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February 2018

The Alzafar Achbar is the Official Membership Newsletter of Alzafar Shriners: It is published monthly by Alzafar Shriners Stated Meeting ………………………….. 2nd. Thursday Monthly Chartered ………………………………………………… July 13, 1916 PHONE: 210-496-1625 San Antonio Shrine Auditorium: 901 N. Loop 1604 West San Antonio, Texas 78232: Alzafar Shriners E-mail: Official Website: 2018 ELECTIVE DIVAN Potentate …………………………………………………….Jason Triggs Chief Rabban ………………………………………………..Eric DeWalt Assistant Raddan ………………………………………Marty Bartlett High Priest & Prophet ………………………….Travis Elmendorf Oriental Guide …………………………………………Robert Norman Treasurer ………………………………………………………….Ron Trine Recorder ……………………………………………….Thomas Leverett 2018 APPOINTIVE DIVAN 1st Ceremonial Master ………………….Edward C. Rodriguez 2nd Ceremonial Master …………………………..James C. Hoyo Director ……………………………………………………Walter Koehler Marshall ……………………………………………………Thomas Martin Captain of the Guard ………………………………Ralph Flanigan Outer Guard ……………………………………………….David Hadley Chaplain ……………………………….P.P. Gregorio “G.I.” Flores 2018 IMPERIAL REPRESENTATIVES Potentate …………………………………………………….Jason Triggs Chief Rabban ………………………………………………..Eric DeWalt P.P. Reese L. Harrison, Jr. ………Emeritus Representative P.P. Robert “Bob” Jett …………….Emeritus Representative Daniel M. Hutchison III …………..Emeritus Representative P.P. Robert “Bobby” Hunt P.P. Stuart H. “Stu” Simms 2018 FINANCE COMMITTEE Potentate …………………………………………………….Jason Triggs Chief Rabban ………………………………………………..Eric DeWalt Assistant Rabban ………………………………………Marty Bartlett Kyle Jackson ……………………………………………………….4 Years Richard Reyes III …………………………………………………3 Years Charles Davenport ………………………………………………2 Years Gary Bausell ………………………………………………………….1 Year ALZAFAR SHRINE PHOTOGRAPHER ………….Art Loera STATED MEETING The Stated Meeting of the Alzafar Shriners will be held on February 15th 2018 at the San Antonio Shrine Auditorium, 901 N. Loop 1604 West San Antonio, Texas 78232. Dinner is at 6:00pm on a first come first served basis. The purpose of the Stated Meeting is to receive and ballot on petitions, to receive committee reports, to discuss and take possible action on agenda matters and any such other business, as might come before it. YOUR 2018 DUES CARD WILL BE REQUIRED FOR ADMITTANCE TO STATED MEETINGS. BE SURE TO BRING THESE THREE THINGS:   

Your fez on your head Your card in your pocket The spirit of fun and good fellowship in your heart

Potentate Recorder

Jason Triggs Thomas D. Leverett

1993-2018…25 YEARS IN THE MAKING ILLUSTRIOUS SIR JASON R. TRIGGS POTENTATE OF ALZAFAR SHRINERS I was first introduced to Alzafar in 1993. Lady Cynthia and I often reminisce about going to Shrine functions as kids. The parades, fancy dances, unit parties, Camp Alzafar events…all great memories. Looking back at it all, never did I think I would be blessed with the position I am in now as the Potentate of Alzafar Shrine. I owe a great deal of gratitude to my Father-in Law, Noble Art Loera. Noble Loera is entering into his 41 st year as a Mason and a Shriner and has been my guiding light throughout my Masonic career. He has also bestowed many honors on me throughout my journey. His teachings were instrumental in me becoming a Master Mason. He placed the Master’s Jewel on my shoulders when I became Master of the Lodge. He placed my first fez on my head when I became a Shriner, and then again as I was installed as Potentate. It was a very proud moment for me to be able to appoint Noble Loera as the Deputy Potentate so we can share in this experience together. It's a new year and a new chapter waiting to be written in the history books of Alzafar. Let us not forget the great leadership of the past that has made Alzafar what it is today. Momentum is on our side and this new chapter is poised with endless possibilities. Let's take advantage of every moment and continue the excellence of Alzafar Shrine for our fraternity and philanthropy. "Together we can...Together we WILL!"

