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September 2019

The Alzafar Achbar is the Official Membership Newsletter of Alzafar Shriners: It is published monthly by Alzafar Shriners Stated Meeting ………………………….. 2nd. Thursday Monthly Chartered ………………………………………………… July 13, 1916 PHONE: 210-496-1625 San Antonio Shrine Auditorium: 901 N. Loop 1604 West San Antonio, Texas 78232: Alzafar Shriners E-mail: Official Website: 2019 ELECTIVE DIVAN Potentate …………………………………………………Eric A. DeWalt Chief Rabban …………………………………………….Marty Bartlett Assistant Raddan …………………………………Travis Elmendorf High Priest & Prophet …………………………….Robert Norman Oriental Guide ………………………………………….Rick Reyes III Treasurer …………………………………………………..Stuart Simms Recorder ……………………………………………….Thomas Leverett 2019 APPOINTIVE DIVAN 1st Ceremonial Master ………………………………..Bobby Miller 2nd Ceremonial Master …………………………………Steve Starr Director ……………………………………………………Donald English Marshall …………………………………………………………Ken Propes Captain of the Guard ……………………………………..Josh Miller Outer Guard ……………………………………………….Paul Dawson Chaplain ……………………………………………..Robert M. DeWalt 2019 IMPERIAL REPRESENTATIVES Potentate ………………………………………………….Eric A. DeWalt Chief Rabban ……………………………………………Martin Bartlett P.P. Reese L. Harrison, Jr. ………Emeritus Representative P.P. Robert “Bob” Jett …………….Emeritus Representative Daniel M. Hutchison III …………..Emeritus Representative P.P. Robert “Bobby” Hunt P.P. Stuart H. “Stu” Simms 2019 FINANCE COMMITTEE Potentate ………………………………………………….Eric A. DeWalt Chief Rabban ……………………………………………Martin Bartlett Assistant Rabban …………………………………Travis Elmendorf Gary Bausell ……………………………………………………….4 Years Kyle Jackson……. …………………………………………………3 Years TBD ………………….…….……………………………………………2 Years Garett Ethridge ………………………………………………….1 Year ALZAFAR SHRINE PHOTOGRAPHER ………….Art Loera STATED MEETING The next Stated Meeting of the Alzafar Shriners will be held on August 08 ,2019 at the San Antonio Shrine Auditorium, 901 N. Loop 1604 West San Antonio, Texas 78232. Dinner is at 6:00pm on a first come first served basis. The purpose of the Stated Meeting is to receive and ballot on petitions, to receive committee reports, to discuss and take possible action on agenda matters and any such other business, as might come before it YOUR 2019 DUES CARD WILL BE REQUIRED FOR ADMITTANCE TO STATED MEETINGS. BE SURE TO BRING THESE THREE THINGS: • • •

Your fez on your head Your dues card in your pocket The spirit of fun and good fellowship in your heart

Potentate Recorder

Eric A. DeWalt Thomas D. Leverett

Eric A. DeWalt Alzafar Potentate

INCREASING OUR MEMBERSHIP! Membership of our Shrine is the lifeblood of Fraternity, and for good reason–members represent strength in numbers, members promote our Units amongst our Family and members strengthen our ability to promote our Philanthropy. That is why each year, we strive to achieve a very special goal: TO INCREASE OUR MEMBERSHIP! Our numbers in membership at our Shrine has been flat and even worse, they have been declining. We need some fresh ideas to pump up our membership numbers. We must start by putting ourselves in the shoes of a new and/or a potential Noble… Ask ourselves, why would someone want to be a Shriner? What’s in it for them? And for a new member, what would make them stay after they have become a Shriner? There is definitely strength in numbers, so how can we give our membership a boost? Here are a few ideas that are easy to implement and might help to get our creative juices pumping. 1. We must market where potential members gather. Our main draw is from the Blue Lodge. We must constantly reach out to potential Nobles to let them know what we have to offer. Having fun while helping kids is our message and our mission. 2. We must host events that potential Nobles want to attend. We must have fresh and fun ideas. We must think outside the box and market these ideas to the age appropriate individuals that will move our Fraternity into the future. 3. We must constantly be driving for membership in all of our activities. There should not be one event where a pocket petition is not present and change hands from a Noble to a potential Noble. 4. We must Roundtable ideas with current and new Nobles. How will we know what to improve upon if we don’t discuss what might be wrong? By asking your current member base for their opinions, we will be able to adjust the membership benefits to appeal to the masses. 5. We must create a membership TEAM. I know it has been said that we are all on the membership TEAM. But this TEAM must be a group of dedicated individuals ready to inform, promote and enroll these potential new Nobles. This team will have continued contact with these individuals and keep them engaged. 6. Increasing our membership also means retaining our membership. The fewer Nobles we lose, the easier it will be to reach our annual goal. New Nobles, those within their first year of membership, are at the greatest risk for drop-off. For these Nobles we must get them involved. Units must reach out and invite them to their meetings and social events. Don’t let these men fall by the wayside thinking someone else will reach out. Our annual membership Full Form Ceremonial is where we really get to show off our Shrine and what we have to offer. We just finished with one of the tightest and most successful Full Form Ceremonials in recent Alzafar history. My hat goes off to all who were involved. Now, we must capitalize on that success. Where did we go right and where can we improve? If we don’t know why it was a success then how are we going to repeat or improve it. I would like to encourage each and every Noble to prepare for our future. I implore you to have membership at the forefront of all of your ideas, events and parties. From here on we all must strive TO INCREASE OUR MEMBERSHIP!

