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Danu Temple, Bali
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Indonesia Destination Guide Wayan Hulu Mahendra (Hulu) Tour Guide, Bali

Selamat datang and welcome to Indonesia!

My name is Hulu Wayan and I’m a tour guide from Bali – one of the over 17,000 islands comprising Indonesia.

What I love about my home country is definitely its diversity. With hundreds of languages and ethnic groups, Indonesia is a colourful mosaic of cultures, unique customs, rich heritage and fascinating history. At the same time, Indonesia’s range of landscapes is as vast as it is spectacular. With scenery stretching from the lofty peaks of volcanoes to magical beaches and into the depths of untouched rainforest, the archipelago is a veritable playground for adventurers.

Indian Ocean Sumatra Java Kalimantan Borneo

Climate & Weather Averages of Indonesia

Located close to the equator, the Indonesian archipelago offers tropical warm temperatures throughout the year and is characterised by two seasons – wet and dry. The climate varies between regions, but in most parts of the country, including Bali and Java, more regular downpours should be expected between November and April, whilst from May to October the weather is usually dry, with the highest tourist numbers in July and August.

Pacific Ocean Sulawesi Raja Ampat Islands Flores Komodo National Park
Cold Jan Destination
Sumatra Medan Java Jakarta Bali Denpasar & Ubud Raja Ampat Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Temperatures can rise up to 32 ºC during the day, but can fall below 15 ºC at night. Warm Temperatures usually between 24 ºC and 33 ºC Hot Temperatures rise above 34 ºC Rain Regular rainfall with high humidity and temperatures usually between 25 ºC and 33 ºC
* The actual climate of Indonesia’s Regions can vary a bit

Things to Know Indonesia


282 million

Capital City Time Zone


UTC +7, UTC +8, UTC +9


Bahasa Indonesian, Balinese, Javanese and many other local languages.


The country’s official currency is Indonesian Rupiah (IDR). Banks and money changers exchange most major foreign currencies, with the US dollar being the most widely accepted one. ATMs are also widely available across cities and major tourist areas; however, it is recommended to bring enough cash when travelling to more remote and rural regions.


Entering Indonesia now requires a valid visa (Visa on Arrival) for 89 nationalities that can be obtained upon arrival at Indonesia’s international airports. The visa on arrival facilitates travellers for a visit visa (tourism purpose) of no more than 30 days.


Indonesia Destination Guide


Experiencing local traditions

Nyepi, Balinese New Year

Indonesia, March 25th - 26th

Nyepi, Balinese New Year, is one of most important festivals across the island. The Hindu celebration usually falls around March or April and sees the entire island shut down –including electricity and the airport – for a day of silence, fasting and meditation.

Lebaran (or Idul Fitri).

Indonesia, May 26th - 29th

Most of Indonesia celebrates Lebaran (or Idul Fitri). Marking the end of the Muslim fasting month of Ramadan, this two-day holiday is celebrated with special prayers, feasts and gifts.

Available Fleet

In Indonesia, Discova owns and operates a fleet of 50 vehicles. This includes:

Indonesia Destination Guide
10 Toyota Hiace (15 seats) 20 Toyota Innova (7 seats) 20 Toyota Innova Hybrid (7 seats)
Prambanan Temple, Indonesia

Responsible Travel Initiatives

Local Guide Ambassador Program

At Discova, we’re committed to supporting local communities and empowering marginalised groups to participate in sustainable tourism development. Our Local Guide Ambassador Program provides tools and opportunities for Indonesian youth to access education and find work opportunities. With this program we provide a six- month education scholarship for disadvantaged youth to become the next generation of exceptional tour guides.


We recognise the tourism industry’s contribution to plastic waste. As such, we no longer provide plastic bottles for GIT guests in Indonesia, instead offering them refillable bottles that can be refilled from the gallons provided in our vehicles.

Social Enterprises...

...are an easy and sustainable way to give back to local communities. In Indonesia, we work with social enterprises that empower local artisans, create opportunities for rural communities and recycle ocean plastic.

Local Community

From joining seaweed farmers on Nusa Penida to experiencing community-led tourism in Manggis, East Bali, your travellers can enjoy meaningful, responsible local life immersions throughout Bali. In Manggis Village, they can discover unique Balinese traditions and a beautiful sustainable development story with a stay in our retreat, Kaura Bali.

