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The Alzafar Achbar is the Official Membership Newsletter of Alzafar Shriners: It is published monthly by Alzafar Shriners Stated Meeting ………………………….. 2nd. Thursday Monthly Chartered ………………………………………………… July 13, 1916 PHONE: 210-496-1625 San Antonio Shrine Auditorium: 901 N. Loop 1604 West San Antonio, Texas 78232: Alzafar Shriners E-mail: Official Website: 2019 ELECTIVE DIVAN Potentate ……………………………………………………..Eric DeWalt Chief Rabban …………………………………………….Marty Bartlett Assistant Raddan …………………………………Travis Elmendorf High Priest & Prophet …………………………….Robert Norman Oriental Guide ………………………………………….Rick Reyes III Treasurer …………………………………………………..Stuart Simms Recorder ……………………………………………….Thomas Leverett 2019 APPOINTIVE DIVAN 1st Ceremonial Master ………………………………..Bobby Miller 2nd Ceremonial Master …………………………………Steve Starr Director ……………………………………………………Donald English Marshall …………………………………………………………Ken Propes Captain of the Guard ……………………………………..Josh Miller Outer Guard ……………………………………………….Paul Dawson Chaplain ……………………………………………..Robert M. DeWalt 2019 IMPERIAL REPRESENTATIVES Potentate ………………………………………………………Eric DeWalt Chief Rabban ……………………………………………Martin Bartlett P.P. Reese L. Harrison, Jr. ………Emeritus Representative P.P. Robert “Bob” Jett …………….Emeritus Representative Daniel M. Hutchison III …………..Emeritus Representative P.P. Robert “Bobby” Hunt P.P. Stuart H. “Stu” Simms 2019 FINANCE COMMITTEE Potentate ………………………………………………….Eric A. DeWalt Chief Rabban ……………………………………………Martin Bartlett Assistant Rabban …………………………………Travis Elmendorf Gary Bausell ……………………………………………………….4 Years Kyle Jackson……. …………………………………………………3 Years TBD ………………….…….……………………………………………2 Years Garett Ethridge ………………………………………………….1 Year ALZAFAR SHRINE PHOTOGRAPHER ………….Art Loera STATED MEETING The next Stated Meeting of the Alzafar Shriners will be held on June 13,2019 at the San Antonio Shrine Auditorium, 901 N. Loop 1604 West San Antonio, Texas 78232. Dinner is at 6:00pm on a first come first served basis. The purpose of the Stated Meeting is to receive and ballot on petitions, to receive committee reports, to discuss and take possible action on agenda matters and any such other business, as might come before it YOUR 2019 DUES CARD WILL BE REQUIRED FOR ADMITTANCE TO STATED MEETINGS. BE SURE TO BRING THESE THREE THINGS: • • •

Your fez on your head Your dues card in your pocket The spirit of fun and good fellowship in your heart

Potentate Recorder

Eric A. DeWalt Thomas D. Leverett

Eric A. DeWalt Alzafar Potentate

SMOOTH SAILING Most organization have their own culture and their own goals. But it seems the truly successful organizations share common traits: Great Leadership, Delegation with Authority and Adherence to Commitment. A great leader is not so much a boss, but like a Captain of a sailing ship. A captain of a ship needs clear purpose in the mission ahead. One needs a predetermined definition of success for the mission prior to their journey. One must have absolute knowledge of their abilities and the inner workings of their vessel. A good Captain understands there are many important and critical functions on board they must delegate, as one understands they could not possibly operate their ship alone. (One Man Can Make A Difference, One Man Cannot Do It Alone) A Captain understands that for delegation to work, one must delegate wisely and then give complete authority to those delegates to make the necessary decisions on their own to ensure the job gets done. A Captain understands the morale of his team is critical to accomplishing these goals. One must be committed to the health and wellness of their team, mentally, physically and emotionally. A Captain understands that when a team intrinsically believes in the outcome of their mission, they will go above and beyond the call of duty to achieve the mission goals - every time. Lastly, a Captain must have all policies, procedures and best practices provided for him in advance, as well as a well-trained team to accomplish the mission. Following this analogy, I strongly believe that if our Fraternity/Philanthropy applied these principles, we

would greatly enhance our performance and vastly increase the odds of achieving our goals as we move into the future. I hope this analogy benefits our team, our mission and our goals. Most importantly, I pray for smooth sailing!!!

