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Table of Contents Cynthia Quigley Tribute Supplement Pages 4-5 Cynthia’s Thoughts & Thanks

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Gary Tannyan

“Under Cynthia’s guidance, the AFP Greater Toronto Chapter has become the largest AFP Chapter in the world.” “Seeing you has been one of my favourite parts of attending AFP conferences and your welcoming smile and kindness will be missed.” “Our country’s network of AFP Chapters is stronger because of Cynthia’s tenacity, deep knowledge of our sector and of what it means to be a volunteer.”

Gary Tannyan

“Throughout our time together, you have been a constant source of ideas and positive energy. You have mentored all of us.” “The fundraising profession in Canada is stronger because of your tireless effort and commitment.”


“It’s a ‘little engine that could’ story, and Cynthia is the Engineer.” “It will be strange in 2020 when we have another first - first Fundraising Day, first workshop, first Congress without Cynthia. But thanks to her long service, I know that the Chapter will continue to succeed.”

AFP Canada + The Future Pages 11-14

7 October 2019

Inside the association’s strategic plan through 2020 and a look at the voice of the charitable sector in Canada.



Cynthia Quigley Tribute Supplement

Cynthia’s Thoughts & Thanks

Gary Tannyan




o, I am not writing my obituary. I am writing to say “thank you all” for believing in me and allowing me to serve and devote myself to you for almost 25 years. I am grateful to have played an important role in making the AFP Toronto Chapter the success it is today and being the number one Chapter in the world. I have been reading the e-mails from many of the members who responded when the announcement went out. One person wrote: “Your legacy has been amazing: the largest chapter, birthing the foundation, AFP Canada, building AFP’s best conference and growing our profession. I hope you take some time to soak in your impact.” I did not realize the impact that I had on others until a former staff person wrote: “If it wasn’t for the opportunity you

gave me at AFP, I wouldn’t have been a fundraiser or have my CFRE. You taught me so much—event planning, volunteer management, how to provide excellent customer service—but most importantly, how to handle pressure with grace. I hope you know how much I valued the confidence and trust you gave me.” After being introduced to AFP by my friend and fundraiser, Paul Moore, I was hired to coordinate the Chapter’s conferences as part of my work with my own event planning company, Kane & Able. Several Fundraising Days and Congresses later, I was offered the fulltime position of Chapter Administrator. Since then I have served AFP with enthusiasm, pride and a devotion to the Association. I am lucky to have built many positive relationships with members over my 24-

october 2019

Gary Tannyan

Cynthia Quigley Tribute Supplement

year span. As the one who always wrote the script for the President’s Reception, you can imagine my shock when former Chapter president Susan Storey announced that the members raised an incredible $25,000 in my name to benefit those who otherwise would not be able to attend the Congress. I am so happy to have this kind of support from our members and am honoured to leave this as part of my legacy at AFP. After 24 happy, memorable and productive years with the Chapter, I am excited to be starting a new chapter of my life away from AFP (no, I do not mean running another AFP chapter). The success of this Chapter has been built on many of the rewarding relationships I have built with the volunteers and staff: relationships that have created memories that will last my lifetime. I have worked with incredible people who

October 2019

have committed themselves to wanting the best for the members of the Chapter. I am truly grateful for all the lifelong friendships I have made through AFP. Through hard work and dedication, I am most proud of the fact that together we have grown the Chapter from a small, local community of members to the largest AFP Chapter in the world. The Chapter is now in an excellent position to implement new initiatives that will benefit the members in ways like never before. It’s been my honour and privilege to work closely with the membership, staff and vendors for the past 24 years. I hope I have created an outstanding foundation for AFP to continue to build upon. When many of you said this about me: “You have been our anchor, the face and heart, guiding force and inspiration

of the Chapter. Your hard work and dedication to AFP has certainly made a positive difference to the evolution of the organization in Canada and has not gone unnoticed. We are all grateful to you for your leadership”, the tears started to flow. I am excited for what the future holds for me as I spend time with my husband Steve on the golf course, curling rink, tennis court, playing bridge and, of course, wine nights with the girls. Our sector has given me so much over 24 years. More than a living, it has enriched my life with friends, laughter and learning.



