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The Power of Sports and Fitness









BENEFITS AND AMENITIES YOUTH SWIM - Olympic Trials through the eyes of Asphalt Green swimmers Isabel Gormley and Krystal Lara ADULT SWIM ENDURANCE SPORTS - Inside the lives of professional triathletes Rebeccah and Laurel Wassner ADULT SPORTS LEAGUES FITNESS

- AG6™

- Pilates

- Training: How one Asphalt Green member lost over 35 pounds with personal trainer DeJuana Richardson

- Group exercise







- Soccer

- Basketball: Head coach and former professional player Secrett Stubblefield’s journey to greatness

- Volleyball

- Flag football

- Baseball





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The Power of Sports and Fitness Lia Neal started swimming on a scholarship at Asphalt Green when she was 8 years old. Today, she is a two-time Olympic medalist, standout student, and co-captain of the Stanford University swim team.

Asphalt Green changes lives through sports and fitness. For Lia Neal, it opened doors of opportunities. When you step foot in our facilities — whether you come to play sports, work out, or swim — you too have the power to write your own success story. Our high-quality programs and instruction coupled with unmatched facilities in Manhattan make Asphalt Green the go-to place for your sports and fitness fix. Our instructors and coaches across various sports collaborate to create never-before-seen training programs that focus on improving your mental and physical game. As a nonprofit, beginners, elite athletes, kids, adults, seniors, and people from all economic backgrounds excel. By supporting us, you pave the way for all New Yorkers — like Lia Neal — to experience the power of sports and fitness. 3


Spread out on a 5.5-acre campus, an oasis in the city 555 E. 90th St. New York, NY 10128 212.369.8890

• Swim in the best 50-meter, Olympic-size pool in Manhattan • Over 100 weekly fitness classes including Pilates Reformer in a dedicated studio and AG6™, our arcade-style workout • Fitness floors overlook the East River with top-notch cardio and strength training equipment • Indoor and regulation-sized outdoor turf fields • Full-service locker room with a sauna • Rooftop access with sweeping views of Manhattan

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Access a beautiful facility in a vibrant neighborhood 212 North End Ave. New York, NY 10282 212.298.2900

• 25-yard indoor pool with natural sunlight • Over 70 weekly fitness classes including Pilates Reformer in dedicated studios • Functional training unit in addition to indoor turf and top-notch cardio and strength training equipment • Full-size indoor basketball court • Dedicated martial arts studio • Full-service locker room with a sauna • Easy access to riverfront running trails

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Discover the Power o

Pictured: Jonathan Champagne


of Sports and Fitness

Growing up, I was in the pool 30 hours per week. Every day, there was another challenge at swim practice. My goal was to qualify for championships, but I had to be innovative and willing to adapt to get there. I didn’t always succeed, but I never stopped moving forward. Today, I use those skills to push myself in all areas of life.


#powerofsports 9


Train Like an Olympian Asphalt Green’s aquatics programs for swimmers of all levels start at 4 months old. We offer classes, clinics, recreational leagues, competitive teams, seasonal camps, private lessons, diving, and water polo.

When I was at Olympic Trials I felt a mixture of emotions. I remember entering the arena, I was in complete awe. The combination of bright lights and elite athletes all in the same place was breathtaking. I stayed focused by imagining the race in my head and telling myself that I worked extremely hard to get to this point. KRYSTAL LARA AGUA ATHLETE AND US OLYMPIC TRIALS COMPETITOR

Competing with the best brings out the best in athletes. Just ask Krystal Lara and Isabel Gormley, two Asphalt Green Unified Aquatics (AGUA) Swim Team members who qualified and competed at the 2016 US Olympic Team Trials. “At [Olympic] Trials, Krystal really supported me. It was very helpful knowing my AGUA teammates were behind me,” Isabel says. “Practice can be tough, and working out with friends who want to achieve similar goals makes it more enjoyable.” The AGUA Swim Team attracts top-level athletes. In fall 2016, four AGUA members began swimming careers at Division I colleges. But you don’t wake up and become a star swimmer. It starts in our beginner programs, which start as young as 4 months old and focus on the developmental components of swimming: comfort, coordination, technique, endurance, and speed. Those who want to continue in the sport progress to recreational leagues, which emphasize building efficiency. Athletes who show readiness and develop a passion for the sport advance to our competitive teams, dedicating up to 19 hours per week to swimming.