CHIEF RABBAN Chief Rabban Ramblings Marty Bartlett Depending upon when this edition actually comes out, we actually are in the middle of a great circus, have just finished it, or are just about to get it started. For this month, my article is instead dedicated to a great Shriner and a great man, my father-in-law, John Nash, Jr. I knew this would come someday, where I see one of my favorite Shriners listed amongst the Memorial Service Nobles; I just didn’t know it would be when I am still part of the Divan. Let me tell you a little about this awesome man, Shriner, husband, Dad, and friend. John was born in Belen, New Mexico on September 19, 1923 to John M. and Ida Naomi Hill Nash in an adobe house with a dirt floor. At the age of 12, John found his passion of dance and became a ballroom and soft-shoe dance instructor. He continued his love for entertainment as a director of a nine member music group called John Nash’s band, where they earned $15 per gig. He attended the University of Utah until the bombing of Pearl Harbor where he immediately enlisted as a United States Naval Aviator and flight instructor. He served until VJ Day and was then discharged. His first job as a civilian was co-owner and flight instructor of a small flight school near Corpus Christi, Texas. Shortly after, the family moved to California where he began his career with the Ralston Purina Company. He was relocated with the company to St. Louis, Missouri and then ultimately landed in Seguin, Texas. He served 39 years with Purina as a sales representative, convention manager, and weekly publication editor. Upon arrival in Seguin, he and his wife, Polly and son, John opened Greenery Station Restaurant and Bar. He continued his passion of food and serving others with Nash Family Catering for many years and catered many events at Alzafar Shrine. John always had an affinity for world travel and spending time with his family. He was an active member of the Seguin Sunrise Lions Club, Guadalupe Valley Shrine Club, Alzafar Shriners, HEB Boys Club, Walk to Emmaus Reunion Group, Honor Flight Group and First United Methodist Church of Seguin. John Nash, Jr. was the reason I became a Shriner. Starting about 25 years ago, he began to bug me to become a Shriner since he said “there are no other Shriners in the family and we had to have one in order to keep our cabin at Camp Alzafar. I will be dead soon and you need to become a Shriner now.” Well, it took me about 10 years to finally agree to his demands and I have been glad ever since. Of course, John lived another 25 years from the time he insisted that his death was imminent and I needed to join up right away. He probably just knew how much I would love being a part of this organization. John–you will be greatly missed by all of your friends and family!

Oriental Guide Rick Reyes III

Alzafar, another month has come and gone and this year has finally moved to the last half of what has gone down so far as a year to remember. Over the last few years I have heard one reoccurring theme from many individuals across our grand organization. You need the support of your friends in order to survive the line. I can attest to this fact with clear vision right now as I have been truly blessed with some of the greatest friends a guy could ever have. Throughout the first half of the year, each of you have made this journey for Amanda and I, one outstanding ride. My objective moving forward is to promote friendship and brotherly love. To value each and every person in our Shrine and do everything in my power to ensure that as the premiere fraternal organization in the South, we have done everything right towards positive growth. C.S. Lewis once said that “Friendship is unnecessary, like philosophy, like art.... It has no survival value; rather it is one of those things which give value to survival.” Gentlemen, what value do each of us hold towards our own survival? Is that of pure coincidence which we all co-exist? I think not! Our value of each other far exceeds the values that we hold for our fraternity and philanthropy. Our value of each other extends beyond the borders of our social atmosphere but extends deeper into our very souls. If we can’t value each other at the very basic level of respect and brotherly love, then how are we to succeed personally, professionally, and socially? I’d ask everyone that takes the time to read this, to extend the same value of heart and kindness that they would like to see extended to themselves. If we can do this, then we will most certainly succeed. Jon Katz states, “I think if I've learned anything about friendship, it's to hang in, stay connected, fight for them, and let them fight for you. Don't walk away, don't be distracted, don't be too busy or tired, don't take them for granted. Friends are part of the glue that holds life and faith together.” Gentlemen, no matter your perceptions, intentions, or values, I cherish each of you and will fight for all of you. I am never too busy to listen or too tired to

discuss. I will never walk away from my obligation to each of you. I only ask that you reciprocate the same respect to me. We each have a mission to uphold at Alzafar. Our fraternal mission is to promote friendship and brotherly love while our philanthropic mission is to fulfill the objectives set forth by our boards for a successful hospital system. Without the first mission, the second is sure to fail. Let us not focus on the negatives in any situation. Let us only continue to promote positivity and I’m sure Alzafar will succeed on all fronts. Respectfully, Rick Reyes III- The OG

TREASURER’S TWO CENTS WORTH P.P. Stuart Simms Phone: 210-659-1956

When you read this, our Circus will have been concluded and our Gala about to happen. Based on the numbers as they stand now, it appears that the Circus has the potential for going very well. Based on Travis’ comments at the Stated Meeting, I am confident that we can look forward to a successful Gala. As you know from my comments at the Stated Meeting, the Hospital Transportation Fund needs all the support we can provide to it. As you recall, last year you directed the Board to have an appraisal conducted of the property on Loop 1604. The appraisal was not conducted last year. Happily, an appraisal has been conducted this year. The appraisal is not without its faults, but at least it gives us a limited idea of the value of the property. The appraisal is available in the office, and I encourage each of you to take the time to review it. I am not suggesting that we should, or will, sell the 1604 property, but, when running a business, it is always prudent to know the value of your assets. In that connection, an appraisal of the property at Camp Alzafar will also be conducted. Again, this is not reflective of an intent to sell any or all of the Camp, but we do need to know the commercial value of that asset just like we need to know the commercial value of the Temple property. As you know, we have begun to withdraw Fraternal funds from our investments. That is not an uncommon situation at this time of the year when rentals and other income sources produce reduced amounts. So far, we

