology which after eight years of experimentation is one of her legacies to the next generation.

Dodo combines this technology with the future and the past, with the traditional and untraditional out of the box methods.

Swarovski Crystals represents unique top quality crystal art at its best which is the perfect match for Dodo’s resin art invention. With  this brand, she brings the ultimate in luxury to the contemporary art scene. She has experimented with a unique technique that has become her trademark worldwide.


PRINCELY JEWELRY-ARTWORK A limited Jewelry-artwork was designed for Her Serene Highness Princess Charlène of Monaco in 2012. The artwork is a Diamond surfaced Jewelryartwork, where all the colours, the reflections of the water and the purple shades were inspired by Her Serene Highness Princess Charlène. 5

“I remember when I saw the wedding with You and Prince Albert and I saw that very special moment in the old chapel, when the tears covered Your eyes. It was a very emotional moment for all of us, because it was the moment where everybody realized how deeply you were moved and how profound your Love for Albert is. And as you appeared in your amazing dress, it was like an Angel coming down to Earth. The simplicity was surrounded with a heart breaking feeling that day.” - Quote from the private mailings of Her Serene Highness Princess Charlène and Dodo Newman


The artwork was created to remember this precious moment. Besides the Diamond surface there are also Swarovski Crystals implemented to remember Her Serene Highness Princess Charlène’s Armani wedding dress.

can be fit together, to live forever together in peace. The two complementary pieces fold together just as the “A” and the “C” in Her Serene Highness Princess Charlène and His Serene Highness Princess Prince Albert II’s dual cypher.

The artwork is a diptych, a two piece Jewelry-artwork, which complement each other. There is a special wave cut in the middle of the composition, representing the endless Ocean. This is where the two pieces

A peculiarity is that when Dodo started to create the jewelry-artwork called "The Biggest Love Story" as a commemoration for the Royal wedding and the forever bonding love of His Serene Highness Prince Albert

Detail from the jewelryartwork with a piece of the authentic Titanic coal, surrounded by diamonds.


II and his beloved wife Her Serene Highness Princess Charlène of Monaco she was few months pregnant. This was an element that added to t h e i n n e r b e a u t y a n d i t s u n i q u e n e s s o f t h e w o r k .
 However after the creation of the masterpiece the release of the materials in the air, the highly toxic resin and the natural pigments could have meant danger and many complications for the unborn Life. Luckily the baby girl was born without any complication and Dodo’s work was celebrated in many medias stating as “the performance of priceless


art transcendent value of the precious love” and it was selected into the TOP 100 Ultra Luxury trends in 2013.

INVENTION OF A NEW MATERIAL Dodo Newman is an accomplished artist, the inventor of her unique plexi-resin technique, as well as the new material the liquid crystallized resin. Her works are currently placed at the 71st place among the World Ultra Luxury Trends (overtaking Chopard, Bentley, Rolls Royce...), published in January 2014.

“Being different and making a difference is what I thrive to achieve by creating art works. My footprints originate from a unique vision that cannot be categorized or compared to others, they speak their own language. This is the reason why I invented the resin art technique, revolutionizing Plexiglas art design.”

The combination of Dodo Newman’s invention, the liquid resin and the various crystal elements paves the way for a new line of luxury and art.


Innovation of a new material "I was very happy to paint and work freely, but I wanted to start and find new ways in my art, new challenges. My way in life and in art has never been the same as what the majority does, my way has always been and is unique and special." - says Dodo. In the years when Dodo’s abstract and free expressive way of painting was developing, she experimented with a new technique with which she worked on Plexiglas with resin and other materials. "It was a truly big challenge for me because I was working with a highly flammable material and in the beginning there were several times when my studio caught fire." - laughs Dodo as she recalls these memories. The new technique brought all the expected results and high quality, new artworks were born.


"I immensely love to work with this technique until this present day, since all artworks have two sides because of the plexiglas unique material. These two sides play wonderful games with light, all the works give very different effects during daytime or during night. This is the technique that makes my art more playful and more free too." - says Dodo. It is also a material which allows Dodo to add other interesting materials as well like crystals, diamonds and diamond powder creating this way not only transparent but also sparkling and dazzling effects.


SELECTED INTO THE TOP 100 ULTRA LUXURY Dodo Newman is the inventor of her unique plexi-resin technique and one of her latest creation is currently placed at the 71st place among the World Ultra Luxury Trends (overtaking Chopard, Bentley, Rolls Royce...).

The Ultra Luxury Trend Report allows to have the foresight into what ultra luxury trends will be important to take into account for the next one to four years.


MILESTONES ON THE JOURNEY “Every Heartbeat is a Universe of possibilities...”

Dodo Newman in her 1400 sqm art studio

BERLIN ATELIER In 2009 Dodo Newman found a new Art Studio in Berlin in the area of Oberschöneweide. The Art Studio was situated in a historical, industrial area, which is under continuous development. In this new Art Studio Dodo had a 1,400 sqm space for working and for the partners to visit her. “For me it was very important to be able to receive my Partners in a high level environment and also to be able to work in a huge, inspiring space. The development will not stop here, by the beginning of next year I am planning to increase this studio with another 900 sqm.” - said Dodo in 2009.