Pictured at right: Isabel Gormley

To learn more about our youth swim programs, visit 10


Pictured: Parent and child swim class


Adult Swim Asphalt Green offers a range of instructional swim classes and private lessons for adults. Overcome your fear of the water, improve technique, swim for fitness, or compete on our Masters or water polo teams.

Pictured: Asphalt Green Masters swimmer

Visit to learn more about all adult aquatics offerings. 13


Rise to the Challenge Join Asphalt Green's triathlon club, Masters swim team, marathon, or cycling programs. Access coached group workouts, nutrition and technical workshops, and experience the camaraderie of training with a team.

It’s a good group of people, and the coaches are really knowledgeable. Everybody is really motivated to swim. To be fast and competitive, you have to compete with top-level swimmers. The workouts are well thought out and proficient.

Laurel and Rebeccah Wassner are two of a kind. The twins are professional triathletes who train at Asphalt Green’s Battery Park City campus and are among the best in the nation. Rebeccah is a three-time winner of the New York City Triathlon, and Laurel is the first cancer-survivor-turned-professional triathlete and has won an Ironman-distance race. A typical training week includes swimming daily, four bike rides at various lengths and efforts, running five days a week, and cross training in the gym. They love the challenge of swimming with experienced athletes on the Asphalt Green Masters Swim Team.


Asphalt Green’s endurance sports programs attract athletes of all levels. Athletes itching to fulfill their competitive drive excel in our triathlon club, Masters swim team, marathon, or cycling programs. Other participants are beginners who discovered their passion for athletics later in life. Together, they train under the guidance of coaches and experience the thrill of crossing the finish line or racing to the wall in swim meets.

“[The coaches] know what we do and try to challenge us,” Laurel adds. “We’re forced to go out of our comfort zone.” When the Wassners are not swimming, biking, or running, you can probably spot them in Asphalt Green’s fitness center. Their schedules are busy, so they usually swim, then head straight to the gym. Laurel takes Pilates group exercise classes two to three times per week, and Rebeccah enjoys the Stretch and Tone class. On the fitness floor, they can be found doing TRX. “There’s always something to work on,” Rebeccah says. “There’s always another challenge around the corner.”

Pictured clockwise from top left: Asphalt Green Triathlon Club member, Laurel and Rebeccah Wassner, and Asphalt Green Masters swimmer

To join our endurance sports teams, visit 14




Fuel Your Competitive Side Asphalt Green's adult basketball leagues at our Battery Park City campus are played on weekday evenings on our regulation-size indoor court. Fiveversus-five games are semi-competitive and feature professional referees, up-to-date statistics, and online standings. Sign up as a team or individual.

Other basketball leagues in New York City do not compare to Asphalt Green. The league is managed well, has a competitive spirit, and each season the teams get better. The facility is convenient, and the court is great.


When two teams step to the court on weekday evenings for five-on-five basketball, you can feel the competitive energy and passion for the game. Patrick O’Callaghan, captain of team DB, has played in Asphalt Green's adult basketball league for four seasons. He lived in the neighborhood and signed up as a single player before becoming a captain and forming a team with colleagues. “It is a competitive league, but people understand the recreational aspect and don’t take things too seriously,” Patrick says. “The competition and camaraderie are great, especially because multiple teams return each season, so you become familiar with your opponents. The referees always get it right and make every game fun, regardless of the score.” Adam Moelis, captain of team Minions, enjoys the league's atmosphere. “Five versus five on a full-size court is a lot more fun than other leagues that play four versus four on smaller courts,” Adam says. “The referees and scorekeepers add to the competitive environment. Some games are more intense than others, but both teams always really want to win. I think that makes it more fun.”

Pictured on opposite page: adult basketball league game Pictured at left: Jesse Embley (top row, third from left) with Team Shop

Visit to learn more about our adult basketball leagues. 17


Get in the Game Asphalt Green offers men's, women's, and coed adult soccer leagues at our Upper East Side campus. Indoor and outdoor smallsided and full-field leagues are competitive with regular season games, plus playoffs.