REPORT ON 2019 IMPERIAL SESSION By Bob Hunt, Imperial Representative Good Nobles all, the 145th session of the Imperial Council of Shriners International was held in Nashville, TN. this year. Rick (Tater) Reyes finished top 5 in the Clown Competition and Mike Long also competed. Terry Zittle, David Hadley, Steve Aikens, Col. Hoke and Boyd Perry competed in the Provost Guard Shoots and won a few trophies. We currently have a membership of 222,752 nobles, which is down 10,078 from last year. There were 6,748 Nobles created and 2,967 affiliated and restored. On the loss side there were 1.541 demits, 8,566 deaths, 9,361 suspensions and 3326 resigned or were expelled. Alzafar went from 1,573 members to 1,541 for a loss of 32. There were 28 temples with a net gain of membership. That’s only 14% of our Shrine Temples. Five of seven International Temples had a gain. We currently have 9,000 international Shriners. We really need to recruit more members and our membership committee is doing a great job of achieving that goal. Way to go Nobles. Imperial Treasurer, Brad Koehn, gave the annual report of the Investment Committee for Shriners Hospitals for Children. “Our Hospital endowment fund is comprised of a variety of investments, including marketable securities, real estate, mortgages, mineral interests, water rights, and beneficial interests in trusts. Northern Trust holds our assets in safekeeping, collecting interest and dividends. They also provide guidance to the Investment Committee in developing an investment plan based on our goals and objectives. The investment plan seeks an appropriate allocation of assets, diversifying our investment holdings across various asset classes and styles to balance our risks and returns to accomplish our goals. NEPC also assists the Committee in choosing the best managers in each asset class and in monitoring their ongoing performance against specific benchmarks. We also employ four professional firms for the management of our farm properties, as well as our mineral interests. What distinguishes our investment program is that it is built around the needs of our hospital system’s goals which may differ from other institutional organizations and endowment foundations. For Shriners Hospitals for Children, we consider our cash requirements and time horizon, as well as our risk tolerance. As these factors change, our ongoing management process ensures our investments will be adjusted accordingly. In 2018 interest rates were still close to 40 year lows. Volatility in the stock and bond markets increased dramatically during the 4th quarter. As a result, markets, in general, posted flat to negative results for the calendar year. Our endowment fund was not immune to the volatility and negative return. The total endowment fund asset value ended the year at $7.8 billion, due to the effects of the markets. Our endowment fund was $800 million lower for the year end 2018. Our total portfolio posted a total return of -4.8% versus a benchmark return of -4.9%. The endowment’s miscellaneous assets, including farm land and mineral interests, which make up $331 million of the endowment, returned more than 15% during the calendar year. In 2011, in lieu of setting aside cash to run hospital operations, the Committee established a $150 million line of credit to smooth cash flow needs. This served two purposes: one, we were not required to withdraw principal funds at times when the market was down, and two, it allowed us to maintain those amounts that would have been converted to cash management tool for SHC and has yielded more than $20 million in savings. The Committee continues to focus its efforts on the endowment, with the assistance of its investment consultant NEPC. We must stay focused on the long-term stability of our great philanthropy. This includes the Committee’s continued prudent management of the endowment, but it also includes establishing reasonable and sustainable spending guidelines as they relate to the renovation of existing facilities and the building of new facilities. As the 2017 financial statements show, Shriners Hospitals for Children’s net assets increased from $8.8 billion to $9.5 billion, a $700 million change. This change was driven from the markets and unrealized gains on our endowment. As a result of these gains, the endowment value grew from $7.9 billion to $8.6 billion”. In sports fund raising, the East/West Shrine football game is in its 9 th year in Florida with attendance rising to over 19,000. The College Baseball Classic game in Houston is doing well but participation and attendance is down. The committees will be looking into ways to make the East/West game, Baseball College Classic and the Pro Golf Tournament in Las Vegas more successful without a huge loss of funds. Our Alzafar Shrine golf tournament was in the top five and made over $30,000. The International Clown Assoc. presented a check for $237,000; the Daughters of the Nile ladies presented checks for almost $2 million and almost $1 million dollars in miscellaneous items from the sewing rooms. The LOS ladies presented a check for $250,000. It was reported that by 2035 there will only be 1 to 4 Shrine Hospitals for Children of Excellence remaining. Last year in Daytona Beach we voted on 48 items. This year in Nashville, there were 34 items on the agenda, 20 items on the fraternal side and 14 items on the hospital side. On the fraternal side 15 amendments passed, 4 failed and 1 was withdrawn. Of importance that PASSED: 1. This clarifies the procedure to maintain secrecy of the identity of the voter and how they voted when electronic voting is used; 2. The Imperial Potentate may grant a special dispensation to change location of a temple, amend bylaws, amend the budget, increase dues or pass an assessment at a special stated, special or annual meeting held elsewhere than at the location of the temple; 3. Would allow a new temple to be eligible for a charter in the Republic of Mexico; 4. In a parade, if a properly licensed Noble is not available, individuals who are not nobles would be permitted to drive a vehicle that requires a special license if the driver has the appropriate license and insurance; 5. A process would be adopted to start

