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Keep Discovering Industry Assets - Our Terms and Conditions of Use

By using our Keep Discovering suite of assets and the Discovering Begins Here logo, you are agreeing to our terms and conditions of use. You must be a tourism business to be permitted to use these assets and you must only use them in accordance with the guidelines we have outlined in this Keep Discovering Industry Toolkit. The assets may be used in print and digital marketing materials, provided they follow the guidelines outlined in this Toolkit. The assets may not be used in signage, vehicular branding or packaging or merchandising of any kind including clothing and uniforms. Fáilte Ireland (who are the owners of these assets) reserves the right to withdraw the use of the assets from any ineligible business or a business that is using the assets in an inappropriate manner.

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Keep Discovering Industry Toolkit

Welcome. Fáilte Ireland’s Keep Discovering marketing campaign inspires people to see a new side of Ireland and rediscover the joy of a home holiday. Every year, we invest more in this campaign so that you can continue to leverage it and experience the benefits for your tourism business.

There are many ways to get involved, and this industry toolkit will show you how. In these pages, you’ll find free tools and resources you can use to support your marketing and help you attract more domestic visitors. Discover brand ready-to-go assets, including social media graphics for every county and campaign videos you can share online.

You’ll also find handy templates and frames for creating your own social media and email marketing content. It’s easier than ever to download these assets to your desktop or mobile from our media hub, Fáilte Ireland’s Marketing Toolbox.

The best way to encourage people to explore more of our incredible country is by showing them all the wonderful places on their doorstep. So, let’s continue to work together and keep the spotlight on Ireland.

Let’s Keep Discovering.

How to use this guide

This is a digital toolkit. Throughout this guide where you see the download symbol, you can access assets and resources from the Marketing Toolbox. Log in with your Ireland’s Content Pool credentials or register to create a new account. Turn to page 6 for more information.


What is Keep Discovering?

Keep Discovering is Fáilte Ireland’s creative platform for our domestic marketing campaign for home holidays. It is a rallying call to the people of Ireland to endlessly delve into every kind of discovery right on their own doorstep. Find out more in our Keep Discovering Brand Guide.

Our industry partner logo

This is our Keep Discovering industry partner logo. It has been created specifically for you, our industry partners, for use on your own communications and assets.

It acts as an extension of our Keep Discovering creative platform, creating a clear and tangible link between our assets and yours, while overall broadening and strengthening our core theme of discovery. It should never be altered or changed, and when being applied must always follow the simple principles outlined here to ensure consistency, legibility and visibility.

Download your industry partner logo here


“We used the ‘Discovering Begins Here’ logo across the slider on our homepage. It overlayed very nicely across our hero images and was a complementary call to action for our destination.” -

Discovering Brand Architecture

Industry partner logo dos and don’ts

Here are some watch-outs for you to avoid when placing your partner logo.

× Don’t place your industry partner logo over busy images

× Don’t place your industry partner logo over dark or strongly coloured backgrounds

× Don’t change your industry partner logo’s colours

× Don’t alter your industry partner logo’s proportions

× Don’t stretch or squeeze your industry partner logo

× Don’t add extraneous effects to your industry partner logo such as drop-shadows or glow effects

How to apply the logo

From websites to social media, you can use our official industry partner logo across your own promotions. It’s a great way to showcase your activities and inspire potential visitors. See how other businesses have applied the logo in the examples below.

Stretching the proportions Changing the colours Forest green logo on light, spacious image Logo placed over busy image White logo on solid colour Forest green on dark solid colour
1 3 4 2

Bringing your story to life

Great photos and videos help visitors to discover and choose your destination or tourism business. Every tourism business should aim for thumb-stopping visual impact to really bring your destination to life online. If you don’t find what you are looking for in the Marketing Toolbox, then check out Ireland’s Content Pool for even more imagery and video clips you can use.

Fáilte Ireland’s Marketing Toolbox is a free resource, stocked with hundreds of campaign assets you can use to promote your business. Yes, it’s free.

To help you make the most of the Keep Discovering campaign, we have curated a collection of imagery from all over the country. Follow the steps outlined in the video below to access the Marketing Toolbox and find images and videos for your business.

100s of free images

We’ve curated hundreds of free images you can use as part of the Keep Discovering campaign.

How to use the Marketing Toolbox

Check out this video for a step-by-step guide on how to search for and download free images, videos and more on the Marketing Toolbox.