Protecting Children

The ChildSafe Movement trains individuals and organisations and provides them with the tools to protect children and youth. Your travellers can rest assured that they follow child safeguarding standards when they travel with Discova, and that all of our global staff are ChildSafe trained, from our tour guides right to our top management teams.

Indonesia Destination Guide

What to Eat

Local flavours and delights

Gado - Gado

Literally “mix-mix,” it’s one of Indonesia’s best-known dishes, essentially a vegetable salad bathed in the country’s classic peanut sauce. At its base are boiled long beans, spinach, potato, corn, egg and bean sprouts coupled with cucumber, tofu and tempe.


This may be one of the most popular dishes internationally and for good reason. Pieces of meat are threaded on to a wooden skewer, cooked over fire and served with a distinctive peanut dipping sauce.

Babi Guling

Bali Guling, also known as “suckling pig,” is a traditional dish that captures the essence of Balinese cuisine. Slow-roasted to perfection, the succulent pork is infused with fragrant spices and herbs, creating a harmonious blend of flavors that dance on your palate. The crispy crackling skin gives way to tender, juicy meat, offering a delightful contrast in each bite.

“Travellers who want to taste some local food should try ‘Babi Guling’, suckling pig infused with Balinese spices and roasted on a spit until the meat is succulent and moist meat and crunchy crackling. This is typically served during ceremonies, but you can find it in many local eateries any day.”

Explore Our Regions

Indonesia Destination Guide
Java Java Sea

Away Bali Legian Camakila

Nestled between Legian Beach and a bustling shopping and entertainment street, Away Bali Legian Camakila provides guests with the best of both worlds: breathtaking beach sunsets and stunning views of the Indian Ocean, along with a charming contemporary Balinese ambiance. With 117 rooms and suites, it offers Azaa Restaurant and Bar serving delicious Balinese and International cuisine all day. The Beach House features an infinity pool and bar, an ideal spot to enjoy the magnificent Balinese sunsets, while Salila Spa provides the ultimate pampering experience.



Having made its mark on the world travellers’ map decades ago, Bali is Indonesia’s foremost tourist destination – for good reason. Nicknamed the ‘Island of Gods’, Bali is blessed with incredible nature and fascinating culture in equal measures. A place where metre-high waves crash against craggy cliffs that cradle ancient Hindu temples; where active volcanoes rise above verdant rice terraces; and where deep-rooted spiritual practice is as prevalent as the island’s hip boutiques and swanky bars.

Indonesia Destination Guide
Badung Strait Bali Sea Bali • Kuta • Jimbaran • SanurNusa Penida 1 Chasing Waterfalls in Bali 2 Batur Sunset Trek 3 In Search of Indonesian Tattoo Culture 4 Temple Blessing and Fine Dining Experience • Munduk • Manggis • Kintamani • Ubud 5 6D5N Bali Feast On 6 Home Cooking Experience at Chef’s Residence 7 Private Sunset Cocktail Making Workshop at Rock Bar

1. Chasing Waterfalls in Bali

A full-day exploration of Bali’s best waterfalls, from popular cascades to hidden gems. During the trek, visitors wander through the lush rainforest and take refreshing dips in the natural pools of some of the island’s most beautiful waterfalls. The adventure culminates with an optional photo stop at the iconic Handara Gate in Bali’s scenic north.

2. Batur Sunset Trek

Travellers can experience the beauty of Bali from atop Mount Batur during the afternoon’s golden hours. A two-hour hike will lead to a stunning sunset view of the mountainous Kintamani region. Skilled guides will lead travellers through lush forests and volcanic formations, imparting cultural insights along the way. This tour is perfect for those looking for both adventure and a chance to capture special memories.

Indonesia Destination Guide
The Discova Difference: Over 300 people hike Mt. Batur every day to see the sunrise, but your travellers have the option to avoid the crowds and enjoy the sunset alone, with the entire volcano to themselves.

3. In Search of Indonesian Tattoo Culture

Indonesian people view tattoos as an art form that is permanently etched into the skin. Not only are tattoos a form of creative expression, but they are also seen as a symbol of masculinity, religious beliefs, and personal interests. Those seeking to gain a deeper understanding of Indonesian tattoo culture can embark on a half-day walking tour in Ubud. This tour offers travellers the chance to have close encounters with a shaman and a tattoo artist to gain a greater understanding of the culture.

