Disclosures: March/April 2019

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professional development

TAKE YOUR CAREER TO NEW HEIGHTS WITH A MENTOR Use opportunities available from the VSCPA to make career connections that could pay dividends down the road.

MENTOR METHODS The VSCPA sunset its MentorMatch program in February, but VSCPA membership still represents a great opportunity to connect with potential mentors (or mentees). Here are some opportunities for connections: Conferences: The VSCPA provides biographies for all speakers at its conferences. If a speaker’s background speaks to you, or if he or she is in a position you’d like to attain, talk to him or her after the session or reach out over email. Visit vscpa.com/MyCPE. Networking: Seasoned professionals who attend networking events have self-selected as wanting to expand their professional network. You’re already exchanging contact information — just reach out! Visit vscpa.com/networking. Volunteering: Joining a VSCPA committee, task force or other volunteer opportunity puts you in contact with professionals who have similar interests. Visit vscpa.com/volunteer. Connect: Our members-only online community is a great resource for connecting with other members. You can search our membership directory, find volunteer opportunities and reach out to active posters or post a question in the Open Forum, new Innovation community and more. Visit connect.vscpa.com. Staff contacts: Most VSCPA staff are in contact with a variety of members across the industry and can help connect you with someone in a specific field, role or specialty. Find staff contact information at vscpa.com/OurTeam.