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DYNAMIC DIGITAL PUBLISHING Maximizing the Value and Reach of Your Print Content

Dirxion offers a complete suite of digital publishing solutions and services that help publishers from all over the world leverage and optimize their print online and off. Founded in 1996 by a team of innovative software engineers, Dirxion pioneered the notion that technology and print could unite to form a dynamic and effective medium for publishers of all kinds. Beginning with White & Yellow Page phone directories and working our way across publisher lines, we have helped numerous publishers reduce their costs while simultaneously increasing the reach and effectiveness of their print. Our strength lies in our ability to develop cutting edge software applications, moving an idea from concept to reality. We continue to grow our business by working with our customers to develop new and creative enhancements for all of our product lines. Our commitment to innovation and excellence remains our top priority. We work with a wide range of publishers from nationwide White & Yellow Pages publisher AT&T to niche retailers, like Scooter Works USA and Simply Amish to produce over 2,000 publications annually. Dirxion takes pride in developing and producing all of our digital publications at our office in St. Louis, MO. Browse through the following pages to see how our digital publishing solution and unique blend of features and services can renovate your print media.


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WHAT WE DO digi-tal pub-lish-ing g the business or profession of converting a print \’di-je-tel\ \’pe-bli-shin\

file into an exact digital replica and enhancing it with interactive features.

Developing a digital presence has become essential for publishers. The benefits simply cannot be ignored. Digital publishing with EdgeClix enables publishers to create and deliver an effective, robust marketing tool that carries their print brand online. It revolutionizes the way publishers communicate with their customers, who increasingly demand seamless access to content that’s interactive, rich and “now.” Going digital means you can transcend distribution barriers as your delivery method shifts from the mailbox to the inbox and beyond. Your reach becomes global overnight and you enable easy and immediate access to your publication anytime, anywhere. EdgeClix is e-commerce and advertising-ready, so publishers can target digital publications to boost revenue immediately. While retailers see the value of an additional sales channel, advertisers see the value and excitement of rich media ads and enhanced advertising opportunities; both see the value of measurability in e-media. Digital publishing also offers the potential for a lower-cost distribution platform, particularly when it comes to international distribution. Digital publications work really well for publications reaching that kind of broad geography, especially in today’s economic climate. More reasons why so many publishers are choosing digital publishing to move ahead of the curve: u Share content via social networking (email, Facebook, Twitter, blogs, etc.) u Incorporate into marketing materials or email campaigns as a link u Pages can be available and fully indexed by the search engines for enhanced

online exposure u In-depth tracking capabilities u Give your content a timeless value u Increase impulse purchases due to the immediate delivery of publications to desktop

WHAT WE CAN DO FOR YOU STATE OF THE ART TECHNOLOGY EdgeClix enables you to complement a simple, static print file with an interactive digital edition that’s packed with state of the art features and enhancements. Besides that, EdgeClix is so easy to implement and use - no software, downloads required. Check out all the features that are selling publishers on EdgeClix:




A product that generates revenues from your existing display ad program. AdClix protects your print dollars and promotes you, the yellow pages publisher, as an Internet authority.

Creates a header or footer frame that is in your total control. This provides a seamless transition for the user when accessing the catalog. Use this space to create a unique navigation area with links to other areas of your site.

Find information fast whether you search for contents within one publication or across all publications. (You can also integrate the EdgeClix search feature into your website. Positioning search functionality on the opening page of your site saves the user multiple clicks and provides a familiar search experience.)

ANIMATION Add simple yet effective impact to your content.

AUDIO/VIDEO Demonstrate products and services in action. Include product information, special promotions, sound effects and much more!

INTERACTIVE ORDER FORM An excellent solution for those customers without access to an e-commerce site. Customers can simply print and fax or e-mail you!


Showcase your library of publications altogether in one location and allow users to toggle seamlessly from one publication BANNER ADS Rich media banner ads can be strategically to the next. located in your digital publication for additional revenue generation. LANGUAGE TOGGLE Attract and support users from around the globe. CUSTOM INTERFACES Designed to be a look all your own; MAPPING uniquely tailored, just like your business. Lead your users in the right Dirxion.

DESKTOP SHORTCUT Place your company’s brand and content directly on your customer’s computer desktop.

MOUSE SCROLL/HAND GRAB Familiar page navigation.


SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION Ensures that your pages are fully indexable and available to the search engines to enhance your online exposure.

