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KEY CLUB Division 4’s Official Newsletter

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On the record, the

differently than the year before. For me personally, the summer is a time for late nights with summer is a chance for me to focus friends, going to the beach and on getting every club’s Election forgetting any school work or Report Form. When school resumes summer reading that may have been in the beginning of September, it is assigned while school is out of hard for all of us to spend the time session. The time you used to spend on we need on our extra-curriculars studying for math and science has when we are chained to the been replaced by trips to “You can massive amount of school Ralph’s and going to the work. As of this moment, I pool with the friends that bum out at have 8 Election Report school has kept you from home or go Forms, and I have 3 more seeing. The carefree days clubs that say they are of the summer months out with sending them to me now. begin when you wake up friends, it Even Domenick (the from the summer heat, Governor of NYDKC) has instead of being jolted out doesn’t said that our Division’s of bed by the antagonizing biggest problem is the fact matter.”” sirens of your alarm. After matter. that we are so separated you get out of bed, you are free to do and have poor communication whatever you want; you can bum out between the Division and the clubs. at home or go out with friends, it I hope that this year that will doesn’t matter. change, especially with the start of Off the record, the summer the Division Facebook page. is a time to recollect and get Remember to keep on organized for the year to come, looking at the Division Facebook including Key Club. The two months Page for any updates or upcoming away from school gives everyone a events that may be going on. I hope chance to think about the goals they everyone is enjoying their summer, want to set for their Key Club when without getting too burnt at the school starts in September, service beach. projects, and what you want to do

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UPCOMING EVENTS! July 28: July Divisional @ Cohen Children’s Hospital


Title of the

ARTICLE Governor


Hey New York District Key Club! I hope everyone’s summer

was the award-winning entertainer wowing Key Clubbers with his mystical illusions. Meeting members from all over the United States as well as from foreign places such as Italy, Jamaica, and Aruba was a truly Club unique experience.

has been treating them well. Although I don’t like to admit it, we’re just about half way through, with a new school year drawing closer. As Key Club progresses during “As Key the Summer I would progresses encourage you all to get involved and start during the planning and attending summer, I those projects.


Key Club ICON, this year was one of true amazement, an experience in which I’ll

Hope you all enjoy Just a few weeks ago the encourage your summer, but New York District Board you all to get don’t forget about Key (and a few Key Club Officers) returned from Club. Summer involved.” the gorgeous Phoenix, provides Key Clubbers with Arizona where the Key Club the chance to perform some International Convention was seriously successful projects, held. We had just fewer than take advantage of it! Also thirty Key Clubbers from the don't forget to subscribe to New York District represented the New York District website at workshops, social events, (, as well as and of course the house of the Official NYDKC Facebook delegates. Group ( Some of the entertainment at the convention consisted of Keynote speaker, Eric Saperston, who told us of his inspiring life changing journey, and Craig Karges the “extraordinist”, who


Division 4



Hello New York District! My name is Daniel Ivan Lin, the District Secretary for the 2011-2012 service year. It has been fun working with some of you and I want to let you know that we are off to a good start. Please make sure however to keep up with your club's paperwork during the summer. Remember that even though it is summertime, you should still be committed to Key Club. It is important that we continue to serve our home, school, and community. Though events are limited during the summer, it is vital that you submit your club's monthly report forms (MRF), is a key device for relaying information from your club to the district. The form is due on the 7th of each month and can be submitted through the online submission (on the district website), by email (use the PDF form of the MRF), or by snail mail. Submitting these forms can ensure that your club gets credit for service they have done. Even if you do not have service projects that month, still submit your MRFs. If you ever need to submit a monthly report form late, please make sure to email me ( This way, not only do I know that you need more time, but I know that you will be submitting your club's monthly report form. If you ever need help, please do not be afraid to ask me.

Later this month, I will be sending out Tips for Club Secretaries, a guide that will prove to be extremely useful in many areas.


For the election report form, please make sure that you send it if you haven't done so already. This information is needed for the District Directory. I have started a blog / website for club secretaries,, acting as a forum for questions and inquiries, and provide important updates. Feel free to follow it as often as you like and hopefully it will be updated every two weeks. As a reminder, please subscribe to the New York District Secretaries Google Group ( and the official Secretaries Group on Facebook ( 63138&ap=1). Remember to keep up the good work. Enjoy your well-deserved summer!