restoring the fraternal relationship between Shrine International and the Grand Lodge of Arkansas. The current Grand Master of Arkansas and the current Imperial Potentate have agreed to take steps to restore fraternal relations no later than December 31, 2019. Of importance that FAILED: 1.That Resolutions can be adopted at an annual Imperial Session to vote on special assessments to be used only for the purposes specified by the resolution. With the failure of this resolution the resolution for one dollar per member to be used for developing a Membership Marketing Program was withdrawn; 2. A candidate for Shrine Office or Imperial Representative must be nominated at the stated meeting prior to the election. No nominations from the floor at time of meeting. The Temple Recorder will mail to each noble names of all nominees and office for which they are running. There were two candidates for Imperial Outer Guard: David Worel and Joe Schloss. David Worel from Al Aska Shriners in Anchorage, Alaska won. There were four running for Imperial Recorder: Imperial Potentate Jim Cain, Imperial Sir Gary Bergensky, Noble Gale Bennington and Noble Don Ferguson. Imperial Potentate Jim Cain won on the second ballot. On the hospital side, the Colorado Corporation had 14 amendments: 6 passed, 4 failed and 4 withdrawn. Of importance, amendments that PASSED: 1. It Clarifies the procedure to maintain secrecy of the identity of the voter and how they voted when electronic voting is used. 2. The number of members on subcommittee of Manage Performance Evaluation and Committee on Hospital Regulations would be increased from 3 to 5. 3. Additional hospitals could be acquired or constructed and existing hospitals could be closed or relocated by the vote of the members at an annual meeting or a 2/3 vote of the combined bodies consisting of the Board of Directors, Board of Trustees and Board of Governors of the affective hospital or hospitals. With the passing of this resolution four amendments were not required to be voted on and were withdrawn. They were reaching an agreement on relocating or merging the Galveston and Houston Hospitals, relocating, merging or changing the model of the St. Louis Hospital, relocating, merging or changing the model of the Springfield Hospital and reach a decision on relocating the Tampa Hospital. Of importance that FAILED: 1. A trustee is ineligible for re-election to the Board of Trustees after serving as an elected trustee for three (3) year terms. 2. Each member of the Colorado Corporation will have the knowledge that all leaders of Shriners Hospitals for Children have passed a comprehensive background check and are qualified to properly govern S.H.C. There were three candidates for hospital trustees. Elected were Chuck Pittman and Anthony West. There was an election for the President of the Board of Trustees, Shriners Hospital for Children. Past Imperial Potentate Jerry Gantt was re-elected. Be thinking about the next 5 years – Imperial is in Kansas City, KS July 5-9, 2020 (most competitions will be on Saturday, July 4th), Houston, TX July 4-8, 2021, Minneapolis, MN July 1-5, 2022, Charlotte, NC July 2-6, 2023 and Las Vegas, NV 2024. This concludes my report. Thank you for electing me as one of your Imperial Representatives of Alzafar Temple. I hope to continue representing Alzafar Temple with your help in 2020. Come out and vote at the December Meeting.

THE BAND By: Richard Wallace As this issue comes out, we will be in the midst of the Alzafar’s Annual Shrine Circus. We will be seeing some changes in the performances this year. We want to congratulate Robert Gamez, the former Band Director of the Gregory Luna Middle School Band, as he assumes a new position as Assistant Band Director of the Kennedy High School Band. The Luna Longhorn Band has performed at our circuses for the past ten years. The Alzafar Shrine Band has acquired several, more current arrangements this summer. So look for some new songs in the near future. The titles of some of them are “The Horse”, “Seven Nation Army”, and “James Bond Theme”. Red Stewart continues to make improvements and we expect to see him back with us soon. Billy Steele continues to deal with familial health problems and a move to a retirement community. We are always looking for more performers, especially woodwinds, low brass, and percussion. We meet on Thursday evenings from 6:00pm until 7:30pm in Room 7. Come on by good music and good fellowship, a combination that’s hard to beat. If you have any questions, please call Richard Wallace at 210-219-6861 or email at

what the Desert Knight came home with a 1st place in their class and Bert Gonzales came home with best time is his class. Thanks to the following Knights that went to the competition Nobles Pete Granato, Ron Trine, Bert Gonzales and George Garza Jr. and a special thanks to our ladies that went to support us and they are Lady Mary Granato and Lady Cindy Garza. This unit meets on the 3rd Wednesday of the month in the Director Staff Room. Our ladies attend this meeting as well and we have a meal before the meeting thanks to the ladies. Remember this is a fun group and is family oriented. Often time we bring our ATV to meetings so we can ride and let our ladies ride as well. Come by and visit with us and see what we are all about. For more information, I can by reached on my cell phone (210)414-4321. Look forward to hearing from you.

ALZAFAR DESERT KNIGHTS By: George Garza, Jr. The Desert Knights Unit was started in 2018 and has a total of 20 Members. The unit is family oriented and it strive at having fun while bringing awareness to surrounding communities of our commitment to help children though our Shrine Hospitals. The unit rides 110cc ATV's that are loads of fun to ride. The ATVs have electric starters, forward and reverse gears and can be purchased locally. Thus far this year, the unit has participated in the Washington Birthday Parade in Laredo, Cornyval Parade in Helotes, Memorial Day Parade in Bandera, Berge's Fest Parade in Boerne and July 4th Parade in Seguin. We had lots of fun riding in these parades and most importantly we had our wife's and families with us and they had a blast. Most recent the Desert Knights Unit was in Allen, Texas competing in TSMPA Obstacle Coarse Competition. This was our first competition and guess

BURNING SUN By: Tony Calderon The Colonel and Treasure represented the unit well at TSMPA with fun, family, and friendship. Thank you for attending this event and representing our Shrine and Unit with honor. Another big shout out to all the new Nobles and those who participated in the ceremonial. As always if you are looking for a unit that has family, fun, and speed come out and see us. We meet on the 2nd Wednesday of every month in room 5. We look forward to seeing you at our stated meeting which starts at 630pm for social and 7pm unit business starts.

THE DRUM AND BUGLE CORPS By: Richard Wallace With the improvement in Drum & Bugle Corps’ performance this year, we are planning to add some new music to the program. Come on out, practice with us, and help select the new music. We are always looking for more musicians. Currently we are performing on brass instruments that are played in the band; Bb trumpets, Bb marching French horns, marching trombones, marching baritones, etc. We do have instruments that we can lend to you. We need low brass and percussion players. We are also need percussionists and we have drums for you to play. We are a very low-pressure organization in terms of expectations and very flexible concerning time commitment. Thursday evening practices in Room 8 start at 7:30pm and end at 9:00pm. If you have any questions, please call Richard Wallace at 210-2196861 or email at Come on out and join us!

HILLBILLY CLAN #152 By: Ken Propes We’uns r always looking fer new flatlanders ta join our fun group. Our next meetin will be in Oktoebur, so bring them out ta have sum fun with us. Remember, we have 2 Hillbilly Gals runnin fer Possum Queen. They are Mandy Anderson an Gay Smitha. Pleze keep it in mind as all proceeds go ta tha Transportation Fund. We’ll be lookin fer new officers at this meetin, so pleze keep it in mind. New officers won’t be installed until the December meetin/party. We ask everyone ta continue ta keep all r cuz’ns that r ailin in yer thoughts an prayers an hope they git back on tha Hillbilly trail real soon. Pleze keep r troops in yer thoughts fer their safe return.