Download our user guide for more helpful tips on how to use the Marketing Toolbox.

6 KEEP DISCOVERING | MARKETING TOOLKIT Keep Discovering Photography and Video
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Inspiring visitors with video

If a picture paints a thousand words, video decorates the entire book. We know that visitors want to hear about all the things to see and do around your business, and video is a great way to show them. As part of our Keep Discovering campaign, we’ve made it easy for you to use our suite of inspiring videos on your own social channels.

National advertising

TV: 30 sec ad for all audiences

Instagram: 12 sec ad targeting an under 35s audience

Facebook: 12 sec ad targeting an over 35s audience

Ireland’s Hidden Heartlands

TV: 30 sec ad for all audiences

Instagram: 12 sec ad targeting an under 35s audience

Facebook: 12 sec ad targeting an over 35s audience

Wild Atlantic Way

TV: 30 sec ad for all audiences

Instagram: 12 sec ad targeting an under 35s audience

Facebook: 12 sec ad targeting an over 35s audience


Consumers love video marketing, spending on average 19 hours a week watching online videos. [Wyzowl, 2022]


TV: 30 sec ad for all audiences

Instagram: 12 sec ad targeting an under 35s audience

Facebook: 12 sec ad targeting an over 35s audience

Ireland’s Ancient East

TV: 30 sec ad for all audiences

Instagram: 12 sec ad targeting an under 35s audience

Facebook: 12 sec ad targeting an over 35s audience


Videos for your county

Video is a great tool to promote your tourism business. To help you attract new customers, we have included a selection of county videos for use on your own social media accounts. Find your county below, download the video and share it on Facebook or Instagram to entice new visitors.





15 second ad suitable for Facebook or Instagram Stories

15 second ad suitable for Facebook or Instagram feed




If you are making your own videos to promote your business, there are lots of free clips from all over the country on Ireland’s Content Pool


Don’t see your county video here? Check out the Marketing Toolbox for campaign images and social media assets you can use instead. There’s content for every county! Waterford






8 KEEP DISCOVERING | MARKETING TOOLKIT Keep Discovering Photography and Video
15 second ad suitable for Facebook or Instagram
second ad suitable for Facebook or Instagram
second ad suitable for Facebook or Instagram Stories
second ad suitable for Facebook or Instagram feed
second ad suitable for Facebook or Instagram Stories
second ad suitable for Facebook or Instagram feed
second ad suitable for Facebook or Instagram Stories
second ad suitable for Facebook or Instagram feed

Cork Donegal Clare Wexford

We love when you tag us

Don’t forget to tag us when you share the videos and use #KeepDiscovering. You can click on the social account links to follow us and feel free to share and repost content from our social channels.






















® 15 second ad suitable for Facebook or Instagram Stories 15 second ad suitable for Facebook or Instagram feed 15 second ad suitable for Facebook or Instagram Stories 15 second ad suitable for Facebook or Instagram feed 15 second ad suitable for Facebook or Instagram Stories 15 second ad suitable for Facebook or Instagram feed
second ad suitable for Facebook or Instagram Stories
second ad suitable for Facebook or Instagram feed
#lovedublin @thewildatlanticway @irelandswaw @wildatlanticway @wildatlanticway #wildatlanticway
second ad suitable for Facebook or Instagram Stories
second ad suitable for Facebook or Instagram feed

Attracting more visitors through social media

Social media plays a huge role in helping visitors discover new places and research and share their Irish holidays.

But Irish tourism businesses don’t always have the time or resources to make the most of social marketing and social word of mouth. To help you easily build out your social media content we have put together a suite of 30+ free, ready to go social graphics and customisable social frames you can use with your own images. You can use them on: Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.


“The assets told a really cool story. We were able to use the images in our social media plans, which saved us time, and they had a really cool call to action.”

Perfect your social media timing

Here are the recommended best times that travel and tourism businesses should post on social media. This is based on the performance of thousands of tourism and travel accounts.

Keep Discovering Social Media
Source: Sprout Social
Ideal Time Monday 11am - 3pm, Thursday 7am Monday 10am - 2pm, Wednesday 8am - 9am. Tuesday and Wednesday 9am - 1pm, Friday 10am-noon Ideal Day Thursday Monday, Tuesday Wednesday Days to avoid Saturday, Sunday Saturday Sunday
DO THIS NOW Update your details on your social profiles including opening hours, address, Eircode, email, website and contact number.