4. Temple Blessing and Fine Dining Experience

Travellers spend a half-day afternoon exploring some of the most famous Balinese temples of the island, and can learn about Bali’s revered water purification ceremony. At the end of the journey, travellers a fine dining experience in Ubud awaits, where guests can enjoy a European tradition of having pre-dinner drinks and canapés before the main meal.

The Discova Difference: A Discova-exclusive product in collaboration with local artists. Only bookable through Discova.

5. 6D5N Bali Feast On

Covering 6 days, this culinary journey features a whole host of opportunities to get to grips with Balinese cuisine and culture. Your travellers will learn about Balinese cooking techniques, as well as how to prepare raw, healthy foods, through two delicious cooking classes. On another day, after a peaceful, early morning cycle through the sleepy streets of Sanur, they can tuck into the local breakfast fare of mixed rice and traditional cakes. Later on, they can savour the famous suckling pig – a juicy pork dish that is full of flavour and spices. The final stop on this delectable journey is a secluded bar on a limestone cliff, where travellers can enjoy a signature cocktail and witness an incredible island sunset.

6. Home Cooking Experience at Chef’s Residence

Travellers can experience an easy, fun and super enjoyable experience in Malaika’s open kitchen as she, a princess of one of Bali’s royal families and an acclaimed chef, shares her knowledge of cooking with a twist of raw, vegan and authentic Balinese cuisine, including some of the secret royal Balinese recipes.

Indonesia Destination Guide
The Discova Difference: This is a culinary adventure itinerary arrranged by Discova to give exclusive access to a chef’s kitchen.

7. Private Sunset Cocktail Making Workshop at Rock Bar

Widely considered as one of the best bars in the world, we team up with the Rock Bar team to bring this exclusive, private cocktail making workshop to your travellers. Perched on a cliff’s edge 14 metres above the ocean, the bar is renowned for its next-level sunset views.

Munduk, Bali, Indonesia

Recommended Hotels in Bali


Cross Bali Breakers

Cross Bali Breakers Resort is beautifully located for those who want to escape the hustle and bustle to just relax and unwind. This Bali villa accommodation is set on the southern peninsula of Bali, a short drive away from the region of Jimbaran and popular Balangan surf beach, while local restaurants and cafes are within walking distance. The 5-star resort features modern pool villas and top-class facilities including spa, cross fit, restaurants, and bars including a pool bar in one of the three swimming pools.


Tanadewa Villas & Spa Nusa Dua by Cross Collection

Tanadewa Villas and Spa Nusa Dua by Cross Collection, located just 10 minutes away from Nusa Dua’s pristine white sands and crystal-clear waters, offers guests the choice of one or two-bedroom private pool villas. Stay fit at the gym and indulge in delectable delights at Tana Lounge, the hotel’s all-day dining and drinking destination with breathtaking views of Benoa Harbour. Tanaspa provides blissful treatments, and dreamy wedding packages are also available.

Indonesia Destination Guide

Taksu Sanur

Taksu Sanur charmingly intertwines hospitality with the traditions of the Balinese culture and religion. Located 20 minutes from Ngurah Rai International Airport, 300 metres from peaceful Sanur Beach, and near charming restaurants and cafes, Taksu is perfect for business breaks or seaside holidays (and is within walking distance of one of Bali’s best sunrise spots).

Maya Sanur Resort & Spa

Maya Sanur Resort & Spa is a stylish 5 star luxury beachfront resort with 103 thoughtfully conceptualized rooms, three elegant swimming pools, including a 158-metre lagoon pool, the world award-winning Spa at Maya, and three dining venues, including beachfront restaurant and bar with majestic ocean view.

Maya Ubud Resort & Spa

Maya Ubud Resort & Spa unfolds gently across 20 hectares of lush tropical landscape and rice paddy fields, featuring 108 architect-designed thatched roof private suites and villas, two infinity pools, an award-winning spa nestled along the river bank, and three dining venues, including an Italian-inspired cafe that overhangs the banks of Petanu River.


Recommended Hotels in Bali


Tanadewa Resort & Spa Ubud by Cross Collection

Nestled amidst verdant jungle and a meandering river, Tanadewa Resort & Spa Ubud by Cross Collection offers a picturesque retreat with exceptional facilities and service. Located a short drive from Ubud center, the resort presents timeless, contemporary Balinese suites and villas. Guests can enjoy diverse dining choices, relax by the infinity pool surrounded by lush scenery, work out in the gym, and indulge in soothing treatments at Tanaspa.