Dodo Newman‘s Atelier was in an exciting part of Berlin full of industrial history. OberchĂśneweide was a territory for industries, factories and today it is a place for adventure and development. Dodo held her open day in one of the old AEG headquarter for factory. When Dodo found her ideal place for her Atelier she chose it with future plans for future developments. These opportunities have been discovered by other big companies as well. Here industrial architecture between historicism and modernity is indeed tangible. Today, the entire property is listed under monument protection. It was an ideal place with ideal inspirations for Dodo to continue the Titanic Commemorative Centenary project.


TITANIC PROJECT WITH SWAROVSKI The perfect example of Dodo Newman combining the past with the future was her 100th Anniversary of the Titanic Commemorative Memorabilia project together with Swarovski, including limited collectible items, each dedicated to a passenger on the legendary ship. “History overtakes the Future� as Dodo labeled the project for which she also combined SWAROVSKI Crystals as well as LED lightening. Dodo Newman together with SWAROVSKI Crystals brought ultimate luxury into contemporary art.


“I have always been looking for the unique things in my whole Life. The magic of the past and its mystical essence always attracted me, I found it fantastic to be able to immerse ourselves in our history and past and to allow ourselves to be part of it. All creations made by Man wether they were huge or tiny artworks or objects, have proved that there are eminent achievements independent of the centuries that are worth remembering, respecting and admiring.�

On 10 April 1912 the Legendary ship Titanic started off to the wide Ocean with huge hopes, as a proud example of a creation of Humanity. The journey ended tragically, 706 passengers survived the clash of 15 April 1912, their lives changed drastically after this event. This moment in history proves that any aim, dream is possible, any creation can be realized however it is not possible to challenge nature’s power.


“I stand in front of all the people who were present in those historical moments with deep and pure respect. No matter how difficult it was to accept the course of this destiny the Titanic has no doubt given something new to Humanity.” Dodo Newman worked in partnership with SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS on the extraordinary Titanic Commemorative project, an art initiative marking this centenary. Dodo’s creative work highlights the human aspect of the tragedy – the 2,240 passengers and crew, 1,517 of whom perished. It conjures a

The Legend, Diamond, Coal and SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS dedicated to the passengers of the Titanic.


poignant image of people boarding the Titanic full of hopes and dreams, unaware that they were destined to share a tragedy of unimaginable magnitude. They came from every walk of life: personnel from the ship; the rich and famous (American millionaires Benjamin Guggenheim, Isidor Straus and John Astor all drowned); professionals; the poor, seeking a new life. Friends, families and strangers alike, they were to be linked in collective memory forever. Using her own special techniques, Dodo Newman’s Commemorative Titanic Memorabilia depict the emotions that the survivors experienced. Fragments of glittering diamonds, semi-precious stones and bril-

Surface example of a Titanic Memorablia on transparent plexiglas with liquid crystal, playing with the lights and shadows.

liantly glinting SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS represent surfaced masterpieces, each dedicated to a passenicebergs, which she applied to transparent plexi- ger. glas. The surface effect was magical: liquid crystal against a background of swirling oceanic blues, reflecting the play of light on icy water – shockingly beautiful and, quite simply, unique. This limited range of rare and handcrafted collectibles, each with its own certificate of authenticity, consist of diamond- and SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS-


The Titanic Memorabilia Collection offers a unique opportunity to own a part of history and enrich our human heritage: dedicated to the memory of the passengers, it touches our hearts today, 100 years after the worst maritime disaster in peace-time history. HSH Princess Charlène of Monaco owns as well a Titanic Commemorative Memorabilia (Nr. 153), falling in love with the unique resin compositions experimented by the Inspirationaliste. Luxury is not about Price, Luxury is all about Uniqueness and Rareness. Luxury products are not mass products that are available on every corner. To own something that is handmade and specially created with care by real human beings represents always a higher value. The Titanic Luxury items are ultra-luxury products, creations for more than a life time that will remain always unmatched and rare. This secured by legendary passengers itself, the people who lived and who had a real story. The boxer, the mayor, the loving couple, the banker, the rich socialite, they all give us a piece of story, an emotion to remember forever.


The Titanic memorabilia inserted as mosaics for an interior element.

Extremely limited pieces. A new technological concept with the beautiful combination of SWAROVSKI Crystals see-through resin, where each Luxury item is dedicated to the individual story of a survivor or a victim of the legendary Titanic ship. High-end Luxury and glamour, memory and Crystals in a hand crafted composition with the most precious and specifically selected materials. Unique opportunity to own a part of the History, part of our Human Heritage, creations for more

than a life time that will remain always unmatched and rare. They are ready to keep the spirit and value for the next generations as well. Certain pieces of the Titanic memorabilia have become wildly popular collectors’ items and have immediately achieved the “collectible” status.


Monaco, June 16, 2010

To whom it may concern.

