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PRE-BST HOMEPLAY On behalf of Rishi Samskruti Vidya Kendra, hearty welcome to all Jnanis (Enlightened Souls) who aspire the Bhava Samadhi training program. We will now understand how we have to prepare for the BST, to get the fullest out of it. ENTRY OF GURU: I presume most of the people here do not know what BST is. You must have heard from people, who have done the BST, like BST is amazing, wonderful, elevating, enlightening etc .You must have observed the glow (Tejas) on their faces. You must have seen them always laughing and always in Ananda (Bliss).You also want to be joyful, cheerful and to attain Ananda. You will also get this Ananda. It will happen to you. We cannot give it to you. You have to get this Ananda by yourself. To get this Ananda the prime factor is to participate 100%. We only show you the way. You will get it if you participate 100% in it. If you cannot participate 100% in this, you need not participate at all, for then nothing will happen to you. In this course everything will be very simple. We will give you all the instructions. It will be very simple. If you understand what I am talking now you will get Bhava Samadhi, it is that simple. For this, it is very important that you write your homeplay completely. I think your teachers must have already told you to write your homeplay completely. Writing homeplay is the major stuff here.BST starts happening while you start writing the homeplay. You will get 75% by writing the homeplay completely. Those who will not write the homeplay completely will not get the Bhava Samadhi. It is a very important thing to be done from your side. You can only write about yourself, not somebody else. While writing homeplay you should write all the incidents from your birth till here.

BHAVA SAMADHI IS A JOURNEY TO OUR NEW LIFE What we want as a base for our program is this homeplay. If it is half or quarters to one just complete it won‟t work. The BST will not happen for you. Look into yourself and start writing the truth. While writing the homeplay you may experience certain things. Whatever might be the experience, it is OK. Just be with that. What particular experience has to happen in meditation? Nothing, isn‟t it? Similarly there is nothing like something should happen, this way or that way. You will be just writing, whatever may be the experience. In the beginning you may think from where to start, your hand might even shiver and you may feel afraid. But just keep on writing. It‟s very very important to write your homeplay completely. If you have the fear that this book contains my life‟s secrets, you could lock it in your safe lock. But completely write the homeplay in this book. If you still feel that somebody will break the lock, keep it with you. While going to office or while dining keep the book with you, but you will write completely. Do not censor anything, whether it is good or bad. It could be anything, just write it down. Whatever you have in your mind, should come out on paper. You are throwing out all the garbage (Kalmasha).If you do this, the internal cleanliness happens, then only you will be ready to be here. If you want to write something in the Ashram there will be no time. The time schedule will be very tight. If you come and ask me a day to write there, it is not possible. Here, now only I warn you that writing homeplay is very important. If you have not written, or if you do not want to write, do not come to the BST. You write whatever has happened in your life by looking into it truthfully with Bhakti (Devotion) and Shraddha (Dedication). Write with dedication.

If anybody‟s homeplay is half complete, complete it .That is why we have called you here for Pre- BST to tell you how to prepare for BST. You will not have time there for preparation. You will miss the BST. If you prepare 100% here itself and come for BST, you will get 100% in the BST. This preparation is a major thing on which everything else is based. If you write, 200 or 1000 pages, or as many as possible, you will get the BST very easily. Do not just write, when you passed 10th standard or 12th standard or when you got married,„I was happy‟. Also write what impact that incident had on your life and what