Kajane Yangloni

Travellers looking for a retreat in Ubud need look no further than KajaNe Yangloni, just 5 minutes from the heart of Ubud. Wooden luxury antique villas and mansion rooms are designed to offer a quality stay with traditional feel and modern facilities and services. KajaNe Yangloni also features a gym and yoga studio, providing a healthy lifestyle. With all needs for an escape catered to, KajaNe Yangloni is the perfect choice for a relaxing Ubud stay.

Indonesia Destination Guide

Arma Resort and Museum

Embedded in lush Balinese gardens, the Arma Resort provides travellers with an elegant, tranquil and serene environment. It is a genuine refuge for people seeking an alternative to the often hectic settings their lives are surrounded by and an escape into a space where pressure and barriers dissolve. It is the Resort’s commitment to welcome travellers in an uncompromised environment, sharing with them the real Bali.

Adiwana Resort Jembawan

Adiwana Resort Jembawan is a boutique wellness retreat in the heart of Ubud that focuses on body, mind and spirit of rejuvenation. With its team of onsite experts, including an Ayurvedic practitioner and yoga instructor, the resort offers lifestyle programs that are tailored to address any specific health concerns guests may have. Designed by Ground Kent Architect, based in Perth, the 41 spacious rooms and suites are built with contemporary Bali in mind.

Adiwana Unagi Suite

Travellers staying at Adiwana Unagi Suites are able to enjoy the convenience of being a stone’s throw away from Ubud’s finest attractions, while also having a quiet haven to retreat to. The spacious suites have been decorated by the skilful artisans from Ubud with their finest craftsmanship. Located in the heart of Ubud, only metres away from the famous Ubud Palace, Adiwana Unagi Suites is the perfect home away from home.


Manggis & KAURA

Traditional Cooking Classes

Indonesia Destination Guide
Indian Ocean Tenganan
the Beach - Cycling Excursion 1
Village Walk 2
From the Village to
and Golden Brahma Statue Hike 3

Kaura Bali

Kaura Bali is an immersive retreat that combines comfort with sustainability and cultural discovery, located in the jungle-clad hills of Manggis, East Bali. Created with mindful touches and offerings, the retreat provides beautifully-set 22 pavilions, a stunning infinity lap pool with a view of the farmland and ocean below, and a range of community-led activities that give a unique window into the local Balinese life and spirit. More than a place to sleep, Kaura Bali is a once-in-a-lifetime immersive village experience, built on the foundations of a heart-warming community development story.


1. From the Village to the Beach - Cycling Excursion

Travellers cycle through the broader area surrounding the Manggis community using pedal assist e-bikes. They will ride an undulating ridgeline with clear-day views out to the sea and nearvy volcano, and enjoy quiet roads through colourful, rural landscapes. A bee farm with an unusual, heartwarming story, tucked away into a vast garden, is one of the charming stops on this route. From here, guests will pass through scenic rice farming areas on the way to a stunning white-sand beach, where a swim and a delicious lunch await them.

2. Manggis Village Walk

A slow walk of the village with a local community member who has been directly involved in the development initiatives that formed the original, foundational relationship between Discova and the greater Manggis community. Guests will see the main irrigation canal that was repaired, thereby restoring irrigation and agricultural prosperity to the community, and learn about the organic fertilizer program that has increased crop yields and reduced damage to the soil.

Indonesia Destination Guide
The Discova Difference: Beautiful, informative stories about the background of Manggis’ development and the emergence of Kaura Bali, guided by a village ambassador. The Discova Difference: A stunning route through the rural countryside to one of Bali’s loveliest beaches. This is an exclusive experience provided by Discova only.

3. Waterfall and Golden Brahma Statue Hike

Guests explore the hidden trails of the Manggis area on this challenging, but rewarding walk to Jagasatru Waterfall. Starting from Kaura, it takes around three hours to reach the falls, walking through lush forest and weaving through clusters of homes where bantam chickens forage and children play. The waterfall is a stunning site and the pool formed at its base is a great spot to cool off after the walk. Sitting next to a giant statue of Brahma, the waterfall is a spiritual place for local Balinese. This is a great way to stretch the legs, get the heart pumping and get well off the beaten path with experienced hiking guides.

