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There’s Nothing Flip About

Rexalynn Walberg – By Dani Reeves

When I was asked to interview Rexalynn Walberg for this month’s issue of Deluxe Version Magazine I was beyond thrilled! Not only is Rexalynn the top broker for the hit A&E television show Flipping Vegas, but she is also a dedicated philanthropist in the community; she studied opera in school; and if there is a baby grand piano around, she could serenade you into buying a house! With all of that, I knew this story was going to be juicy and exciting.

After several years in The Sunshine State, Walberg wanted to move closer to her family that had retired in Las Vegas. She had moved to the city in 2005, during the “Big Bubble,” which actually lead her to change careers and landed her in real estate. This happened to be a great decision for her as she became a successful real estate agent in the Valley…a decision that lead her to meet two very important people: Amie and Scott Yancey.

The day Walberg and I got together it was a scorching116 degrees in Las Vegas. She had recommended meeting at the Blind Pig, a restaurant that sits directly behind the magnificent view of the Las Vegas Strip. (And besides the eatery’s beautiful ambience, it just so happened to be Taco Tuesday, as well! How perfect!)

When I jumped right into my questions about the hit show Flipping Vegas and working under the GOLIATH umbrella, Walberg mentioned she had met Amie Yancey while working for Woodside Homes earlier in her career and through Amie, she met real the estate Guru, Scott.

Though we’d never met, the moment she arrived I recognized Walberg. She was full of energy, even after walking through the blazing heat, and had a smile that was made for television! She approached the table with open arms almost as if we knew each other. Later, I would realize it was her Midwestern charm and hospitality that made us feel like lifetime friends. We immediately started chatting about our afternoons, ordered some refreshments, and agreed that tacos were our first priority! Soon, we settled in; and because I had so many questions, I wanted to start off easy…so I asked about her favorite sports team! Without hesitation she proudly hoisted her fist and cheered, “Go Sun Devils!” Walberg then explained that although she is from Saline, Mich., she attended Arizona State University where she will forever be a fan. I soon learned that Little Miss Sun Devil studied pre-med at ASU where she would later coown a very successful anti-aging clinic in Florida.

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After years of friendship with the Yanceys, the worst possible scenario in the Las Vegas housing market was about to hit the local real estate world. However, at that time, Scott was working on creating a reality television show that was related to Las Vegas’s fallen market. Walberg vividly remembers a night dining with the couple at T-Bones Chophouse inside the Red Rock Resort and Casino. Amid conversation, Scott casually asked Walberg why she wasn’t working for him. She laughs as she retells this, admitting with a straight face, “I didn’t know if he was serious!” It turns out that Scott Yancey was very serious, and next thing she knew, Walberg was on a hit television show as GOLIATH Properties’ top real estate agent! And boy, was it popular: People like you, me, and my mom all watched this entertaining and almost hopeful show about buying tragically foreclosed houses in the Valley and recreating them into gorgeous ready-to-buy homes! (And yes, when I told my mom who I was interviewing she was so excited.) Walberg shares that although she is best friends with Amie, Scott has been her mentor, motivator, friend, and biggest

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