Best Wishes from Friends & Colleagues

Matthew Shaw, CFRE

Paula Attfield

Vice President Abilities Centre

President Stephen Thomas Ltd Chair, AFP Canada Director, AFP Greater Toronto Chapter

Congratulations on a tremendous career! You have played a major role in growing the profession in our city and helped lead AFP Greater Toronto Chapter to the leader it is today. I will miss working with you, but your retirement is indeed well-earned! Enjoy it!

Sana Mahboob President AFP Manitoba Chapter Enjoy your well-earned retirement! Thank you for always being someone I/the membership/ the chapters could count on. Seeing you has been one of my favourite parts of attending AFP conferences and your welcoming smile and kindness will be missed. On behalf of our entire profession and the members in Manitoba, best of luck and thank you once again for all that you have done!

I first began volunteering with Cynthia back in 1999 for the Toronto Congress. As president of Stephen Thomas Ltd, a fundraising and marketing agency serving non-profit organizations, I thank you for doing this! Under Cynthia’s guidance, the AFP Greater Toronto Chapter has become the largest AFP Chapter in the world. Cynthia has been an amazing organizer of our yearly Toronto conference - known by many simply as “Congress” - in addition to Fundraising Day and a number of other great educational events, all which serve fundraising professionals very well. Cynthia has always been responsive to the many demands and inquiries of our 3,500+ members and volunteers across Canada. She is so responsive because she cares so greatly about her work and for those in the profession whom we serve. I am very grateful for Cynthia’s commitment to the AFP. Cynthia, I will miss you, and I know you will be deeply missed by many!

October 2019



Best Wishes from Friends & Colleagues

Simone P. Joyaux, ACFRE, Adv Dip, FAFP Owner Joyaux Associates Retirement, Ms. Cynthia? Hmmm... Already? How many years have we worked together for AFP Congress? Many!! Whenever Tom and I would see you, we knew we were home. One of our favourite other homes, AFP Toronto Congress. May the years ahead be full and fun. Merci beaucoup!

Steve Thomas Chairman Stephen Thomas Ltd From the early days of Toronto Congress, through my stint as Chapter President, all the way up to the present Cynthia has been an invaluable All Star. She will be sorely missed.


David Love, CFRE Principal LOVEfundraising President, AFP Vancouver Now entering my third year as Chapter President, I’ve encountered Cynthia’s ‘get ‘er done’ approach in many ways. While she is very likely the most long-standing AFP employee, she never seems tired responding to questions of us newcomers. Even with a 3-hour time difference from Vancouver, Cynthia is always quick with a very helpful response. Our country’s network of AFP Chapters is stronger because of Cynthia’s tenacity, deepknowledge of our sector and of what it means to be a volunteer.

Senior Development Officer, Major & Planned Gifts The Dorothy Ley Hospice

As a fundraising consultant I often meet people who have great ideas but no follow-through. That’s not Cynthia. She is always keen to try something new and will make sure it gets done. A tough gig when you’re mostly herding cats, I mean, dealing with volunteers! In fundraising, we often don’t stay in the same organization, but what does remain constant is AFP and it won’t be quite the same without Cynthia.

Thank you Cynthia for your loyalty and

Cynthia - you’ll be missed from Coast-to-Coast.

Muthoni Kariuki


dedication to AFP GTA over the years. Wishing you and your family all the best as you enter into a new phase of your life.

October 2019

Best Wishes from Friends & Colleagues

Allison Urowitz Director of Development Ryerson University Cynthia, you have been a tireless ambassador for AFP Toronto and our profession. Personally, I appreciate your efforts to help me make the most of my membership to an outstanding professional association. I wish you well for the next chapter.

