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Contents Indonesia Natural Dyeing Workshop [Bali] East Bali Instagram Trail with Female Photographer [Bali]

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Thailand Thai Cooking Experience with Female Chef [Nakhon Pathom] Muay Thai Experience with Female Instructor [Bangkok]

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Malaysia & Borneo Dining Experience with an Escapee [Kuala Lumpur] Peranakan Beaded Shoe Crafting Class [Penang] Sustainable Fashion Experience in KL Private Tour [Kuala Lumpur]

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Cambodia Golden Silk – Empowering Women Initiative [Siem Reap] Basket Weaving in the Cambodian Countryside [Siem Reap]

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Laos Silk Weaving Experience at Ock Pop Tok [Luang Prabang]


Myanmar Myanmar – A Day with the Buddhist Nuns of Mandalay [Mandalay]


Japan Obanzai Home Cooking [Kyoto]


Vietnam Culture & Creativity in Saigon [Saigon]


China Paper Fan Painting with Female Master [Xi’an] Chinese-inspired Jewellery Workshop [Xi’an]

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Hong Kong Beauty, Culture and Wellness in Hong Kong [Hong Kong]


Mexico Mexican Cooking Class [Cancun]


Costa Rica Rainforest Chocolate Tour [Arenal] A Taste of Costa Rican Cuisine [Arenal]

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At Discova, we promote equality and diversity across all aspects of our business. 52% of Discova staff are women, and 59% of our leadership positions are held by women. As a global business, we face equality challenges every day, but we also recognise our opportunity to do something about it. The travel industry is not exempt from gender-based inequality, which is why we felt the necessity to create our Women in Travel tour selection. When we launched our Women in Travel range in 2018, the goal was simple. We wanted to use our global reach to celebrate female business owners, guides and experts from across the cities and communities we work in. By creating these experiences, we can directly support women in fulfilling their economic independence and potential. After a successful launch, which achieved tremendous praise and up-take from our partners worldwide, we have expanded our range. Our Women in Travel experiences are now operating in 12 countries, with exciting plans for further growth. Ask our tailor-made travel team and they will happily provide you with suggestions from our latest range.


Natural Dyeing Workshop Bali, Indonesia

Women in Travel

This tour promotes the ethical and sustainable Balinese natural dyeing process. Join a Sulawesi woman in her workshop as she guides travellers in her craft, from bundle dyeing to immersion dyeing. Learn how to create natural dyes from plants harvested from the garden, and then discover the secrets of how to preserve and protect the dyed clothing from fading. All of the design and craftsmanship uses raw materials and is a zero-waste process, promoting sustainable living.

East Bali Instagram Trail with Female Photographer Bali, Indonesia Tick off all the most photogenic hotspots on this tour with a professional female photographer. Start the day early to capture the famous Heaven Gate of Lempuyang during the ‘golden hour’ of sunrise, using tricks of the light to create the perfect snapshot. Continue on to Tirta Gangga Water Palace for more impressive backdrops before heading to Bukit Asah, a hillside viewpoint offering an incredible landscape of the Balinese coastline. The final shooting spot is at Virgin beach, complete with local fishing boats, crystal clear water and clean white sand.

Discova the Difference This tour is only available through Discova.

Thai Cooking Experience with Female Chef Nakhon Pathom, Thailand This is an opportunity to explore a rural area around Bangkok and get to know knowledgeable and charismatic chef, Miss Aoy. Together, visit a vibrant local market famous for its wide variety of brightly-coloured flowers before visiting a local temple. All the while, engage in conversation and learn about local life in this little-visited area. Next, it’s time to purchase ingredients at another market, where Miss Aoy will instruct in all the local fruits, vegetables, and the mostlauded spices. Take a scenic boat ride along the river to an open-air kitchen area – the classroom in which the whole group will prepare, present, and – most importantly – eat the delicious Thai dishes.

Muay Thai Experience with Female Instructor Bangkok, Thailand Attend a 90 to 120-minute class at the Luk Tup Fah Muay Thai Academy. Luk Tup Fah offers the most authentic Thai martial arts experience. Train with an experienced female instructor ready to share their expert techniques and teach the right moves. The tour is suitable for any level of learner; beginner, intermediate, or advanced. Travellers often enjoy the camp environment, getting a feel for the life of a fighter while becoming one themselves.