HONOR GUARD By: Al Aranda Right off from jump street, we need to thank all the brothers that attended the installation of our President to the East in Army Lodge. Also, to the lineup that put the colors on for the ceremony. Congratulations, Brah. Also need to thank the lineup at the stated meeting and at the ceremonial. The same goes to the nobles and ladies that supported the club at the Boerne Parade. By the time you all read this article, we have already had our raffle and our circus. Time is going by pretty darn fast and before you know it, we’ll be installing new officers and having a serious talk with the old man in a red suit. All our sick personnel have started to bounce back, not 100%, but pretty close. But we do need to keep G.I. and Margie in our prayers, cause they are flying low. Everybody in the club had a super time at our monthly get together at the Longhorn last month, looking forward to our next gathering. We will keep everybody posted. May the Great Architect put his arms around all of us to keep us safe and in good health.

RECOGNITION OF 'JUST ONE’ SUCCESSES IS UNDERWAY As of August 1, and based on WebFez records, nearly 250 Shriners were identified as top-line signers of at least one new temple recruit or restoration during the month of July. JUST ONE pins have been sent to each of these members. Recognition levels, and the number of Shriners attaining them last month, are as follows: Level 1 – Upon creation or restoration of one member, the topline signer will receive a postcard and JUST ONE pin from Imperial Potentate Jeff Sowder. (249) Level 2 – Upon bringing in a two members, the top-line signers will be listed in Shriner Magazine. (33) Level 3 – With three new creations or restorations, the top-line signer will receive an award certificate and a letter of appreciation from Imperial Sir Jeff Sowder. (17) Level 4 – After five creations or restorations, the top-line signer will receive a personal phone call from the Imperial Potentate. (7) Level 5 – Top-line signers responsible for 10 additional Shriner brothers will receive a special invitation to attend a JUST ONE VIP reception with the Imperial Divan at the 2020 Imperial Session. (0) In addition to these points of recognition, local temples are encouraged to find other ways of honoring members who embrace the challenge of helping grow our membership. If you have any questions about the JUST ONE program, please contact the Membership Development Department by email at or call (813) 281-0300.

ALZAFAR MOTOR CLUB Nobles & Friends 2019 continues to be a wonderful year for our club – by the time you read this we will have made the symbolic check presentation for the Hospital Transportation Fund donation to the Divan at the August Stated. It’s worth repeating… We donated EVERY CENT of profit to the Alzafar Hospital Transportation Fund for a total of ($11,501.92). Since it was the highest grossing car show ever and the Hospital Transportation Fund is in desperate need of funds we’ve decided to host another Car Show on October 26th, your club is making a difference in the lives of our Shrine Children. Look at the bright side, the weather should be a little cooler and if you missed the May Car Show, come to this one. Our goal is to “go in all huge like” and make even more money to transport our children. Please mark your calendars. We’ll be honored to have you all by our side for the Car Show. Some can attend, some can’t but we can all do our part by spreading the word. Think about it…communication is the key to our success and our success is definitely going to help children. If you are a club member or fellow Shriner, we respectfully ask that you support us but communicating… spread the word… in this issue of the Achbar are 2 forms: one is the Car Show Registration form and the other is a Car Show Sponsor form. To all who read this, we ask that you tear the forms out of this magazine and place them in the hands of somebody who will register and attend the Car Show and to put the Sponsor form in the hands of someone who will. Forms also available at We will be honored to have any Shrine unit or club at the Car Show to promote your club or our fraternity in general. We have already teamed up with The Hot Sands BBQ Unit and the Brews Brothers. Any questions, email or call Mike Long at 210-387-0025 and/or Hats off to our club president, Michael Long, he is constantly thinking outside the box. His latest brainchild… the Deep Sea Fishing Trip/Fundraiser was designed for our Shriner’s children, members, family and friends was all about family, brotherhood, comradery, fishing and fun. A 90’ private charter boat with Shriners, family and friends on board… although booked as a club fundraiser, rest assured all profits went to the Alzafar Hospital Transportation Fund. We are “Having Fun Helping Kids! If I can answer any questions or get you a petition to Alzafar’s BEST Unit, I am James C. Hoyo 210-872-0619 or Mark your calendar for the next trip, next July! Attention all Gear Heads, hot rodders, Jeep, Mercedes, Mopar, Corvette, old car, new car, motorcycle, 3 wheelers, etc., essentially anything with a motor or just being a like-minded enthusiast. We’d be honored to have new members join. One of the highlights of the 08-08-2019 stated was when Rose Leinen from Taco House on San Pedro made her annual Fiesta Medal Sales contribution the Hospital Transportation Fund in the amount of 2057.00 Please talk about all we do to anyone who will listen, you never know when it may SPARK “THE QUESTION” or help the children in our hospitals. We pray the children have a speedy recovery! Until next time, May the Great Architect Bless us All!