Hello, I hope everyone is enjoying their summer! Having just returned from being trained as a District Treasurer at International Convention, I am excited to soon be putting that training to good use! Even though dues are due in November, it’s not too late to start collecting. It can be the difference between handing them in on time and being late. Start asking members that will be in your club next year and discuss this at summer meetings. Many club treasurers mentioned the need for dues resources on the Treasurer Survey, and I am currently working on it hopefully out during September. If you have not completed this survey please click on this link As the new school year approaches, club treasurers should be beginning to make the club’s budget. It is essential for the club to make more money for the club’s fund. Start a budget if you don’t have one, because they do help. It’s another reason to collect dues now; you will know how much money you will gain in your club fund (usually $1-3 per member).

When making your budget, take everything into consideration, from Kiwanis visits to the end of the year party. It is better to budget an event that you may or may not plan rather than not budget it at all. Make sure to know if your club requires an approved copy from the school administration. If you had the opportunity to see the FRF spreadsheet, I am amazed with the treasurers of the mighty New York District. In three months, we beat our goal. Out new goal is 100 FRFs by LTC. As a reminder, after you fill the FRF, please send me proof of the fundraising from a copy of the check to letter from the organization. Keep them coming! Stay tuned for more resources being release. As always if you have any questions or ideas, please email me at emilygicewicz.treas@nydkc. Don't forget to join us on Facebook and Google!! Lastly, check out my newly released Treasurer Tribune for more information.



Editor I am Amber Lee, District Editor from 2011-

Your own club or school can be starred on more than one page! You’re designs, thoughts, articles, and anything you wish can be incorporated.

2012. One of my main jobs as District Editor is to create the District Newsletter known as “The Empire Key”. Now, what is “The Empire Key” It’s comparable to all newsletters from I encourage all LTGs to convince the editors of your division to your home Key Club, but my newsletter is just a guide for make newsletters following graphic standards and the District with greetings, important District Key Club colors. Believe it or not, we can hold a “Stay tuned for news, District Projects, Service Spotlights, and whole new way of communication just by flipping my first issue of our pages. We show our passion, color, and family New York District’s way of service.

“The The Empire Key.”

As one of my goals, I will be creating most likely four issues of “The Empire Key” (one per season). There will not be less. A log will be sent out each month for required articles from LTGs. It is important that you submit articles and contribute to our newsletter. There are over 5000 Key Clubs of this world. One can’t possibly travel to every country and club to see what they are doing.This is where newsletter comes in handy. We get to view the service provided by the District during that season/month.

through every word and thought we have for Key Club.

The Empire Key is the District’s way of expressing the District’s hard work and keeping the Key Club core values of character building, inclusiveness, leadership, and caring. Stay tuned for my first issue of “The Empire Key” being released during August of 2011. Any questions, any ideas, or any suggestions, email me at or contact me at (347) 653 3656.


Webmaster This is your New York District Key Club Webmaster, Oscar

Tan. I’ve recently updated the NYDKC official website. Please, take a look. If you notice on the home page of this website, there is a section labeled ‘Service Spotlights’. So, what exactly are service spotlights? Each month, key clubbers submit club spotlights. Club spotlights usually show an article about a certain service event attended. Along with the article is a picture that portrays a service duty performed by Key Club members of your Home Club. This is rather simple, because even a few words can be a spotlight. Service Spotlights that stand out are often posted onto our New York District Key Club website, <>. How do you get your Service Spotlight onto the website? When your Service Spotlight article is finished, simply send it to Amber Lee via or your LTG to post on his/her newsletter. Our District Editor will then choose the spotlights and send it to me. I will post it on the official website. Service Spotlights are a great way to show off what service your club has done, and it may be featured on the front page! So, use some time and just submit those spotlights.

