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something really healthy for yourself. DV: You are celebrating your 1-year anniversary. What have you learned about yourself after taking this entrepreneurial challenge? JB: I’m a lot stronger than I thought. Like I said, I’m a young entrepreneur, which is awesome and cool, but it’s scary. I’m still getting to know myself. I’m actually pretty impressed with who I’m becoming in this community, and I’m seeing myself have a big influence on certain women around me. It’s a touching experience for me and it inspires me everyday to actually want to be better. DV: You mentioned community. Why so much emphasis on building this community? JB: Because when it comes to fitness, cardio especially, cardio is not fun and it’s not easy, it’s hard, and we all can’t wait to get done with it. I really tried my hardest to create cardio that is fun [and makes] you feel like you’re in a club. “Healthy from the inside out” is the way I put it. DV: You’ve said the hardest part is finding the right instructors and playlists. How do you appeal to your entire class? JB: There’s actually one way I start my class every day: I turn the lights off during the first song as they are warming up and I say, “We are 35 people in this room and we are all going through different things: divorces, breakups, best friend fights, our doesn’t matter. Let it all go. What’s not serving you isn’t going to serve you anymore when you walk out of here. Let’s push through it, let’s ride through it and sweat it out.” Honestly, when they come out of the class, that’s when the testimonies come out. It’s really all about what we’re doing in that room. It’s more than fitness. That is the coolest part. DV: What is your go–to spin song? JB: That’s a good question. If you asked my riders they’re probably sick of it already. But they know when they hear Sia’s Move Your Body, they know there is a really hard sprint to come. I love that song! DV: Do you have a mantra or motto that you live by everyday? JB: Yes, and I say it in class every day: “Do your best and leave the rest.” That’s all I ask. DV: You have a celebrity following. Britney Spears held a charity ride here last year. Is that intimidating, or is everybody equal in the class?


JB: I really look at it like everyone is equal. We’ve had Britney, Mario Lopez, and Mel B. from Spice Girls come in, and you know what? I just want them to be treated as normal as possible because for them to come into a place like XCYLE, it takes a lot for them to do that. They know the paparazzi will be there, so it’s important to me that they are treated normal every time they step into my studio. It’s my home and it’s my riders’ home, and it’s our celebrities’ home, too, when they’re here, so I just want everyone treated equally. DV: So with the success of XCYCLE in Las Vegas, any plans to expand? JB: That’s the hope. Listen, I am one of those girls who wants to just get this one right. And then if number two is a possibility, we’ll get there. But I’m not in a rush. I’m so excited with what I’m doing. I just announced we’re expanding in the studio! We have 35 bikes now, but we’re going to 50 bikes, so I’m so happy. We’ve had waitlists, so I want to let all our waitlist people know, “Hold on tight! We’ll have a bike for you! I’m knocking down walls for you guys!” I really have to thank the Las Vegas community for supporting me. DV: Do you pat yourself on the back now that you are making a difference? JB: It feels really nice. A lot of feedback is coming out on Facebook. I wake up some mornings and there have been riders during the night who have posted something about me or my other instructors, just saying what we’ve done to their lives after their ride. They are talking about how they felt from it, what they experienced, how many calories they burned, whatever their stats were that they challenged themselves. It’s exciting all the way around because it’s evolution, it’s growth and that’s what the world is all about! DV: Well, after taking your class I’m a little sore, but it’s a good sore!

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