Smiley’s Shenanigan’s A Little Masonic Humor!! A Doctor and Plumber are in the same Lodge. On Sunday Morning the Doctor wakes up to find his toilet blocked. So he rings the Plumber. "But I do not work Sundays! Can't it wait until tomorrow?" The Doctor said. "I do not like working Sundays either but if you were in trouble, and felt unwell, Brother I would come round to see you" "Ok" says the Plumber and goes round to the Doctor. Goes upstairs and looks at the toilet, take two aspirins from his pocket and throws them down the bowel. "There" he says "If it's no better tomorrow give me a ring and I will call round." A small Lodge had had a string of bad luck. It was preparing to initiate a candidate on a steamy evening in June and it's air conditioner had stopped working. After sweating their way through part of the work, the Master had asked the candidate what he most desired. The candidate replied "a beer". At this juncture the SW started and whispered "light" to the candidate. "OK", the candidate replied, "a lite beer". It seems that another Mason, Master of his Lodge, went to Heaven and met with St. Peter. He identified himself as a member of the Craft and St. Peter asked, "What Lodge?" Proudly the Master replied, "Old Adage Lodge #1." St. Peter immediately took him to the Masonic Clock Room. The Master, in puzzlement, looked around the room which was filled with clocks. Each clock had a Lodge's name on a brass plate and, strangely enough, each clock was at a different time. He asked why and St. Peter informed him that the hands only moved when someone in that Lodge made a mistake in the Ritual. The Master then asked where his Lodge's clock was as he couldn't see it. St. Peter replied, "Why, it's in the kitchen, of course." "The kitchen," said the Master? "Yes, you see, we needed a new fan." How many Masons does it take to change a lightbulb? After much research this tricky question can now be answered. It takes 20, as follows: 2 to complain that the light doesn't work. 1 to pass the problem to either another committee, Temple Board or Master of the Lodge. 3 to do a study on light in this Lodge. 2 to check out the types of lights the Knights of Columbus use. 3 to argue about it. 5 to plan a fund-raising dinner to raise money for the bulb. 2 to complain that "that's not the way we did it before." 1 to borrow a ladder, donate the bulb and install it. 1 to order the brass memorial plate and have it inscribed.

AAANNNDDDD THE RECIPE FOR THE MONTH IS???? CRAB AND LOBSTER CASSEROLE!! From the Kitchen of LOUISE GULINSON!! 12oz. frozen king crab legs, thawed and shelled, or 1 6oz. package frozen crab meat thawed 1 5oz. can lobster, drained 1 C chopped celery mayonnaise or salad dressing

2/3 C

¼ C milk 1 tsp Worcestershire sauce ¼ C chopped onion Tbsp. melted butter or Margarine


1 ½ C soft breadcrumbs Cut crab and lobster into pieces. Combine season food with next 6 ingredients, ½ tsp salt, and dash of pepper. Spoon into 1- quart casserole, or 4 individual baking shells. Combine 1 cup crumbs and melted butter; sprinkle around edges of casserole. Bake uncovered at 350F. till heated through, 30 to 35 minutes for casserole, 20 to 25 minutes for shells.

That’s all I have!!! Until next month!! Keep the sun in your eyes! Smiley!!!

THE LAREDO SHRINE CLUB By: Larry Lowe Our monthly meeting was held July 31, 2019, at the Laredo Masonic Lodge. A potluck supper was provided by the members and their wives. Thank you to all of those that participated in the meal. Our restaurant bucket collections continue to be successful. Our last Shrine Hospital Outreach Clinic was held on August 8 & 9, 2019. We saw 87 patients. Thank you to all Alzafar Shriners, wives & volunteers. Thanks to Noble Ruben Bazan for doing an on-air interview with Telemundo. He spoke about the Shriners Childrens’ Hospitals. The Anezah Club President Dante Martinez gave some information on their club has helped 326 patients to receive humanitarian visas this year. He explained how they help the Mexican patients when they start arriving at the Bridge for appointments. Thank you Anezah!! Pres. Martinez also told us that on August 23rd, the Tecolotes baseball team will dedicate that game for the Shriners. This allows Shriners to sell bears and other items as a fundraiser for the Clubs. This money will be used for the Transportation Fund. The Club will be given tickets to sell in advance of the game. Thank you Tecolotes!! Our Club has decided rather than have a Street Collection day, we will have a Collection Day at Walmart on International Drive & Loop 20. The date will be Saturday, October 5th from 10 am to 4 pm. We will be needing help in 2 hour shifts. These monies raised will go to the Alzafar Transportation Fund.

LEGION OF HONOR 1st LTC Calderon, Tony ON YOUR FEET…. How many times did you hear this throughout your military career? Well as summer comes to an end and school starts feel free to use this saying when getting your kids out of bed. The Legion of Honor unit would like to say “Best of Luck” to all those students continuing their education and for those who just graduated welcome to the real world. With many options for jobs remember the Legion of Honor is here to help those thinking of joining the military world. Everyone has a different goal, dream, and expectation of what the military has to offer. Talking with a Veteran can help you and your child make an educated decision. We would like to give a big shout out to all those who continue to fight with health issues. Either we

are dealing with the issues ourselves or have a family member going through the struggle of health issues. We just want to say that we are praying for you and your family and continue to fight the good fight. As a Veteran we rely on our brothers and sisters to help us during the struggle and just know that you are not alone as we are all family within the Shrine and we are here for you. If you would like to know how you can become a member feel free to come to our stated meeting. We hold them on the 2nd Monday of the month and times are varied to ensure we accommodate all nobles but usually around 630pm we start. Come out and meet with us and learn how you can continue your service as an Alzafar Veteran.

NEMNUF By: Jon Strandlie Thank God we made it to September. I’m especially pleased to announce the annual passing of the worst moment of the year, which was 2 pm on Tuesday August 13th. It’s all downhill from here as the worst is behind us. This means we can focus on the best Shrine event of the year…….our Circus. We have a truck load of novices that will participate this year and we’ll have the usual veteran, mossback clowns on hand to make the kids laugh and most importantly, shove a pie in Marty’s face!! You know it’s comin’ Marty. We certainly had plenty of opportunity to have some Shriner fun in August. I would like to extend gratitude to our OG for hosting a cigar mixer to promote our philanthropy to recruit more Masons and Shriners. We reserve a special thanks to The Director Staff for putting on yet another great Full Form Ceremonial. What an awesome way to promote fellowship and welcome our new Shriners. Last, but definitely not least, thanks to our 2nd VP Mike Long for hosting our Clown Hoedown Summer BBQ at Camp and setting up the Hospital Trip. See you at Circus!!! Finally what you are all waiting for, September is both Better Breakfast and National Bourbon Heritage Month. Maybe consider enhancing that first meal of the day with a shot.