SHARING TOOLS Enables your customers to share your content on their favorite social network or through email.

SINGLE AND MULTI-PAGE PRINTING Allows for offline usage and viewing.

SMARTVIEW These web thumbnails allow you to preview the corresponding web page. That way, users know exactly where they are headed when clicking on a link within your publication.


Supports your security needs by providing Duplicate versions of your catalog may be open or restricted access. customized for other distributors with their own catalog covers, branding, contact PRODUCT INFORMATION information and quote/order forms. ROLLOVERS

FEEDBACK FORM Initiate a dialog with your customers and collect valuable feedback.

HYPERLINKS Jump to external/advertisers’ websites or your own e-commerce portal.

Dynamically sized pop-up windows that appear the mouse cursor points over product links. Information rollovers enable you to update product information on the fly, so you’re always able to offer your customers the most up-to-date and reliable product information.

STICKY NOTES/BOOKMARKS Create wish lists, bookmark frequentlydialed numbers and “dog ear” interesting articles.

STICKY NOTES MANAGER Keep track of and quickly locate all of your notes in one place.

VARIABLE PRICING/VERSIONING Enables businesses to offer different pricing models. Support hundreds of simultaneous versions.

Take everything that makes print appealing - the vibrant images, alluring layouts and aesthetics neatly blended with content - and combine it with the best of e-media - hyperlinks, search, video/audio, web thumbnails, mapping, e-mail and measurability. What do you get? You get a dynamic and fully interactive digital marketing tool that’s portable, easy to share and available on demand.


DIGITAL ADVERTISING/SPONSORSHIP FEATURES u Clickable links in advertisements u Multimedia advertisements (audio, video, animation) u Banner advertisements above or below pages u Premium placement in table of contents u Search engine marketing campaigns targeting specific advertisers

E-COMMERCE ENABLED Drive cross-channel cohesion, enhance the shopping experience and increase the amount of time customers spend on your site with our e-commerce-enabled platform. This powerful sales tool seamlessly merges with your existing website and e-commerce engine, so shoppers can buy directly from the catalog.

FIVE STEPS TO GOING DIGITAL The process of converting your print publication into an exact digital replica is really quite simple. In just five easy steps, you’ll be able to enjoy the many benefits of distributing a digital publication that promotes and matches your brand flawlessly. And you won’t be the only ones enjoying your new revenue generating platform - your customers will value it as well. In this day and age, with consumers demanding seamless access to online content, Dirxion can give you the opportunity to reach and engage your customers in an entirely new way and strengthen important customer relationships. With a little promotion and marketing, your online publication will stand out from the rest and serve as another powerful channel in your marketing strategy. (Continued on next page.)

STEP ONE } PREPARE After speaking with an account manager and sharing goals for your upcoming digital publication, simply send us your high resolution PDF files and we’ll begin the conversion process. After a few easy steps, you’ll be ready to share your new virtual marketing tool with audiences from around the world.

STEP TWO } CREATE With a little Dirxion magic, we will transform your PDF files into a digital publication that is unbeatable. With our state-of-the-art EdgeClix technology and over twelve years of experience in the digital publishing industry, Dirxion has the know-how to make your online publication spring to life. We will replicate the exact “look and feel” of your print publication down to the tiniest detail, enhance it with cool, interactive features and prepare it to be distributed across the Web.

STEP THREE } DELIVER After final revisions are made, we will push your robust new digital publication live on Dirxion’s high-speed, highly secure and powerful servers. Hosting with Dirxion means outstanding reliability and never worrying if your digital publication is accessible to your customers, as we operate on one of the fastest content distribution networks (CDNs) in the world.

STEP FOUR } PROMOTE Promote and extend the reach of your new digital publication through a variety of methods including email marketing campaigns, direct mail, social media, social networking as well as on your existing website. And if you need help promoting your digital publication, Dirxion’s specialized marketing team will work to ensure that your publication is a success.

STEP FIVE } MANAGE After your digital publication has gone live, Dirxion makes it easy for you to track and measure the performance of your new digital publication. With our detailed tracking reports that are available to you on demand, you’ll be able to understand where your visitors are coming from, how many people have used it and what they’re doing. Optimize future publications by analyzing and understanding current online editions.