4. Manggis Farming Immersion

To be fully immersed in Kaura Bali means to get hands-on with its staple crops. Guests spend the morning or afternoon alongside the cheerful farmers who have supported their families for generations in our fertile valley. To our uninitiated eyes, the life of a Balinese farmer looks idyllic and peaceful, but don’t be deceived, it is hard work. The relationship we have built with Manggis aims to increase the adoption of organic rice farming and provide an improved path to market for the farmers’ produce, thereby restoring dignity and prosperity to the once struggling community.

The Discova Difference: We have worked with the locals to find this challenging yet stunning route. This is an exclusive experience provided by Discova only. The Discova Difference: Discova collaborates with the community in Manggis Village to empower and develop the community while promoting sustainable living practices. This is an exclusive experience provided by Discova only.

5. Traditional Cooking Classes

Balinese food is flavourful, memorable, and best enjoyed when made together with the experts – the locals. Guests visit a family home and learn to cook tasty, much-loved local dishes with the women of Manggis, then enjoy the fruits of their labour together. Food prepared and shared together is a key element of Balinese culture and is an essential activity for anyone who regards food as an integral part of travel.

Indonesia Destination Guide
The Discova Difference: An authentic moment of sharing, during which the women of Manggis can impart their traditional cooking knowledge and skills to curious guests. This is an exclusive experience provided by Discova only. KAURA, Bali

Manggis, Bali


With more than 140 million inhabitants, Java is not only home to half of Indonesia’s population, but is, in fact, the most populous island in the world. Whilst modernity is found in Jakarta, the nation’s sprawling capital, it’s in Yogyakarta where Java’s artistic heritage is at its best. Exceptional sights abound, the island is dotted with ancient treasures such as the magnificent Borobudur Temple Complex and boasts some of the world’s most jaw-dropping volcanic landscapes.

Indonesia Destination Guide
Pantai Wedi
Klopo, East Java,
Java Java Sea Essence of Solo Full Day Tour 1 Yogyakarta Artisanal Adventure Full Day Tour 2 Trek to Nglanggeran ancient volcano Full Day Tour 3 Chasing Waterfalls in East Java 4 Yogyakarta Bali • Nglanggeran • Solo City • Malang • Yakarta • Bandung • Semarang

1. Essence of Solo Full Day Tour

Travellers explore the vibrant and historic city of Solo and its rich culture, cuisine, and art on a day trip from Yogyakarta. They can walk through the city’s historic landmarks and sample traditional Javanese snacks and sweets. Through a community-based tourism initiative, they can learn about the intricate process of batik-making and indulge in local delicacies. This day trip supports sustainable tourism and provides income opportunities for local communities. With the added convenience of the commuter line, this day trip is an excellent opportunity to step outside of Yogyakarta and into the authentic culture and lifestyle of Central Java.

2. Yogyakarta Artisanal Adventure Full Day Tour

An Artisanal Adventure in Yogyakarta with a day trip that will awaken your travellers’ inner creativity. At the Papermoon Puppet Theatre, they can discover the creative process behind puppetry and create their own masterpiece with the guidance of local artists. They can also indulge in a chocolate tasting experience that showcases the best of locally sourced cocoa, and learn about the art of chocolate-making. For lunch, they can enjoy a delightful picnic made with fresh, locally sourced ingredients at the picturesque Jiwa Jawi Resto surrounded by rice paddies. This Artisanal Adventure offers the perfect blend of creativity, indulgence, and relaxation that is sure to leave a lasting impression and cherished memories.

Indonesia Destination Guide
The Discova Difference: A travel experience combining art, culture, and cuisine, providing travellers with a learning opportunity that engages all the senses. The Discova Difference: An experience that supports community-based initiatives, which promote sustainable tourism and provide income opportunities for local communities.

3. Trek to Nglanggeran ancient volcano Full Day Tour

Travellers are invited to embark on an epic adventure with a day trip to Nglanggeran ancient volcano, an offthe-beaten-path gem in Yogyakarta. They can trek through the lush forest and up the steep slope of the mountain, passing unique rock formations and remnants of ancient lava flows along the way. The rewarding hike offers breathtaking panoramic views of the surrounding countryside, and a chance to connect with nature and experience the local culture. After the trek, they can indulge in a delicious local lunch at a nearby restaurant and visit a nearby village to learn about the local community’s daily life and traditions.