was the effect of this impact. Write all details completely about every incident. Not like this year I got married, this year I got a baby, this year I constructed the house. In detail, write down the whole thing how you felt, what was your experience. While writing, write truthfully. You had stolen something or you would have cheated someone when you were young, write it down. Write down the incidents which you could not share with anyone. By writing this book you are not giving it to me. You are going to keep this book with yourself. It has got more value than your property. You may be ready to give your property, but not this book. So I do not want it. You will know later why I do not need it and who needs that. This guarantee I can give you. But I will not tell you to give it to somebody. It will be with you only. It is very important to write 100% truthfully. The whole BST stands on the truth that you write in this book. By writing this way you will throw away all the garbage outside completely. You will be vomiting out all that was suppressed from many years. Vomit out all the garbage. This BST is a precious gift for your life. It comes as a gift for your life. After the BST you will learn how to be in Ananda 24 hours of the day. Generally you get Ananda by spending money for a movie or for eating. Here you will get it by doing nothing. You can be in this state anywhere. You may have to spend money to get Ananda in other places, but here you do not have to. That is why we call it Ananda free of cost. You have to pay nothing for this. Here it is free of cost. You can be in Ananda 24 hours a day wherever you may be. Maybe you are in office, or in traffic jam or in pollution, anywhere, you can be in Ananda. This is what you will learn here. That is why the Bhava Samadhi Training is there, for you to learn this. Now I have told you how to prepare for the BST. You should just come like a child who joins the school. Just join the school, what they do in school, you do not know. What happens there you do not know. You do not have to carry somebody‟s experience there. You have learnt meditation, isn‟t it? Do you ever discuss what happens in meditation? No, isn‟t it? We have learnt how to be in meditation for 15 minutes with closed eyes. But here in BST we do it with open eyes. It is very precious. Guruji says, “BST is an open eye meditation”. THIS MENTAL PREPARATION IS VERY IMPORTANT. WE ALWAYS LOOK INTO OTHERS LIFE.HERE WE LOOK INTO OURSELVES. WE HAVE WASTED OUR LIFE BY LOOKING INTO OTHER PEOPLE’S LIFE. NOW LET US LOOK INTO OURSELVES. Just come like a child. Do not evaluate the program based on somebody else‟s experiences. People who do not write homeplay 100% will not get this BST. I am warning you do not waste your three and half days. Write 100% homeplay otherwise you are cheating yourself. If you are not writing truthfully you are cheating yourself.

There are some kinds of people who want to just know what happens in BST. They do not want to experience BST. If such people come there, they carry all the bad karmas of all the participants. They will go back from there with headache and fear and may even go mad. So, such people need not come. If you come for testing you will know how your life will become. So do not come there with your intellectuality. BST is not for intellectuals. You have seen SSY program with your intellect. You had seen just a glimpse of Satya (Truth) there. Here you go still deeper. In SSY you operated with the “DHI” (Intellect). Here you will not operate with your “DHI”. Bhava Samadhi happens at the “Being Level”. Bhava Samadhi doesn‟t happen at the intellectual level. Do not come here as a checking inspector. Come here to participate 100%. I am repeatedly telling you, writing homeplay 100% is very important. Do not spoil your BST. Do not come there to get yourself in trouble. BY THIS YOU WILL SPOIL YOURSELF AND NOT SPOIL OTHERS. Why do you have to write truthfully? You must have heard about Yama. You know Yama, isn‟t it? Yama is the Lord of Death. Yama is always accompanied by Chitragupta (His Accountant) who tells Yama what good and bad deeds one has done. He tells everything. Then Yama decides where one can go, Swarga (Heaven) or Naraka (Hell). But here, who tells what you are? So who is Chitragupta here? It is you only. Who decides here? It‟s again you only. People who write completely and truthfully go to Swarga, otherwise to Naraka. That is why we say, we cannot take you anywhere. Only you can go, because you are Yama and you are Chitragupta. It is all in your hands. You decide where you want to go, whether hell or heaven. I do not think anybody is interested to go to hell. After BST you will come to know how to be in Swarga, how to be in Ananda, how to live in this world with people completely. Now suppose while traveling in a bus together, we are jammed together, will Bhava Samadhi happen there. Everybody is together. No, because we only know how to be physically together. BST only happens when we are mentally together. This is going to be a very great experience in your life, especially for married couples. Till now you are physically being with each other, not mentally. You will come to know in BST how to be with your partner 100% mentally also, which is the most important thing in our life which is missing. If you have done the homeplay, out of 3 and a half days program, in just 24 hours you will come to know what is Bhava Samadhi. While you are writing your homeplay you will become lighter and lighter. When you come back after completing BST you will just be flying. You will feel very light. But this entirely depends on how sincerely you write your homeplay.