CHIEF RABBAN Eric DeWalt Our Greatest Year I cannot believe how time flies by so fast. It seems like yesterday that I was entering this five-year quest of serving the Nobility and helping to stear this wonderful fraternity far into the future. In looking back, Suzy and I are so grateful for time, talent and tithing that each and every one of you has put forth in making each and every event a huge success. With all this being said, let us focus this year on raising money for our fraternity. We always need money to keep our doors open so that we can get to business on doing what we do best and that is helping our Shrine Children. Believe me when I say that I have lost sleep over the planning of this year so far. As I said before and you will hear it again, “One man can make a difference but one man cannot do it alone.” This means once again, I need your help. We will be holding monthly meetings involving all the units to conduct business involving new ideas, fundraising events and Circus. I am overly thrilled thinking about how wonderful this year could be. I promise to you, the Nobility, that I will give you 110% towards my efforts in keeping your best interest in the forefront of my actions. With Suzy by my side, I am confident that this will be one of our greatest years. It is truly an honor and a privilege to serve you. May God bless you all.

ASSISTANT RABBAN RAMBLINGS Marty Bartlett I am very excited about this year on the Divan. It is likely to be one of my favorite years since I will be in charge of all hospital fund raisers. We get to have lots of fun with all of our parties, parades, and events, but what really sets us apart from other social organizations is our philanthropy. I truly believe that we raise money for the best charity in the world and this year I want to see how large we can make that contribution to the hospitals and our transportation fund. As we hear each year, the cost of transporting patients can be very expensive. Hopefully through our efforts we will be able to replenish this vital account that helps get patients to the care they need. We have a number of opportunities planned to raise funds for our hospitals. Our big hospital gala will be in October and planning is already underway. Our hopes are to bring back a hospital charitable golf tournament in April. We are trying to organize street collection days in Boerne, Laredo and San Antonio – more to come on those if we can pull them all off. The first event is IHOP Pancake Day on February 27th. Each unit will be asked to man (and woman) an IHOP location and encourage patrons to enjoy their free pancakes and make a donation to our hospitals. Units will need to have people signed up throughout the day to encourage donations. If you cannot get off work that Tuesday, we are also planning to do the same thing the Saturday before. This gives everyone, whether they work during the week or not, an opportunity to spend a few hours at an IHOP to raise funds for our hospitals. So make your plans now to come out to your local IHOP in February and help us raise funds for the best charity in the world.

February 27, 2018



Let me start off with saying my Lady Tiffany and I thank you!!! We thank you Nobles for allowing and trusting in us to serve on Your Divan as your Oriental Guide for 2018. I am humbled and honored to have the opportunity to lead and serve Alzafar Shrine. To the Divan: we look forward to working with each one of you and we know that when we need your guidance, help, and assistance, you will be there to do just that. Although our time has been short, we have already began to enjoy this ride with you all. We can only imagine what is in store for us this year. To the Nobility: I promise I will do my best to not let you down as I will not let myself down. I understand you have entrusted in me a huge responsibility and I don’t take it lightly. I would like to say the year I was the Junior Warden, I accompanied my then Worshipful Master to the York Rite College, Masters Reception for New Worshipful Masters. The guest speaker, which was a Brother, said to the Worshipful Masters “I challenge you new Worshipful Masters to be a stepping stone and not a stumbling block”. I took this to heart. The year I was given the honor to serve my lodge as the Worshipful Master, I made a promise to the members that I would be a stepping stone for them. My promise to you all as a member of Your Divan, is I will be a “stepping stone” for Alzafar Shrine as well. Thank you all!!!!!

