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19, HOW DID THEY JOIN OMANTEL TOASTMASTERS? Club No. 1940491, Area-6, Division D, District-20


Club No. 1940491, Area‐6, Division‐D, District‐20       







CONTACTS Tel: +968 99277783  E‐mail:  Add: Omantel HQ  PO. B: 789, PC: 112  MCT, Oman 



Club No. 1940491, Area‐6, Division‐D, District‐20       

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By:  TM Sabah Al Ismaily     

President Word It gives me a great honor and pleasure to serve as a President of this distinguished Omantel Toastmasters Club. Although our club is most commonly associated with the learning of public speaking, we learn much more than that. Through the experience of regular meetings that are soundly structured around parliamentary guidelines, we also learn to lead meetings, help others through the evaluations, develop new processes and most importantly, improve our listening skill. At our club, we strive to ensure that everyone gets the opportunity to contribute. We also have a Club Mentorship program for any member that needs extra support; our aim is to enrich the experiences of the individual member. Toastmasters gives us a chance to become better leaders and better communicators through its educational program, namely the leadership track and the communication track starting as a new member and ultimately stretching to be a distinguished member. In addition to offering a flexible self-paced program where you can acquire effective presentation skills, Toastmasters is a place where you can become confident and persuasive in front of a group, give constructive feedback, and develop leadership skills. Toastmasters is not just about developing yourself only, it is a place where members can give generously and take graciously. It is about self-actualization, which is described as being the transformation of an individual's potential into tangible skills and enhanced self-confidence. Through this metamorphosis we become more effective in our workplace, community and family. During a hiring process, it is very common for employers, managers, or leaders to require job applicants to submit a cover letter with their resume. They are asked some relevant and interesting insights about themselves, to prove that they are the right candidate to be chosen for a post, through structured panel interviews. The Ice Breaker (the first project in toastmasters’ competent communication manual) is very much like that; it creates our first impression of ourselves as Toastmasters. Unlike in a job interview, in Toastmasters we are presented with an opportunity each week to grow, acquire new skills and hone skills we already have. When you are passionate about something, nothing will prevent you from making it real. How do you define your passion? Is it to discover the power within you? If there is a will there is a way. Enjoy the gift of Toastmasters “Where Leaders are Made”. Sincerely,

ACB, ALB Sabah AL Ismaily Omantel Toastmasters President


Club No. 1940491, Area‐6, Division‐D, District‐20       

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What is Toastmaster? 

Toastmasters  International  is  a  world  leader  in  communication  and  leadership  development.  Our  membership  is  292,000  strong.  These  members improve their speaking and leadership skills by attending one of  the  14,350  clubs  in  122  countries  that  make  up  our  global  network  of  meeting locations.    Membership in Toastmasters is one of the greatest investments you can  make in yourself. At $36 every six months (club dues may vary), it is also  one of the most cost‐effective skill‐building tools available anywhere.     


Competent Leadership   The  Competent  Leadership  manual  features  10  projects,  which  you  complete while serving in various meeting roles and participating in other  club activities such as helping with a newsletter or getting involved with a  membership  building  campaign.  An  evaluator  will  give  you  feedback  on  each project, helping you to improve.     Learn about Toastmasters International's educational system and how the  Competent Leadership manual fits into it. 


Communication Track   Talking on track                                                                           

Members who  wish  to  focus  on  communication  skills  begin  with  the  Competent Communication manual that is included in the New Member  Kit. Once they have completed this manual, they can progress to manuals  in the Advanced Communication Series.  Competent Communication manual The 10 speech projects in this manual  will help you develop your speaking skills one step at a time. When you  finish all of the projects, you are eligible for Competent Communicator (CC)  recognition.  Complete  the  CC  Award  Application  in  the  manual  and  ask  your  vice  president  education  (VPE)  to  submit  it  online  to  World  Headquarters.  You'll  receive  a  CC  certificate  and,  if  this  is  your  first  CC  award, two Advanced Communication Series manuals free of charge   


Club No. 1940491, Area‐6, Division‐D, District‐20       

Toastmasters Roadmap


Club No. 1940491, Area‐6, Division‐D, District‐20       

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                    By: TM. Suhaila Al‐Kindi   


Gavel clubs are a way of providing Toastmasters’ self-improvement methods and materials to people who may be ineligible for regular membership due to age, inability to pay dues or other circumstances .They are affiliates of Toastmasters International, the leading movement devoted to making effective oral communication a world-wide reality. Through its member clubs, Gavel club helps the youngsters learn the arts of speaking, listening, and thinking -- vital skills that promote self-actualization, enhance leadership potential, foster human understanding, and contribute to the betterment of mankind. The club consoler CC, CL TM Suhaila Al Kindi might be one of those who talk less but definitely do more. She is certainly an advocate of actions speak louder than words. She together with her Support team: TM Hamed AL Hajri the second consoler, TM Sheikha, TM Sabah, TM Suhail and TM Namirah have started the Gavel Club Smart and Young in July 2013 and was sponsored by Omantel Toastmasters. “It was a dream come true” said Suhaila” those young kids are our bright future, and the club will help them build skills to become tomorrow’s leaders in business, industry and the community” This club caters to the younger generation age 10- 17 years to improve upon their public speaking skills and is actively involved in its growth in a friendly environment and is open to all Omantel employees’ kids. The program offers many benefits that help people in all walks of life. As a result of participating in Gavel Club, you will: Increase your self-confidence, Become a better speaker, Become a better leader and Communicate more effectively. Membership is completely free. Being a member in the club is very simple. All you need is to fill up a membership application form. The present membership of the club exceeds 50. The club holds Bi- weekly Meetings on every 2nd & 4th Wednesday of each month from 4:30pm-5:30 pm.                                          