4. Chasing Waterfalls in East Java

A memorable experience of the natural wonders of East Java on a thrilling day trip to Tumpak Sewu and Goa Tetes Waterfall from Malang. Travellers embark on an exciting adventure as they trek down to the base of Tumpak Sewu, take a refreshing swim in the waterfall pool, and hike through the lush forest to reach Goa Tetes Waterfall. They can savour a delicious local lunch and enjoy the freedom to explore at their own pace. Stunning landscapes and cascading waterfalls await.

5. 3D2N Dieng Plateau Exploration

A three-day exploration of the stunning landscapes and cultural sites of the Dieng Plateau, a highland region in Central Java. Guests visit the ancient Hindu temples of Arjuna, Setia Budi, and Candi Gatutkaca, which date back to the 7th and 8th centuries. They also trek to the summit of Mount Sikunir for a breathtaking sunrise view, and explore the stunning Telaga Warna and Telaga Pengilon crater lakes. Within their jouney, they will enjoy a homestay experience with a local family and savour traditional cuisine.

6. 7D6N Karimunjawa Island Escape

Karimunjawa, an archipelago off the coast of Central Java, is the setting for this stunning 7-day island getaway. Guests can snorkel in the crystal-clear waters of Menjangan Besar Island and Cemara Kecil Island, and soak up the sun on white-sand beaches. Experienced divers can explore the underwater world on a scuba diving excursion, and then indulge in fresh seafood dishes. This beautiful week of sun, sand and sea is guaranteed to rejuvenate your travellers.

Indonesia Destination Guide
Tumpak Sewu waterfall, East Java, Indonesia

Recommended Hotels in Java

Plataran Heritage Borobudur

Guests of Plataran Heritage Borobudur Hotel & Convention Center in Magelang, Central Java, will be enchanted by its cultivated elegance and colonial charm, situated among the rice terraces of Kretek village with Borobudur Temple at their doorstep and the legendary Menoreh Hills as their backdrop. Plataran Heritage is an ideal choice for both leisure and business travellers, imbued with the mystical Borobudur atmosphere.

Gallery Prawirotaman Yogyakarta

Exquisite accomodation, business, leisure and authentic traditional dining experiences welcome guests at Gallery Prawirotaman Hotel in Yogyakarta. Every room and suite offers classic home comfort and panoramic views over the city. The refreshing décor is accented by local works of art and thoughtful touches to enhance the overall quality of stay.

Indonesia Destination Guide
Borobudur, Central Java, Indonesia

Pangalengan, Bandung, West Java, Indonesia

Other Regions


Lombok, Bali’s quieter neighbour, is a pristine paradise that boasts white-sand beaches, turquoise waters, and an authentic culture. From the legendary surf breaks of Kuta to the stunning waterfalls of Senaru, Lombok offers something for everyone. And when it comes to accommodation, the island has it all, from luxurious private villas to charming beachside bungalows. But perhaps the best thing about Lombok is its people, who are warm, welcoming, and eager to share their rich cultural traditions with visitors.


Flores is a gem waiting to be discovered by avid travellers seeking a unique and unforgettable destination. This breathtaking island in Indonesia is loved both locally and internationally for its pristine beaches, lush forests, and rich cultural heritage. From the stunning Komodo National Park, home to the world’s largest lizards, to the mesmerizing tri-coloured Kelimutu crater lakes, Flores has something to offer every kind of adventurer. The island also boasts an array of activities, such as hiking, snorkelling, and cultural tours, making it an ideal destination for those seeking an immersive experience.

Indonesia Destination Guide

Other Regions


Sumba Island offers a perfect blend of culinary delights, cultural immersion, and natural beauty. From the succulent grilled fish marinated in local spices to the towering megalithic tombs, Sumba is a feast for the senses. And when your travellers are ready to explore, surfing, trekking, horseback riding, village tours and so much more await. Accommodations include luxurious villas, cozy homestays, and eco-friendly lodges, which provide a glimpse into the local way of life. This lesser-visited island is a hidden gem that’s not to be missed.


Kalimantan, the Indonesian part of Borneo, is a nature lover’s paradise. This vast region is home to lush rainforests, mighty rivers, and a dizzying array of flora and fauna, including orangutans, proboscis monkeys, and hornbills. Kalimantan also offers a wealth of cultural experiences, from traditional Dayak villages and longhouses to vibrant floating markets and bustling cities. Kalimantan has the best in adventure experiences, with opportunities for jungle trekking, river cruises, and wildlife safaris. Visitors can stay in a range of accommodations, including jungle lodges, riverfront resorts, and homestays, providing a chance to connect with the local culture and environment.


on a 7D6N journey through Bali with our Best of Bali Bike Tour.

