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S u c k e r s fo r t h e s u m m e r , T o r o n t o’s A lv vays r ec o r d e d t h e i r e f fo r t l e s s d e b u t i n t h e d e a d e n d o f w i n t e r . Wo r d s : N at h a n R o b er t s .

TITLE ‘Alvvays’ LABEL Transgressive RECORDED 2013 PRODUCER Chad VanGaalen RELEASE DATE: 21st July 2014 TRACKLISTING 1. Adult Diversion 2. Archie, Marry Me 3. Ones Who Love You 4. Next of Kin 5. Party Police 6. The Agency Group 7. Dives 8. Atop a Cake 9. Red Planet



olly Rankin, the lead singer of indie upstarts Alvvays, sounds admirably enthusiastic given her early morning call from Toronto. It’s even more impressive considering that the band have only just recently returned to their native Canada after a intense first jaunt across the pond. “The shows were really cool,” she reminisces. “The turnouts were really good.”

“I’m trying t o h av e this ‘life is short’ vibe these d ay s . ” M o l ly Rankin

Speaking at the beginning of summer, Molly claims to be dependent on “surroundings and lighting” and “y’know, the state of trees”. The recording for their debut had the band relocate to Calgary at the “tail end of winter.” She remains good-humoured reflecting on the “bleak surroundings” and sardonically laughs when mentioning that they housed with her brother, who broke his leg the day they arrived. As a band, Alvvays immediately followed Molly’s own forays into a solo career; making what she calls “pop-folk” that was “a little bit singer-songwriter-y”. The transitional process was helped along in part due to her own listening habits. “It became a band because I listen to bands, and I don’t really listen to singersongwriters. It was like, ‘Why I am writing folk songs? I don’t even...’” Despite each of the five-piece being involved in projects in the past, Molly was nonchalant about the prospect of people potentially seeing her earlier work, there’s only one song that she seems remotely embarrassed by. “I recorded a song when I was like 18 with my family [country/folk group The Rankin Family] and it’s this hilarious radio song. I haven’t listened to it in a really long time, but if I did, I would probably throw up. It’s the most successful thing I’ve ever done, but it’s just a heinous song.” Molly doesn’t mess around, musically or in conversation. The lyrics of ‘Adult Diversion’ in particular are strikingly real. “If I should fall, act as though it never happened,” she sings, in amongst a song about drinking “one more cocktail”. It’s easy to relate. “I guess there’s the literal meaning: if I put myself out there and it doesn’t work out… then let’s say this never went on.” It’s almost as if she describes the spontaneity of the band itself; Alvvays is a gamble, and it’s one that looks set to pay off. DIY

DIY, July 2014  

Latitude Festival 2014 special edition, featuring Royksopp and Robyn, Woman's Hour and loads more.

DIY, July 2014  

Latitude Festival 2014 special edition, featuring Royksopp and Robyn, Woman's Hour and loads more.