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I’m not exactly sure what I was expecting before I was in-

troduced to Dr. Ted Sim. I suppose I envisioned my former chiropractor, or perhaps other doctors who have treated me throughout my life, you know? Maybe he’d be middle aged, perhaps with some salt and pepper in his hair. And he would be wearing khakis, a polo, and since we were meeting for a photo shoot that evening, he would– perchance—bring a grey sports coat of some sort. Boy was I wrong! I first met Sim at his photo shoot for this article. The Deluxe Version Magazine team and I were preparing for his arrival by arranging the studio lights and backdrop, and making sure the wine refreshments were stocked. When he walked through the front door, the studio’s atmosphere changed to pure excitement as we were welcomed with the most genuine greeting (which might have included a little dance, as well). To my surprise, Sim was nothing like what I imagined. In fact, he was the total opposite. Dressed in a form-fitting Under Armour workout shirt and shorts, he entered the building with an unforgettable energy. (After all, he was coming straight from teaching one of his notorious Zumba® classes, so he was pumped!) Before getting started, we all sat in the meeting room to chat about some business. (Actually, that’s where the “refreshments” were, so we were tending to another kind of “business!”) Sim sat at the head of the table, and his bubbly personality was addictive: As he was talking about his day, I couldn’t help but notice him spinning from side to side in the rotating chair, feet swinging. His energy was almost childlike…incredibly inviting! I was definitely intrigued and needed to know more. Raised in San Jose, Calif., Sim decided to join the military where he served in the United States Air Guard for 8 years. While in the Air Force, he was deployed many times; and during one of these missions, Sim injured his lower back while carrying heavy equipment. Upon the advice from his commander, Sim made an appointment with the chiropractor that day. He was so impressed with how fast and

effective his chiropractic therapy was that he began to think about a serious career in the field. Upon returning home, Sim decided to attend the University of Nevada, Las Vegas to earn his bachelor’s in kinesiology sciences. He later went on to receive his doctorate in chiropractic and yet another bachelor’s in human biology at the University of Western States. Sim decided to move back to Las Vegas where in 2010, he began ChiropracTED LLC, where he is the lead chiropractic physician. And after 7 years, ChiropracTED has become one of the leading and most respected chiropractic offices in Las Vegas. Aside from his clinic, Sim has a serious passion for Zumba®. His love for this lively and energetic dance class came while he was studying at UNLV. At the gym, he noticed a class that people were always lining up for. Everyone inside was having a blast…smiling and dancing their hearts out! Sim decided to take a class and from there, was he was hooked. Zumba® ended up being a way to take his mind off his books for an hour. And as if earning a doctorate and two bachelor’s weren’t enough, after graduation, Sim became a licensed instructor. According to Sim, his love for Zumba® was much deeper than the workout itself. This active chiropractor became more interested in how it was changing the lives of millions through Zumba®thon charity events. Inspired, Sim has since chosen to host the largest classes in the nation, all while raising money for charity, as well. Not only has Zumba® helped Sim’s own well being, but it has made him into a more passionate chiropractor. The relationship he has with his patients and his students are most important to him. In fact, many of his patients are also his students! Seeing his patients heal through therapy and his students leave class with a smile is what he lives for. I’ll tell you what: All of my talking with Sim left me wanting to get up, get moving, and dance! If after reading this you feel the same, I’ll see you at Dr. Ted’s next Zumba® class at LVAC, 24 Hour Fitness, or Lifetime Athletic in Las Vegas!

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Deluxe Version Magazine Issue No.8 Las Vegas  

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