Club No. 1940491, Area‐6, Division‐D, District‐20       

The seven club officers were elected on 31st October 2013 for the first term 2013- 2014,



Club President Vice President – Education Vice President – Membership Vice President – Public Relations Club Secretary Club Treasurer Sergeant at Arms

Bushra Al Busaidi Amira Al Khanbashi Malak Al Ismaily Abdul Malik Al Ismaily Ghaydaa AL Sulaimany Rawnaq Al Ismaily Wafaa Al Busaidi

“It is really a genius program. Being a parent of cavaliers, I can feel the progress of confidence into them as they become better speakers and leaders. They learn communication with its guidelines. It teaches them more than what we see in the meetings and speeches. They have to read so they can speak. They have to think before they answer. They have to select right words, and expand their vocabulary so they are definite when they talk. They have to organize and prepare, so they get rational evaluation. Most of us, the adults, might have participated in similar programs but at later stage of our lives, and maybe for a large cost. Starting at early age is the biggest remark, and amazingly it is almost free" said parents of Gaveliers Bushra, and Wafaa who were elected president of the club and sergeant at arms respectively.



Club No. 1940491, Area‐6, Division‐D, District‐20       

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Club No. 1940491, Area‐6, Division‐D, District‐20       

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By: TM Fahad Al‐Jadidi 

Annual Toastmasters Ceremony Under the auspices of Engineer. Issam Al Zadjali President of Occidental Oman, Omantel Toastmasters Club held its first annual ceremony. The ceremony commenced by welcoming guests of honors, club members and all invitees of whom the majority were employees of Omantel. This was followed by a word on gavel club presented by TM. Suhaila Al Kindi, the founder of the club. She shared her experience as a toastmasters club and how it contributed to her success as a public speaker. She emphasized the importance of public speaking among children and how this could lead them in becoming not just public speakers but successful future leaders be it in organizations or in holding political positions in government sector. The talk was followed by two talented gaveliers who stood on stage and showcased their talents by delivering speeches that made everyone impressed with their abilities and skills at such a young age. Apart from gavel club success, toastmasters club also had to share its success story, with two of its members winning two awards in two different categories. TM.Shaikha Al Hajri, managed to grab the first prize during the contest held in January 2014 to become the winner of International Contest Speech, she has demonstrated several skills such as a clarity and variety of voice tone, body language, body language, expressions and movement around the stage. These are the attributes of professional public speaker. The other category of public speaking in toastmasters was the humor speech, TM. Shair Al Balushi has undoubtedly mastered the skills required at this level and proved to have deserved the first prize. He managed to steel the attention of the audience with the different techniques he used that varied from the voice variety, speech style and the different attire he wore that represented the time-period of the incident he was portraying. Half wear through the ceremony, the installation of new Omantel Toastmasters Club officers took place, Division Governor TM. Mahmood Al Qassab first called on stage the previous officers and thank them for carrying out their roles, then he discharged them from their duties and responsibilities. This was followed by new officers being called on stage and charged with duties as new officers of the club. TM. Mahmood explained the duties and responsibilities of each officer and each of them gave their consent.


Club No. 1940491, Area‐6, Division‐D, District‐20       

TM. Sabah Al Ismaily, the new president of Omantel Toastmasters highlighted the benefits an individual would gain when becoming an active member in the club, she added that in today’s world, people require effective communication as well as leadership skills, and this is the area of concern that Toastmasters provide to its active members who seek continuous development in these two core areas. Dr. Amer bin Awadh Al Rawas, Chief Executive Officer of Omantel was the keynote speaker during the ceremony, and he is the prime supporter of the club, and was impressed with the skills of the speakers who demonstrated their talents in the field of public speaking. He encouraged the employees of Omantel to take part in the club program through membership and wished a continuous development and success for the club and its members. Towards the end of ceremony Mr. Haitham Al Kharusi Vice President Consumer at Omantel awarded certificates of appreciation to toastmasters’ members who completed a substantial part in toastmasters’ educational program. This was followed by Dr. Ghalib Al Hosni Vice President Human Resources handing special awards to members who contributed to toastmasters club beyond the boundaries of Omantel Toastmasters Club. Finally, Dr. Amer Al Rawas honored the two winners of International and humorous speech contests. Before the ceremony has adjourned, Dr. Amer Al Rawas awarded a special gift to guest of honor Engineer Issam Al Zadjali




Club No. 1940491, Area‐6, Division‐D, District‐20       

TM Album

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Club No. 1940491, Area‐6, Division‐D, District‐20       