High Priest & Prophet Robert Noman II

Hello Alzafar, we find ourselves in the middle of the year and the start of summer. It was great seeing our shrine representing at the TSA. What a turn out we had and the competition was great. Congratulations to all the units and individuals that competed and brought trophies home. Well done!! The next event we are hosting is the Full Form Ceremonial, held at Alzafar Shrine on August 10th 2019. Mark your calendar and make plans to attend this event. This is a way for us to come together and welcome all of the new Shriners that have joined our ranks. More information to come in the near future. We would like to keep the tradition going with the different units, clubs, and ladies organizations by setting up membership booths in the main ballroom. This allows us to be out front, possibly getting new members for our various groups to join or obtain information. We hope everyone is having a great year so far and enjoying all the fun our shrine is having. Continue to come on out and join in the fun whenever you are available. We look forward to talking to each and every one of you.

Oriental Guide Rick Reyes III

Nobles, we’re 5 months into the year and well on our way to another successful year at Alzafar. We’ve had so many events to talk about over the last month and I couldn’t be prouder of everyone’s participation. We started with our installation of officers and ended with our first OG Round Table event at Top Golf. The Top Golf event went off without a hitch as we welcomed 7 new members to our fraternal organization with petitions filled out and turned in and one new noble to the Shrine. Our next Round Table event is slated for the end of May and then again at the end of July. Be on the lookout for dates and times. As we move into the parade season, I’d like to invite any noble wanting to participate out to the parades. We will always have a place for you so make sure you show up. Parades have always been some of the best times I’ve had as a Shriner and I’d love for each of you to have the same experiences that I’ve had. Our next parades per the website will be in Bandera for Memorial Day, the Boerne Berges Fest, followed by the 4 th of July parade in Seguin. We hope to see all of you out there in support of our Shrine and most importantly to generate membership interest. Lastly, and as always, if you know of someone or something that would make our organization better, don’t hesitate to let me know. I have an open door policy and will never turn down a suggestion. It’s because of your great ideas and dedication that our organization will be the premier fraternal and philanthropic organization in the state and around the world. Keep up the great work nobles, and I’ll see you around the Shrine.

TREASURER’S TWO CENTS WORTH P.P. Stuart Simms Phone: 210-659-1956

Well, that was a pretty extraordinary Nobility Gala! Congratulations to our Potentate, his Lady, and all who worked so hard to make it a success. An exceptional party indeed! I’d also like to thank our Chief Host, Carlos, who recently surprised me with a very kind gesture. Thank you, Carlos, for your kindness and Masonic friendship. On the business side of the ledger, I would like to address two issues. The first is property control and disposition. As you know, we have two Shrine entities with which we work, the fraternity, “Shriners International” (501c10), and the Philanthropy, “Shriners Hospitals for Children” (501c3). (We almost never deal with the third entity that plans and executes the Imperial Sessions.) As to the Fraternity and the Philanthropy, both entities have property. I have recently learned that sometime during 2016, 2017, or 2018, Alzafar Shrine Center (the “Fraternity”) purchased some construction materials. Apparently, those materials were not used and, during the same period, were given to a Noble in return for a donation to the Transportation Fund. The donation was made. I would ask, in the future, that officers who have control of Temple property understand that they typically don’t have the authority to simply give it away, even for such a worthy cause. Everyone was acting in good faith, but in the future, we should probably seek appropriate guidance before giving away our property. The second matter to raise relates to the financial health of the Temple. I recently asked our investment bankers to examine our long-term financial health. As you may know, we now have four basic investment accounts. (A fifth account was closed last year because of the requirement to fund Temple operations.) Of the remaining four accounts, two (referred to as the “Ridgeworth” and “Sub-Bond” accounts) are generally unrestricted accounts. The remaining two (referred to as the “Life Member Account” and the “Bylaw Endowment Account”) have restrictions on when, how, why, and how much can be withdrawn to fund the Temple budgets. As part

