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Courtesy Sonos

Courtesy Sonos

Courtesy Sonos


Sonos New York City flagship location.

physical storefronts, these spaces may very well be providing new opportunities for brands that want to activate in less competitive environs while reaching audiences in new and creative ways. Enter the enterprising experiential marketer! They have been creating experience stores that focus on providing show-like experiences. These stores then shift most if not all transactions online, where they can be conducted more efficiently and take up much less footprint than in-store, while enabling them to focus staff on assisting customers.

assistance. While you can still buy the latest Galaxy device at 837, you won’t find shelves and displays full of Samsung product. The whole “store” is meant to be a physical personification of the brand and its possibilities. A similar approach was taken by Sonos for its New York City flagship location (101 Greene St.). The environment features beautiful sound-themed art and furnishings while the experience centers on a series of soundproofed rooms. Each room resembles a miniature clubhouse and is themed after different areas of the

store. Again, no obvious sign of a sales counter and the staff are more musical curators than sales agents. One more noteworthy space we visited was the STORY Store at 144 10th Ave. This entirely unique concept is the brainchild of Rachel Shechtman. The creative team at STORY provide a transient magazine-themed retail experience that tells the story of just about anything. Past themes have included Color, Making Things, Love and Made

Show-like experience stores shift most if not all transactions online, enabling them to focus staff on assisting customers. A recent visit to New York City offered unique and exciting glimpses into some unique and creative experience stores. At Samsung 837 (837 Washington St.) you can walk on the moon, draw a caricature, ride a surfboard or learn how to automate your home with your phone. You can even bring in your device for tech ❱ DMN.ca

home. You simply step inside, sit down and the room prompts you to play your favourite tune or help explore new artists. The immersive experience is powerful and highly individualized to each visitor. Each room is outfitted with an array of Sonos products, but the only wall of speakers here was a two-storey sculpture along the rear of the

in America. STORY has also partnered with brands to create bespoke experiences and spaces that you would never expect. These experiences last just four to eight weeks and then the store shuts down for three to four more weeks to re-imagine itself with an entirely new theme. There are usually items for sale, but the real buzz

is caused by the team’s creativity and collaborative approach at bringing ideas and brands to life in a physical gallery environment. Some may consider it a pop-up, but it feels more like art installation. Working with clients on trade shows, museums, retail and event programmes has exposed our teams to a variety of trends over the years, but this is one of the few times where two of these areas have begun to cross over into each other. I look forward to watching and helping this trend evolve and seeing how it might further disrupt the worlds of event marketing and retail alike. So, the next time you’re out shopping, keep your eyes open. You may be in for an unexpected experience. Adriano Almeida is head of creative services

and strategy at Kubik Inc. (https://thinkubik.com). Blending his background in architecture and fine arts with a degree in industrial design, Adriano focuses his talents on creating unique environments and events for the world’s top brands. He has spent the last 18 years developing experiential programs and face-to-face marketing initiatives for a global list of clients. April 2019

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