Wow, what a year we just finished. 2017 went by so fast it’s unbelievable. I would like to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you for the confidence you have placed in me by electing me for yet another year.

Not to slow down… we are hitting the ground running as we are already in the planning stages of the Children’s Easter Party. This will be Sunday March 25th from 2:00-4:00. This will be our first duty as your OG, so any and all suggestions and assistance will be greatly appreciated. I will be coming around very soon asking units for help and for donations either with money or Easter Baskets for the children.

While 2017 was filled with a lot of challenges and hard work, we have a lot more to come in 2018. This year we have several automation projects which will bring us up to new technology. Automated time clock and payroll tracking system. An automated rental tracking system which will allow us to not only track our rentals financially, but build a data base of all customers. Automated PO system to aid in controlling and tracking what and where we spend our money on. While these are projects that will streamline our accounting system, we will also have many projects which continue to improve our Shrine Center. Please continue to support your local Blue Lodges, each other and your 2018 Divan as we embark on another exciting and challenging year for Alzafar. I would also like to remind all, that your unit and club A&B financial reports are now due. Please contact me if you need assistance completing. All reports must be in by not later than the end of February. Yes, the end of this month!!!!!! As always, I am proud and humbled to have the opportunity to serve you. A wise man once said,

We will continue the OG Roundtable meetings. These meetings will be held on the 4th Tuesday with a new time of 6:30 PM. I would ask the members to come to this meeting and have a voice. If you have an idea on how we can improve Your Shrine, or would like to try something new bring those suggestions forward. Let’s lay these ideas out on the table and see what “WE” can do to accomplish them.

“Age is an issue of mind over matter. mind, it doesn’t matter”.

If you don’t

Mark Twain

RECORDERS CORNER T-Bone Tommy Leverett


The hotels are booked for the Divan Mid-Winter, the Laredo Parade and even the 2018 TSA in Tyler. If anyone needs me call me at home, just kidding, I wish it was that easy. 2018 is a New Year with a new face on the Divan and a new Potentate/ CEO in the corner office. Congratulation to Robert Norman and our Elected Imperial Representatives, Jason Triggs, Eric DeWalt, PP Bobby Hunt and PP Stuart Simms. The staff and I are looking forward to Jason’s year as Potentate and also working with the rest of the Divan. I just wish I could find somebody to take the notes for me during the Finance Committee and Divan Meetings each month.

Congratulations to Noble Art Loera for being selected as Alzafar Shrine's Shriner of the Month for January. Noble Loera has a very important job here at Alzafar, which he is very dedicated to. So dedicated if fact, his efforts have been recognized at the Imperial level and we are very fortunate to have him at our service here at Alzafar. Most of the time when the rest of us are having a good time, Noble Loera is hard at work doing his best to document it. When we go to parades, we all waive to him as we pass by. When we travel out of town for competitions, he’s there a day early to plan his travel routes to get to all of us to ensure he can get us the best exposure. We have a lot of special moments and memories we can look back on thanks to Noble Loera. Thanks to him, those moments and memories will live on for generations to come so our children’s children can look back and see the fun we had, the differences we were able to make…and the trouble we got ourselves into. And he does it all with no complaints, expectations of payment, or special recognition. Simply seeing the joy everyone has in the memories he helped preserve is enough payment for him.

I also want to thank all the other the Nobles that ran for elections, but did not get elected. We should all be thankful we have a very active Shrine Center. At a time when some Shrine Centers cannot find leaders willing to commit and serve, we have so many good Nobles willing to run for election. It goes without saying a big Thank You to our Jr. Past Potentate Gary Radvansky and his Lady Cheryl. Our loss on the Divan, but a big plus to the NEMNUF Unit. A quick reminder for the new leaders in your Units and Clubs we need everyone to give Carol, in the Office, a list of your new officers. We also need you to give Alex a new Financial form (the old A /B report). We need these two reports by the end of January 2018 or ASAP. There is so much for us to be thankful for and to look forward to in the coming year. My door in my office is always open and I make the best cup of coffee in town. OK, it’s a Keurig Coffee Maker. Come out and join us at the next event and find out why I say “Alzafar Rocks”!