We, the team of Luxuria, welcome Ms. Dodo Newman to our Luxuria 2010 event in Monaco. Luxuria is an event unlike any other in the world: an ephemeral private club, the most exclusive on earth, enveloped in an ultra-luxurious and confidential environment.

MONACO COLLECTION Unique Event and Location, Unique Crystal company and a Unique Artist was the winning combination of the Monaco Collection in 2010. The unique innovation of Dodo Newman, crystallized liquid resin art combined with LED lightning and SWAROVSKI crystals are often selected to prestigious events.


The name brands to be present are masters in their respective fields, chosen for their savoir-faire from among the most prestigious and exacting makers in the world. We are very proud to announce the new ‘Monaco collection’ of Dodo Newman, launched as a world premiere at Luxuria. Kind regards,

Fabienne Lavaud Souliès General Manager - Partner

RED CROSS AUCTION FOR HAITI, CANNES FILM FESTIVAL Dodo Newman continuously supports aims and charities. One of her biggest donation was in 2010 during the Cannes Film Festival in Cannes, where all the income of her art auction went to support the reconstruction of Haiti.

“I have given to many people, whether they were individuals with specific needs, organizations that I could help, businesses that I supported, causes that I believed in and contributed to. I had to break down various and many walls to make believe people that help can be genuine and not only about money. We all have different tools by which we can help others in need, let it be our own energies or other ways.“


The Red Cross auction for the Reconstruction of Haiti was held during the 63rd Cannes Film Festival on 21 May 2010 in an exclusive environment, atmosphere and with illustrious guests. A number of prominent players of business were represented during the intimate dinner of several courses, such as the patron of the evening Sheikh Abdallah Shamsaldeen AlFassi or Michael Saylor, Bill Dean, Shawn Sabharwal, Viviane Reziciner, Sophie Tuffnell or Kenneth Johnson. The art auction held during the dinner was led by the famous French master of auction Pierre Cornette de Saint Cyr, who presented the artworks of Dodo Newman, the Inspirationaliste. Dodo Newman offered the entire revenue of the auction to Red Cross France, for the cause of the reconstruction of Haiti.


Detail of the wave shape cut in the middle of the composition.

THE BIGGEST LOVE STORY - TOP 100 ULTRA LUXURY ITEM “The Biggest Love Story” is a jewelry-artwork created to commemorate the marriage and the forever bonding love of Her Serene Highness Princess Charlène of Monaco and His Serene Highness Princess Prince Albert II. The composition is a diptych, composed of two pieces which complement each other. The reason why this Jewelry-artwork is unique is because it combines many elements into one. It is an investment, a business tool, a commemoration as well as a rare bond to the Princely Family of the Principality of Monaco.

The handcrafted jewelry-artwork represents many heightened elements to remember the most valuable human values. Diamonds represent life, while the amazing Coal stands for death. The coal comes from the original ship wreck of the legendary Titanic while the sparkling Swarovski Crystals represent the joyous moments, just as the crystals that were also chosen by Giorgio Armani for the wedding dress of the Princess.


The fact that the jewelry-artwork is cut in half in the middle makes it very special. The two complementary pieces fold together just as the “A” and the “C” in Her Serene Highness Princess Charlène and His Serene Highness Princess Prince Albert II’s dual cypher. This is one of its biggest value that one part stays in Monaco and the other part is available to own. Dodo Newman’s passion are the stories behind each work she creates, her own life story as well as the story of the work itself. It is these stories that give values, credibility and that make these works live forever in time for the future. Some years ago she was traveling to and from Monaco for several times and she had an aim to enter its closed circle. However she also had a long time admiration for the Princely Family since the time of Princess Grace and Prince Rainier III. Dodo admired them for the Love and passion they shared for each other even if they came from such different and contrasting backgrounds. At the time she decided to create something special for Princess Charlène of Monaco to celebrate her Love with Prince Albert with the thought of Princess Grace and Prince Rainier III. as well. Princess Grace herself was an artist, just as the mother of Princess Charlène as well.

The Titanic coal surrounded by diamonds.


The jewelry-artwork right after the creation process in Dodo’s studio.

The marriage of Princess Charlène and Prince Albert was a great occasion for this work and in Dodo’s mind she already saw that it will consist of two pieces that are actually one. So she had the big 3 meter long piece cut in half, representing the couple who belong together bonded by Love. This is how the two complementary pieces came alive. “I remember when I saw the wedding with You and Prince Albert and I saw that very special moment in the old chapel, when the tears covered Your eyes. It was a very emotional moment for all of us, because it was the moment where everybody realized how deeply you were moved and how profound your Love for Albert is. And

as you appeared in your amazing dress, it was like an Angel coming down to Earth. The simplicity was surrounded with a heart breaking feeling that day.” - Quote from the private mailings of Her Serene Highness Princess Charlène and Dodo. A peculiarity was that when Dodo started to create the artwork she was four months pregnant, and this was an element that added to the inner beauty and its uniqueness of the work. The special piece includes two materials, elements that symbolise Love: the Diamonds and the Coal from the Titanic. The Coal represents our Life, that ends at one point. This Coal is from the real legendary ship Titanic, which included thousands of 27