Club No. 1940491, Area‐6, Division‐D, District‐20       

Club No. 1940491, Area‐6, Division‐D, District‐20       



TM. Shaikha   al Hajri 


By MTM. Shaikha Ali Al Hajri, April 2014 Lots of people think that they are competent communicators and can effectively communicate with others. Joining toastmasters helps in finding out the communication skills gaps that you need to fulfill by practicing and applying communication skills knowledge. Words have power and to find out how powerful your words are and how powerful they can become, you need to join Toastmasters. Toastmasters offers you the audience who pay attention while you are on stage. It offers you evaluators who highlight your communication skills’ strength and weaknesses. Toastmasters environment is a very rich community that can offer you exposure to other clubs as well as giving you the opportunity to communicate to various types of audiences and to practice and improve. It was in my wish list to become a trainer and being a toastmaster gave me the opportunity to conduct educational sessions in three different Toastmasters Clubs (Omantel, SQU and Haya) to different groups of audiences and in both languages; Arabic and English. The biggest opportunity I got was when College of Engineering (Sultan Qaboos University) asked me to conduct a sharing experience session with its students. It was part of “Introduction to Engineering” course and I was requested to share my experience starting from the time I was studying at the Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) department and then my professional career profile. Being a toastmaster for more than two years gave me the courage to accept the invitation and the challenge. And the skills I gained from Toastmasters helped me to conduct a “powerful” session (as a feedback I got from the course demonstrator, Mr. Taha Al Sadi). The lessons I shared with the students are as follow:       

ECE gives you variety of job opportunities Education/learning never stop If you don’t know it, then “Google” it Get out of your comfort zone…feel the fear and do it anyway Don’t wait for opportunities to come to you…go after them!! Be always confident that you can do it Technical Knowledge is not enough….Join SQU TM Club


Club No. 1940491, Area‐6, Division‐D, District‐20       

The session was conducted with a presence of 120+ students which was a new and great experience to share my experience with such a big number of people. At the end of the session I emphasized on the fact that technical knowledge is not enough and recommended SQU Toastmasters Club for the students to join to improve their leadership and communication skills. We all have great experiences in our lives and if we don’t know how to translate that experiences into words and how to share those experiences effectively with others, then the experiences we have has no power and regretfully it’s a waste that no one can make use of it.


      Vice-Chancellor H.E. Dr. Ali Al-Bimani with his guests of TM members  



Club No. 1940491, Area‐6, Division‐D, District‐20       

O-my Shining Stars!

Taking cue from an inspiring speech given by our Division D International speech  champion  speaker  MTM  Shaikha,  I  can  say  this  to  many  “shining  stars”  of  this  wonderful division ‘D’ of Toastmasters International who helped me to plan out a  hic‐up free “OTAC 2014” (Oman Toastmasters Annual Conference).    Our biggest star would be our acting Area Governor of Area 6, who also happens  to  be  the  president  of  Omantel  HQ  MTM  Sabah  Al  Ismaily.  It  was  her  efforts  which  made  it  possible  for  us  to  have  an  “entrance  fee  free”  OTAC  this  year.  Through  her  we  would  like  to  thank  the  Top  Management  of  Omantel  for  providing us the wonderful facility for the whole day and providing sumptuous  food for the delegates (though some additional veggie dishes would have made the spread  more comprehensive) and also sponsoring wonderfully designed crystal trophies for  the winners. The cherry on the cake was when Dr. Ghalib Al Housni of Omantel  presided over as our Guest of honor and helped us give away the awards to the  worthy champions. Thank You Sir, we are honored. 

Pg. 14                          By:  DTM Harish Bilgi              

This event was kind of curtain raiser for all of us in our preparation for the DTAC  2014 which is hardly 60 days away (15Th – 17th May 2014), hence we had planned  everything in our OTAC as a mini dress rehearsal of DTAC 2014.   We started with a banner march wherein as many as 13 clubs out of 20 from our  Division  proudly  paraded  their  club  banners.  The  sense  of  belongingness  and  camaraderie this parade created was beyond description. It amalgamated different  clubs and areas as one single family of Division D, it made us come together on the  “road to excellence”(OTAC 2014 Theme) and made us move towards “excelling  together” (DTAC 2014 Theme).  This time we had decided to give a visual treat to the audience, hence the entire  show  was  interspersed  with  beautiful  presentations  specially  created  for  introduction of various role‐players and contest chairs.  Thanks to creative genius  of Saud Bahwan’s digital team headed by TM Saiju victor the evening became a  magical one. One should also thank wonderful facilities available in the main hall  of Omantel; we could make full use of it.     Toastmaster G Kumar, the president of Saud Bahwan TM Club kindly consented  to be the emcee for the entire show at eleventh hour. (MTM Hiam of Omantel TM  Club was to share the stage with him, but since she was traveling out the country she could  not  prepare  for  the  show,  hence  we  had  to  request  GK  to  be  the  emcee  for  the  entire  proceedings). This gifted TM G Kumar who is fondly referred as “thaliva” did not  disappoint  us;  he  did  a  fantastic  job  in  maintaining  a  “light”  atmosphere  throughout the session. His fantastic observation/s, his tongue in cheek humor kept  the audience in splits.  All the contest chairs, namely TM Saiju Victor for Humorous speech contest (SBG),  TM Hamdha AL Shamsi (PASI) for evaluation speech contest, TM Imna (Omantel)  for Table Topic speech contest & TM Rajendran Varma (MMTC) for International 


Club No. 1940491, Area‐6, Division‐D, District‐20       

speech contest,  did  a  fantabulous  job  in  conducting  the  contest.  All  these  ‘role  players’ were my second set of shining stars.  Every  contest  was  closely  fought,  where  each  &  every  contestant  came  fully  prepared,  and  were  completely  charged.  And  to  judge  such  battle  of  Giants  we  needed ‘seasoned’ judges, which were handpicked from all areas, we also ensured  that every area had equal representation in the judging panel to have impartial and  objective judgments.  These judges are my third set of “shining stars”    The  contestants  (32  Nos)  had  left  no  stone  unturned  in  their  preparation  and  homework,  who  came,  who  spoke  and  who  won  hearts  of  the  audience  are  my  fourth set of “Shining stars”. Some of them had created history of sorts by doing  the podium finish in their early years of Toastmaster career. Division D is proud of  its champions; the list is as follows…    Humorous Speech Contest Evaluation speech Contest 1. Imad Al Hamdani 1. Robert Gordyn 2. Ian Bough 2. Robin Anand 3. Namirah Bhamla 3. Faiz AL Mamari Table Topic Contest 1. Ramakrishnan Vijayan 2. Aliya Al Hinai 3. Nitya Kannan