Jo-Anne Gray Executive Director Uxbridge Cottage Hospital Foundation Cynthia, over the past 24 years I’ve attended the Toronto Chapter AFP Congress on numerous occasions. Each and every time I come back to the office with new ideas, new connections and completely satisfied with the entire experience. I know that this is largely thanks to your commitment, dedication and supreme organizational skills. Thank you for all you’ve done for AFP and its members. I wish you the very best in your retirement.

Caroline Riseboro President and Chief Executive Officer Plan International Canada

a fundraiser for 20 years and is currently a member of the AFP GTA Board of Directors. Cynthia, “There are far better things ahead than any we leave behind.” ~ C.S. Lewis I wish for you only good things now and in the future. ~ Nneka

Mike House MBA, ICD.D President and CEO Stollery Children’s Hospital Foundation On behalf of the decades-worth of fundraising professionals throughout the Edmonton and Area, congratulations Cynthia on your retirement from AFP! I’ve been honoured to work alongside you, through late nights and early mornings, congresses, conferences and strategy sessions. You are a leader among your peers, and a fantastic fundraiser too - something many may not know about. I hope you enjoy your well - deserved retirement and keep in touch. Congratulations again!

Vincent Duckworth Partner ViTreo Group Inc.

Caroline Riseboro is an award-winning humanitarian and social justice advocate, recognized as one of Canada’s most influential leaders in the nonprofit sector. Caroline holds several board positions, including Board Chair of the Association of Fundraising Professionals GTA Chapter.

Cynthia, you have been our friend, our trusted colleague and a critical administrative support to me and to all of us at AFP. For me, you have been a constant throughout most of my fundraising career. If I was not volunteering for AFP, I would look forward to seeing you at ICON and at Congress. If I was volunteering at AFP, I was privileged to be able to work with you more closely and more often.

Cynthia, you have positively made your mark on so many aspects of the Association of Fundraising Professionals and the AFP GTA Chapter. The Fundraising profession in Canada is stronger because of your tireless effort and commitment.

Throughout our time together, you have been a constant source of ideas and positive energy. You have also never been afraid to ask the tougher questions. You have mentored me. You have mentored all of us.

Your contributions over the many years go unmatched and your leadership, passion, guidance and mentorship to those around you have inspired us to achieve great new heights for AFP GTA and Canadian philanthropy at large. It has been a pleasure working with you and learning from you and I thank you for your tireless work.

I wish you all the best in your retirement and I hope we see you, maybe not as often, but often enough at conferences and at gatherings.

Congratulations on your retirement and I wish you all the very best.

Nneka Allen, CFRE

Malcolm Burrows

Senior Development Officer, Corporate Sponsorship London Health Sciences Foundation

Head, Philanthropic Advisory Services Aqueduct Foundation/Scotia Wealth Management

Nenka Allen is a Black woman, a descendant of the Underground Railroad, a proud member of the Painted Feather Woodland Metis Community and a mother. She has been

October 2019

Cynthia, know this: You have played a critical role in the history of AFP in Canada and globally. This is not and will not be forgotten. We would be less had you not been with us. Thank you.

Once upon a time in the early 1990s, there was US fundraising organization called NSFRE, which had an ambitious outpost in a little-known city called Toronto that



Best Wishes from Friends & Colleagues was run by a scrappy and effective administrator called Cynthia Quigley. Cynthia wrangled volunteers, organized conferences, charmed speakers and directed boards and committees. It came as no surprise to all of us who had been wrangled by, and who had collaborated with, Cynthia that she was to be the spark and the glue of the Chapter. Well, NSFRE became AFP, and Toronto AFP became the largest fundraising association in world. It’s a “little engine that could” story, and Cynthia is the Engineer. Thank you Cynthia for your grit, dedication and wonderful contribution to the fundraisers of Canada.