By Ellen Dooley


Relations Many of us know that we, Key

To strengthen relations with your Kiwanis, invite them to come to your club meeting, this will Clubbers are not the only members of the Kshow that you want them to be a part of your own Family; along with Kiwanis, there are also K-Kids, club. Builders Club, Circle-K, and Aktion Club. Another way to strengthen relations with But, why do we need maintain contact with “Key Clubbers your local Kiwanis, Circle-K, or Aktion Clubs, other members of the K-family? Maintain- are not the is to plan an event with them; it’s as easy as ing relations with the younger members only members contacting the president of the club and of the K-family is important, because it planning a meeting. Once you have that gets the younger kids interested in community of the Kinitial meeting planned, the rest is simple: service; this teaches them the Key Club core Family..” plan your event. Family values as they move along in the K-family. But how do you get in contact with the other One easy way to connect with the younger children members of the K-Family? One easy way is to get is to do something they love…color! Visit a K-Kids contact with your Kiwanis; they are one of the most Club during the holiday season and make holiday valuable resources and will always be there to help. cards for your local nursing home. Your local Another way is to contact your Lieutenant Governor Kiwanis can also be one of the most important whom can help with any questions that you may assets to your Key Club. Whether it is a problem have about the K-Family. with your advisor or you’re in need of financial support, Kiwanis is always there for help.

By Andrew Abbey


Fall Rally?

Hey, Key Clubbers! How has your summer been so far? As our summer vacation begins to slowly come to an end towards August, it means that it’s time for Fall Rally planning! As many new members are joining our Mighty New York District, they may be wondering what exactly are Fall Rallies and DTC’s. Fall Rallies are a great way to not only train officers, but motivate members and raise money for a charity. Some Key Clubbers aren’t able to make it to the annual Leadership Training Conference, where large training sessions are held for the various officer positions, and this is where Fall Rallies and DTC’s also known as Division Training Conferences, come into play. Basically, two to three divisions collaborate on a huge Rally and plan workshops with guest speakers to assist in officers training. Because three Divisions make up a lot of members, Division Training Conferences come into play. At DTC’s we basically have a smaller Fall Rally with only one Division. Mini charity projects are also held at these two events to help raise funds for a cause that is usually voted on at the event. All officers and members are strongly recommended to come to both of these events. There will always be resources for members and officers to take back to their home clubs. If anyone has questions about either of these two events, don’t hesitate to ask!

By Nicholas Viviano

ICON At first glance, the main purpose of Key

However, the memories that we all left Phoenix with came from the long bus rides, the talks in the hotel Club’s International Convention is to go to workshops and caucuses as well as to elect the International Board hallways before curfew, and the breaks in between the workshops. Said Division 25 LTG Andrew Abbey, “I’d for the upcoming year. However, there is so much more to the week than just caucuses. Commented have to say that my favorite part of the trip was meeting Division 17 Lieutenant Governor Kelsey Habla, “Some people from all around the country. I had fun hanging out of the most memorable moments of the trip were the with my new friends at the pool and at the dance.” Any hours spent getting to know everybody on the tour. I free time that we had was spent either at the mall or became relaxing one of the ten hotel pools( my personal such good friends with everyone who went and “I became favorite being the lazy river). became closer with Board members that I had such good On a personal note, I must say that my week only briefly spoken to previously.” Even though all of us had looked over friends with at ICON will never be forgotten. The late nights in the pool, the dances, and the amazing and slightly the itinerary countless times, nobody knew everyone who weird Key Clubbers I met from all around the what to expect. As far as the itinerary goes, everybody had a great time going to the Hoover went.”country will stay with me for the rest of my life. Start Dam, an authentic gold mine, the Grand Canyon, fundraising now because I expect to see all of you in and white water rafting. Located minutes away from a Orlando for 2012’s International Convention.

mall filled with shops and restaurants and minutes from the heart of Phoenix, the 4 star JW Marriott Desert Ridge Resort and Spa provided the perfect backdrop for the workshops, caucuses and pin trading. Everyone enjoyed the workshops which taught everything from Icebreakers to how to organize a benefit concert.




Division 4 Carle Place Elmont Floral Park Glen Cove Great Neck North Great Neck South Hicksville Manhasset Mineola New Hyde Park North Shore Schrieber Sewanhaka Wheatley





June X


B District Governor Domenick Pesce: District Secretary Daniel Lin: District Treasurer Emily Gicewicz: District Editor Amber Lee: District Webmaster Oscar Tan: Executive Assistant Yasmin Soliman:

Lieutenant Governor Nicholas Viviano 121 Third Street Garden City Park, NY 11040 (516)-426-4766 KCR Michael Berthel (631)-294-1238























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Learn about what's going on in your Division and your District as well as look at some funny pictures from ICON.

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