Keep Discovering Giphy stickers

Instagram Stories help you show your audience the spontaneous moments and experiences in your tourism business, like morning coffee overlooking the sea or behind the scenes meal prep.

Social tips

Take 30 minutes to plan your social calendar for the week ahead.

We’ve created a suite of fun Keep Discovering Giphys for you, our industry partners, and consumers to use. You can find them here or click the sticker icon on Instagram Stories and search ‘Keep Discovering’.

Download your banners here

Free Tool

Try a free tool like Later.com to speed up planning, managing and analysing the performance of your social media accounts.


Post 1- 2 times a week, use link posts to get traffic to your website.


Post 4-5 times a week, use 2+ hashtags (including #KeepDiscovering). Use Instagram Stories with the Keep Discovering Giphy Stickers

Use Emoji’s

Tag your location

Always tag the location of your image so people can see where you are based and how to get to you.

Keep Discovering social banners

We’ve created Keep Discovering social banners you can use to update your social media profiles on Facebook and YouTube. Monitor your social media performance each week to see if your best days and times are different from the norm and adjust your plan accordingly.

Download your guide here

Discovering the Irish language

Incorporating the Irish language into your marketing strategy is a fantastic way to celebrate Ireland, utilise global interest in our national language and enhance the visitor experience. Fáilte Ireland has developed a useful guide that can be used all year round to provide you with some key phrases, sayings and social assets that will enable you to enhance your visitor experience with the Irish language.


Keep Discovering Social Media

Social shareables and frames

We know that holidaymakers are looking for amazing things to do all over Ireland, so we’ve included a collection of frames and social shareables to promote your business across Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

Give your audience an incentive to book using our promotional value frames or choose from our selection of inspiring social captions. Enhance your Stories with our Keep Discovering posts or download assets for your county. From Donegal to Waterford, you can make your own content with these handy frames in minutes.

Use Our Official Hashtags








YOUR IMAGE HERE YOUR IMAGE HERE Make your own social media posts with this free tool
part of this toolkit, you can download lots of editable frames to use on social media. Check out this video for a step-by-step guide on how to customise these frames using your own images. GET frames for every county! Download frames and posts for your county here
in Canva or Photoshop.”
out our how-to guide for helpful tips on how to find assets for your county on the Marketing Toolbox.
“The social frames are very straightforward to use
- David Keenan, General Manager at Keenan’s Hotel

Value social media posts and frames

Check out the following ready-to-go social media posts and frames branded for the Keep Discovering campaign. You can also download frames for your local regional experience brand.

 Three nights for two

 Kids go free

 10% off

 Book now

 Free cancellation

 Romantic breaks

 Pet friendly

 Mid-week breaks

 Over 55+ specials

...and more

Download value social frames here


Check out the hashtag

#KeepDiscovering on Twitter and Instagram to see how other businesses have used these frames.

Download value social posts here

Inspirational posts and frames

Check out our inspirational social media posts and templates branded for the Keep Discovering campaign.

 Visit us this summer

 So many things to see and do here

 More adventures this way

 Plan your great Irish escape

Download inspirational social frames here


GET frames for Instagram Stories!

Download inspirational social posts here

Upgrade your Instagram and Facebook Stories with our Keep Discovering frames.

Download them here.


Using content to reach more visitors

People are consuming more digital content than ever, spending on average almost 7 hours a day* online. This presents a great opportunity to promote your tourism business online and reach new audiences. Users are more likely to share good, relatable content with their friends and family, so it’s important to give your followers content they find useful and will enjoy.

Whether you prefer blogging, social media or email marketing to tell your story, we have included a range of content ideas to support your business and inspire holidaymakers to visit.

Getting sociable online

Check out our sample posts to help you create enticing content you can use on social media. Our Keep Discovering social media calendar is filled with engaging ideas to use on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


Download the template to your desktop or tablet and copy and paste the content onto your own profile. Edit the copy to suit your business or regional experience brand before you post.

Don’t forget to make the most of our campaign imagery, videos and frames and spread the word by tagging #KeepDiscovering so more users have the potential to see your post.