International Speech Contest 1. Shaikha Al Hajri 2. Robert Gordyn 3. Babu Srinivasan

No event or contest can be conducted smoothly without having a committed team  of sergeants. Thanks to Saud Bahwan TM club, Omantel TM Club, NTI club, Royal  Hospital  Club  and  many  more  clubs  who  had  sent  contingents  of  battle  ready  sergeants. I can’t imagine having a session without the help of this backbone; they  also are my Shining stars.  Last  but  not  the  least,  the  audience,  our  fellow  toastmasters  who  came  in  big  numbers  to  cheer  their  fellow  club  mate/s,  their  Area  mate/s  are  my  brightest  shining stars, if they would not have made it braving the flooded wadis, incessant  rain and more importantly sacrificing their nice weekend holiday.   O my shining stars, thy presence made OTAC made it extra special jamboree.  Hope to get similar support for yet another ‘MEGA’ show which is knocking our  doors viz. the DTAC 2014. Till then signing off as your OTAC 2014 Chair    DTM Harish Bilgi   Outgoing 2014 OTAC Chair  DTAC 2014: Education Chair     


Club No. 1940491, Area‐6, Division‐D, District‐20       

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5 Steps to Better Leadership Charisma


Leadership charisma and personal charisma are very different things. They both involve the same kinds of personal attributes--the ability to project confidence, the capacity to engage others, skill in articulating ideas, vision, and goals—which may explain why some leaders aim for one when they should be developing the other. Personal charisma is centered on the individual, as is the case with celebrities. Leadership charisma exists when a leader is charismatic in the service of the organization, for a greater good, or a higher purpose. While personal charismatic traits can help a leader, too much of a good thing becomes unhelpful. Leaders who concentrate on constantly influencing others, for instance, may reduce the motivation and ability of their people to stake out their own opinions. Here are several things to consider when growing your own leadership charisma. 1. Ask yourself: Why? The key to knowing which type of charisma you want to develop is rooted in your understanding of why you want to be more charismatic. You must ask yourself, “Why do I want this?” Do you crave attention, want validation, or are you trying to address some insecurity? Do you want to be magnetic because you think that’s what a leader should be? How does being more magnetic serve your leadership responsibilities? How will this enable you to better serve the organization? To better attend to your unique burden of being a leader? 2. You must be comfortable in your own skin. This is a broad encapsulation of the vital importance of knowing who you are as a leader, and why you are a leader, before you attempt to change your charismatic capabilities. Your “skin” in this sense is everything from your personal values and drivers to the precise point you currently find yourself in your life’s journey. Ask yourself, “What makes this leadership role at this time in my life the right role for me? How have I prepared? How will I continue to learn?” Many leaders make the mistake of avoiding these difficult questions and instead focus on external characteristics of charisma. They simply think, “I need to be more persuasive when interacting with my direct reports,” and then go nuts trying to be more persuasive. Nobody likes that. Ungrounded charisma is abrasive and troubling. (I’ll write about the dangers of charisma in the final installment of this series.) If you do not first determine how you fit into your own skin, it will be painfully obvious.


Club No. 1940491, Area‐6, Division‐D, District‐20       

3. You must be comfortable in your own body. Effective charismatic leaders have a sense of their physical selves and an ease about how they show up in front of their teams. This is not to say you have be Baryshnikov. But many of the attributes of charisma are expressed physically, and a leader must learn how to literally embody charisma. How do you physically interact with people? What are you physically aware of when you engage in one-on-one conversations, among a small group, in front of a large audience? How do you modulate your voice, your listening, and your attention? How do you non-verbally communicate your engagement with others? How do you invite others to engage with you? While the research is not universally conclusive, it is clear that the physical, unspoken interactions between people are overwhelmingly influential in human relationships. Leaders who do not work on how they “show up” do so at their peril. 4. Practice, ideally with a Coach. The attributes of charisma contain tangible and intangible elements – and working with a trusted Coach provides a framework for working on both these elements. You need to have an outside perspective on your physical behavior to learn about your internal thought process. For example, if you want to work on a tangible element of charisma such as public speaking, you must connect the physical work of evolving your voice with the psychological work of why the work matters to you. The recent film about Margaret Thatcher provides an excellent dramatization of a leader taking lessons to improve the tenor and tone of her voice and her ability to speak in public. As a result of this work on her physical voice, Thatcher discovered her “internal leadership voice” that was grounded in her personal convictions. It is a defining moment in her leadership development – and the result of practice. 5. Practice in a safe place. Too many leaders think they can wing it when it comes to developing their leadership. They try new things in front of their teams without first practicing, sometimes without much forethought. Bad idea. Performing well in the moment depends on practicing before the moment. Practicing in private with a coach provides an opportunity for clarity on your intent, and allows for trial-and-error. While mistakes in public are inevitable and necessary, many mistakes are made much more usefully in private.