RV CLUB By: Dave Browne

SENIORS By: Roger Hopkins

The June rally was held at the Peach Country RV Park in Stonewall. We rally at the Stonewall Park every year. They have a very nice rally facility. The group had a great time sitting in the rocking chairs that are around the rally room porch. Many tall tales were spun while relaxing and enjoying a cool drink. There are many places to visit in the vicinity. It seems like every time we rally in this area, there are more wineries popping up. There is also a new brewery close to Fredericksburg on Highway 290 and some of our members took the tour. They have a restaurant at the brewery that serves German and American food. Fredericksburg, where there is plenty of shopping, is only about 20 minutes away. On a hot day you can stop in for an ice cream on Main Street. Fredericksburg has a reputation for being an excellent destination for shopping and browsing. Our August rally will be held at the Riverway RV Park in Llano on August 29th through September 1st. If you have an RV and want to have a lot of fun in a relaxed atmosphere with Brother Nobles and their Ladies, come out and rally with us. I know you will have a great time. Call Wagon Master Dave Brewton (210-643-0314) or assistant Wagon Master Eddy Bowers (210-508-3989) for information about the next rally. You can always call me at (210-679-7356).

The Alzafar Seniors met in the Roustabouts Room August 1st with 21 members and guests in attendance. The meeting was opened by our President, Noble Dan Coburn, followed by an invocation from our Chaplain, R.W. Donald Garrido, PP. We then rendered honors to the American flag and went into a great lunch of Chicken Fried Steak, potatoes, vegetables, salad, toast and tea organized by Bonnie and Jerry Hopkins. We had some great appetizers and desserts provided by Mary Sue Cox. Following lunch, we celebrated birthdays and anniversaries, had a secretary’s report of minutes from July (no meeting in July) and the Treasurer reported that we were “still solvent”. We would like to welcome LeRoy Schmidt as a new member of our group. Under new business Noble Coburn updated the group on the Shrines’ plans for the Circus Gala on 12 September. We have reserved two tables and should have all the seats sold very soon. He also reviewed our previous decision to take out an add in the Circus book and asked everyone to stay for a picture to accompany the ad. Lastly, we decided to have our Christmas meeting/party at a local restaurant and “Tex” Phillips volunteered to check on availability and report back next month. After some last remarks by President Coburn, R.W. Garrido gave us a benediction and President Coburn closed the meeting. We look forward to seeing many of you at our next meeting scheduled to take place in the Parlors on September 5th. Until then we hope that each of you is having wonderful summer.

THINGS YOU SEE BUT DO NOT RECOGNIZE (A wee bit of history) As you sit in a chair during the Shrine Stated Meeting there are items you take for granted. The Altar, years ago it was a disaster. It was taken home, rebuilt and remodeled by a Noble. The Potentate’s Lectern was built and donated to the Shrine by Noble Steve Hudnell in the 80`s and lately refinished by another Noble. The Potentate’s side table was built and donated in the early 90`s by a Noble. The two lecterns on each side of the floor were designed and constructed by a Noble and donated to the Shrine. As you look above the stage on both sides, the walls are decorated with logos of The DeMolay, Masonic Lodge, Scottish Rite, York Rite and Shrine, these were designed and constructed by Noble Art Lambert. All of the work, material and expense was donated by the Nobles at no cost to the Shrine or units. The following Nobles are, Steve Hudnell (deceased), Art Lambert (deceased), Frank Barnhart (deceased), and Bill Mellon. The Altar was completed and looked unfinished. Talking about Frank Barnhart being a great wood worker!! He also built Shrine Logo on the front of the altar. Believing that it still needing something, I talked to another great artist and friend to ask her if she would paint some Arabic Scenery on it. Thanks Lady Dolly Hatcher and everyone for jobs well done.

CAMP ALZAFAR DRUM TRAIN One day at Camp Alzafar we, the Director Staff members of camp, were sitting at Noble Ted Well’s cabin. It was in the later part of 1980. Ted said, “I know a fellow that makes rides out of 55-gallon barrels that connect together, it makes a train for kids to ride in. We could get an old riding lawn mower to pull it.” We were all ready to chip in to help pay for this, Noble Wells said “no”. This would be his gift to Camp. One weekend, some of us were at Camp and Noble Wells drove in with (5) 55-gallon barrels mounted on a T-frame with 2 wheels. The frame had an extension to connect each other together. The drums had a hole to enter and sit, but no seat. This was the first chore and all present, turned too and built seats. By this time the word got around of what was going on. From that point on, we needed no help, seats were made, holes drilled along the metal edge of the opening for future rubber protection. The frames were painted black, the barrels were not painted. They were cleaned inside and out. We spray painted the barrels and added the rubber protection, it was laced around the openings. Noble Williams (deceased), a cabin owner, donated a lawn mower tractor to pull the Barrel Train around. The tractor lasted for many, many years; bring fun and enjoyment to kids and adults alike. Sadly the tractor has gone on to the great pasture in the sky and the barrels went into disuse. Recently efforts have been put forth to reanimate the beloved Barrel Train, four of the cars are now back in operation, thanks to Noble Luis Cardenas and friends. We now need another donation of a small lawn mower tractor to pull the cars.


Annual Masonic Picnic and Chili Cook-Off Date: Saturday, October 12th 2019 Time: 10:00 AM weigh in Judging Begins: 2 PM

Everyone come out, eat, and judge your favorite chili.

REWARD Top 3, Tasters Choice, and 1 Year of Respect

Tentative Parade Schedule… Year, 2019 Note: Subject to change!