THE BAND By: Richard Wallace

Nobles & Friends, we’ve been busy making our vehicles ready for the upcoming parade season and look forward to supporting the Divan and showing our pride and joys to all. We hope to see you at all of the parades.

It has been a while since we had an article in the Achbar, but now that Rip Van Winkle has awakened…

Please mark your calendars in advance for the usual kick-off in Laredo for the George Washington Birthday Celebration Parade. This parade is always the 3rd weekend in February or February 17th. Line-up is at 7:00 am and we leave the hotel at 6:30 am. Make plans early with the Springhill Suites using the Alzafar block of rooms or online for the best rates. Sneak a bite at the hotel and tacos at line-up. YAY! Please make welcome our newer members: Craig Noyes with his 1914 Model T Roadster, Gary Hartjen with his 1951 Dodge Power Wagon Pickup, Kenneth Neuse with his 08 Jeep Wrangler and Sheldon Shed with his 23 T Bucket. We would also like to welcome David Knape with his 1941 F 1 and yellow Mustang Convertible even though he’s been a member over the past couple of years. We are always looking for new members to strengthen our club. I remind you that you need not have a special vehicle, just profess to be an enthusiast and have some fun with a great group of Nobles who love to support all that Alzafar does. We meet the 3rd Tuesday of each month in room 9. If I may help with any information I am reached at 210872-0619 or I urge you all to keep Bud & Eileen Martin in your prayers as they continue to face health challenges. Please talk about all we do to anyone who will listen, you never know when it may SPARK “THE QUESTION” or help the children in our hospitals. We pray the children have a speedy recovery! May the Great Architect Bless us All!

Our performance at the Children’s Christmas Party went well, even thought we had a small band. Performers were Jason Gilmore, Billy Steele, Gordon Brewer, Beth Packer, Tom Kopcho, Joe Buenrostro, Chuck Thompson, Don Franz, Richard Wallace, Robert Packer, and of course little Robin Packer in her new guyabera. We held our Christmas Party on December 21st with thirty people attending. It was catered by the Olive Garden and everyone enjoyed the meal. Door prizes included orchids and boxes of Ferrer chocolates. Attendees were Jason and Cynthia Triggs, Eric and Suzanne Dewalt, Marty and Martha Bartlet, Billy and Priscilla Steele with two grandchildren, Don and Ruth Franz, Ricardo and Alice Baldarrama, Robert, Beth, and Robin Packer, Gordon Brewer, Joe and Rosanne Buenrostro, Richard Wallace, Tom Kopcho, Emilio and Janie Casarez, Bonnie Versoza, Red Stewart and Billie Sutton, Steve and Joyce Nail, and Chuck Thompson. Eric Dewalt presented Robert Packer with the picture that he had won at the Gala. Our next performances will be at the Grand Master’s Alamo Visit and the Masonic Youth Brunch in early March. We are always looking for more performers, especially woodwinds, low brass, and percussion. We meet on Thursday evenings from 6:00pm until 7:30pm in Room 7. Come on by good music and good fellowship, a combination that’s hard to beat. If you have any questions, please call Richard Wallace at 210-219-6861 or email at

CANYON LAKE SHRINE CLUB By: Tom Gilbert The Canyon Lake Shrine Club met on December 11, 2017. President, Lee Stroman welcomed everyone. The invocation was said by Robert Wragg. The members said the Pledge of Allegiance to the U.S. flag and honors to the Texas flag. BOERNE SHRINE CLUB By: Miguel Inclan Nobles and Ladies, the Boerne Shrine Club had a wonderful Christmas Party and Installation at The Dienger Trading Co. and we would like to thank our Divan for attending. We wish the very best to each unit as we have begun this year with the same goal as before, supporting the Shriners Hospitals for Children and their patients. February 4th-10th is Burn Awareness Week and we are making an effort to raise awareness in the community about the danger of burns, especially in this season that has seen so many structure fires in our area.