Commitment, self-discipline, patience, persistence. That is what Yendie Chu has learned from playing team sports as an adult for the past 10 years. She started playing adult soccer at Asphalt Green in 2009 because she was attracted to the newly renovated turf field. Today, her team forms a tight-knit group that plays in our indoor and outdoor soccer leagues. “The team camaraderie is unmatched,” Yendie says. “My team is comprised of friends who played soccer all their lives, and to have them all on one team is a lot of fun because they play for the love of the sport and with passion.” Yendie will never forget the feeling after winning her first championship. Her team has won about 10 league titles in the outdoor and indoor leagues combined. “We play together as a team and support each other as a community,” Yendie says. “We all have an [internal] competitive drive. We strive to do well while having fun.”

Pictured clockwise from top left: outdoor soccer, Yendie Chu's outdoor team, and indoor adult soccer league

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When you find a passion for something, you should let it drive you to be better and share that passion with others. Sports and fitness taught me to appreciate my efforts on both good and bad days. I learned to accept that I can't always be the all-star. Every player on a team is important to its overall success. You can prepare for anything, but sometimes life throws you a curveball. Despite the circumstances, as long as you have the support of others around you, you can make it to the finish — that’s what being part of sports and fitness is all about.




Pictured: Jennifer Coccia


It’s so visual…and that makes the 45 minutes go by that much faster! ABC7NY

The real indicator of a killer workout. PEOPLE

We bet you’ve never, ever done a workout like this before. WELL + GOOD



AG6™ Experience the arcadestyle workout everyone is buzzing about AG6™ launched at Asphalt Green's Upper East Side campus in April 2016 and is the first workout in North America featuring PRAMA by Pavigym technology. Walls and floors respond to touch and come alive with integrated LED light and sound.

Pictured: AG6™

The 45-minute, high-intensity, circuit-based class builds athletic intuition — your sixth sense — through movement with purpose. Spatial floor references and visual cues turn the room into your competitor, teammate, and target. Burn up to 1,000 calories in one session and build endurance, strength, balance, speed, agility, reaction time, and overall fitness. Try the newest fitness phenomenon. Register today at 23

Asphalt Green's free community programs spread the love of sports and fitness.




Trust in Your Training Transform your fitness with Pilates. Asphalt Green's dedicated reformer studios allow practitioners to hone their craft under the guidance of experienced instructors. Private and small group sessions are offered at our Upper East Side and Battery Park City campuses.

Pilates focuses on aligning your bones and joints and moving more efficiently. The practice calms your mind, prevents back pain, strengthens your core, and improves focus, posture, balance, and stability. Asphalt Green recognizes the power of Pilates. Our intimate studio space welcomes students of all fitness levels. Eric Clothier, an instructor for over 20 years, inspires healthy habits during and beyond Pilates classes. Pilates has no age or physical limitations. It unites people from all walks of life who believe in exercise and achieving better health. For Eric’s clients, success boils down to commitment and listening to your body. “My clients take their fitness to the next level by being mindful of their movements,” Eric says. “Success is about finding balance; knowing when to push yourself and when to be kind to your body.”

Pictured: Eric Clothier

Register at 26

Success is about finding balance; knowing when to push yourself and when to be kind to your body.





Commit With a Personalized Workout Plan Turn your fitness goals into reality by working with a certified personal trainer one-on-one or with a buddy.

Agnieszka Szopa has lost over 35 pounds since February 2016. She started working with personal trainer DeJuana Richardson at Asphalt Green in June and dropped 14 pounds in seven weeks. Prior to working with DeJuana, Agnieszka’s efforts to lose weight had not been successful, mostly consisting of restrictive diets that were not sustainable in the long term. In January 2016, she decided to focus on her health. She told herself this time would be different. A 17-year Asphalt Green member, she got into a routine of swimming and going to the fitness center daily. For months, she watched DeJuana work with other clients. They were getting stronger. Agnieszka wanted results too, so she signed up for personal training sessions and never looked back. DeJuana created a personalized plan based on science and research that focused on strength training and nutrition. She came to her sessions two times per week ready to work. “Come to your session motivated and prepared, and I can promise results,” DeJuana says. “It’s hard work, and only those willing to put in the effort will achieve their goals. You have to be comfortable with being uncomfortable.” DeJuana says Agnieszka has the drive and determination to succeed. All she needed was a personalized plan to get there.