Why we do this Pre-BST session is for you to come for the BST fully prepared. I will clarify this with an example. A tree would not burn fast if it is wet, but if it is dry it will burn faster. If you complete your homeplay and come there, you can catch the fire easily. If you come there unprepared, by the time you catch the fire BST would end. You would tell that you are ready to catch the fire by the time BST ends. The last day if everybody is flying, if you want to just start then, you are gone. You have just missed the train. Now itself I warn you not to waste your time. You would repent there if you do not find yourself in that state. So write the homeplay 100% with proper attention. Come like a child. Now also you have the time. Just go home, sit for 1 or 2 days and complete it. If you want, you can take a leave from your office work and sit, look into your life deeply into the incidents of your life and just write. Do not give a reason that you do not know what to write. There are hundreds of incidents in your life which can be written. You cannot write less than one thousand pages. I will give you an example. On the way you see an accident. How much time is required for an accident to happen, probably fraction of a second? Isnâ€&#x;t it? But how much time you take to explain it. Is it also fraction of a second? No. You will be talking about the incident for more than 1 or 2 hours. Isnâ€&#x;t it so? Now you have led so many years of your life. How many incidents might have occurred and how many pages you can write. Just calculate. Do not give any reasons. If you are reasoning it shows that you do not want to see Satya in your life. A person who can see Satya can write as many pages as he wants. This is what Mahatma Gandhi wrote. As he started writing he became lighter and lighter. Freedom automatically came to him. He started experiencing tremendous freedom. WHEN YOU WRITE COMPLETELY & TRUTHFULLY, YOU WILL REALLY EXPERIENCE TRUE FREEDOM WHICH IS YOUR TRUE NATURE. THEN ANANDA HAPPENS TO YOU AUTOMATICALLY. If you come prepared you will be ready to take off. Write down all the incidents however trivial they may be. Write completely. Do not keep anything. You want to throw all the garbage or not. If you want to keep it inside, then trouble starts for you. If you want to really throw it out, write 100%. You keep this homeplay in a very safe place. Keep it where you have kept your gold and diamond. But writing in that book is very important. Do not regret later. While doing BST you will come to know, who will do BST for you? It is you only who will do it for yourself. Your life changes completely. Externally there will be no changes, but internally you will become pure. You will start seeing God. You have seen only 15 minutes God in yourself. Here you will see God in everybody. So this will transform your whole life, your whole Being. We will show you, how you can lead your life like this in your experience. You can lead your life whatever way you want afterwards. If you want to really experience BST completely and truthfully, you will have to participate. Then

only you are going to experience this. Language is not important. “Being-ness” doesn‟t need any language. So, come with an open heart.


Your vomiting is important. What comes first is not important, order is not important. Whatever mental garbage you have you will vomit it out. What if you stuff garbage into your stomach? What will the doctor do? He will make you vomit. Then you are relaxed. Here to be in Ananda you have to vomit everything you have in your mind. So, write everything in the book. If you want to keep something, it will infect you. QUESTION: We have been told to write at least 200 pages. But if we write everything in just 60 pages is it OK ? ANSWER: That shows you are not listening to your life truthfully. What is your age? 29 years. How many chocolates you must have stolen or how much you must have lied. In how many situations were you in sorrow? However small it may be just write it. It‟s very important. You write that incident in which you had stolen a chocolate. Write that also. Even the smallest of incidents, just write it down. Also write the big incidents. Even if you had said a big lie, write it. There is no discrimination that, this is small that is big. Even if you had done a dacoity or a murder, just write it. Do not think that we will give a complaint to the police. Just vomit it out. Do not bother about goodness or badness of the incident. Your job is to just write. You know Chitragupta has to tell everything to Yama. Then only Yama can decide. If you have written 100%, you will go to heaven, if it is anything less, you will go to hell. This is the beauty of Bhava Samadhi.