President, Lee Stroman thanked all the Nobles that helped with the chili dinner on parade day and all the ladies who brought cakes. The officers of the Canyon Lake Shrine Club were installed for 2018 office by Past Potentate Stuart Simms. President–David Mulholland, Vice President– Steve White, Treasurer–Larry Remy and Secretary– Tom Gilbert. Please join us on the second Monday of each month at 6:30 pm at the Canyon Lake Golf Club, 405 Watts Lane, Startzville, TX. For more information you can call President, David Mulholland at 830-964-6401 or Secretary Tom Gilbert at 830-899-4839.

February 27th is IHOP National Pancake Day and we hope to see you at IHOP at The Rim in the northwest side of San Antonio. Our next meeting is scheduled for February 21st and we hope to see you there.


BURNING SUN By: Tony Calderon 2018 is going to be a great year for this unit and wouldn’t you like to be part of it? The Burning Sun unit will be looking into new adventures for this year that will bring great credit to the Shrine and Masonic brothers and families. As always, we are looking for new riders to come and ride with us. Parade season has started, and with each ride that we do our unit becomes better than before. We meet every 2nd Wednesday of each month in room #5 at 7 p.m. Don’t waste any more time, get involved and you will see that you have missed so much. We look forward to seeing you.

With the addition of the St. Louis Blues March to the Drum & Bugle Corps repertoire, we expect to change the program for next year’s All-State. If you would like to be a part of the new program, come on by and join us. We are always looking for more musicians. Currently we are performing on brass instruments that are played in the band; Bb trumpets, Bb marching French horns, marching trombones, marching baritones, etc. We do have instruments that we can lend to you. We need low brass and percussion players. We are also need percussionists and we have drums for you to play. We are a very low-pressure organization in terms of expectations and very flexible concerning time commitment. Thursday evening practices in Room 8 start at 7:30pm and end at 9:00pm. If you have any questions, please call Richard Wallace at 210-219-6861 or email at Come on out and join us!



Here we go into another year and this is a busy month starting with the Potentate’s Ball on February 3rd, then a birthday party on February 11th, followed by our annual trip to Laredo for the Washington Birthday Celebration parade on February 16th and 17th. Then the following week we will be in Corpus Christi for the Texas Shrine Directors Assn. meeting on February 23rd and 24th. Yes we will be busy.

Members of the Hill Country Shrine Club had a joint Christmas Party with the Hill Country Scottish Rite Club on December 9, 2017. We had a good turnout and all attendees enjoyed the food, fellowship and the door prizes. On December 17, 2017, we sponsored a Children’s Magic Show as a fund raiser. On January 8, 2018 we held a joint meeting with the Hill Country Scottish Rite Club and 2018 officers from both groups were installed. Our Recorder/COO Tom Leverett was there to install our Shrine Club Officers. We want to thank Tom for officiating at the installation ceremony.