Ann Rosenfield, MBA, CFRE Charitably Speaking I have been fighting with Cynthia for over 20 years. Opinionated, hard-working, dedicated Cynthia is all these things. During her time at the Chapter, the Toronto Chapter has grown to be the largest in the world. I met this super-organized “tell it like it is” woman named Cynthia Kane in the early 1990s. She was forceful and when we finally got organized to start a chapter, the clear candidate for our first employee was Cynthia. Over the years, there have been many ups and down - an early up was the chance to celebrate when Cynthia became Cynthia Quigley. From there have been many chapter firsts including our first Fundraising day with our new employee Cynthia at the helm. How she pulled that off in so short a time is still an inspiration. Cynthia is a lot like a Caramilk bar - a bit crunchy on the outside but very sweet and soft on the inside. Over the years, I have watched her help out fundraisers behind the scenes who were between jobs or struggling, quietly comp’ing them a conference registration, finding a volunteer role. All done so quietly that the only way I know is because I heard about it from grateful recipients. Cynthia has been here for so many of our Chapter firsts, it is only fitting that one of the firsts in our chapter was first funded in



honour of someone who doesn’t work directly as a fundraiser. Our Chapter started the Cynthia Kane Fund and I was one of the first donors. It will be strange in 2020 when we have another first - first Fundraising Day, first workshop, first Congress without Cynthia. But thanks to her long service, I know that the Chapter will continue to succeed.

Erin Prendergast, CFRE Chief of Staff, AGO On behalf of the Art Gallery of Ontario, I am delighted to acknowledge Cynthia’s incredible contributions to the fundraising sector in our city. I have had the pleasure of encountering Cynthia at various AFP events over the years and have always been made to feel welcome by her warm smile and delightful greeting. She is our great champion for fundraising. I appreciate her encouragement of having arts fundraisers represented around the AFP table, and the countless ways she has responded to my inquiries. When I think of “AFP,” I think of Cynthia. Congratulations Cynthia and thank you, thank you, thank you.

Mark Henry Publisher, Lloydmedia Inc Over the years I have had the great good fortune to work with AFP Greater Toronto for special reports and special editions of DM Magazine and Cynthia has always been a big help for us. We appreciate her wisdom, insights, support and contributions. In typical Cynthia style, she was reluctant when she heard we were doing this tribute for her, but now I’m delighted that she went along with our idea because it’s a fitting send off for a wonderful person and a great supporter of philanthropy. I know she’s around at least until AFP Congress in November and we look forward to working with her during the next couple of months as we get set to launch Foundation Magazine.

October 2019

Your Association Continues its Mission of Service

AFP Canada’s Strategic Plan Through 2020 T

o stimulate a world of generosity and positive social good through fundraising best practices.”

MISSION VISION The Association of Fundraising Professionals empowers individuals and organizations to practice ethical fundraising through professional education, networking, research, and advocacy.

GUIDING PRINCIPLES ETHICS AND TRUST As champions of ethical fundraising, fundraising professionals work to build public trust in charitable giving. We are accountable to donors and their organizations to perform to the highest standards. We practice courage and integrity in the stewardship of private and public resources.

PROFESSIONAL PREPARATION Fundraising professionals are supported to serve as leaders and mentors within and on behalf of our organizations. We embrace continuing education and credentialing as pathways to advance in all stages of our professional careers. We learn from those around us and use new skills to strengthen our organizations and communities. We understand, promote, and share best practices to use and grow the fundraising body of knowledge.

October 2019


Fundraising professionals are leaders in developing a culture of philanthropy within our organizations and communities. We train staff, boards, and volunteers in ethical and effective fundraising practices. We work across organizations and nations to stimulate social good.

INCLUSIVITY Fundraising professionals reflect the diversity of the communities we serve. We work to address the needs of a diverse society. We welcome and support a diversity of individuals and offer pathways for them to succeed.

We share effective ideas and techniques to promote success across the philanthropic sector.