of their briefing, our financial advisers gave us estimates as to when the unrestricted accounts would be exhausted based on the amount of money withdrawn from them per year. The estimates ranged from seven years to two years. Now we should be clear, our operating budget this year is targeted to produce a small net profit. Our capital budget will probably have to be funded, to some degree, from our investments. We all know that some capital expenditures, like repairing a damaged roof, are both important and urgent. Some are important, but not urgent, and some are nether important nor urgent. As we go through this year, and as we consider next year’s budget, we should keep the long-term effect of our spending patterns in mind. I do recommend that you visit the office and ask to see the documents provided by our investment bankers. Finally, we may share different views on specific matters, and may even have direct disagreements with each other on matters related to the Fraternity and the Philanthropy. In the turmoil and emotion of each of us trying to do the right thing, let’s not fail to remember that we are Masons and Shriners.

were I could find the cut-off valve. Even or Maintenance Supervisor, David Gibson, showed up on his day off wearing his bathing suit to help repair the leak. Better his Bathing Suit than his Birthday Suit! Calling all Masonic Blue Lodges and Scottish Rite Bodies: Once again I would like to remind you that we can advertise, at no cost, your Lodge events and activities at the Scottish Rite Building. We are all in this together and together we are stronger. RECORDERS CORNER T-Bone Tommy Leverett

Smile you are on video: As you know we installed video camera’s inside the office area. Please note when you walk up to the counter in the office the video is rolling. The inside video cameras were at the direction of the Potentate to protect the ladies in our office. We had one member, who has now demitted, that was making claims that he was not treated with respect. This is my fourth year as your Recorder and I have never heard that compliant before. I interviewed all of our office staff and their stories were and his did not match up. So now we have cameras. We plan to install cameras on the outside in an effort to provide additional security. We have experienced too many vehicle break ends or stolen cars in our parking lot. I would like to say in 4 years no one has tried to break into my 2002 VW Beetle. I think it is because no one remembers or was taught how to drive a standard. TSA is in the History Books: By the time you read this Achbar we have returned from the 2019 Texas State Association (TSA) in Wichita Falls. If history has repeated itself, we should have brought back a van full of competition trophies. One year one of the Motor Patrol members said we are going to have fun. Yes, our team wanted to have fun with our competitors, but we also wanted to win to give Alzafar bragging rights. Projects in the works: Once again we are cleaning up the Transportation Barn in an effort to make it easier for the parade vehicles to park. If you move a vehicle, try to park it back where you found it. Also try to fill up the vehicles with gas and bring the van back clean so they are ready for the next parade. We will reimburse you for the gas and car wash. We are experimenting with a new cleaning station which allows us to use 4 different cleaning solutions. This will allow us to buy in bulk and save money. We had a major water leak by the Pavilion and we want to thank Eddie Rodriguez for brining it to my addition. We were able to get the water turned off and get the plumber to fix the problem. Many thanks also go to David Hadley who told me

Dust off the Old Fez and come out to the next parade and join in the fun. If it is not fun, it is not a Shrine Event. Find out why I say “Alzafar Rocks.”

MEMBERSHIP By: Al Rapoza Happy Memorial Day. The 4 R’s of Recruitment, Retention, Restoration and Relationships are the keys to membership development. As Shriners, we should be dedicated in providing the resources needed to build and reach our recruitment goals and ensuring quality membership.

Innovative ideas to increase our membership is one of the many tools we can use. Many of our resources can be found in the WebFez portal. Make an effort to visit Lodges and meet the prospective candidates. My door is always open for suggestions.