Club No. 1940491, Area‐6, Division‐D, District‐20       

The good news is that if you want to practice leadership charisma, a little goes a long way. You are not endeavoring to call attention to yourself – you are developing new capabilities because your role requires you to shift your focus slightly and exercise these attributes. You don’t have to become someone else or transform yourself. Just find the connection to your organization that will allow you to stretch yourself. As noted in a recent article on Presidential leadership in The Atlantic, “Not even FDR was FDR at the start.” He practiced, he learned, and he developed genuine leadership charisma. You can too.              



Club No. 1940491, Area‐6, Division‐D, District‐20       

How did they Join Omantel Toastmasters?

Pg. 19                       

How did I hear about Omantel TM? I was in a GRE class with Bader al Lawati when he approached me one day asking me if I heard of Omantel TM. At that time I didn't even know about TM in general. So he told me about it and how they are planning to open one at the college I work in. He invited me to one of the sessions and I joined the same day. It was "my cup of tea" ‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐

TM Hiyam AL‐Jabri                         

TM Nabila Al Lawati                          TM Syed Hasnain Ali 

Two years back, I had to do a presentation in front of lots of people, I got this queasy feeling in my stomach that won’t go away. I didn’t want to eat, I just wanted to cancel the meeting so I don’t have to deal with the stress. My hands sweated before I reached the stage. I felt like I wanted to run away. Although everything went fine, but the feeling of anxiety and the fear of public speaking which is the number one fear in North America was still there! After few months of this incident, I knew about Omantel Toastmaster club and benefits of this club. It gave me the light to the walk in, and I have joined the club since that, in 2013. I have really enjoyed each session of the toastmaster club, and gained a lot of communication and leadership skills. In toastmasters you get mutually positive feedback by members for your speech made. Toastmaster is a great place to make friends and meet new people. I have met many people through toastmasters, including many people I might not have otherwise had the chance to meet. Currently I have completed 9 projects under Competent Communication in which I got enough confidence to do any presentation no matter how many audience are there. And I have played many roles such as TMOD, evaluator, timer….etc. I have also participated in several contests. I strongly advice all people to join Omantel Toastmaster and get advantages of toastmaster.   ‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐   

I have joined toastmasters in March 2012. The major reason for me to join Toastmaster was to gain more confidence while being a public speaker and to find ways to improve my speeches as well as leadership skills. After joining Toastmasters International I gained more confidence, become more accurate in conveying my ideas and speeches and improved almost all the major faults in my speech which I had foreseen before joining Toastmasters. The experience so far is wonderful and although I have completed both CC and CL and just given my Advance 2 speech a few weeks ago, I am still learning. I will request the newcomers and those who have not joined Toastmasters so far to do join Toastmaster to gain more confidence in life. To achieve your goals and becoming a successful person, you must have enough confidence on yourself and once you are here, you can realize how much potential you already had, but was hidden. People who never thought of talking in front of a group are now confidently giving speeches with eye contact and full confidence which they never though they had but explored once they join Toastmaster. Do join Toastmaster if you think you cannot speak in front of public. Do join Toastmaster if you already are a public speaker to realize there is still room for improvement and to let others learn from your experience.


Club No. 1940491, Area‐6, Division‐D, District‐20       

Pg. 20 

How did they join Omantel Toastmasters?


I am a person who greatly enjoys being on stage to act, gives speeches, and delivers workshops. I love meeting new people from different parts of the world and know about their places and experiences, then know the world itself. This is what Toastmaster offers for all members in an interactive manner. It does give a priceless opportunity to enhance your communication and leadership skills in different levels at home, work and society through the various ideas for preparing and planning different talks, presenting them, and giving feedback. It is time to do it so let’s soar together fellow toastmasters .

TM Isra Al Ajmi                         

TM. Amna Al‐Risi         


My name is Amna Al-Risi I hold a bachelor degree of Engineering in Electronics and Telecommunication, At present, I am doing my master degree of business administration in information technology. I have joined Omantel in November 2007 and currently I am under Operations Division in Wholesale Business Unit, I am so glad and I consider myself to be a lucky person that I am a member of Wholesale Business Unit family. I am truly proud to work with such professional managers and colleagues of WBU. I am in Omantel toastmasters club since June 2013, and I have enrolled myself in this club because one day I want to be a very successful women in this world and I am sure that one day my dream will come true. For the purpose of preparing myself to this position I believe that I should have to gain and embrace multiple and different educational background and several skills. One of these skills and the most important one is leadership skills. In order to achieve this, I have registered myself in this club to help me to be capable to present and deliver high quality speeches to audiences with full confidence. My advice to new joiners is to attend Omantel Toastmaster Club meetings regularly, and I just want to confirm to them that with continuous and regular attendance to toastmasters’ weekly meetings their leadership skills will improve significantly.   ‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐   



Club No. 1940491, Area‐6, Division‐D, District‐20       

Pg. 21 



Spreading the Fragrance of DTAC DTAC PR committee Chair  Communicating the updated news about our upcoming District Toastmasters Annual Conference- DTAC 2014 to the concerned shareholders requires a clear mission. Out of such a need, the PR team made it evident that its mission is to publicize, promote and position DTAC 2014 as a unique learning platform that will provide opportunities for education, team building and entertainment in a congenial family atmosphere and create an unmatched toastmasters’ experience.