love stories. Diamonds have come to symbolize our deepest hopes for everlasting love, the one that Princess Grace and Prince Rainier III. also shared. These two elements are there forever in our Lives. The royal jewelry-artwork is a celebration of love, birth and death, containing the princess’ favourite purple colours. The reflections of the water and the purple shades are inspired by HSH Princess Charlène. Dodo Newman used many interesting elements in the creation of the artwork and used a variety of materials such as natural pigments, plexiglass and liquid crystallized resin. “The jewelry-artwork composition represents many elements of life. The Diamonds represent life and glamour, the Swarovski Crystal lines symbolise the process of fertility, meanwhile the Titanic coal represents death. This represents our life stages where the mystical colour combination reflects our Life.”- says Dodo.


“In 2012 I created a project to commemorate the passengers on the legendary ship Titanic and I realised that one of the brave musician, Roger Marie Bricoux who played during the sinking of the Titanic orchestra was from Monaco. I realised that although many people saw the Titanic movie by James Cameron not so many know about this very interesting fact. Therefore I decided to implement a little element to commemorate Monaco’s forgotten hero as well.�- she added.

Close-up of the thousands of crystals glittering in the crystallized liquid resin.


PATENT FOR A MATERIAL When Dodo realised that her unique resin technique used in her art creations is different than the usual, it did not stop her in going further in her imagination to discover other fields. Being someone who continuously has new visions and desire to realise them, she discovered that there are no boundaries in applying the material to extremely new areas where design, luxury and aesthetics are at the same time essential features. The unique concept to apply her technique for the surface of a watch dial was born out of her passion for art and expertise and to extend her desire to those who appreciate and share this passion for rare and individual materials.

The real value is in the innovation and luxury combining a brand new element, moulding it for an ultra-luxury timepiece, which has never been manufactured before. This is how three patents were launched, one chemistry and two mechanical for the watch industry. The imagination is endless and Dodo’s aims are to extend her vision to other areas as well, to see her unique material in other fields of luxury and beauty.


DESIRE COLLECTION Dodo Newman is the Creator of the original material for the Desire Collection's surface. 
 The dial’s surface is a unique cut from the remains of the special Royal artwork partly owned by HSH Princess Charlène of Monaco (The Biggest Love Story). The Royal related jewelry-artwork has been selected in to the TOP 100 Ultra-Luxury items in the World (January 2 0 1 4 ) .
 The ultimate aim, to celebrate Life and Love in one masterpiece, is well extended in the limited pieces of the Desire Collection.
 The surface of the Desire Collection is unique, one and only for each timepiece. Every watch is an individual state of art in itself. T h e y r e p r e s e n t a o n e o f a k i n d c o l l e c t o r s ’ i t e m .

Surface sample of the Desire Collection ultra-luxury watch dial.

The unmatched, exclusive surface is the highest ranked watch surface in the World (TOP 100 U l t r a - L u x u r y Tr e n d s , J a n u a r y 2 0 1 4 ) .

Because of the crystallised cut from the original piece of material for the surface, which is a piece of art in itself, each Desire Collection timepiece 
 has a unique and unrepeatable surface, as its own There is no two surface of the Desire Collection individual DNA. This is what places the Desire that matches, they are unique because of the origi- Collection Ultra-luxury watches to the level of rarnal provenance of the related collectible item that ity and collectibles. has been chosen in to the Top of the Ultra-luxury world.


NORMAN ALEX The Human Dimension in Recruitment

1am the founder of the Monaco Business Society where Dodo Newman made a presentation October 2012. The title of her presentation

on 29

was "Thinking Outside the Box" and how art can inspire

business leaders to be more creative and imaginative. Everybody enjoyed Dodo's presentation

very much and found her original and inspirational,

of fresh air in the harsh world of business. 1would recommend

a breath

her highly to anyone else looking for

an original speaker.


SPEAKING ENGAGEMENTS “I present the Out of the Box side of investment and business philosophy based on my life experiences with real time examples lived through my own phases of life instead of just pure theories. I always introduce the different sides of thinking and artistic creations. I usually use contemporary art in my examples because they can move the imagination as well as deliver a huge potential and high values. My experiences and knowledge are dedicated to banks, wealth managers, art collectors and UHNWIs.”- says Dodo Newman.


Le Montaigne

- 6, Boulevard des Moulins E-mail:

- 98000 Monaco

- Tél. : (377) 97 70 61 31 - Fax: (377) 977061

- Site Web:


Dodo Newman was one of the key speaker of the Monaco Business Society, and her visions delivered a great impact during her speech at the Club des Residents Etrangers a Monaco. Dodo’s speech was intended for business owners, leaders in the Principality of Monaco. The speech’s theme was about “Thinking outside the box”, how art can inspire business activities and entrepreneurs, leaders, owners to expand their visions and challenge other areas outside their limits of the routine and usual daily work.