THE NEXT PART OF PREPARATION Bring clothes, toothpaste, toothbrush etc. Prepare similarly the same way in which you came to AMC. Take complete rest and come there. If you are tired you cannot listen to the class properly. You will get sleep. You cannot participate 100%. So sleep properly, perform pranayam and meditation regularly. Eat as far as possible raw vegetables which will aid you to participate 100% in the class. Before coming complete all your work and programs and come there, otherwise if you carry thoughts such as: what happened to the cheque which you had given, what would happen to the guest who arrived at home, then you cannot participate 100%. So complete all your work and come there.

The most important thing is writing homeplay sincerely, truthfully and completely. Do not give any justifications for the incidents or do not support any incident while writing. Do not think of good or bad while writing. Do not think that there are certain incidents or issues which are not comfortable for you to write. Just see whether life is for truth or comfort. We till now are living for comforts. In these three and half days you will come to know a secret that by being truthful, comforts automatically follow you. This is what great people have achieved, be it Ramkrishna Paramahamsa, Gandhiji, Ramana Maharishi, they just lived in truth. So they experienced Shanti (Peace), Sukha (Happiness), Santosha (Satisfaction) and Ananda (Bliss). They were in the same state throughout. We will all get the BST by Sharanagati (Surrenderfulness), Shraddha (Dedication) and Bhakti (Devotion). May your life be filled with Ananda.


Write down all the experiences in your life that were elevating to your soul as well as the painful ones. Also write about your aspirations, successes and failures in the area of your family, friendship, career, health, sex, learning, travel, social work, and your relationships with society etc. Write especially about the dramas that you play in your life pretending to be something other than who you really are in the above areas of life. Truth is more important than whether you appear good or bad through this writing. Write everything that has happened in your experience as it is without being concerned about morality or immorality, legality or illegality or what people may think about it. Do not be concerned about the rights or wrongs of what happened. Write down what happened in your experience as it is without adding any justifications or trying to explain how it should have been etc. Examine your personal experience in the situation and do not blame or pass the buck on others. The truth of your personal experience in the situation is more important and it is not about blaming others for what happened to you. Also write your intentions/purpose/motive in each incident or happening. Do not use names of other people and identify them and make them appear in bad light. Instead you can use persons x, y, z etc. Take at least 20 hours to write about your life covering at least 200 pages.

Importance of Homeplay: The course you are going to undertake is a serious venture into the truth about life. This ceremony is traditionally known as Satyanarayan Vratha or experiencing God through truth. The very process of writing the homeplay is the essential preparation to enter the temple of God or sterilizing yourself before you enter the operation theatre.

Important Note:  You are allowed into the class room only after the submission of your properly done homeplay book.  You will promise to keep the confidentiality of the proceeding of the programme.

Things to be brought: 1) Homeplay book, Extra Note book, Pen 2) Clothing 3) Medicines (needed) 4) Torch Light 5) RainCoat/Umbrella/Cap/warmclothes (as appropriate to season) 6) Light Bedding 7) Shoes for games 8) Toiletries BST Homeplay Points :

1. All those things/events which have made you sad in life. 2. All those things/events which have made you happy in life. 3. All those things/events which you have not told to anybody (want to hide from everybody) 4. All those things/events you have told to somebody but do not want anybody else to know. 5. All those things/events that you are afraid of. 6. All those things/events that you want to happen. 7. All those events in life in which you pretend what you are not and in which you are forced to pretend. 8. All those things that you hate to do. 9. All those things that you like to do/would like to do 10. All those things that you are dependant on/on which you want to be dependant/all those things which you don‟t want to be dependant /all things which you are independent. 11. All those things that you want to be attached to/don‟t want to be attached to/are attached to/not attached to. 12. People whom you hate--- about them and why? 13. People whom you love ---- about them and why? 14. What you are afraid of in life.