I feel confident and am the happiest I have ever been. I know I would have never gotten to this point if it weren’t for DeJuana’s remarkable experience as a personal trainer as well as his persistence and patience.


The results keep Agnieszka motivated. She is only halfway to her ultimate goal — she still wants to lose another 30 to 40 pounds — and has no plans on slowing down. “I am losing weight, my body is changing, and my eating and sleeping habits are better,” she says. “DeJuana is my biggest cheerleader. He sees my highs and lows and reminds me to be patient and keep up the discipline and good work. I am determined to change my life for the better and for good.”

Pictured: Agnieszka Szopa with DeJuana Richardson

Visit to start your journey to better health today. 29


Feed Off Group Energy Push your limits in over 100 weekly group exercise classes at our Upper East Side and Battery Park City campuses.

• AG6™ • Les Mills BODYPUMP™, CXWORX™, and GRIT™ • Zumba • Yoga • Pilates • Spin • Boot camp • Martial arts • Water exercise • And more!

Pictured: Andrew Bryan

See complete list of group exercise classes at 30

Sports and fitness define who I am as a person. I can’t remember a time in my life when I wasn’t part of a team, part of something bigger than myself, part of something that helped get me to where I am today. Athletics taught me you can’t just want something, you have to work for it, and no matter how hard you work, there will always be someone better — and that’s OK. If you want to be the best, you have to keep pushing. Sometimes you’ll get knocked down, but you are never out­ — get back up, and shake it off. ANDREW BRYAN HEAD SWIM SCHOOL PRINCIPAL AT ASPHALT GREEN

#powerofsports 31



Transform Your Body and Mind on the Mat Asphalt Green’s martial arts classes for kids and adults teach self-defense skills and techniques from various styles — karate, boxing, jiu-jitsu, Muay Thai — and leave you feeling empowered, confident, and physically strong.

Asphalt Green’s youth martial arts curriculum is based on the 12 Pillars of a Champion philosophy, which instills qualities of a champion during competition and in life. Each month, one pillar — teamwork, courage, confidence, and determination, among others — is chosen as a theme to connect and empower athletes during and after each lesson. The mantra has the power to prompt perseverance for athletes of all levels. After one year, the 12 pillars will be covered and applied to all martial arts styles. Our adult martial arts program is built using a similar formula and is a challenging and fun way to develop dynamic physical fitness and self-defense skills. Whether you are a curious beginner or have years of martial arts experience and are itching to get back on the mat, our adult program will leave you feeling empowered, strong, and more confident.

We offer two types of classes for adults: • MMA and Self-Defense: A high-energy coed class that covers various martial arts styles including MMA, boxing, Muay Thai, and selfdefense techniques. • Women’s Self-Defense: Caters to women living in New York City. Sessions cover how to be physically and mentally aware and prepared for unwanted confrontations. Instructors give you a serious workout while providing tips on how to avoid dangerous situations altogether.

Pictured at right: youth martial arts class Pictured at top left: youth martial arts class Pictured at bottom left: adult martial arts class

Visit to learn more about our youth and adult martial arts classes. 33


Asphalt Green’s youth sports structure provides opportunities for athletes of all ages and skill levels to excel. Beginner classes teach the fundamentals, recreational leagues introduce gameplay, and competitive teams play with the best in the nation.

Asphalt Green is unique because you can progress through various levels of sport in one place. Kids grow physically and personally through athletics, and we trust in the leadership at Asphalt Green. The relationship between the parents, kids, and coaches is unmatched. Here, you have a great combination of highly competitive teams, excellent facilities, and a welcoming community.


Pictured: Raúl González Blanco with Asphalt Green Soccer Club’s U12 Legends

Visit to register today. 34




Soccer Asphalt Green offers one of the few regulation-size outdoor soccer fields in Manhattan as well as an indoor turf field. Athletes develop skills through our instructional classes, recreational leagues, competitive teams, and private lessons.