In 2013 Dodo amazed the International University of Monaco, Luxury course with a session held on “Out of the Box Innovation�. Her session included topics such as The reality of Success, Excuses versus Performance, Aim and its Realization, Obstacles and Challenging them, Fear, Motivating others, Joint forces, Breakthrough during the realization of our dreams, aims. Bringing life experiences into her session Dodo highlighted the point throughout that all dreams can become reality no matter how big the waves are in front of us.


PUBLISHED BOOKS “The Inspirationalist” book was written by Zsolt Szemerszky who has accompanied closely Dodo’s artistic development from the very beginning. It is a journey to the World of dreams. It is about a time travel from the past to the present, aiming to show different mentalities in the World, life experiences during Communism, Dictatorship, India, Islam, Materialism, Poverty, Spirituality, Tolerance. This journey is a travel of extremes to find the real spirit of things and people.


Dodo Newman is an internationally published author of the “Out of the Box Innovation” book. The book is a collection of Dodo’s session held at the International University of Monaco, MBA Luxury course. The main subject is intended to innovators, visionaries, creators in their fields of area and how the path leads to breakthrough and success, to the realization of dreams. The subject is dear to Dodo because it is based on her own real life experiences, which make it real and personal as well.


LIFE OF DODO “The complexity of my life path made me what I am. Born into a diplomat family I know what it means to move, to adapt to different habits, cultures and climates. I lived in different cities of the World in India, Iran, Hungary, Italy, UK, US, France, Monaco and Germany, admiring and adopting to the cultural mix, experiencing different tastes and detecting the wonderful, endless colours of life.�

CHILDHOOD: INDIA Traveling and moving for Dodo Newman are the most natural things in the world, since she has lived and studied in various countries around the world during her lifetime. She has been introduced into many cultural environments by her diplomat parents, so she considers to own many homes and many native languages. Although she was born in Hungary the first pages of her memories are tied the most to India. She was only two years old when her parents got divorced and together with her father she moved to New Delhi.

"India's sensuous world has strong effects on me and its imprints can be seen even today in my taste and in my painting style.� “As I always said India has a deep effect on the senses, it stirs up vibrating every single sense and it does it in a multiple and unimaginable way. The colours enchant the eyes, the flavours and scents send us simply to another world. Even the air is colourful in India. The poorest person also wears colourful dresses and even the food reflects colours as well. In addition to all these India is the home of love. It is the world of intense feelings where passion is an element of the every days.�


“The strong colours, scents, materials, nature's wonderful vicinity and of course the ever present poverty. I experienced here the completeness of life in all the extreme ways. The spiritual freedom, the openness and the physical poverty." - she remembers back - "I often played with the local children who often ran with us barefoot and in ragged dresses. Life there is not easy but I have learned a lot from the experiences I had there. Today I know that it doesn't matter where someone comes from, what his or her colour of skin is, what language he or she speaks – what really matters is that all our feelings, aims are the same." Maybe it seems unbelievable for those born into the modern world but Dodo grew up without TV, movies, electronics. The world of books and stories surrounded her each and every night and day taking her always to a new land, where she could fly on the wings of the imagination. “My imagination developed with the help of books and stories: Every child needs a story!” Dodo really appreciates her childhood in India because as she states this helped her to find her real path in life. Even if the family after India moved to the dictatorial Iran and then to communist Hungary young Dodo always kept alive her dreams alive with the power of imagination, which she received in India through the stories.

Dodo with her beloved nanny, Linda.


When Dodo was nine she and her parents came back to Hungary for a few years, years that meant a huge shock for her. "In India I went to English speaking International schools, where most of the classes were taken outside in the surrounding garden, also because it was quite hot. In the afternoons there were no home works to be done, even the books were left at school. I had classmates from different nationalities, where everyone thought it natural that children with different type of skin were studying together without any kind of conflict. I used to love to go to school, perhaps this was the reason for the shock that I experienced in Hungary.� “Although I had blonde hair I did not understand why my classmates made fun of me calling me Indian, when they got to know where I lived before. Moreover in the first two years of school I continuously almost failed, since I hardly even knew how to write in Hungarian. Every second afternoon I had to go to separate teachers. I was always scared to go to school where I had to take oral and written exams - since in India all of these things were unknown." Dodo did not realise that her life would be completely transformed by the dreams and 41

colours of India. She grew up without the frills of modernity or the associated gadgetry and this helped develop her sensibilities. Books and stories inspired her and took her to new lands. “When I was a child I felt apart from the World. Growing up as a white child in India I often dreamed by the seaside, I never really felt myself alone there. The most beautiful actor of my dreams was always the infinite Ocean. I also saw poverty first in India. As a child it was never strange for me to see poor children on the streets. I was even more astonished when later during my further stages of life most people associated poverty with dirt and lack of hygiene. Poverty is not a good thing but as a child I understood and accepted it easily. I played the same with the local children without any prejudice. As a child I learned to live without any ties, freely. We lived in a house circled by a park but I always looked for the company of the local children.� The power of inner freedom she received in India has accompanied Dodo all through her artistic as well as her life path.


