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64TH REGISTER July 2012 Volume 1 Issue 4


July 2012

FROM YOUR LT.G Key Clubbers (from left): Victoria Kong, LOHS VP; Rosaline Jun, Div.64 LtG; Julia Szeto, PNW Communications Director


Make lasting memories, make strangers into friends, and serve those around you to create the best summer yet! Summer 2012: What will you make out of it? Hello Division 64 and friends! It’s sad how quickly time flies when you’re having fun and not worrying about school or grades, but I can honestly say that I’ve had a spectacular summer so far! I

planning a division-wide service project (possibly with another division also) so keep your eyes out for that facebook event! I hope that all of you don’t forget the reasons that you’re part

just got back from Orlando, Florida for the annual International Convention! I have so many great things to share with you from my trip, so please take some time to look over my ICON re-cap page. Where have you gone this summer? California, New York,

of Key Club. It might be to boost your transcript or be with your friends, but underneath all that, keep in mind that you’re making a difference in someone’s life. Don’t ever forget that, even when all you want to do is forget everything you learned this past year.

Europe? I would love to hear all about it so message me or send me pictures so that I can put it in our newsletters! Service over the summer can be difficult. It seems that you can’t get all your officers together at the same time because of trips or internships. However, I encourage all of you guys to plan at least one service event this summer. It doesn’t matter if 5 people show


up; it’s all about the effort you put into helping others. If you do end up planning an event, I would love to come and help you guys out! If you need any advice or ideas let me know! I am also


In love and service, Rosaline Jun

ICON Re-cap International Convention 2012 was hosted in Orlando, Florida this year, and it was an awesome experience! I encourage all of you to go next year in Washington DC!

The first couple days were spent going to all the Disneyworld Parks and Universal Studios and Harry Potter World! We were able to spend a lot of time getting to know each other and going on rides together!

The last four days of Orlando were spent with 1700 other high schoolers at the Hilton Hotel! ICON consisted of House of Delegates, caucusing for the new International Board, meet and greets, and workshops!

Congratulations to our very own Calvin Leung and MaryAlice Peng! After hours of caucusing, they got elected as International Trustees! Go PNW!


Key Leader Key Leader is from Oct. 5-7 at Mt. Hood Kiwanis Camp..... Will you be there? Key Leader is a weekend experiential leadership program for today's young leaders. This life-changing event focuses on service leadership as the first, most meaningful leadership-development experience. A Key Leader will learn the most important lesson of leadership—it comes from helping others succeed.

On the left is the “What is Key Leader?” explanation on the Key Leader website. It’s basically a conference where other Key Clubbers from around your area meet to learn leadership skills, meet new friends, and continue to build their home clubs.

Participants begin by attending a Key Leader conference, which is a weekend retreat. Large and small group workshops, discussions and team-building activities take place over the course of the weekend. Students have opportunities to learn leadership skills that will help them to change their schools, communities, and world for the better. While exploring leadership in a whole new way, participants will make amazing new friends and have experiences they will never forget. Positive, ongoing interaction with other Key Leader graduates offers continuing reinforcement, encouragement and growth of leadership skills.

I’ve only heard amazing things from people I know that have attended Key Leader. The activities are worthwhile and fun, the food is great, and you get a lot of time to bond with other people that live or go to school near you. I encourage as many people to go to Key Leader as possible this year. Prices and transportation can be discussed at future DCMs, but if you are at all interested in attending with me and several other Division 64 Key Clubbers, let me know! Also, check out the website at



Key Clubber of the month

Summer Pictures!

July DCM’s date will be announced this week; keep your eyes out for the Facebook event and encourage all of your members to come! We might be having a joint DCM with another division, so that will be a great chance for you to meet other people!

Do you have a Key Clubber in your home club that is deserving of a spotlight in the next newsletter? Let me know about it and why they’re so deserving! They’ll get a section in a newsletter and the prestigious title of “KCer of the Month!”

I still want all of your pictures and vacation stories! Especially if you did something involving helping others, please send me stories and pictures so that I can feature you on this newsletter!

Whoever emails back the answers to these riddles first will get a prize at the next DCM!

It cannot be seen, it weighs nothing, but when put into a barrel, it makes it lighter. What is it?


You saw me where I never was and where I could not be. And yet within that very place, my face you often see. What am I?

Contact Information Rosaline Jun, Division 64 Lt.G cell: 503.720.3046 (call/txt anytime) home: 503.635.0024 Find me on Facebook!


Governor Giovanni McKenzie District Secretary Kelsie Hoppes         District Treasurer Kenneth Lam      Bulletin Editor Bassel Hamieh          

Div.64 July 2012 Newsletter  

July edition of the official PNW Div.64 newsletter!

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