Walter Millard Fleming 13 June 1837- 8 Dec 1913

Walter M. Fleming was born on June 13, 1838, in Portland, Maine, and died at Mount Vernon, New York, September 9, 1913, being buried in Kensico Cemetery. Walter Millard Fleming obtained a degree in medicine in Albany, New York in 1862. During the Civil War he was a surgeon with the 13th New York Infantry Brigade, a Militia unit of what would later be called the National Guard. He then practiced medicine in Rochester NY, until 1868. In 1868 he moved to New York and there he became a prominent physician and surgeon. Dr. Fleming joined the Masonic Fraternity February 13, 1869; was raised in Rochester Lodge No. 660 of Rochester, New York. He removed his office and residence to New York City and associated himself with Aurora Grata Lodge of Perfection in 1870; received the Degrees of the Consistory up to and including the Thirty-second Degree on May 31, 1871, and was given, on September 19, 1872, his Thirtythird Degree. December 3, 1872, he affiliated with New York Lodge, No. 330, of New York City, he having demitted from his Rochester Lodge. He was exalted in Lafayette Chapter, No. 207, Royal Arch Masons; became a member of Adelphic Council, No. 7, Royal and Select Masters; was knighted in Columbia Commandery No. 1, Knights Templar of New York City, March 19, 1872, and was unanimously elected Eminent Commander at the succeeding Conclave, April 15, 1872, which office he retained four successive years. In 1867 Brother William J. Florence made a trip to the Old World and is reported to have secured their useful information for the introduction and establishment of the Shrine. When he returned to the United States with all the data obtainable, he communicated the to Doctor Fleming, and thereby after further consultation with Brother Charles T. McClenachan and other able Masonic ritualists, they prepared the way to establish the Shrine in the United States.

On June 16, 1871, Doctor Fleming, assisted by Brother Florence, conferred the Degrees upon four Knights Templar and seven members of Aurora Grata Consistory, Thirty-second Degree, and September 96, 1872, the organization was affected, and officers elected. Established the Ancient Order of the Nobles of the Mystic Shrine in the United States He founded and served as Illustrious Potentate of Mecca Temple, originally named Gotham, which was the first Temple established by the Shrine. Mecca Temple received its Charter on September 26, 1872, and Brother Fleming held his original office from the time of its inception until December 1887. He was elected Grand Imperial Potentate at the first Session of the Imperial Grand Council of the Order, June 6, 1876, and retained this office until June 14, 1886. The name Grand was after a time dropped. Happy Birthday Brother Noble Walter M. Fleming

BREWS BROTHERS By: Russell Brown

THE BAND By: Richard Wallace Once again, Alzafar was the only competing band at All-State in Wichita Falls. The Band performed on Friday morning, June 7th on the concourse in front of the market place. The Concert Band performed “Marche des Parachutistes Belges”, “Irish Folk Song Suite”, and “Joy”. The Scimitars Dance Band played selections from the Dance Band Book. The German Band performed “Zum Abschied”, “Mädel von der Donau”, and “Musikanten Marsch”. The Dixieland Band played “Bill Bailey“, “Cabaret“, and “When the Saints Go Marchin’ In“. We are always looking for more performers, especially woodwinds, low brass, and percussion. Family members of Shriners are also encouraged to join us. We meet on Thursday evenings from 6:00pm until 7:30pm in Room 7. Come on by for good music and good fellowship, a combination that’s hard to beat. If you have any questions, please call Richard Wallace (210-219-6861 or email or Bobby Packer (210-501-8990 or email

While subject to some debate, it is most widely believed that the oldest brewery in the world is the brewery of Weihenstephan in Freising, Germany. The Bavarian brewers can trace their licensing history back to 1040 AD, and have been continually brewing ever since. There is also evidence as far back as 768 AD that documents a hop garden located on the land, suggesting many more years of brewing tradition. Rumors of a 5th Century beer-pong table are unsubstantiated. It’s that time of year, with our TSA competition brewing behind us we are on to brewing just for fun. Have a beer you want to see us brew? Just let us know. As always, all of our brews are open to visitors so keep an eye on our Facebook page, Alzafar Brews Brothers, and come on out and join us. As people are learning, not all craft beer is hoppy hipster stuff, you’ll see us at most Alzafar Shrine events so come on by and try some of our beer. We are quite proud of it. May the roof above us never fall in And may we friends gathered below never fall out