GROWING UP IN IRAN In a few years time Dodo's family travelled to another country and they had to familiarize with this new country and a new culture.

was quite weird that men and women were separated not only in the swimming pools but also on the ski slopes." - says Dodo.

"Iran and the Arab countries are all considered the same by the media, even though the situation of women in Iran is not as bad as it is depicted. It is true that all women have to cover their hair with scarves and everyone lives behind walls. Women have very fashionable clothes and are neat under their covers they also travel quite a lot. They also can study freely, many of them become architects, doctors, teachers. It is however hard for young pairs to get used to not being able to hold hands in the streets, and girls and boys cannot have parties together. It

Islamic culture had effects on Dodo's painting. She learned to use pastels in her drawings from an Iranian artist and in the summer vacations she went to Paris to artistic schools to develop her skills. "I loved Paris, the exciting life, the world of galleries, the openness of the people, and their hunger for culture. My stay in Paris had such an influence on me that I decided to become a fashion designer." - remembers Dodo. The closed environment of Iran gave Dodo the opportunity to discover her inner side and to explore her artistic Soul. She spent many hours 43

and evenings in her room dreaming, drawing, sketching and visualizing her future of changes and expansion. In Iran there were no English or American schools because of the political tensions. So Dodo had to choose whether to go to an Italian or German high school. She chose the Italian school, this way she acquired the knowledge of a new language and culture. This helped her when, a few years later she managed easily to enter a well-known Italian fashion design school.

The vivid colours of her first abstract expressionist artworks reflect her memories of these years.


OPENING UP: ITALY "When I started to study in Florence I felt myself in Heaven! But I was naive and I didn't fully grasp what was that I undertook. I was convinced fashion design is only about drawing. Although reality is very far from this! Perhaps Ralph Lauren is famous enough to just draw but all of us students at the school had to sew and tailor and this part never really interested me. So I moved to Rome. I wanted to study art, painting here but my parents decided that they would only pay for my studies if I chose something more practical and useful. I had not much choice. My family remained in Iran and I was in Europe alone. So I entered an American University where I graduated in international relations. There were various nationalities and cultures at the university just as I was used to during my childhood."


Whenever Dodo had some time off she roamed around the streets of Rome, she embraced the ever so nearness of Italian art and she tried to save all that she saw in the city’s beauty on paper. Rome was a city important for many other reasons as well. It was the city where Dodo started first to experience living by herself, being free and discovering her hidden desires, making visions of them.


WAY TO BECOME A REAL ARTIST After many traveling and seeing the World, Dodo Newman returned to the Land where she was born, to Hungary to continue the search of her path. Unfortunately the positive open attitude did not meet an appropriate reception, so Dodo did not find her path and she was not sure her aims could be realized there. With her heart full of hope, Dodo packed up her backpack to head towards West Europe with a thought in her mind to work and co-operate with international art galleries. She decided to choose for a destination Berlin, Germany where she chose to realize her art studio to make her art. Not everything was white and black though, and there were some very difficult moments and periods to be faced in Berlin too.

It was the year of 2008 when this new city of Berlin appeared in Dodo’s life. "I had a thought that Berlin is a tolerant,open and free city and also it is to become the centre of art in Europe. So I thought this city might keep some surprises and new inspirations for me." - says Dodo, who in 2009 was working already in a 1,400 sq. art studio.


It seemed to be difficult to co-operate with art galleries, even after many gallery and studio visits. The open-mindedness that is necessary for Dodo Newman's works was missing from the part of galleries. Dodo decided to change perspective and philosophy: to materialize her dreams and visions independently and freely, not depending on others' views and opinions. She knew this was a much more difficult path she chose, but she also trusted her inner intuition and the reactions she received. The persistence soon saw its first fruits and there was no need to wait for long to see some more fruits. The point of change arrived like an express train and demonstrated the reality that Dodo felt deep in her heart. The change came during one of Dodo's open day in her art studio, when a big quantity of her artworks were bought. A very new universe opened up in front of Dodo, the universe of possibilities. She felt that the day has come to consider and manage her art and the World that takes her in a very different way.


“For me the process of marketing, sales of my art represented always a difficulty, just as for all artists but fortunately I had the best persons around me who helped me in this, although I fought my life’s most serious battle in Berlin. I had to learn that there are walls that only I am capable of breaking down, that there are aims that only I can reach.� - remembers Dodo. This was the first time that Dodo achieved a huge step in her artistic vision by her belief in her own dreams. She realized for the first time how powerful the dreams are and how, with our own imagination, our own strenght of will, we are able to fully realize these dreams. This also represented a change in her artistic expression because she started to dare to dream even bigger dreams. A very new universe opened up in front of her where she was able to direct her own energies to follow her passion.


