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Essentials for the Digital Economy – Pre and Post Transition Phil Cottrell, Managing Director of building systems specialists GCL, discusses how improving your infrastructure can position your business for growth. Everyone in business knows that the economic future of Britain post transition is unclear. The political and economic climate has been constantly changing and there is uncertainty for UK businesses. What you can do for your business however, is to make sure that your core business infrastructure is performing to a high standard, to put your business in the best position to progress, whatever the transition deal turns out to be, 1 January 2021.

switches ensuring lights are turned off automatically in unoccupied spaces– reducing your lighting expenditure. If you ensure that 10 lights around your workspace are switched off every night, each year you could: Save as much CO2 as would be produced by 50 car journeys from Cambridge to London Reduce your carbon footprint by the same amount as cutting out 25 flights from London to Paris

The pace of technological change is rapid. In fact, the requirement for businesses to reduce energy usage and to ‘work smarter’ has started, with businesses discovering the cost of improving the workplace’s systems can be surprisingly low.

Building a reliable Digital Core for your business A reliable network cabling system will underpin all business processes. With increased digitisation of records and systems, in both commercial businesses and public sector organisations, buildings are becoming more dependent on highquality internet access, outstanding telecoms and integrated building management systems. The cabling, energy and electrical systems need to meet specific needs, for now and for the future. A system which meets functional requirements with built-in scalability will improve business processes in the short term and save disruptive works in the future.

Building Energy Management System (BEMS) A Building Energy Management System (BEMS) is a computer-based approach to measuring, monitoring and managing the performance of building services, such as heating, ventilation, air-conditioning, lighting and security. By reducing the air conditioning by as little as 1 degree Celsius could reduce your annual energy bill by up to 8% Benefits of BEMS: Coordinate the operation of various systems Complete control over your building environment Closely monitor building energy efficiency Reduce energy consumption Can be integrated with Smart Lighting Systems

A Smart Lighting System will: Significantly reduce energy usage Drastically improve the lifetime of LED lights Your Building’s Facilities Manager can use these systems to monitor building energy usage, to make informed energy saving decisions. BEM’s systems can also be controlled by lighting system software which provides new levels of building intelligence.

Smart LED Lighting Systems LED lighting is recognised as being a super-efficient way of saving energy costs. The advantages of a Smart Lighting installation are immense and GCL are experts when it comes to Smart LED Lighting Systems as an accredited partner to the manufacturer of the most advanced systems in the world. Smart Lighting Systems use sensor technology and big data analytics, which deliver solutions for energy savings, space utilisation analysis and optimisation, asset and employee/visitor locating, lighting control that will increase employee productivity, and more. 3rd party applications such as conference room management, hot desking reservation, and Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems are all made intelligent with real-time data and status of spaces capture. By having a Smart Lighting System installed you will also be potentially able to take advantage of new technologies such as Li-FI which will revolutionise the way we communicate in the future.

Provide huge maintenance costs savings Maintain optimum lighting levels

Combining Data Comms Cable and Smart Lighting Cable as one installation GCL’s technicians will install the cabling for the Smart Lighting System at the same time as the cabling for voice, data, security and AV – it all runs on the same standard, low voltage structured cabling system. Also, unlike 230Vac cabling, there is no need for electrical distribution boards or separate conduits for lighting thereby saving on installation costs. Despite the uncertainty of the UK’s impending exit from Europe, every commercial building needs to have high quality network connections, telecommunications and energy-reducing solutions. By adopting a structured cabling system which can be easily adapted to meet your current and future needs, your business will minimise unnecessary operational setbacks in the future. Put yourself in a stronger position and call GCL to see how you can improve your business efficiency today. t: 020 3906 6070 e: w:

Better Control and Much Healthier Light Installing intelligent lighting controls will ensure you are not using any more energy than you need to. Detection systems which sense movement and natural light can replace your conventional