Discova the Difference Muay Thai is a male-dominated sport with plenty of male trainers in Thailand. However, with our exclusive experience, it'll be a female trainer getting you in shape.

Dining Experience With an Escapee Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Women in Travel

Malaysia is home to many refugees escaping various different circumstances. On this tour, a female chef engages in gastrodiplomacy – the practice of spreading understanding and stories through a universal language we can all understand, a delicious meal. Spend the evening learning about her traumatic story, and the stories of others like her, while also gaining some culinary skills as the whole group will help prepare and present the dishes. These evenings empower the female refugees, supporting them economically on their journey and spreading some valuable lessons.

Peranakan Beaded Shoe Crafting Class Penang, Malaysia Luxurious and elegant – the artistic Nyonya culture blends Chinese and Malay styles to create wonderfully beaded shoe designs. On this trip, visit the prestigious Nyonya museum and observe the unique artworks and antiques on show, gaining inspiration for the design. Pick and match the colourful beads from a broad selection before the expert tutor inspects and gives advice and direction. Lastly, either frame the beaded artwork or commit to making it into shoes to take home.

Discova the Difference Meet Lillian, our local Nyonya guide and crafting master. Her classes are packed with fun as she fulfils her ambition to support and spread this traditional art form.

Sustainable Fashion Experience in KL Private Tour Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Explore the world of responsible fashion on a half-day exclusive experience with a self-taught fashion designer-cum-model in KL. Join Joy as she shares her knowledge of the fashion industry, its negative impacts, and what we can do to support responsible fashion. Engage in conversation in one of the most instagrammable cafes in KL, sharing tips and practices before visiting two local shops with good thrifting opportunities. The aim is to show that you can still be stylish and sustainable at the same time. Finish the tour showcasing the new looks with some tips from the model.

Discova the Difference This tour is only available through Discova.

Golden Silk – Empowering Women Initiative Cambodia

Women in Travel

This program provides a source of income for marginalised women in Cambodian society. Travellers get to learn how beautiful Khmer silk is made while interacting with the women and gaining insights into the local life of their village. However, it’s not just about learning and supporting this traditional craft. After a demonstration, travellers will be encouraged to get creative and create some Khmer silk of their own – with an expert on hand to give guidance.

Basket Weaving in the Cambodian Countryside Siem Reap, Cambodia Leave behind the hustle and bustle of the city and travel through pristine rice paddies and charming stilted villages en route to the village of Phum Konseng Leu. Enjoy a walking tour of the charming village and observe the fascinating practice of bamboo weaving - this traditional art form is predominantly carried out by female villagers who will provide guidance and support for those wanting to try weaving for themselves. Experience a true taste of rural Cambodia whilst helping to support the craftsmanship of local women in this fascinating half-day experience.

Silk Weaving Experience at Ock Pop Tok Luang Prabang, Laos Learn more about the fascinating world of Lao textiles and handicrafts from a female master-weaver. This class starts with a morning of selecting colours, gathering plants, and then preparing natural dyes using traditional Lao recipes. After dying three small silk skeins to take home, it’s time to get on the loom and, with the guidance of an expert, go through the process of weaving a silk scarf. Learn the exciting skills of dyeing and weaving, and take home the creations.


Discova the Difference Ock Pop Tok (meaning “East Meets West” in Lao) was founded on the principles of fair trade and sustainable business practices, and the original concept was to bring people together through textiles to exchange knowledge and ideas. Collaborate with this artisanal social enterprise with Discova.

Myanmar – A Day with the Buddhist Nuns of Mandalay Mandalay, Myanmar

Women in Travel

Experience a wholly different way of life in this day-long excursion to meet the Buddhist Nuns of Mandalay. After a scenic drive over the Irrawaddy River, arrive at the fascinating Sagaing Buddhist Nunnery. This spiritual place is home to more than 6,000 Buddhist nuns who dress in wonderfully vivid pink robes. Follow their daily schedule, learn about their lives and deepen your understanding of Buddhism before taking part in a 30-minute guided meditation. Enjoy a home-made vegetarian lunch before exploring the well-maintained complex—a fascinating way to learn about the culture and religion of this mesmerising place.