Tour by Bike, Foot & Snorkel through Bali’s Natural & Cultural Wonders

Invite your clients on a cycle touring adventure along the backroads of the Balinese countryside, soaking in the natural diversity and iconic landscapes of this paradisiacal island on two wheels. The itinerary includes hikes and cycles through lush tropical settings on carefully crafted routes, designed to be accessible for all skill levels. Travellers experience the charms of rural life and savour local specialties, while gaining comprehensive and immersive insight into Bali’s culture and traditions.

Indonesia Destination Guide
Sample Itinerary Bali

Balinese rural life cycling along less touristy backroads

Connecting with local villagers at the Kaura Bali Retreat

A snorkel through coral reefs and a sunken USAT Liberty cargo ship

Learning experiences of Balinese culture and tradecrafts through community-led projects

A hike through the quiet rural countryside and lush tropical forest

The serenity and spirituality of Bali’s emblematic temples

Danau Batur

Gn. Agung


• • • • • •
Mount Batur
Badung Strait
Bali Sea Bali Ubud Manggis
Nusa Penida
• Kuta

Day 1: Meet in Ubud, Northern Loop Ride

Cycling: 40km/24mi

First impressions: travellers explore the Ubud’s idyllic countryside and culture on a meandering bike ride. Along the way, they will pass idyllic rice paddies and lush greenery, and sample local coffee and coconuts. Greeted warmly by locals, they will come across temples and can catch glimpses of a special ceremony or two. Included are a local lunch of nasi campur along stunning rice fields, and a delicious evening feast back at the hotel.

Day 2: Ubud, West Loop Ride

Cycling: 63km/39mi

The day starts early with a ride out west to observe locals entering temples for morning prayers and farmers preparing for the day. Midmorning, guests will stop for a rejuvenating coffee at a local market. From here they will continue onwards to experience a traditional water purification ceremony alongside locals, then visit the Monkey Forest Sanctuary to observe the playful monkeys in their natural habitat. Travellers can then look forward to a typical local lunch, served in the home of a welcoming villager, before investigating more backroads on the way back to Ubud.

Day 3: View Mt Batur, Cycle to Manggis

Riding: 52km/32mi

Time to make their way to the Kaura Bali retreat. The route transitions from rolling rice fields to the rich geological formations around the volcanic Mt Batur. Their guide will help identify the effects of the various previous volcanic eruptions on the natural landscape. After a cycle up a short, steady incline, they will enjoy coffee with an epic view of the mountain. The tour then continues to Penglipuran Village, a living museum of Balinese culture. Once at their final destination of the day, Kaura Bali, guests settle into their pavilions, and take an orientation walk with the village ambassador. They will become acquainted with the community and get hands-on with a traditional cooking class.

Day 4: Manggis Trail Hike

A beautiful day of hiking, with a 4.5hour trek from Kaura Bali to Jagasatru Waterfall. Experienced hiking guides from the Manggis community will accompany your clients on this off-thebeaten-path adventure. Guests walk the hidden trails that weave through the Manggis jungle and glimpse spectacular views out to the sea. They cool off under a stunning waterfall, a spiritual site for the local Balinese people, and marvel at the giant Brahma statue that presides over the falls. After a rewarding lunch back at Kaura, they can spend the afternoon at leisure at the swimming pool or transfer to the picturesque Virgin Beach.

Day 5: Cycle Manggis to the Northeast Coast

Riding: 42km/26mi

An exceptional day of underwater exploration in Tulamben’s clear waters, filled with an awe-inspiring multitude of colourful fish and coral. There are two particular points of interest off the coast here: the coral garden, a particularly picturesque spot for snorkelling, and the USAT Liberty wreckage, the remains of an American cargo ship sunk during WWII. Around lunchtime, guests enjoy another fantastic Balinese picnic-style meal of nasi campur, nasi goreng, and other snacks. Afterward, they can spend the rest of the afternoon at leisure before a final farewell dinner.