EXPANDING YOUR REACH Relying on a single distribution channel limits your reach. With digital publishing, your distribution network grows exponentially. From the Internet to social networks to email, you can use EdgeClix to deliver your publication on a variety of new media channels and grow your audience immediately.

Your Publication










MEASURING YOUR PERFORMANCE With traditional publications, the only measurable metric is circulation. Digital editions offer you the ability to view how readers react to every aspect of your publication - from number of visitors to average time spent browsing your publication to most popular search terms! EdgeClix will not only allow more people to see your publication from around the world, but also let you maximize the return on your marketing and see that valuable reader behavior and information can make an impact in all of your communications.

29,919 total visits this month Visitors came from 119 countries Average of 18 pages viewed per visit Average of 8 minutes spent browsing publication

893 searches 4% searched for sandals; 4% for boots

1,861 total pages viewed this month 755 URL clicks Attorneys and hotels were the two most popular categories searched

GO GREEN. PUBLISH DIGITALLY } A greener earth. One publication at a time.

Digital publishing not only makes for a very engaging and innovative way to read, browse and find information, it also benefits the environment immensely! EdgeClix provides a sustainable way for people to continue browsing their favorite publications, while staying true to the environment. We realize that there will always be a desire for the traditional printed publication; our goal is not to eliminate print altogether but to keep people reading their favorite publications, while minimizing the environmental impact of printing and distribution. Consider this: Digital publications are created electronically. No trees are cut to produce them. No ink is used to put the words on the page. No fossil fuel is used to run presses or power trucks to transport them around the country. No storage facilities need to be heated to store boxes of publications until they are shipped to stores. Digital publications are delivered to the end user electronically. They are read electronically. They are disposed of with a push of a delete button, without ever taking up room in a landfill. As hard as we try, however, we cannot be completely energy free. The computer servers that process, host and serve your digital publications all consume energy. That’s why we give back to the environment by donating $1 to the Arbor Day Foundation for every digital publication we produce. Last year alone, we donated $2,129 - that’s 532,500 square feet of preserved rainforest! Make your publication a little greener starting now.

Casey Adams says: My digital phone book online is awesome. Customers are renewing and buying bigger ads because they will also be in the online version which looks so good.

Debby Basso says: Thank you for putting this online. This was very helpful!!

Julia Lee says: This is a really interesting site. I suppose you could have just provided a listing, but I actually rather like the format of leafing through the phonebook virtually. I added the desktop icon to my laptop. I’ll be using this often!

EVERYBODY’S TALKING ABOUT IT Anonymous says: This site is incredible. I ran across it by accident and suggest major marketing of this product. Way to go.

Anonymous says: Thank you for the ability to download the phonebook. It is eco-friendly.

Kris Cook says: I love the way this looks like turning pages in a real book!

Sherri Bain says: I love having the directory online, this is awesome!!!!! Easy-cheese to use!!!!!

Larry McMillan says: Randy, Glad I had to look you up. Found your online phonebook, and love the way it works. I can now give my family back the hardcopy that has been sitting beside my desk since it arrived. They will be happy - but I am happier. #1 bookmark on my laptop now.

Jack Domingo says: The e-mail flyer is a great idea. I like the timeliness, the ease of access, and a means to cut back on my overloaded mail box.

Rebecca Bailey says: Thanks! And, thanks to everyone at Dirxion! Another great project completed quickly and with no fuss or issues! I LOVE IT!!!!!

Robena LaPointe says: This website is the best thing since sliced bread. It is very helpful in my work and personal life. Keep up the good work AT&T!

Jeff Range says: This is the smartest thing a phone company has ever done in regards to phone book listings... I am promoting it at work and to everyone I know. Great idea!

Greg Garrison says: What an awesome tool to have on our box and especially for customers or distributors. I like the way we can customize notes and send it on to a customer or distributor in an email. The search functions make it much easier to use than actually having a catalog in your hand (especially if you are not real familiar with our products). Also, it is very cool that you are one click from going from the part number to the TDS and MSDS (e-commerce).

Kim Martin says: Brilliant! Thank you for your directories online. I’m in Sweden trying to send Christmas cards to friends on Big Island, and your online white pages are so straightforward and easy to use. Mahalo!

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Digital publishing has become a reality for publishers - all kinds of publishers. It is an exciting way of delivering an interactive and engaging product to customers and a platform for increasing reach, circulation and revenue. Are you ready to tap into the synergy between print and e-media?

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