Obanzai Home Cooking Kyoto, Japan Take a cooking class in a Japanese home with a local female instructor to learn about Obanzai, one of Kyoto’s traditional cuisines. With precise rules such as the obligation to use local ingredients in your preparation and minute attention to detail, Obanzai is recognised as part of the city’s cultural heritage. Created in collaboration with a local association promoting women’s emancipation by employing exclusively female guides and female-owned shops and businesses, the three-hour tour teaches the travellers to cook o-banzai vegetarian style and, the best part, enjoy the creations after!

Culture & Creativity in Saigon Saigon, Vietnam Take in the stunning architecture of the famous Ho Chi Minh Museum of Fine Art and peruse some of the region's most impressive pieces. Visit a local artist’s house, which she has transformed into a unique art gallery with the mission of encouraging young people to create. Try the colourful and creative art form of glass bottle decorating and take a masterpiece away as a souvenir. A wonderfully creative day that is perfect for art lovers.


Paper Fan Painting with Female Master Xi’an, China

Women in Travel

Create a masterpiece the traditional way in this wonderfully artistic half-day experience. Explore the tranquil Small Wild Goose Pagoda, a fascinating site of ancient history boasting elaborate architecture and a fascinating heritage. Learn the ancient art of fan painting from a female master, exploring the techniques and skills required to make a beautiful piece of artwork that can be kept as a keepsake of this wonderful day.

Chinese-Inspired Jewellery Workshop Xi’an, China Create a totally unique piece of jewellery and work under the expert guidance of a female workshop leader in this half-day experience. Choose to create earrings, rings or bracelets and add personal touches, including beads, tassels and ropes to these Chinese-inspired accessories. An excellent half-day experience that supports a female-led business and provides the opportunity to create a unique, personal memento as a reminder of time spent in Xi’an.

Beauty, Culture and Wellness in Hong Kong Hong Kong Wander through the spectacular Nan Ling Garden and take in lush, colourful vistas as a local guide points out the best photography spots. Witness the modern cultural heritage of Hong Kong at HKWALLS - a non-profit organisation that aims to create opportunities for artists to showcase their talent, exhibiting works from some of the finest graffiti artists in Asia. End the morning with a soothing foot-steaming treatment designed specifically for women and believed to energise and invigorate - a relaxing half-day of beauty, culture and wellness.

Mexican Cooking Class Cancun, Mexico Learn to cook authentic Mexican dishes from a female chef during an interactive cooking activity to celebrate Mexican culture and cuisine. First, head to the organic garden to see the source of some of the ingredients, then set about creating 6 emblematic dishes, following the example of our professional chef. Throughout, feel the Mexican vibes with some music, snacks, and local drinks – including a possible tequila or two – to make this a cultural as well as a culinary experience. After masterfully imitating our chef’s skills, sit down together and enjoy the feast!

Women in Travel

Rainforest Chocolate Tour Arenal, Costa Rica With the view of the majestic Arenal Volcano in La Fortuna of San Carlos, enjoy the sweetest rainforest experiencediscoveringtheancientsecretsofchocolate. Learn about the role chocolate has played for centuries in the Mesoamerican culture, from being used as currency to its role in ritual ceremonies. In fact, cacao is even considered a healthy superfood in Costa Rica. Raw cacao is antioxidant, anticarcinogenic, and antiinflammatory, and can improve many aspects of our health. Learn about the whole chocolate production process from expert female guides, from harvesting the fruit to drying and grinding the seed to turning this into the delicious chocolate we all know and love. Of course, finish the trip with a little indulgence by tasting the rich, organic chocolate.


A Taste of Costa Rican Cuisine Arenal, Costa Rica Enjoy a guided journey to a farm to learn about traditional and non-traditional crops and gather tubers, fruits, and vegetables that have been organically produced. This is an educational tour where visitors interact with the host family while learning about responsible production methods in harmony with the environment. Later on, at the farm’s restaurant, use the ingredients collected in a typical Costa Rican cuisine class. Learn how to prepare traditional recipes from expert female instructors and share stories with a rural Costa Rican family over dinner.



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