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JULIEN ASSEO Ascends The Kitchen Ladder at Guy Savoy – By Stacey Gualandi

Watching Julien Asseo work his magic in a kitchen is like watching a kid in a candy store…only this 29-year-old is the executive chef of the two Michelin star- rated restaurant Guy Savoy at Caesars Palace on the Las Vegas Strip, and it’s as if the candy store is his. The French-born, self-described glutton transitioned smoothly to his new title six months ago, just in time for the restaurant’s 10th anniversary. Since 2011, he had served as sous chef and chef de cuisine under Savoy, one of the most respected chefs in the world. It’s a competitive line of work, especially for a young chef. But Asseo says this was the plan he cooked up as a teen. “You’ve got to do it now. If you wait too long, you won’t have the youth and energy,” he says. “It’s a dream come true.” Asseo’s appreciation for wine and food pairing came as a young boy growing up on his parents’ vineyards, first in France, then in Paso Robles, Calif., at L’Aventure Winery. The family label is also a top pick on the Guy Savoy wine list. After school in France, Asseo interned with Bradley Ogden and later worked under Rick Moonen and Joël Robuchon. Now, he has joined the ranks of those masters. But even with a prestigious title, he’s not averse to getting his hands dirty. “I’ve had to run a hot appetizer station for the last month and a half…so it kind of kept me on my toes from getting a little rusty,” Asseo admits. DLXVRSN recently made a reservation with Chef Asseo to talk all about his new menu, suckling pigs, and (hopefully) making food that Guy Savoy would want to eat.

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