By:   Saleh Al‐Khamyasi                    

The long awaited District Toastmasters Annual Conference of District 20 will be the platform that will inspire toastmasters from Oman, Bahrain, Jordon, Kuwait, Lebanon, Qatar and UAE to come to Muscat and enjoy the mega event. We realized that what needs to be communicated is the uniqueness of the DTAC experience in Oman. It is the touch of hospitality that our visitors and participants are going to be met with. It is the package of the educational experience that will be gifted to them. Why not? When we have in store for them includes renowned Speakers, learning with fun and entertainment, enjoying the fabulous ambience, the opportunity to enrich their network. All these components will actually culminate to a rejuvenating experience that will take them to a point of no return. It will inspire them to take that leap of faith to be the change they want to see in the world. For instance our speakers’ panel includes Dr. Amer Al Rawas, CEO of Omantel, the ribtickling humorist Judy Carter and the renowned first runner up of the World Championship of Public Speaking 2013. Besides a wide range of educational sessions that will be thought provoking and eye opening for them. After setting the mission clear our strategy was to knock the doors of our shareholders who are spread across seven countries. We had to adapt so many approaches such as emails, whatsApp, Facebook, website and even had to attend many areas and divisions contests and passionately delivered presentation to invite wide range of toastmasters to invest the opportunity and book their seat among the participants. It was our sincere conviction of the mission of our PR team that made us surpass so many obstacles. We had to visualize our success and keep going focussed on our target and deliverables. We believed that our mega extravaganza is about excelling together & thriving on the Power of Team. We made it a point to advocate that our guests will reap the benefits of the following: •

Uplifting & Rib tickling Contests

Enriching Educational Workshops

Entertaining & joyful Environment

Fabulous ambience.

Widening the circle of network.


Club No. 1940491, Area‐6, Division‐D, District‐20       

We kept saying Ooh yes! We are logistically on track to showcase a mesmerizing experience once again because our procession is about team building & servant leadership opportunities. We invited many toastmasters to volunteer and emerge victoriously with an added learning experience. We inspired them that the spirit of Toastmasters is to award people to inspire them. We brought to their attention that at Al-Bustan Palace Hotel we will celebrate your success on grand scale. We kept repeatedly reminding them that in such a highly standard public Speaking they are in treat to enjoy the power of words, vivid images, and rhetorical devices. In fact, they will be invited to a feast of mesmerizing, elevating and soul uplifting language. Yes it is the uniqueness of our DTAC that will make it a Wow experience. Our DTAC will be weaved with Love and affection. It will be sprinkled with a touch of Omani. Hospitality. That is why we passionately kept spreading the fragrance of DTAC. We kept telling them that their presence on 15th to 17th of May 2014 at Al-Bustan Palace Hotel will make us rejoice our fraternity. We kept telling them welcome to Muscat serving you gives us utmost joy & delight.




Club No. 1940491, Area‐6, Division‐D, District‐20       

Pg. 23 

Oman Toastmaster Annual Conference



Club No. 1940491, Area‐6, Division‐D, District‐20       

Area 6 Toastmasters Contests: Showcasing Talents & Igniting Imaginations

On Saturday the 8th of March 2014, Omantel embraced Area 6 Toastmasters’ contests in  which  five  toastmasters  clubs  were  represented.    The  clubs  included  Omantel  Toastmasters, NTI Toastmasters, NTI Advanced Toastmasters, New Tracks Toastmasters  and the recently celebrated SQU Toastmasters club.   The event was part of the ongoing contests that start at the clubs level and then the areas  so  that  the  cream  of  the  crops  are  qualified  to  compete  in  the  upcoming      Division  D  contests that will take place on 28th of March 2014  so  that  the  emerging  winners  will  eventually  represent their division at District 20 Toastmasters  Annual Conference (DTAC 2014).    Under  the  theme  “Excelling  Together”  the  district  20  mega  event  will  be  celebrated    at  Al‐Bustan  Palace  Hotel  between  15  to  17  May  2014,  Its  participants  are  going  to  attend  from  all  walks  of   the  district  which  consists  of  Toastmasters  from  Bahrain, Jordon, Kuwait, Qatar , UAE and of course  the hosting country the Sultanate of Oman.   The organizing committee of area 6 contests made  sure  that  their  event  is  accommodating  to  all    the  representing clubs in terms of participating in different required roles such as  the Master  of  Ceremonies,  Contest  Chairs,  Chief  Judges,  Judges,  Timers,  Tally  Counters,  Photographers and by all  means the contestants. The event started with registration and  briefings in a friendly atmosphere focused on making this event another success story.    Such an event is considered to be an opportunity for the contestants and the organizing  committee members to showcase their area’s talents and give the individual participants  an opportunity to stretch out of their comfort zone to make a forward leap towards their  desired journey to excellence to be acclaimed speakers.   The event started with the evaluation contest in which the contestants are supposed to  compete  in  the  art  &  style  of  giving  an  inspiring  and  motivating  feedback  so  that  their  target  speaker  can  enhance  his  upcoming  speech  delivery  attempts  and  take  his  performance to greater heights.  The  master  of  ceremony  Nilofer  Tanna  then  paved  the  way  for  the  rib‐tickling  and  entertaining humorous contest. It was evident that the humorist contestants came for one  purpose that is to make  their audience laugh through a self‐emulating style that made  them connect with their audience throughout the contest. Their messages were extracted  out the ordinary but it was their humorous spirit that made outcomes extraordinary.  The break for prayer and lunch was a moment for networking and catching up with one  another.   The second master of ceremony Hiyam Al‐Jabri took over the stage and introduced the  contest chair for table topics contest where contestants were to exhibits their talents and  ability to speak about an unknown subject and without any prior preparation.    The mother of the speech battles, the international speech contest was the fragrance of  the event where the contestants mustered their courage to orchestrate the songs of life.  Their creative messages and inspiring performance made the audience glued to their seat.