BURNING SUN By: Tony Calderon Summer Time Nobles!! Last month we had a few parades that we took care of and thanks to all the Nobles for making it a great time. We also had fiesta and that is one of our major fundraiser we do for our unit. We would like to thank everyone who came out to show support for our unit and that support makes all the hard work worth it. I would like to give a big thank you to all the Burning Sun unit ladies for stepping up and making it a huge success. The Burning Sun unit is a very family orientated unit and with the ladies doing their part it allows us Nobles to handle other business without the worry that comes with it. We will be working on routines for TSMPA and want to invite all motorized units to come out and practice with us. Our goal is to be able to interchange drivers from different units so we can fill in if needed. We can only do this if everyone is on the same page so again come out to one of our practices so we can learn the same routine and lead Alzafar Shrine to the top. We will also be working on keeping our karts in the parades so kart workshops are coming up. With that said we welcome anyone looking to join the unit or learn about our karts to come out and take a ride in our karts. As always, if you are looking for a unit that has family, fun, and speed come out and see us. We meet on the 2nd Wednesday of every month in room 5. We look forward to seeing you at our stated meeting which starts at 630pm for social and 7pm unit business starts.


The Canyon Lake Shrine Club met on April 8, 2019. Vice-President, Robert Furgerson welcomed everyone. Chaplain, Lee Stroman said the invocation. Our guest speaker was Guy Anderson who gave an interesting talk about the history of the Texas Farm Bureau. He stated that the first county Farm Bureau in Texas was established in Dallas County in May of 1920. They created a constitution working under the American Farm Bureau Federation. Membership was open to any “white” farmer, landlord, or tenant. The $10 dues were used to support the county, state, and national organizations. Over those first years many things were accomplished such as – Animal Health Standards, Farm to Market road system, creation of the Texas State & Water Conservation board, Agricultural Research & Education, Texas Agri.-life, Feed & Seed & insecticide rules and laws, Electricity & Telephones in rural homes and ranches. Membership benefits were first established in 1944. The first being Medical Insurance. In 1946 Life Insurance was added and in 1950 the new Texas Farm Bureau Insurance included Casualty, Fire and Extended coverage lines. Mr. Anderson answered all questions. The Canyon Lake Shrine Club meets the second Monday of the month at the Canyon Lake Golf Club, 405 Watts Lane, Canyon Lake, TX. We also do not meet in June, July and August. Everyone is invited to join us. For further information call Secretary, Tom Gilbert at 830-899-4839 or email at

DIRECTORS STAFF By: Miguel Inclan The Alzafar Directors Staff is ready for the Texas Shrine Association 2019 Ceremonial that will be held in Wichita Falls June 6-8. This unit will put in a great effort to bring a trophy home and make all members proud. Over the summer we will be preparing to host the 2019 Alzafar Full Form Ceremonial where we hope to welcome new Nobles into our fraternity. This is also to celebrate with those who have been initiated in the short form but want the full experience of initiation. Please make plans to attend the practice sessions. Practice dates and times will be announced later. We have two parades coming up. The Bandera Memorial Day Parade will take place on Saturday, May 25 with the lineup at 9am and an 11am start time. The Boerne Berges Fest Parade will take place on Saturday, June 15 with the lineup at 7:30am and a 10am start time. Parades are always a great time and place to have some fun and display the greatness of our camaraderie and brotherhood.

PROVOST GUARD By: John Pendleton Marshal Ken Propes called the meeting to order with a warm welcome. Everyone then enjoyed a fine shrimp boil dinner prepared by Chef David Hadley. Events announced included: May 28th–OG Round Table, June 22nd–Yard/garage sale in Terrace Room, July 1st–Shoot at Imperial. Both one hand and two hand are available for $150 registration fee. Register for one hand only for $100, or register for two hand only for $50. September is Circus month! Focus is on circus ads, buck-a-line, and banners. Make sure this is on your calendar! Set aside your time to be there. More information to follow. October 5th–Hospital Gala in the Shrine Auditorium. Don’t forget, Provost Guard is dark in June and July. Our best wishes to all those sick and ailing. Everyone was glad Tony Montez was able to be at the meeting. Next meeting is Aug 7th. Bring a brother and have a great meal. Ladies are welcome. See you there! Meeting adjourned with the benediction.