Discovering Content
calendar here
DataReportal, Digital 2022 Global Overview Report
Keep Discovering social media

Increasing bookings with email

Email marketing is one of the most direct methods of communicating with your audience. It’s also an effective way of driving more bookings. In fact, email marketing has a higher conversion rate than social media marketing, making it a great option for businesses on a tight budget.

When it comes to creating a successful email, there are a few things to

Get email templates here

consider. To help you get started, we’ve created a selection of email templates for tourism businesses. Check out our top tips and download the templates.


Check out our Email Marketing Guide for more templates and tips on how to create great emails that readers will want to open.

Making the most of Discover Ireland content

Creating your own content is a fantastic way to market your business but sharing ready-made content from other sources can also be effective, not to mention timesaving. There’s lots of great content

you can link to on our consumer websites DiscoverIreland.ie and VisitDublin.com Search for your business or county to find engaging stories you can share through links on your website, on social


tips to optimise your emails

1 Use a short and snappy subject line which summarises the content of the email.

2 Personalise the email with the reader’s name in the introduction.

3 The copy in the body of your email should be friendly and informative.

4 Less text is more. Break up your copy with showstopping images to make it easier to read.

5 Include an enticing call-toaction at the end of your email to encourage clickthroughs.

media and in emails. These blog posts are packed with up-to-date information on everything your destination has to offer to help your followers plan a visit or short break.


Found an article or video that you know your audience will love? Share it on social media to create engagement and encourage conversation. Don’t forget to credit the original creator.


Updating your business listing

Your DiscoverIreland.ie or VisitDublin.com listing is a great way to showcase your business to a wide audience of holidaymakers. When you’re creating or updating your listing, make sure the information you include is accurate and relevant, and choose the best images to promote your business. The more informative your listing, the more potential visitors can start to understand why your business should be top of their list of places to visit. Set a recurring calendar notification to update your listing every quarter.

Update your listing here


If you don’t have a listing on DiscoverIreland.ie or VisitDublin.com, you can set one up for free. Simply fill out your details on this form

16 KEEP DISCOVERING | Keep Discovering Content

Promoting your event

Have you got an upcoming event that you want everyone to know about? Promoting your event on our consumer websites is a great way to build brand awareness and ensure your event receives maximum exposure. Our ‘What’s on’ pages showcase fantastic events taking place across Ireland.

Showcase your event

From theatre, music and literature to a family-friendly festival, we welcome applications for all types of events. You can submit an event happening this year or next for promotion. Just register through our online portal.


1. A good title and description to capture readers’ attention.

2. Confirmed event dates.

3. A link to the event online so users can find out more about the event e.g. a 'Book Now' page on your website.

4. An event email address.

5. A high-quality image to promote the event.


10 things to do right nowKeep Discovering checklist

Update your website with the Keep Discovering industry partner logo. Link the home page of your website to the most relevant content or destination page on DiscoverIreland.ie or VisitDublin.com

Update your business and event listings on Discover Ireland or Visit Dublin. Click here to update your listing and showcase your business to thousands of Irish people visiting the websites each day.

Update your Google My Business listing with your opening hours, new photos and business details to make sure you show up when visitors search online. Find out how to edit or claim your listing in our Google My Business Guide

Check out Fáilte Ireland’s Marketing Toolbox for free Keep Discovering images to use on your website, social media channels and emails.

Customise your own images with our branded Keep Discovering frames There’s one for every county.

Download our email marketing templates to optimise your engagement and drive more bookings.

Update your Facebook and YouTube profiles with our Keep Discovering banners.

Update your social media calendar using our handy template and find inspiring copy to share on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Share our Keep Discovering campaign videos (page 7) with your online followers and tag #KeepDiscovering

Post on Instagram and Facebook Stories using the Keep Discovering frames and Giphys.

1 2 3 4 6 5 7 8 9 10

Liz Halpin Head of Dublin Region dublin@failteireland.ie Our regional experience brand teams are also here to help you. Get in touch with your relevant regional team if you have specific questions.

Miriam Kennedy Head of Wild Atlantic Way waw@failteireland.ie

Paddy Mathews Head of Ireland’s Hidden Heartlands ihh@failteireland.ie

Brian O’Flynn Head of Ireland’s Ancient East irelands.ancienteast@failteireland.ie

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business? Fáilte Ireland has created an extensive range of business supports with industry experts and sector bodies. Visit our Business Supports Hub or click on a support suite below.
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