Pg. 24                         

By: TM Saleh Al Khamyasi 


Club No. 1940491, Area‐6, Division‐D, District‐20       

Prior to declaring the winners the DTAC 2014 Public Relations Committee Chair addressed  the gathering highlighting that the district mega extravaganza is knocking their door.  He  elaborated  that DTAC this year is going to be hosted  by  The Toastmasters fraternity in  Oman and it will be an uplifting, thought provoking, entertaining and nurturing experience  delivered with a touch of Omani hospitality.  The Conference three day’s juicy agenda will  enable the participants to enjoy an unprecedented experience of widening their network,  honing their communication, enhancing their business entrepreneurial skills. It will be an  opportunity to reflect and raise the bar to realize their true potential.   The event was concluded by announcing the winners in the four contests and they are as  follow:    Contest  1st place Winner  2nd place Winner  3rd Place Winner  Evaluation Contest  Shaker AL Ansari  Namirah Bhamla  Nitya Kennan  Humorous Contest  Faiz Al‐Maamari  Imad Al‐Hamadani  ‐  Table Topics contest  Shaker AL Ansari  Ibrahim Akbari  ‐  International Speech  Sheikha AL Hajri  DTM Rajesh Daga  ‐    This year Area 6 toastmasters contests witnessed a noticeable progress in terms of the  creative  and  inspiring  speech  messages,  the  rib‐tickling  humorous  touches,  the  contestants ability to deal with the table topics as well as the quality of the evaluation in  terms of the critical skills and positive styles of delivering the feedback which represent  core competencies in the Toastmasters education program.   In hosting area 6 Toastmasters contests, Omantel reiterated that being together makes a  great difference. The area 6 annual toastmaster’s event was a rewarding and nurturing  experience were the courageous contestants tackled it heads on showcasing talents and  igniting imaginations.   It is worth mentioning that the area 6 event was attended by many seasoned toastmasters  and  wide  spectrum  of  audience.  In  addition  to  the  four  main  contests  there  was  an  education update session as well.   TM Sabah Al‐Ismaily the president of Omantel Toastmasters concluded the event with a  word of thanks wishing everyone a safe drive home. 



Club No. 1940491, Area‐6, Division‐D, District‐20       

Pg. 26                                  ACB, ALB.  Sabah Al Ismaily  Project‐9, CC manual   

“The Moment of Truth…Please Don’t Go”


Suddenly a bizarre feeling came across our hearts; all the four seasons overlapped  each on other’s, it was a strange Feeling of suffocation. The beautiful lovely spring  we used to enjoy, unexpectedly became dull, cold and gloomy. All fancy flowers,  jasmine; orchids start to die out and disappear. The sounds of beautiful birds sadly  vanished deep inside the clouds. All small cute fancy colored leaves fell over and  everywhere between storms and winds.   

With painful feeling inside my heart, I stand alone Looking at spring season packing  up  all  its  beautiful  and  sparking  fantastic  weather  full  of  rainbow  colors,  rains,  flowers, birds and trees, disappearing away with sadness in their eyes, leaving us  behind. With painful feeling inside my heart, I stand alone looking at people faces  how  they  become  dull,  full  of  stress  and  anger  like  they  were  carrying  a  big  mountain of problems & difficulties on top of their heads. With plenty of hope I  asked the spring season, my friend why did you leave us early this year?  Ahhhh after long sad breath and tears, spring season decided to answer me hoping  that I will learn something out of it. He said, my friend I didn’t leave you early, but  you people can’t see that I exist; you people destroyed the power of life inside me.  Today  people  are  full  time  busy,  from  early  morning  when  they  wake  up  till  midnight when they go to sleep. They are always in rush. The environment is not  suitable to live in any more, the society became so crowded, traffic everywhere in  the street, in the train stations, and in supermarkets, waiting behind long queues  for  hours  to  pay  bills.  People  have  no  patience  anymore,  damaged  roads  everywhere, construction of new buildings where you can’t find car parking, and  noise everywhere in today’s society.    

TMs with full of sadness and anger spring answers; for god sake,  Where are the nests inhabited by the birds in your country have gone?  Where is the healthy soil and free lands where flowers, grass and trees can grow  freely?  Where is the clean air that all people, animals and planed can breathe freely with  no toxins in it?  People are fully busy in the hustle & bustle of life. My friend! People’s feelings start  to die slowly over time, and in consequence of that, the percentage of criminals  increased, health deterioration increased, child abuse increased, woman get raped  often, meaningless wars and killing each other has become like a funny game.   

My friend today people don’t have time for themselves and their families how will  they have time for me!! I was kept aside for quite a long period of time.  Spring  paused for a moment and with tears in his eyes he said.  Today people can no longer  hear the beautiful songs of birds. No more they can see the attractive fancy colors  of rainbow. No more they can scent the smell of flowers. No more they can enjoy  the golden sand in the beach. People have no time to enjoy the sound of the rain  dripping off onto their house callings and windows glass... plinks... drip... plink...  finally splashed away with beautiful warm sunny day.   


Club No. 1940491, Area‐6, Division‐D, District‐20       

My friend I distribute this fabulous weather to every country in the world. Without  you my friend am useless. I have a language which can be understood by all people  in every place and time but I need people to slow down and listen to it.  TMs, spring  season have a question for you…Are you ready?   

Do you know what brings success to your life???   Do you??   