15. What you are afraid of telling others. 16. All those things that you expect to happen in life. 17. How you expect others to be towards you and whether they are like that or not. 18. How you expect yourself to be towards other and whether you are like that or not. 19. What you are happy about and not happy about in life- past and future, both. 20. What is it that you don‟t like in yourself-looks, habits, behaviour etc. and that which you like about yourself? 21. What is it that you don‟t like in others? 22. Instances where how you feel when others demand things from you and vice versa. 23. Write about your pleasant and unpleasant memories. 24. Write about what you think is right and wrong, good and bad. 25. Write about your dreams, fantasies and imaginations and visions. 26. What you understand life is about. The meaning of life. 27. Write about your likes and dislikes. 28. Your success and failures in life? 29. About your day to day life and work? 30. What makes you and why? Also share instances if any. Angry, sad, grateful, thankful, cruel, fearful, fearless, greedy ,rude, upset, lovable, alert, feel nice, proud, feel hatred, joyful, lazy, generous, sympathetic, pathetic, compassionate, generous, creative, dull, enthusiastic, excited, hyperactive, bored, sexual, jealous, envious, energized and charged, irritated, enthusiastic, frustrated, feel like a slave e.g. something that makes you like a dog running after a bone in somebody‟s hands, blissful, depressed, lonely, suicidal, heavy, light, confused, pitiful, gutsy, burdened, lost, tensed, weak, relaxed, peaceful, disoriented, disinterested, satisfied, desolated, feel one with yourself , adventurous , active, determinant, sacrifice, share, forgetful, forgive, concerned, dance, scream, shout, centered and still, amazed, wonder ,feel wonderful, empathetic ,ecstatic, think, bless, feel defeated, cheat, steal, worry, feel scared, comfortable, ashamed, helpless, careless, dependant, responsible, irresponsible, dejected, happy, motivated, de-motivated, just, unjust, truthful, untruthful, full of life, lifeless, careful, value things, not value things, laugh, cry, feel hurt, feel silent, sing, celebrate, feel uncomfortable, unhappy , shy, decent, indecent, feel self-pity, guilty, repulsive to, attracted to, trust, distrust, suspicious. 31. All whom you consider as your own and all those whom you don‟t consider as your own and don‟t include them, don‟t treat them as your loved ones and why? 32. What you consider to be important in your life and why? 33. What you consider to be unimportant in your life and why? 34. All those whom you consider foolish and who consider you to be foolish. All those who don‟t understand you or you don‟t understand them and which makes you feel either inferior or superior. 35. Instances where you have been partial and unfair to others and vice versa. 36. Instances where you have been given importance and when you have not been given importance and when you have given importance to others and not given importance to others and why? Any purpose, reason, motive, force, helplessness, for someone‟s sake, or did u really mean it etc? 37. Instances where you have lied to others and others have lied to you.

38. Instances where you have been a hypocrite and others have been hypocrite towards you. 39. Food you like/dislike for e.g. ice creams, chocolates, sweets, medicines, karela (bitter gourd), neem leaves etc. 40. What you want to do but cannot do or stop yourself from doing it. 41. Instances when you have exploited others and others have exploited you. 42. Instances when you wanted to punish others and punished them and others wanted to punish you and punished you. 43. Things that you can accept and cannot accept about people/things/events and you try to tolerate them. 44. Discipline/Rules you put on others and others put on you? 45. Instances where you have done things like a follower, passively, protected your ego/identity and tried to avoid people, situations and things. 46. Instances where you have judged people. 47. People whom you can‟t stand and people who can‟t stand you and you don‟t want to be in touch with and why? 48. All guilt‟s, superiority complex and inferiority complex you have faced in life regarding yourself and others. 49. All strengths and weakness about yourself and that you see in others. 50. What you think you have in life and what you don‟t have in life or lack in life. 51. All instances where you feel that you are luckier or unluckier than others and what did you feel then - Hurt, sympathy, superiority, inferiority etc. 52. All instances where you have felt that you know more than others or have less knowledge than others. 53. Instances where you were ignorant about some topic under discussions or where you knew a lot about it. How did you feel -Interested, not interested, jealous, foolish, out of place etc. 54. People whom you consider stubborn or who consider you to be stubborn--- give instances. 55. Write about all those people who come to you only when they have some work to use you and about these instances when you have been like that to others. 56. Write about those instances where you have been misjudged or misunderstood someone or someone has misjudged/misunderstood you. 57. Instances where you wanted help urgently or wanted to do something or wanted attention and it did not happen and when it happened how did you feel? Also when somebody wanted help or attention how did that feel when you gave them help and also when you did not give them help and attention and why? 58. Instances where you feel people have been mean towards you and where you have been mean towards them/people. 59. Instances where you have been forced to do something and instances where you have forced someone to do something by misusing or blackmailing them. 60. Instances where you have ignored others and when you were ignored by others and why? 61. Write about your hobbies, how you pass your time- phone calls, TV, letter writing chatting etc. 62. How you feel when your work gets done and when it doesn‟t get done.

