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Tourist Spots Within San Jose Sites to See in San Jose, Costa Rica Museo del Jade This is often called additionally as The Jade public. It is situated in Avenida 5 to 7 Calle 11 to 13 bis INS. Your museum is now located on the1st floor in the building. For more information, you are able to contact 223-5800. Your museum is open from 8:25 am up to several pm every Mondays to Fridays. Admission fee costs 400 Colones. Museo Oro Precolombino This site can be called The Gold public found in their common plaza. For bookings and inquiries, you could contact 243-202. This particular museum is open from 10 'm up to 4:25 pm every thursdays to Sundays. Your admission fee here is 9 US dollars for foreigners along with 4.5 people dollars for students together with school identification playing cards. The gold number of this site consists of one ,600 pieces of precious metal work from the Pre-Columbian era that should go way back from 400 to 1500 ad. It holds in depth information about the generating and processing in the different gold parts as well as the religious, interpersonal and cultural meanings. You will find the Numismatic public along with the Temporary exhibit Galleries on this public. On the museum's front door , there you will find the tourist office along with museum gift store. Museo de los Ninos This is also the Children's Museum along with Antigua Penetenciaria meaning the Old Prison. For reservations and other details about this museum, do contact them at 258-4929. It is open from 9:25 am to 3:25 pm every Mondays to Fridays. Through the weekends, it is open from 10 'm to 4 pm hours. The admission fee for adults will be 600 Colones along with 300 Colones of the. Museo Nacional This public is located at Calle 1 Avenida 2 , San Jose panama and nicaragua ,. It is open via 8:30 'm until 4:25 pm every wednesday to Sunday. For ticket reservations, advertisements , packages and other stuff , call the public at 257-1433. It features a big butterfly garden as well as a selection of massive stone spheres from your Valley of Diquis along the Pacific Ocean. Museo Nacional is earlier known as an old fort found in the revolution regarding 1948. Museo de arte Costarricense This public is located along the eastern end of the Sabana Park. This site was formerly used because city's major air port during the time when chicago Sabana was still the airport. For reservations , bookings and requests , contact the public at 222-715. It is open Tuesdays to be able to Saturdays from 10 am until some pm. On saturdays and sundays , the museum will be open from 10 am up to 2 pm. Admission fee for adults will be 5 US dollars and 3 people dollars for students together with school identification playing cards. Insect Museum This public is located at the university or college of Costa Rica. It's got an elegant collection of insects

and exotic pesky insects. Admission fee expenses not more than 10 people dollars. 5-star hotels in San Jose, Costa Rica Intercontinental Hotel This hotel is situated amid the tropical gardens. It's really a 15-minute drive from your International Airport of Juan Santamaria. For requests , contact +506-289-7000. Your accommodation has 210 high end rooms, 54 guestrooms and 5 fits. Finca Rosa Blanca Approximate cost for a guest room ranges in between 160 up to twenty US dollars for each night. For more information, speak to the hotel at +506-269-9392. Hotel facilities will include a health spa, gift store and on-site bistro. Costa Rica news

Tourist Spots Within San Jose