Our thanks to Illustrious Sir Gary Radvansky for making it possible to obtain a new trailer to haul our valuable Fire Truck to parades throughout South Texas and to Imperials when requested. It was truly needed for safety reasons a s well as for loading problems. Thanks again Illustrious Sir. We lost another dedicated and loyal Directors Staff member when Danny Gunnels passed away recently and we ask that the Supreme Grand Master comfort his family in their time of sorrow. We will all miss him. Our sick, lame, and lazy report finds Ed Lee in the hospital with a broken knee cap after a fall. Shirley Smith is doing well after back surgery and says it is working so far. No report on Sandy Hoffman and her new knee. I am doing O.K. after cataract surgery on both eyes, but still have other issues. One of our matriarch widows, Ned Wells, has been hospitalized, no report. Let us keep all in our prayers for a speedy recovery if possible. So it is time again to say, happy trails to you until we meet again and may the Good Lord above take a likin to you. Adios

We invite any Nobles in the area to join us for our monthly meeting on the first Monday of each month at 11:30am. We meet at the Inn of the Hills, 1001 Junction Highway, Kerrville, Texas 78028. Any further information please contact Jim Bobbitt 830895-3615

HILLBILLY CLAN #152 By: Rich Orr We need ta be thinkin bout r Sadie Hawkins Dance ta be held on 24 Feb 2018 at 7 PM in tha Terrace Room, also tha Silent Auction. Tha tickets r $10 each an can be purchased at tha door. This is also BYOB an snacks, although setups will be available. Git yer kinfolks an othr assorted friends an come on out fer a good time. All tha proceeds go ta tha hospitals an tha transportation fund. R lady cuz’ns will still be collectin donations as they seek thet coveted title of Possum Queen. So pleze hep Marina Raymond r Mandy Anderson, reach their goals. One of them will be crowned as Possum Queen at tha Sadie Hawkins dance. R beloved truk “Betsy” is havin sum problems an hasn’t been able to appear in the last cuple of parades. Pleze keep all r cuz’ns in yer thoughts n prayers. We hope ever one is n good health, or gittin back ta good health. We’uns hope ta see y’all at r next meetin on Feb 11, 2018.

HOSPITAL CORPS By: Roger Hopkins The Hospital Corps members got together for one of their most festive occasions on the the 19th of December. We met, had a great catered meal prepared by Noble Dale Curry (a Shriner and Hospital Corpsman) and installed our new leaders for 2018. We were honored to have Illustrious Sir Gary Radvansky as our Installing Officer. We are extremely pleased to have Noble Gordon Mc Kinnie as our new Commander. Gordon will be assisted by Noble William “Bill” Liles as Vice Commander and Noble Bob Ashley as Secretary/Treasurer. The dinner was hosted by our outgoing Commander, Noble Inselmann and Noble Charlie Eads served as the Master of Ceremony. Noble Ed Tuma provided an invocation and then we rendered honors to the American and State colors. After our meal, Illustrious Sir Radvansky may some very warm remarks regarding the commitment and support of our children provided by members of the Hospital Corps. Following the installation, Noble Inselmann was presented a plaque in recognition to his service and leadership during 2017. The festivities were closed by a benediction from Noble Tuma. We look to those of you in our Shrine that are as committed as we are to come out and support our mission.

LAREDO SHRINE CLUB By: Miguel Inclan The Laredo Shrine Club is preparing for 2 important events this month, the Washington’s Birthday Parade and the IHOP National Pancake Day. As always for Washington’s Birthday Parade we will be hosting a hospitality night at the usual SpringHill Suites off I35 with great food, great music and the great fellowship that we all enjoy. IHOP National Pancake Day is one of the high profile events for us and we are ready to promote the event with the media as well as Burn Awareness Week with our city officials. We will also be hosting a Shriners Hospitals for Children – Houston outreach clinic at Ruthe B. Cowl Rehabilitation Center on February 8th and 9th. This is a great opportunity to assist hospital staff and meet patients and families who come from different parts of South Texas and Northern Mexico. We are looking forward to seeing you here and if you haven’t been to Laredo in a while or never have been, this is perhaps the best time of the whole year to come visit.