EARLY UPS AND DOWNS - THE BREAKTHROUGH The path of discovery brought both many struggles to face and many challenges to overcome as well as moments and periods of immense joy. Once one keeps challenging the obstacles and improve their innovation they will arrive to the point of breakthrough. “Every step, falling, sadness, fight, victory forms a part to the final aim: praise your mistakes, your struggle you need all of the for the final story.�


Dodo kept on challenging the obstacles and improving her visions and innovations, she knew she would arrive to the point of breakthrough. There is a long and real story behind each and every person who has reached his or her dreams. Dodo was always a self-made person, which was especially true with her art. Her artistic career, journey was never been supported by anyone around her, still she achieved her life long dream to be first a luxury artist and then an Inspirationaliste: inspiring, innovating and creating. She continuously sought her way to the light even in her darkest periods. “Uniqueness comes hand in hand with a life path, with the circle of birth and death and with the time and patience that is dedicated to create something new, with the persistence to make a dream come true. Everything comes from Passion, Persistence and Belief.” - says Dodo. Dodo’s first visible breakthrough was her cooperation with SWAROVSKI. It represented for her a true step ahead, marking her artistic path of unique creations.


THE INSPIRATIONALISTE “I believe in the Good. My Soul is guided by my inner energies that have to manifest themselves through my art and will never fade. The word I gave to describe Myself and my Life Inspirationaliste was born after I decided not to be called an Artist anymore. It was a way for me to express my detachment from all that is usual and my aim to be different. “ - describes Dodo. Inspiration is the process of breathing in the air, the most vital thing that keeps us alive. For Dodo to inspire others is like this most vital thing in Life.


Dodo aims at inspiring People to love, to hate, to think or see things in a different way, to dare to do something they never thought about before.

dreams no matter what they are, just by believing in them until the very end.

Inspiring People to feel and be free for a moment, for an hour, for a time being from their every day and usual way of life. To stop for an instant and feel different for that moment in time. By being an Inspirationaliste Dodo Newman inspires People and Artists to aim at achieving their 53

CREATOR, INNOVATOR “I started as an abstract expressionist artist. Of course there are tenthousands of artists creating abstract expressionist styles, so I had to find out a way I would be remembered and stand out from this incredible crowd. Since I did not want to change my style I decided that I will start to experiment a new artistic technique. It took me a 9 years long trip but I finally experimented the resin based art.

People recognized me because I was able to challenge the existing and to combine it with some new and innovative way. Therefore I became the very first resin artist.� - remembers Dodo. Aesthetic and technical side, creating and invention are both elements that are all important for Dodo.

With my resin technique I managed to change the simple abstract art, it was the first resin on plexiglas used with an original and unique process. People started to remember me as the creator who makes resin pieces.


“What I learnt through my innovations, visions is that you have to continuously change, you never get it 100% done but you will always change it into something new and something different. Life always helps if you keep your focus on your innovation and keep on making any step.The key is not to loose your focus from your original goal. You cannot loose until you keep on trying, you loose only when you stop trying.” Dodo is always experimenting and searching for new things, she is continuously looking for new techniques. An innovator is someone who reimagines, who goes beyond the seen and already experimented, experienced things, who will forever push the boundaries inspired by continuous curiosity. Whatever the reimagined vision is, it forever expands and always has an impact on other fields as well. "I was very happy to paint and work freely, but I wanted to start and find new ways in my art, new challenges. My way in life and in art has never been the same as what the majority does, my way has always been and is unique and special." - says Dodo.


A special view into Dodo’s Factory building she used as her studio.

In the following years Dodo Newman experi- The new technique brought all the expected remented with a new technique, with which she sults and high quality, new artworks were born. worked on plexiglas with natural resin. "I immensely love to work with this technique un"It was a truly big challenge for me because I was til this present day, since all artworks have two working with a highly flammable material and in sides because of the plexiglass unique material. the beginning there were several times when my These two sides play wonderful games with light, studio caught fire." - laughs Dodo Newman as she so many works give very different effects during daytime or during night. This is the technique that recalls these memories. makes my art more playful and more free too." says Dodo.  56

An innovator is someone who reimagines, who goes beyond the seen and already experimented, experienced things. Whatever the reimagined vision is it forever expands and always has an impact on other fields as well.


Detail of “The Dream”, a milestone artwork of Dodo, signing the beginning of her new techniques.

DREAMS THAT INSPIRE Dodo Newman cannot live without dreams, without her imagination, without holding her visions and making them into realities.

treasure, which is within ourselves. Our imagination is incredibly powerful, if only we believe in them….” - describes Dodo.

“Dreams are my fuel, my imagination is never limited. In my imagination I can be and become whoever I want to be.” - says Dodo.

Dodo is inspired by the contrasts, the differences leading to the quest for discovery as they give birth to new ideas and new creations. This is part of the journey, there is no new vision without the contrast and the diversities that are fueled by life experiences.

“Nothing is impossible, the limit is only the imagination…” is Dodo’s favourite saying, based on her own life experiences. “Living the dreams is an inner journey because before anyone can actually see them, one must be able to see and live it within themselves. It is only through this journey of self discovery that one finds the real



Dodo Newman's life can be compared to a train, a train that has various stops, so called stations. These stations reflect not only the cities, countries that Dodo has visited and where she has lived in but they represent the periods that had major effects on her art as well. These effects have formed and have shaped the life of Dodo, these effects helped her in her path ahead and made her learn from the challenges of life. Continuous struggle and revelation, perhaps these two words are the ones that really reflect Dodo Newman's life and they are the best words that represent the power that made her fly to the heights where she is at right now.