My friends, did you know that work, heath, family, friends, spirit are the steps for  success and quality living style. Take good care of them.   

Bryan Dyson – Former CEO of Coca Cola said:   

“Imagine life as a game in which you are juggling some five balls in the air. Work,  Family, Health, Friends and Spirit and you’re keeping all of these in the air. You will  soon understand that work is a rubber ball. If you drop it, it will bounce back. But  the other four balls – Family, Health, Friends and Spirit – are made of glass. If you  drop one of these; they will be badly, damaged. They will never be the same.  Work  efficiently during office hours and leave on time. Give the required time to your  family, friends, have proper rest and enjoy the spring season.      



Club No. 1940491, Area‐6, Division‐D, District‐20       


Pg. 28 




Ericsson Oman LLC a renowned corporate in the Sultanate of Oman has been supportive to various initiatives and drives in the development of human resources. Oman is currently on the threshold of organizing one such Mega Event in the country in the year 2014. Ericsson was founded in 1876 in Stockholm, Sweden with a vision to be the prime driver in an all-communicating world and is now a world-leading provider of telecommunications equipment and related services to mobile and fixed network operators globally. Over 1,000 networks in more than 175 countries utilize Ericsson network equipment and 40 percent of all mobile calls are made through Ericsson systems and it is one of the few companies worldwide that can offer end-to-end solutions for all major mobile communication standards. Ericsson in the Middle East: Ericsson has been present in the Middle East for more than 130 years and has been working closely with operators on creating, developing and growing the Information and Communication Technology market in the region. Over the years Ericsson has had activities and operations in all 23 countries in Middle East and offices in 21. Today there are approximately 5,000 Ericsson employees in the Middle East and we do business with more than 36 operators in the region. Ericsson in Oman: Ericsson has been actively present in the Sultanate since 1973. On May 14, 1973 the Ministry of Communications of the Sultanate of Oman signed the first telecom contract in the country with LM Ericsson, Sweden, becoming the first project for the company in the Sultanate. This contract established the first national telephone infrastructure network of 23 automatic exchanges, and a total capacity of 12,000 lines distributed throughout the length and breadth of Oman. Since then, Ericsson has continued to grow in the Sultanate and has signed a number of agreements and partnerships. Ericsson External Communications , Region Middle East E-mail:


Club No. 1940491, Area‐6, Division‐D, District‐20       

Champions of the Education Program

Pg. 29                 



Club No. 1940491, Area‐6, Division‐D, District‐20       


Omantel TM Club Members

Active Members                          






Abdullah Mohamed Ameen

Integrated Network 


Abla Salim Al Harthy

Corporate business unit 


Ali Nasser Al Abri

Corporate business unit 


Ahmed Salim Al Yafai


Badriya al hassani

Corporate business unit 


Bader Al Lawati

whole sales 


Elison Songsong

Integrated Network 


Fahad Issa Al Jadidi



Fahad Hamoud Al Hadhrami

Corporate business unit 


Fatma Qamar Al Hashmi

Integrated Network 


Fatma al lawati



Hala Abdullatif  Al Balushi

HR unit 


Hiyam al jabri

School teacher 


Hittin Bakshi

Privet Business 


Hamad Amour Al Hajri


Issra Al Ajmi

Man power 


Iman Said Ali Al Sawafi

HR unit 


Jamal Nasser AL‐Wahaibi

Integrated Network 


Jabir Al Mujini

Integrated Network 


Khalfan Rashid Al Rawahi

Integrated Network 


Khoula Salim Habib Al Naabi

Consumer business unit 


Laila Essa Abdulla Al Amri

Consumer business unit 


Maisa Dawood Al‐Zadjali


Mohammed Al Zadjali

Consumer business unit 

whole sales 

Consumer business unit 

Consumer business unit 



Club No. 1940491, Area‐6, Division‐D, District‐20       

Active Members No





Mustafa abdullatif Al balushi

Corporate business unit 


Muhannad Talib  Al Saadi

Internal Audit Unit 


Nabila Jawad Al Lawati

Integrated Network 


Najla Khamis Al Bahlouli

Corporate business unit 


Nada al Maeni

Consumer business unit 


Namirah Mohammed Iqbal

Corporate business unit 


Najla Al Bahlouli

Consumer business unit 


Omaima Habib al Balushi

Consumer business unit 


Osam Darwish al Zadjali

Integrated Network 



Rusail industrial 


Rahma Al Kharusi

HR unit 


Rashid AL Alawi

Corporate business unit 


Sabah Abdullah Al Ismaily

Integrated Network 


Sara Khamis al Saibai

Consumer business unit 


Shaikha Ali Al Hajri

Integrated Network 


Syed Hasnain Ali

Integrated Network 


Suhaila Nassir Al Kindi



Sumaiya Sultan Al Rashdi

Internal Audit Unit 


Sultan Al Ismaily



Suhail Mahad AL‐Mashani

HR unit 


Shair Al Balushi



Thuraya al harthy

Consumer business unit 


Tahiya Abdullah Al Rumhi


Tawhida Al ismaily


Zainab sultan al majali

Consumer business unit 

Consumer business unit  Corporate business unit 



Club No. 1940491, Area‐6, Division‐D, District‐20       

Word of Thanks                                              


Club No. 1940491, Area‐6, Division‐D, District‐20       

Club No. 1940491, Area‐6, Division‐D, District‐20       

Club No. 1940491, Area‐6, Division‐D, District‐20       

Aiming High  

Omantel Toastmasters, Issue 6

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