PROVOST GUARD By: Michael Raymond Alzafar Provost Guard Unit will be the host for our states Mid-Winter pistol shoot to be held here in San Antonio on March 23-25, 2018, more details to come. This leaves plenty of time for those shooters out there who would like join us and participate in our Mid-Winter and future shooting events. Our unit meetings are held on the 1st Wednesday of the month in the Provost Guard/Shotgun Unit room, social time at 6:00 pm, dinner at 6:30 pm, meeting starts at 7:00 pm. We welcome anyone to come by for a visit and learn what we're all about. Until next time, sincerely Michael Raymond, 2nd Asst. Marshal.

NEMNUF By: Rick "Tater" Reyes If you’re reading this then it looks like we got our article in on time for the month of February. Now, that may not seem like a big deal to some of you, but for us clowns, its huge. With as much fun as we’ve been having, it's hard to get any real business done around here. Since our last communication, the NEMNUF’s have been up to all kinds of fun and exciting things. To start off, for the month of December we managed to somehow get our elections done. Our newest unit officers are as follows: Ed “Bugsy” Tuma, Secretary/Treasurer, Garrett “Pop-E” Ethridge, 2nd Vice President, Jon “Auzzie” Strandlie, 1st Vice President, (drumroll) Rick “Tater” Reyes, President. On his way out, Pat “PeeTee” Turner made it a point to thank each and every one of you for making his Presidents year one he will never forget. After our stated meeting in December, we had three events to account for. First, we participated in the Sattler Christmas Parade. In attendance was our then President, Pat “PeeTee” Turner, our then 1st Vice President, Rick “Tater” Reyes, our newly anointed “Bill Coffey Street Clown of the Year” award recipient Brian “Kno-Clu” Arndt, and Paul “Wrong Way” Dawson. Thanks to everyone for their efforts before, during, and after the parade. Next, we moved on to our stated meeting in which we elected our fellow Joeys, Robert “Y-Not” Norman as Oriental Guide, Travis “Tuno” Elmendorf as High Priest and Profit, and Eric “Wet-O” DeWalt as our Chief Rabban. I'd also like to send a shout out to our newly elected Potentate, Jason "Huh" Triggs, and our Assistant Rabban Marty "The Party" Bartlett. I’m sure they will do what’s right for the Shrine over the coming year and will represent us well to the community. Following our stated meeting was the clown Christmas party. We installed our officers, ate some awesome BBQ from Grady’s, and had more fun than we probably should have. I want to send a big thank you out to one of our favorite clowns, Carlos “Sunshine” Sandoval for his support of the Christmas party. He went out of his way as he does each year to have a special cake made with PeeTee’s face on it and we really appreciate his efforts. The last event for us was the Children’s Christmas party. Our very own Travis “Tuno” Elmendorf and his Lady Brenda did a superb job of getting the party set up and broken down and we are grateful for their efforts. In attendance in makeup was Rick “Tater” Reyes, Garrett “Pop-E” Ethridge, Paul “Wrong Way” Dawson, and Bill “Sweat Pee” Mabry. Thanks to everyone for your support of such a fun and exciting event.

Moving into the New Year, we have plenty of parades and events that we plan to be a part of. First, don’t forget about our annual unit fundraiser (details to come) which we anticipate to be held sometime in May. Second, is the Washington’s birthday celebration in Laredo. Don’t forget to reserve your room as soon as possible. Don’t forget that our stated meetings occur the second Monday of each month. We encourage anyone and everyone who desires to become a clown or simply wants to be considered for a social member status (no makeup requirement) to come out and attend the meetings. We typically eat around 6:30pm and our meetings start promptly at 7:30. Spouses and children are not only requested but are encouraged to attend our meetings. Lastly, I would like to thank the ladies of our unit for all their assistance this last year. There is no way that we could have made it through the year without your dedication and persistence and we greatly appreciate all you do. Until next time… Bump a nose!