63. Instances where you have felt lonely, lost, separated, not wanting to do anything, don‟t want anybody around. 64. Instances where your attitude was different towards others for a mistake committed than for the same mistake committed by you or your loved ones. 65. Instances where you have hidden things or when others have hidden things from you. 66. Instances where you have doubted others and others have doubted you. 67. Instances where you argued with others to prove your point or to prove that you are better or vice versa. 68. Things you are possessive about or not possessive about. 69. Your opinions or experiences about corruption, school life, college life, home life, studies, education, travel, religions, politics, law and order, pollution, sex, looksyour own body and other people‟s body (both male and female), body parts you like ( male and female both), picnics, adult movies, habits, sex education, inability to speak about sex with anyone maybe - parents, relatives, neighbors, girlfriend, boyfriend, sense of dressing yours and others. 70. Instances about crushes, flirting, attraction towards opposite sex either sexually or otherwise, going around, impressing others etc. 71. Instances where you have criticized others and when you have been criticized. 72. Jokes you have heard or cracked that you like – with what motive for e.g. to impress, have fun, to be heard, to attract attention etc. 73. Your ambitions in life. 74. Idea about how the world should be. 75. Instances where you give advice to others that you don‟t follow in your life or others give advice that they don‟t follow in life. 76. Instances where you have blasted out more than required or overacted and when you have suppressed or felt uncomfortable. 77. Instances where you show off or others have shown off in front of you. 78. Instances where you had or have hang ups or others have with you and why? 79. Situations in life where people have said that you crib too much and when you have said it to other people. 80. Things that you take for granted, Things that you assume in life, instances where you have assumed things and others have assumed things. 81. Instances where you have cheated others and were cheated by others. 82. Instances where you have bullied others, used others, blackmailed others or others have done it to u. 83. Instances of social work, travel, learning, health, friendship, family, career, sex. 84. Image you want to create of yourself in friends, society etc. What you want others to think about you and what you think about others as regards to their image. Give instances where you have tried to create an image about yourself in front of others and others have tried to create an image in front of you and what you felt in both cases. 85. Instances where you have done favors for others and how and what you expect them to be now and in future and when others have done a favor on you and how they expect you to be towards them now and in future.

86. Instances where others have cracked jokes on you and you have cracked jokes on others, how did you feel in both cases? 87. Write about your superstition, beliefs, hallunations, fears and intuitions. 88. Incidents where you have experienced loss/gain in life with regards to money, persons, etc. 89. What are you open/closed to? 90. Musical instruments you like/dislike 91. Attachments/Aversions to – Survival, Sex, Money, Power, Super-natural powers, Gambling, Lottery Prizes, Stock Market, Speculative Gambling, HorseRacing(Derby), etc. 92. Happenings of the past and present which you like/dislike 93. Things that you would like to happen or not happen in the future. 94. Attachments/Aversions relating to – Smell, Taste, Sight, Touch and Sound. 95. Thoughts which you like/dislike. 96. Concepts/Understandings which you like/dislike. 97. Company of people that you like/dislike. 98. Write about your personal habits- smoking, drinking, watching TV, music , watching cricket, games, driving etc. 99. Your opinion about – discotheques, dance bars prostitution (male/female), homosexuality, lesbianism, extra-marital relationships, flirting, bird watching, eveteasing, gays, eunuchs, marriage, divorce, remarriage, more than one marriage, spinsters, bachelors, widows, widowers, love affairs, virginity etc. 100. Any other thing that you would like to write.

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