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Every January, the small Dutch city of Groningen hosts a whole heap of buzzy new bands from across Europe, and while we’ll be there desperately clinging along to our neighbours while sobbing into our EU flags, the likes of Whenyoung, Fontaines DC, Sports Team and Black Midi will be showing off in the festival’s various venues. Find out more on

Q&A: FEET The Coventry lads fill us in on their cancellation policy and, er, webbed feet, ahead of their trip to Groningen in January. What’s new in the world of Feet? Aside from writing and recording our first album, the ever-changing and uncertain line-up of FEET has endured yet another shuffle, with Ben Firth (formerly of the Dead Pretties) coming in on the drums. Have you played the Netherlands before? With regards to our Dutch shows we’ve maintained a most respectable 50% attendance rate. The first of which occurred with Harry contracting mild tonsillitis. The latter was somewhat more consequential

for the band, with a certain member’s degree of illness forcing us to cancel the gig. I guess we’d therefore consider Eurosonic our first proper introduction to the great land of the Netherlands. How are your collective sea legs? Unfortunately, Harry hasn’t seen the sea as he’s a land-loving Brummie. The rest of us are currently saving up for a good dinghy so we can bun off to the pub by boat. Callum even has webbed feet and charges the occasional punter a fiver to watch him do a couple of lengths.

Clothes? Nope. Breakfast? …nope.

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