EARLY YEARS Dodo Newman's talent and feeling for art became clear already at an early age, at the age of 13 she showed high skill for art, which is reflected in her pastel drawings, sketches. The drawing that is most dear to her from this period is one she made of Marlene Dietrich in an antique photo style, whom she admired at her age. Dodo Newman's art, following the portrait she made of Marlene Dietrich made a break for more than 15 years. Upon family and other pressures she broke with fine art and moved instead towards fashion design.


During Dodo's studies in Florence, Italy she realized that fashion design is not the profession where she can widen her own creativity. "For me the possibility to draw continuously was very important and also to be able to show my own creativity. Fashion design is a structured and almost industrial design world, this was not really me so I broke with it." - remembers back Dodo. After Italy Dodo’s life lead to England, from which period she did not practice art until the age of 28, when the world of colours found here again. “I have tried and experienced with many techniques and materials, so I have worked and painted on canvas, wood, glass. I was searching continuously for the right way, which would bring back my forgotten Being." - remembers back Dodo "One day I was alone at home in my working space and led by a flying thought I started to paint with my thumb. I was embraced by a totally euphorical feeling and I didn't even realize that the hours where just flying around me. This is when the work "Silence on the sea" was born, which was the first artwork that let my feelings fly freely."


The doors of the emotional prison opened up and flying on the wings of freedom Dodo started on the way towards art.


FINDING THE VOICE TO ABSTRACT EXPRESSION Dodo Newman's art became open to criticism by many critics, since she never learned art in an official form, she never gained any official diploma of it. Guided by an instant idea Dodo became the pupil of Jozsef Burkus artist, who became her master. She spent altogether 3 months and 10 occasions with Jozsef Burkus, learning new techniques, ways of using colours, tools.


"When Jozsef Burkus saw my paintings, he realized immediately that there is still a lot of things for me to learn and to try, but there was something that he felt in me and saw as an instinctive way and feeling in all my works: he saw that I can represent space. As he described this ability it is something very hard to learn, because this is something that comes from within, as an instinctive way of doing art." - says Dodo. "Perhaps during the third occasion that I was at my master’s studio, he suggested me to discover my own style. I asked him how this is possible and he just smiled at me and then whispered the way to do it in my ears." - laughs Dodo. "That day I went home and took out a bottle of wine, I prepared myself a wooden panel and my painting tools. I opened the wine and drank until I felt a pleasant feeling, almost a state of unconsciousness and at this point I started to paint. I do not remember the process exactly, but this is when the work "The Cobra" was born. The Cobra was my first real abstract painting and at the same time it became my symbol as well. A new era has began..." “The Cobra” was a breakthrough in the art of Dodo Newman because it represents a straight line of break from this moment onwards, from the figural and realistic world to the abstract world full of imagination and magic.

Detail from the artwork “The Cobra”, a milestone artwork.


The first abstract artwork after The Cobra was "The Beginning", where it is obvious that Dodo broke totally with all figural elements in her art. However this was not enough for Dodo, who is always experimenting and searching for new things, and so she was continuously looking for new techniques, and in the meantime the number of her abstract artworks was just increasing. "I was very happy to paint and work freely, but I wanted to start and find new ways in my art, new challenges. My way in life and in art has never been the same as what the majority does, my way has always been and is unique and special." Her abstract works reflect both her worlds of influence: the intuitive surfaces of her European roots and the mystical Eastern meditations. The colours express intensively and beautifully about one’s dreams and life path. The existential view of her childhood in India is greatly combined with her faith and strength to fulfill her philosophical voice within the creative society.


EXPERIMENTING Since Dodo Newman did not want to change her style she decided that she will start to experiment a new artistic technique. It took her an 8 years long trip to experiment and innovate her resin based art, which is continuously evolving and developing. “With my resin technique I managed to change the simple abstract art, it was the first resin on plexiglas used with an original and unique process.“


People recognize Dodo as the Creator who makes liquid crystallized resin based creations. Dodo out stands from the crowd because she has been able to challenge the existing and to combine it with a new and innovative way, therefore she became the first resin Creator, the Inspirationaliste.


Captured moment during the creation and placing of the diamonds on The Biggest Love Story jewelry-artwork.

INNOVATION IN HER VISIONS One of Dodo Newman’s main qualities while creating and thinking of her visions is being out of the box. “Thinking and creating in an out of the box way does not mean that one has to go to the extreme, away from values, traditions…To think outside the box is trying not to think of the obvious things but to try to think beyond them and so bringing in something new, something unique.”- shares Dodo her thoughts.


Dodo Newman Portfolio 2014  

“Passion cannot be learned, cannot be faked or copied. It is something that burns like fire and must always be kept alive.” Uniqueness come...

Dodo Newman Portfolio 2014  

“Passion cannot be learned, cannot be faked or copied. It is something that burns like fire and must always be kept alive.” Uniqueness come...