THE DRUM AND BUGLE CORPS By: Richard Wallace The Alzafar Drum & Bugle Corps was again the only Corps in Competition at All-State in Wichita Falls this year. They performed on the concourse in front of the market place on Friday morning. Their selections were “Texas A&M, The Eyes of Texas, God Bless America�, “St Louis Blues March�, and “Battle Hymn of the Republic�. We are always looking for more musicians. Currently we are performing on brass instruments that are played in the band; Bb trumpets, Bb marching French horns, marching trombones, marching baritones, etc. We do have instruments that we can lend to you. We are also need percussionists and we have drums for you to play. We are a very low-pressure organization in terms of expectations and very flexible concerning time commitment. Thursday evening practices in Room 8 start at 7:30pm and end at 9:00pm. If you have any questions, please call Richard Wallace (210-2196861 or email or Bobby Packer (210-501-8990 or email

Come on out and join us!

GOLF UNIT GIMMIES By: Walt Atencio Texas Shrine Golf Association’s Midwinter conference is over, results were good, but could have been better. First and foremost, the team was honored with a visit around the golf course and pep talk by our Oriental Guide, Noble Reyes. The good results were that Noble Studdard was voted as 2nd alternate in the line of officers. The “could have been betterâ€? was the results of the tournament. The four low net scores of the two day tournament determines the winner of the Annual Trophy. Alzafar took 3d place. How could it have been better? Attendance and participation numbers. The more competitors the better chances of producing low nets scores. Nobles we need to give serious consideration to participating and supporting our Temple and unit. Golfers are familiar with the terms par, birdie and eagle and most work hard to achieve them. Noble Farmer made it look so easy when he nailed an Eagle on the 13th hole at Fort Sam during the unit’s first Thursday fun golf tournament. Congratulations are in order, but he neglected to comply with the golf tradition of a round of refreshments for all. đ&#x;˜Š. Looking forward, by the time this hits the streets, TSA will be over, results and stories about it will be included in the next article. The golf ladies night out is scheduled for June 12th at the Blanco BBQ, so make plans to bring that gal out for an evening of relaxation and fellowship.


Smiley’s Shenanigan’s A LESSON IN MORALS One day at the end of class, little Johnny's teacher asks the class to go home and think of a story to be concluded with the moral of that story. The following day the teacher asks for the first volunteer to tell their story. Little Suzy raises her hand. "My dad owns a farm and every Sunday we load the chicken eggs on the truck and drive into town to sell them at the market. Well, one Sunday we hit a big bump and all the eggs flew out of the basket and onto the road." When the teacher asked for the moral of the story, Suzy replied, "Don't keep all your eggs in one basket." Little Lucy went next. "My dad owns a farm too. Every weekend we take the chicken eggs and put them in the incubator. Last weekend only eight of the 12 eggs hatched." Again, the teacher asked for the moral of the story. Lucy replied, "Don't count your chickens before they hatch." Next up was little Johnny. "My uncle Ted fought in the Vietnam war, and his plane was shot down over enemy territory. He jumped out before it crashed but could only take a case of beer, a machine gun and a machete. On the way down, he drank the case of beer. Then he landed right in the middle of 100 Vietnamese soldiers. He shot 70 with his machine gun, but then he ran out of bullets! So he pulled out his machete and killed 20 more. Then the blade on his machete broke, so he killed the last ten with his bare hands." The teacher looked a little shocked. After clearing her throat, she asked what possible moral there could be to this story. "Well," Johnny replied, "Don't MESS with Uncle Ted when he's been drinking!! FOR OUR BROTHERS PRACTICING LAW A good lawyer knows the law; a great lawyer knows the judge.

What do you call an honest lawyer? An oxymoron.

HOW BOUT A LITTLE DESSERT THIS TIME?? TEXAS HOT COCOA CAKE! From the Kitchen of Ethel Davidson! BATTER ¼ lb Butter 1 tsp Vanilla 3 Tbs. Cocoa ½ cup cooking oil 2 cups Flour 1 cup water 1/2 cup Buttermilk 2 cups eggs 1 tsp baking soda 1 tsp cinnamon

melt butter with cooking oil, cocoa and water in saucepan. Bring to boil while stirring. Let cool. Sift flour and sugar in large bowl. Pour liquid mixture over flour mixture. Beat until smooth-add buttermilk, eggs, baking soda, cinnamon and vanilla. Mix well. Bake at 400 degrees 35 to 40 min. ICING:: ¼ LB BUTTER 9 TBS MILK 1 tsp vanilla

2 1/2 Tbs Cocoa 1 BX powdered sugar 1 Cup Chopped pecans

Melt butter, and cocoa in milk-add sugar,vanilla and pecans. Pour over cake while hot in pan That’s all I have!!! Until next month!! Keep the sun in your eyes!