Day 6: Tulamben: Snorkel Reefs & WWII Wrecks

An exceptional day of underwater exploration in Tulamben’s clear waters, filled with an awe-inspiring multitude of colourful fish and coral. There are two particular points of interest off the coast here: the coral garden, a particularly picturesque spot for snorkelling, and the USAT Liberty wreckage, the remains of an American cargo ship sunk during WWII. Around lunchtime, guests enjoy another fantastic Balinese picnic-style meal of nasi campur, nasi goreng, and other snacks. Afterward, they can spend the rest of the afternoon at leisure before a final farewell dinner.

Day 7: Tulamben

Exploratory Ride, Tour Concludes

Riding: 20km/12mi

After breakfast at the hotel, your travellers will enjoy a relatively short 20-kilometre loop touring the beaches of Tulamben, a nice treat to cap off their bike tour of Bali. Afterward, they pedal inland to enjoy stunning views of the iconic volcano, Mt Agung. Their guide will help shed insight on the shadow cast by the volcano on Balinese culture, just as it casts its shadow over the lush greenery of the landscape. Guests return around lunchtime in good time for their airport transfer and the end of their cycling adventure.

Adiwana Resort Jembawan

Mimpi Resort Tulamben



Indonesia Destination Guide
Ubud, Bali,
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Incentive Travel & Corporate Retreats

Indonesia is the perfect destination for a corporate retreat, offering beautiful scenery, rich culture, and world-renowned hospitality. From adventure tours to wellness retreats, there are plenty of exciting and inspiring options to choose from. Whether it’s a beachside resort or a traditional Javanese Joglo, Indonesia has something for everyone.

Bali Java

Incentive travel options in Bali include adventure tours such as white-water rafting and jungle trekking, as well as cultural experiences that take visitors through incredible ancient temples and welcoming local villages. Bali is also famed for its wellness retreats, offering a wide range yoga practices, meditation, and exceptional spa treatments. Luxury resorts with private villas and infinity pools provide the perfect setting for a memorable and relaxing incentive travel experience, and the island’s warm hospitality and delicious cuisine are sure to leave a lasting impression on any incentive travel group.

Java provides a unique opportunity for corporate retreats, offering an unforgettable experience steeped in centuries of history and culture. Visitors can explore ancient temples, such as the awe-inspiring Borobudur and Prambanan, and immerse themselves in traditional Javanese culture and cuisine. When they venture outdoors into the lush forests, spectacular natural beauty, rafting and trekking amongst the active volcanoes, await. Accommodation can be tailored to the needs of the retreat, with luxurious resorts for those who prefer a more modern stay, or traditional Javanese Joglos and villages for a truly immersive experience. Rejuvenate the mind and soul and inspire corporate creativity in the serene and enriching environment of Java.


Lombok is an idyllic paradise, with white sand beaches, crystal clear waters, and the majestic Mount Rinjani, an active volcano that provides the perfect opportunity for trekking and stunning views. This picturesque island adjacent to Bali offers much more than just beautiful scenery – cultural experiences, luxury resorts, and villas with private pools that can be used for corporate events, provide a unique and rewarding setting to relax and unwind.

Indonesia Destination Guide

Educational Opportunities

We ensure our innovative range of themed programs and educational tours for adults and students make a positive impact and provide opportunities for inspiration, exploration and learning.

Bali Water Protection Program

Created by IDEP Foundation in response to the island’s alarming freshwater crisis, this program aims to build ‘recharge wells’ to restore groundwater reservoirs and block saltwater intrusion. There are different options for educational groups to support this program whilst learning about water protection.

Marine Conservation Activities

Coral Triangle Conversation (CTC) offers a variety of hands-on learning activities for students and adults. Ranging from beach clean-ups to engaging games and fun competitions, the programs are a fun way to learn about marine environment and protection.

Cultural Immersion

From gaining a different perspective to being adaptive to different environments, there’s no better way to learn about the life of a community than a homestay. From Bali to Sumatra, Discova offers numerous opportunities for travellers to immerse themselves in local culture and daily life with a range of activities, including cooking classes, trekking or craft workshops.

Sumatra Tree Planting

A decade ago, the Sumatran rainforest was heavily damaged due to illegal logging, substantially diminishing the habitat for wildlife such as orangutans. In the villages of Tangkaha, educational groups have the opportunity to help repair these damages, allowing the forest to flourish once again. Planting local trees including Meranti, Damar, Mahang and Mahonia, will help restore the area’s ecosystem and also provide protection from erosion and landslides.

Indonesia Destination Guide Bali, Indonesia
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