GOALS AND OBJECTIVES PROMOTE INCLUSION, DIVERSITY, EQUITY, AND ACCESS (IDEA) AFP in Canada reflects a diverse and inclusive community, evolving and enhancing our national influence and mission impact.

OBJECTIVES: ◉◉ Create an inclusive and accessible environment so that our members, donors, and community partners can participate equitably. ◉◉ Ensure that AFP activities in Canada incorporate diverse perspectives, interests, ideas, and needs into our culture and practices in a way that values, respects, and supports people. ◉◉ Ensure that representation on our AFP Foundation for Philanthropy – Canada,

PARTNERSHIP AND COLLABORATION Fundraising professionals are trusted partners in connecting donors with causes and organizations to achieve social good. We collaborate locally and globally with other organizations around shared priorities. We work effectively with decision-makers in government and business to achieve shared objectives through philanthropy.

CREATIVITY AND INNOVATION Fundraising professionals stimulate giving through collaboration and engagement to develop innovative practices and solutions. We imagine and research new ways to connect donors and achieve results.



Your Association Continues its Mission of Service AFP Canada, AFP Chapter Boards, as well as our volunteer groups, reflects the communities that we serve. We will actively work to reduce barriers to make these roles more accessible to diverse individuals.


ENHANCE INFLUENCE, IMPACT, AND ETHICS AFP in Canada acts as the voice of our profession in Canada and provides leadership to ensure that voice is cohesive and informed. We will use our voice to advocate for appropriate laws, regulations, and standards, and ethical behavior. We will conduct research that supports our profession. OBJECTIVES: ◉◉ Work to ensure that AFP




has a leadership role in philanthropy in Canada that reflects our unique values and perspectives, and that AFP in Canada brings expertise to the international table. Broaden AFP’s role as an influencer by building on our skills and expertise, as well as the strength and impact of our chapters, members, and volunteers. Increase public policy actions at the national, provincial, and municipal levels. Conduct research that provides AFP and its members in Canada with the data and knowledge they need to advance philanthropy. Highlight ethics as an integral value that sets AFP apart. Encourage greater awareness of the importance of ethics and standards

among members, the sector, government, and the public.

ADVANCE SOCIAL GOOD AFP in Canada advances social good by empowering our members, engaging decisionmakers, leveraging donors and funders, and mobilizing our networks. OBJECTIVES: ◉◉ Engage CEOs and other leaders in recognizing the essential role of professional fundraisers in advancing social good. ◉◉ Build awareness of the power of philanthropy and the critical importance of the fundraising profession through AFP’s robust network of members, industry partners, and other key stakeholders. ◉◉ Actively work toward changing the public fundraising narrative in Canada to one that is informed and positive.

PROVIDE RELEVANT QUALITY EDUCATION IN CANADA In Canada, AFP champions education, training, and information resources for fundraising professionals to succeed in all stages of their careers.

◉◉ Forge reciprocal partner relationships as a multiplier to expand AFP’s educational offerings in Canada.

ENHANCE VALUE FOR OUR MEMBERS AND CHAPTERS AFP in Canada comprises members, chapters, boards, and staff who have a wide range of priorities and needs. AFP in Canada will work to ensure those needs are met and that participation adds value. OBJECTIVES: ◉◉ Maintain an open line of communication among members, chapters, volunteers, and boards of AFP in Canada and AFP internationally. ◉◉ Prioritize working together across AFP in Canada to deliver and increase value between members, chapters, AFP Canada, the AFP Foundation for Philanthropy – Canada, and AFP International. ◉◉ Focus on building chapter resiliency and sustainability.

STRENGTHEN CAPACITY AFP is a dynamic and principled organization dedicated to delivering topnotch services and investing in revenue generation for longterm financial sustainability and capacity building.

OBJECTIVES: ◉◉ Work to ensure that AFP’s educational offerings in Canada reflect our unique values and perspectives. ◉◉ Look at all AFP international programming to ensure that it is relevant, accessible, and appropriate to our audience in Canada. ◉◉ Together with our stakeholders, work toward closing the leadership gap in the nonprofit sector in Canada.