Smiley T. McButterpants!!!

LEGION OF HONOR 1st LTC Calderon, Tony Its summer time and the Legion of Honor unit is ready for the heat. As veterans, we train in all types of weather so a little heat will not stop us from doing our part for the Shrine. There is not too much to report at this time but there is a lot of things going on behind the scenes. We are working hard to get our unit room looking more inviting to all nobles. We also set up an email address just for the unit so any Alzafar Veteran can contact us and learn how you can be part of the unit. We understand that many of our nobles are part of other units and time is very important to all so reach out and see what we can do for you. Big shout out to those unit members who have been making the parades and flying our service flags high and proud. We are striving to make this unit the best unit out there and it will take time and hard work. Working together as one team is a foundation for all service members and the combined years of service we are on the right track. We are in the planning phase for next year’s Legion of Honor events so keep an eye for those. If you would like to know how you can become a member feel free to come to our stated meeting. We hold them on the 2nd Monday of the month and times are varied to ensure we accommodate all nobles but usually around 630pm we start. Come out and meet with us and learn how you can continue your service as an Alzafar Veteran.

NEKODAH TEMPLE NO. 44 DAUGHTERS OF THE NILE Queen Amanda Brown We will be dark June, July and August so have a wonderful summer. Save the date for these future events: Homecoming Tea—June 23rd in the Parlors, a Charitable Giving Progressive Dinner on August 3rd, and Nekodah’s Annual Picnic--August 16th in the Terrace room. Watch for emails with more information. There are 27 ladies and four Nobles planning to accompany her Majesty, Amanda Brown to the Supreme Session (June 6-14) in Reno, NV. We look forward to a wonderful conference and the interaction with our counterparts from all over the United States and Canada. If you or someone you know would like to become a member of Daughters of the Nile, Nekodah Temple No. 44, please contact any of our members or the Membership Team: PQ. Peggy Songer, PQ. Charlie Bedgood, PQ. Barbara Wells, Pr. Cindy Garza and Pr. Rita Young.

ROD & GUN CLUB By: Craig Noyes Hello all. We are coming into summer and we have a few events planned for the coming year. The May meeting was presided over by Vice President, David Hadley, while President Barnes was out of town with the RV Club. In honor of Cinco De Mayo, we had chicken fajitas with all the fixin's catered by Bill Barker's son. Past President Rich Thompson is planning a gambling trip to Louisiana soon and we should have something in the next few weeks as he was not at the meeting. Vice President Hadley mentioned he and Jan had gone to Laughlin and had a great time, he said "it was not that expensive." I am hoping to start fishing more if I can get away from work to go. Have gone to Braunig Lake a few times and tried to catch some fresh water Reds at the dam, but I had no luck catching them. Need to plan a trip to the coast. We would like to have more people attending meetings, as May was a little sparse, so if you are not doing anything on the first Sunday of the month, please come out to the Roustabout Room and join us for some fun, fellowship and a Bloody Mary. That is all I have to offer for the good of the order, so I will say thank you all and may there be many fish on your stringer.

Memories are what we take with us as we travel through this life. They affect us every day in so many ways. Memories are our most treasured heirloom I was sent this by my sister, who lives with her family up around Dallas/Fort Worth area. As a child we had the opportunity to experience the little “Wonder” that we call Camp Alzafar. Our children are having the same opportunity. It’s a beautiful thing when you can visualize what my nephew is talking about. This little story for his class, brings a smile to my face. Just thinking about the fact that Alzafar Shrine and Camp Alzafar have been the been doing this for so many years, through the generations. Come visit your Camp, come make some memories!!