Jonathan Garbar sets the bar high in his first year as director of soccer and player development:

My vision for Asphalt Green is to set the standard for youth soccer in the New York area. By focusing on player development, we will embrace the competitive spirit, motivate players to grow as athletes and people, adopt a healthy lifestyle, and instill a love for the sport while having fun. New York City is dynamic, diverse, and unique with exceptional potential for athletic excellence. It is my privilege to lead a program within an impressive organization. We are committed to molding total athletes — those who are technically, physically, and mentally proficient — by executing our four core values: passion, preparation, purpose, and progress. We encourage kids not only to love the game but also to ask questions, analyze competition, become independent, test their comfort zones, be creative, and overcome insecurities.

Other than family, I can’t think of anything that has provided me more joy and purpose in my life than soccer. It provided me the opportunity to live a healthy lifestyle, work with amazing people of different cultures and backgrounds, experience great pain and accomplishment, and realize the beauty of the human spirit. Sports have driven the kind of lifestyle that allows me to consistently grow as a human being.



Pictured at left: Asphalt Green Soccer Club game

Available at our Upper East Side campus only. Visit to learn more. 37


Basketball Asphalt Green offers basketball classes, recreational leagues, and competitive teams at our Battery Park City campus. Athletes play on our regulation-size court.

Growing up in a military family, I attended eight schools from kindergarten through 12th grade. Sports were always consistent, but each time I had to prove myself and get accustomed to a new environment. Through my experiences playing and coaching, I have been able to hone my ability to effectively lead, communicate with, and motivate people of all ages, backgrounds, and genders. I learned valuable qualities that I use in everyday life. ASPHALT GREEN HEAD COACH SECRETT STUBBLEFIELD FORMER PROFESSIONAL BASKETBALL PLAYER AND NCAA DIVISION I ATHLETE

#powerofsports Pictured at right: Head Coach Secrett Stubblefield with Asphalt Green 10U basketball team



Volleyball The Asphalt Green Volleyball Club is making a name for itself. With experienced coaches leading the way, the teams’ upward trajectories are inevitable. Our teams have made appearances in some of the largest national tournaments and continue to improve with each match. Athletes play on our hardwood floor gymnasium. Coaches prepare athletes to be successful on their middle and high school teams, at local and national tournaments, and beyond. Pictured at left: Asphalt Green Volleyball Club practice

Available at our Battery Park City campus only. Visit to register. 39


Baseball Asphalt Green’s coaches help players develop the technical, mental, and physical skills necessary to be successful on and off the field. In a sport where succeeding three out of 10 times is considered an all-star skill level, we teach our players that every outcome provides them with tools to improve and thrive . Pictured at right: Asphalt Green baseball team

Available at our Upper East Side campus only. Visit to register. 40


Flag Football Asphalt Green’s youth flag football league teaches the fundamentals through instruction and gameplay in a safe environment. The first few weeks of the season focus on skill development including throwing technique, catching, running with the football, game strategy, set plays and routes, and offensive and defensive awareness. For the remainder of the term, athletes put on their jerseys and play structured games with referees. Pictured at left: Asphalt Green flag football



Experience the Camp Magic Asphalt Green's camps have been making millions of memories for over two decades. Our camp curriculum focuses on fun, fitness, and friendship while meeting unique behavioral and social milestones for each age group. Summer Day Camp (AGES 4½–15)

Kids get a taste of everything at Summer Day Camp including sports, swim, art, theater, theme days, field trips, and more. Campers enjoy indoor and outdoor space they can call their own with programming that keeps them active, smiling, and engaged all day long. Our curriculum is unique because the instructors specialize in the activities that they teach — some even coach our competitive teams. Lunch is provided. Bus service and aftercare are available for an extra fee. Mini-Camps (AGES 4–12)

When school is out, camp is in session! Asphalt Green’s mini-camps are offered during school breaks and holidays and follow a similar curriculum as our Summer Day Camp. They are the perfect outlet for your camper to release energy in a fun, engaging, and safe place. Sports Camps (AGES 8–13)

Swim-or soccer-specific camps are offered during summer and winter breaks and are designed for kids who have developed an interest for the sport and want to improve their skills. Camps are led by our professional coaches and instructors at our Upper East Side (swim and soccer) and Battery Park City campuses (swim only). Register at 42



Wherever you go, go in Asphalt Green style.

Shop our exclusive Under Armour collection. 45

How have sports and fitness impacted your life?

Share your story.







555 E. 90th St. New York, NY 10128

The power of sports and fitness is within you.

Asphalt Green brings it out.





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