Sat. Feb. 23th…… Washington’s Birthday..... Laredo………..…7:00AM……… 9:00AM Sat. Apr. 6th…… Strawberry Festival……... Poteet.…………. 8:00AM……….10:00AM Sat. Apr. 27th…… Fiesta Flambeau………… San Antonio.……5:00PM……… 7:00PM Sat. May 4th ……. Cornyval………………... Helotes…..……...7:30AM……….9:30AM Sat. May 25th…… Memorial Day………….. Bandera…..……..9:00AM……….11:00AM Sat. June 15th…… Berges Fest………………Boerne….………7:30AM……….10:00AM Thur. July 4th…… July 4th………………….. Seguin..…………8:00AM……….10:00AM Fri. Aug. 24th ...… Gillespie County Fair….. Fredericksburg.…. 8:00AM……….10:00AM (Optional) Sat. Aug. 31st…… Kendall County Fair……. Boerne…..………8:00AM……….10:00AM Sat. Oct. 26th…… Medina County Fair……. Hondo…..……….8:00AM……….10:00AM Mon. Nov. 11th……Veteran’s Day………... San Antonio……..10:00AM……...12:00PM (Alzafar Ladies and Family) Sat. Nov. 23rd… Christmas Parade……….. Alamo Heights …..5:30PM……….8:00PM Fri. Nov. 29th ….. Holiday River Parade……San Antonio River…. Time to be determined Sat. Dec. 7th……..Christmas Parade……….. Sattler…………...9:30AM……….11:00AM (Alzafar Ladies and Family)


Carl Marmion Garil Allerkamp


Albert Merrill

Alfred Gray

Ben Pawelek

Charlene McGuire

Bill Peters

Floyd & Jennie Barker

Jo Mayo

Alfred Gray

John Nash

Bill Mellon

John Nash

James & Shelley Hoyo

John Nash

P.P. JD Thomas & Lady Valerie

Kathy Stevens

Ira Crist & LaRue Blackwell

Kenneth Tucke

Ken & Lou Skinner

Kenneth Tucke

Boyd & Elaine Scott

Linda Holt

P.P. JD Thomas & Lady Valerie

Mike Oexman

Charlene McGuire

Robert E. Kenton

Alfred Gray

Ronny Ezell

Charlie Bedgood

Sally Keele

Boyd & Elaine Scott

Steven Robinson

Bob & Mava Prichard

Ralph Gillig

Arlon Georg

John Nash

Alzafar Classifieds FOR SALE: 2 crypts at Anchor Lodge Cemetery. Make offer. Call Bob @ 210-824-4689. FOR SALE: 2 burial plots at Sunset Memorial Funeral Park. Asking $4,000.00 each. For more information call Noble A. G. Pinson @ 615-7466888. FOR SALE: 4 burial plots at Sunset Memorial Park in the Masonic Section. Asking $4,000.00 each or negotiable. Call Judy Phillips @ 210-274-7713.

FOR SALE: #5 Arabia at Camp Alzafar. Please call Ronny @ 210-724-9653 for details and also for showing. FOR SALE: #7 Maskat at Camp Alzafar. 2bedroom, 2 bath cabin across from the ball park. Includes all furnishings and golf cart. Call Noble Mark Morley at 210-632-4194. FOR SALE: 2011 E Z -Go Golf cart with cargo bed. 48 volt. Asking $2,000.00. Call 210-724-6154.

FOR SALE: 2 burial plots at Sunset Memorial Park in the Masonic Section. Asking $4,000.00 each. Please contact Vicki Gann @ 210-315-1325.

FOR SALE: 400CC Scooter in excellent condition. Has windshield, box to carry items. Contact Noble Keith Jorgensen @ 210-521-1679 or 210-422-9820.

FOR SALE: 4 adjourning plots in Brookside Memorial Park Cemetery, Houston Texas. Section 26 (Masters Lawn-Masonic Section), lot 251, spaces 3,4,5 & 6. Asking $4,995.00 each. Sell all or part. Call Noble Johnny @ 210-328-1776.

FOR SALE: #4 Ben Hur at Camp Alzafar. 840 sq. ft. with redwood deck. A/C and approved 250 gallon emergency water system. 2 bedrooms with 1 1/2 bathrooms. Partially furnished. Call Noble Chuck Lianza at 830-537-4764.

SEPTEMBER CALENDAR OF EVENTS 2nd 5th 13th-15th 19th

LABOR DAY-SHRINE CENTER CLOSED Seniors Meeting & Luncheon/Parlors LOS Stated Meeting/Parlors Alzafar Stated Meeting/Ballroom 76th Alzafar Shrine Circus/Freeman Coliseum NILE Stated Session/Parlors

12:00 noon 7:00 pm 7:30 pm 7:30 pm

______________________________________________________ OCTOBER CALENDAR OF EVENTS 3rd

Seniors Meeting & Luncheon/Parlors LOS Stated Meeting/Parlors 5th Alzafar Hospital Gala/Ballroom 7th Finance & Divan Meeting/Conference Room 10th Alzafar Stated Meeting/Ballroom NILE Stated Session/Parlors 12th Masonic Picnic & Chili Cook Off/Camp Alzafar 14th COLUMBUS DAY-SHRINE CENTER CLOSED 24th Children's Halloween Party/Ballroom 26th Medina County Fair Parade/Hondo ____________________________________________________

12:00 noon 7:00 pm 5:00 pm 7:30 pm 7:30 pm

10:00 am

NOVEMBER CALENDAR OF EVENTS 3rd 7th 9th 11th 14th pm 23rd 28th-29th

Alzafar Memorial Service/Ballroom Seniors Meeting & Luncheon/Parlors LOS Stated Meeting/Parlors Veteran's Day Parade/San Antonio VETERAN'S DAY-SHRINE CENTER CLOSED Alzafar Stated Meeting/Ballroom Alamo Heights Night Parade THANKSGIVING-SHRINE CENTER CLOSED

12:00 noon 7:00 pm 10:00 am 7:30 5:30 pm

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