OBJECTIVES: ◉◉ Create a transparent and accountable environment for AFP in Canada. ◉◉ Illuminate the AFP value proposition to strengthen the link among chapters, members, AFP Canada, AFP Foundation for Philanthropy – Canada, and AFP International. ◉◉ Increase revenue and philanthropic support to enable mission delivery for AFP in Canada.

October 2019

Your Association Continues its Mission of Service

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October 2019



Your Association Continues its Mission of Service

AFP Canada is Your Voice A FP Canada is committed to you and your profession. AFP Canada is your voice—the national voice for our fundraising profession. We are here to ensure that your values and priorities are heard on the international stage. As a member of AFP, you are part of a large community. You are one of more than 3,500 members in Canada AND you are one of over 31,000 members internationally. Since it was formed in 1960, AFP has inspired global change and supported efforts that have generated over $1 trillion. AFP’s members raise over $100 billion annually. This network of passionate professionals is here for you. They, along with your AFP membership, help you to succeed.

About AFP Canada Vision: To stimulate a world of generosity and positive social good through fundraising best practices.

◉◉ ◉◉ ◉◉ ◉◉ ◉◉ ◉◉ ◉◉

Incorporated as a federal nonprofit in 2017 Created in response to feedback from AFP members across Canada Governed by a committed volunteer Board of Directors Provides Canada-focused government relations & communications Develops and implements a strategic plan for AFP in Canada Empowers members in Canada to practice ethical fundraising Supports the growth and development of networks of fundraisers in Canada ◉◉ Provides a bilingual national voice for the fundraising profession in Canada

About the Charitable Sector in Canada ◉◉ Ranked 3rd in the world for levels of individual giving (Lasby and Barr, 2017, 30 years of giving in Canada: the giving behaviour of Canadians: who gives, how, and why?) ◉◉ 2nd largest charitable and nonprofit sector in the world (Imagine Canada: Canada’s Charities and Nonprofits Infographic) ◉◉ Employs 2.4 million Canadians at more than 170,000 nonprofits and charities (Satellite Account of Nonprofit Institutions and Volunteering: 2017) ◉◉ Approximately $18.5 billion in donations received by Canadian charities in 2014 alone (Lasby and Barr, 2017, 30 years of giving in Canada: the giving behaviour of Canadians: who gives, how, and why?) ◉◉ 8.5% of gross domestic product, exceeding the oil and gas or finance industries (Satellite Account of Nonprofit Institutions and Volunteering: 2017) ◉◉ An annual contribution to the Canadian economy of $169 billion (Satellite Account of Nonprofit Institutions and Volunteering: 2017)

Gary Tannyan

Mission: The Association of Fundraising Professionals empowers individuals and organizations to practice ethical fundraising through professional education, networking, research and advocacy.

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October 2019

Coming November 2019 Foundation Magazine is the Canadian bi-monthly publication and media channel which reaches more than 25,000 individual executives in Canada who represent the full charity and foundation sector and the major donor community, as well as the spectrum of companies which support, supply to, and advise all aspects of the not-for-profit industry.

FOUNDATION The Business &

Nove mber/Dec

embe r 2019

Spirit of Philant

hropy in Canada

E Payments BusinessTHMagazine would likeand toa media congratulate this year’s To advertise or to get more information kit: Contact Women Mark Henry details, infor Payments™ Awards winners E DGE How Athletes mark.henry@lloydmedia.ca Li ke C h ristine Sin GetSawka (and stay) Onon Brenda Clark and Debbie boardtheirclair outstanding accomplishments!


Foundation Magazine is a Lloydmedia, Inc publication. Lloydmedia also publishes DM Magazine, Contact Management magazine, Payments Business magazine, and Canadian Equipment Finance magazine.

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Cynthia Quigley Tribute Supplement 2019  

Cynthia Quigley Tribute Supplement 2019  

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