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Our Newborn BABY Panthera Toastmasters Club

Subhashini Sumanasekara (ACB, ALB) Dinesh Deckker


Panthera Toastmasters Conducted inaugaral club contest and won 4 places in Area 64 Contest.

Married to Toastmaster’s is a Wonderful Experience Panthera Toastmasters launched their official website and their first newsletter in March.

functions. Little by little he too

Initiating Panthera Toastmasters Club

developed the interest on Toastmas-

was a remarkable event in our life as

ters. However we could not find a

we felt ethereal that we have opened

Toastmasters club for him as per his

a path for many emerging leaders to

convenient times.

become balanced people in the society. Also initiating Panthera Toastmaster

Few years ago we exchanged the wedding rings as a symbol of eternal love.

Therefore we were thinking of initiating

club was a challenge which we faced

Thereafter we came across many hurd-

a Toastmasters Club for the benefit of

together as Mr and Mrs. The proud

les and together as one soul we solved

the community where we can share the

moment is when I became the Mentor

all the hurdles. However all these cha-

communication and leadership skills

and when he became the Sponsor of

llenges our related to our personal life

with the others. It was indeed a tough

the club. During the club officer selec-

and we spent time, energy and effort to

task to collect 17 new members for the

tion I became the Charter Club Presi-

overcome the challenge which came in

new club as many of our known people

dent and he became the VP Education

our journey of personal lives.

had their own commitments. However

in the club.

as soul mates together we faced the challenge and through demo meetings, social media we promoted ToastmasIn 2014 I became a Toastmaster as my

ters in the end of last year. Ultimately

working place has introduced Toast-

we achieved the mission of searching

masters to the office. Initially I was not

17 new members with the help of our

interested on Toastmasters as I was not

interested prospect toastmasters. Our

fully aware about the value of Toast-

dream came true as on 5th of January

masters. But when I felt the taste of

2017 as we were able to charter a new

Toastmasters my journey was unsto-

Toastmasters club in Oman – Panthera

ppable. Thereafter I start completing

Toastmasters Club – Area 64, Division

my CC, CL project manuals and develop

L. Once the club starts functioning we

myself as a competent communicator

received amazing support from many

cum a competent leader. Gradually I

beautiful souls such as Sri Lankan

became the Club President and then

Ambassador for Sultanate of Oman

appointed as the Area Director for Area

and many Distinguish Toastmasters in

64. My husband used to accompany


me for other club meetings, speech contests and many other Toastmasters 2

Being Toastmasters our skills in critical thinking, art of giving constructive feedbacks, self confidence and many soft skills has enhanced. It has impacted not only our official careers but also positively impact in our marriage life as we became successful communicators. As a result we develop better relationships with our relatives, coworkers, friends and family as we have been trained to become good listeners, speakers and evaluators in Toastmasters. Our journey in Toastmasters fraternity continued in many different arenas. When I was the contest chair he was a contestant. Together we extended our supporting hands in Club Officer Trainings, Judges Trainings, Club, Area and Division level speech contests. We believe magic happens when two love birds sing the same song. We have proven that as we were recognised during the Division L anual speech contest by the Division Director as we were awarded leadership excellence for our leadership and public relations service. As enraptured toastmasters our vision is to show the path for many others in the community to become balanced citizens by improving their communication and leadership skills. Because both myself and my soul mate believe communication is the key for the future and in the future the competency of an individual will be assessed highly based on their soft skills including communication and leadership skills. And we are delighted that we have generously extended our supporting hands for more than 20 emerging toastmasters in our Panthera Toastmasters Club to improve their soft skills. By seeing their progress we feel ethereal as our hearts tell that we are the main reason for their success. Hence as Mr and Mrs Toastmasters we will continue our journey in Toastmasters fraternity by becoming a guiding light to the emerging toastmasters in the community Happy Toastmastering to all!!


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