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Medical Countermeasures Highlights

Tackling antibiotic-resistant pathogens This DMTC collaboration between Boulos & Cooper Pharmaceuticals and CSIRO aims to establish a new manufacturing route for scaling-up the production of a novel antibiotic, enabling its testing in clinical trials. Boulos & Cooper, based in Perth, has developed a

fidaxomicin and metronidazole. The team has also

first-in-class antibiotic, Ramizol®. With antibiotic

shown that the antibiotic is highly stable, which

resistance on the rise, and few novel classes of

reduces storage and transportation costs. This also

antibiotics being successfully brought to market

means it can be safely transported to and used in

globally, it is critical that new antibiotics are

remote locations, servicing Defence’s need for field-

developed to effectively treat antibiotic-resistant

deployable therapeutics.

pathogens. The project is developing Australia’s large-scale This antibiotic targets bacteria by causing deprivation

manufacturing capability, in particular flow

of the key factors it uses to survive. It has also

chemistry, through CSIRO. Development of Australian

been shown to be an antioxidant and to reduce

manufacturing capability has always been core to

inflammation associated with infection.

DMTC’s programs.

Ramizol® has demonstrated effectiveness against

To date, the DMTC project team has made significant

several gram-positive bacteria and some gram-

developments towards the target production of 10 kg

negative bacteria. The primary treatment target is

of Ramizol®, and has so far manufactured up to 2.5 kg

C.difficile, a spore-forming anaerobic bacteria, which is

of the antibiotic.

difficult to treat and causes colitis and diarrhoea. The success in scaling up production of Ramizol® will Early studies have shown Ramizol® to be effective

allow Boulos & Cooper to undertake a clinical trial

against drug resistant strains of C.difficile, including

with the outputs from this DMTC project.

those resistant to antibiotics such as vancomycin,

An important element of national security is ensuring nations are prepared to prevent and respond to threats to human health, such as disease and epidemics.” Dr Tracy Smart, AO Air Vice-Marshal Surgeon General of the ADF



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DMTC Annual Report 2019  

DMTC Annual Report 2019 - Capability through Collaboration

DMTC Annual Report 2019  

DMTC Annual Report 2019 - Capability through Collaboration

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