RV CLUB By: Dave Browne The April rally was held at the Lagoons RV Resort in Rockport. We also had the TSRVA rally at the Old River Road RV Resort in Kerrville.

Nobles: Have you seen or heard from these fellow Brother Nobles? Our Temple Recorder and Membership Chairman need assistance; let us find our absent brethren and return them to our oasis. Jorge Amaya Alonso

Michael J Ogden

One of our favorite places to rally is Rockport. The town has recovered from the hurricane for the most part. The restaurants are back in business. A group of us met at a sea food restaurant that looked over the bay. The shrimp was some of the best I have had in a long time, and the view was spectacular. The weather was cool and dry, so it was a great weekend to sit out and have fellowship with our fellow Nobles and their ladies. A few of our members went fishing and caught some nice fish.

Jesus A Baez

Eddie R Perez

Earl J Bennett

Josh W Pierce

Robert D Berry

Daniel Reyes

Edward D Brune

Norman C Riggsby

Robert N Chaffin

Raul Rodriguez

Octavio Chancey Rodriguez

Amin O Rosado

Michael C Chavez

Stephen K Roundtree

Eduardo Mauel Cruz Jr

John A Schlameus

John Dupree

Jarrad D Seely

In May we held the TRSVA rally in Kerrville. The Karem Shrine was the host for this yearly rally. We had a good turnout with participation of 5 different Shrine organizations. The food was great, and we had a lot of fun at the various games. The Old River Road RV Resort is a jewel in the Hill Country. It is located on the Guadalupe River and has fantastic facilities. We are looking forward to doing a rally here again in the future.

Vernon P Estes Jr

Ernest A Sessums Jr

E C Fawvor

Daniel W Slaten

Raul Garcia Jr

Charles Leonard Smith

Manuel A Gonzales

James W Smith

Arnoldo Guajardo

R Larry Thompson

Joe E Hightower

Wendell R Tomlin

Timothy W Johnson

Victor G Villarreal

William C Krauss

Harvey Milton Watkins Jr

Merlin Otto Krueger

Theodore A Weesner

Carl L Marmion

James F Wells Jr

Ernesto A Martinez

George Fredrick White Jr

Orlando J Martinez

Nelson W Wolff

Rodolfo R Mendez Vasquez

Lawrence G Zamponi

Ramon Frank Merlin

David Soto Hernandez

A H Morris

George S Woodard Jr

John L Morris Jr

William F Wilmoth

Herbert E Moseley

Rufus J Wilson

Our June rally will be held at the Schulenburg RV Park in Schulenburg on June 20th through June 23rd. If you have an RV and want to have a lot of fun in a relaxed atmosphere with Brother Nobles and their Ladies, come out and rally with us. I know you will have a great time. Call Wagon Master Dave Brewton (210-643-0314) or assistant Wagon Master Eddy Bowers (210-508-3989) for information about the next rally. You can always call me at 210-679-7356.

William S Mullins

JUNE CALENDAR OF EVENTS 5th-8th TSA/Wichita Falls 6th Seniors Meeting & Luncheon/Parlors LOS Stated Meeting/Parlors 10th Finance & Divan Meeting/Conference Room 13th Alzafar Stated Meeting/Ballroom 15th Berges Fest Parade/Boerne 30th-July 4th 145th Imperial Session/Nashville, Tennessee

12:00 noon 7:00 pm 5:00 pm 7:30 pm 10:00 am

_____________________________________________________________ JULY CALENDAR OF EVENTS 4th 8th 11th

INDEPENDENCE DAY-SHRINE CENTER CLOSED 4th of July Parade/Seguin Finance & Divan Meeting/Conference Room Alzafar Stated Meeting/Ballroom

10:00 am 5:00 pm 7:30 pm


AUGUST CALENDAR OF EVENTS 1st 5th 8th 10th 31st

Seniors Meeting & Luncheon/Terrace Room Finance & Divan Meeting/Conference Room Alzafar Stated Meeting/Ballroom Alzafar Ceremonial/Ballroom Kendall County Fair Parade/Boerne

12:00 noon 5:00 pm 7:30 pm 10:00 am

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