LEGION OF HONOR By: Al Rapoza Congratulations to the newly elected officers of the Alzafar Shrine Legion of Honor who were elected on 21 Dec 17: CO-Art Canizales, 1st CO-Alfred T. Rapoza, 2nd CO & Drill Officer-Tony Calderon, Adjutant-Jerry Buecher, Finance Officer-Dennis Heath, JAG-William D. Jackson, Chaplin-Roger Hopkins, Parade Marshall & Quarter Master-Carlos Vela. Executive Committee Members: Jay Thomas, Bruce Topletz & James Farless Membership is open to current and former military Veterans. Your Shrine and Blue Lodge dues must be current in order to join. If you have any questions, please contact 1st CO Al Rapoza or 2nd CO Tony Calderon at: or Please welcome our new commander and his staff. We are excited to serve the Alzafar Shrine in 2018.

NEKODAH TEMPLE NO. 44 DAUGHTERS OF THE NILE MEMBERSHIP By: Al Rapoza Happy New Year. I am looking forward to be serving you as your Membership Chairman. Our goal is to recruit 10% more than last year. Our membership committee will be visiting every Lodge. I’m asking you to make an effort to at least recruit one member. We have so many gifted Nobles from all walks of life that can contribute their expertise to reach our goal. This is our Shrine and I know you are as proud of it as I am. In the coming months, I will be receiving from Imperial recruiting materials. They will be available at the Shrine office. Our committee members are at your disposal to speak to potential candidates. Let’s make this another successful year for Alzafar.

Hope the holidays were joyful for you and your family. Congratulations to the 2018 elected Divan. We look forward to a successful year of working together for the children. If anyone knows or wishes to report an illness or family bereavement, please contact Pr. Chaplain Ann Teague, PQ at (956) 607-2232. Help us keep the household roster up to date. If you have new contact information such as mailing or email address or phone # you may send it to the Nekodah group account:

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ROADSTER RUMBLINGS By: el Bucko Yes its me and I'm back in the barrel. Rocky was on Hurricane Relief Deployment to the Houston area and had to miss a few deadlines. So in relief, I'm back for a spell, maybe even correct spelling. The unit held elections in December (I know, not in Nov IAW By-Laws), but we didn't have enough folks in November for elections. Anyway the results were Pres-Andy Perez, 1st Vice-Ken Whited, 2nd ViceBaldie Tamayo, Captain-Jim Lacarde, Secretary-Buck Bourne, Treasurer-Adam Apolinar and Chaplain-Bob Eades. Our Installation and Christmas party has held on 10 December at the Longhorn Cafe on Harry Wurzbach. Many thanks to Past Potentate Paul McCombs for flawlessly performing the installation of officers. Our next parade will be in Laredo for the George Washington's Birthday Celebration in February, either the 17th or the 24th. More details to follow. Uncle Waldo (Ralph Waldo Emerson that is) says: You cannot do kindness too soon, for you never know how soon it will be too late.

RV CLUB By: Dave Browne The December rally was held at the Skyline RV Resort in Bandera. We had a great time at this year’s Christmas party and installation of officers. The new officers are: Wagon Master–Jim Miller, Assistant Wagon Master– Dave Brewton, Treasurer–Dave Browne, and Secretary–Ken Tucke. At the Christmas party we had a catered meal that everyone enjoyed. The party concluded with a “Chinese” gift exchange. We all had a lot of laughs as we drew numbers and selected gifts. We would like to thank our outgoing Wagon Master, Noble Addy Addington and his Lady Pam Addington for all the hard work and leadership they provided us. Now they can sit back for a while and “party on”. We would also like to thank Illustrious Sir JD Thomas for presiding over the installation of officers. This last year is hard to top, but we are looking forward to an even better year in 2018. The January rally will be held in Caldwell at the Brazos Valley RV Park. The February rally will be held in Galveston at the Galveston Island RV Resort February 22nd–25th. If you have a RV and want to have a lot of fun in a relaxed atmosphere with Brother Nobles and their Ladies, come out and rally with us. I know you will have a great time. Call Wagon Master Jim Miller (210-415-4358) or assistant Wagon Master Dave Brewton (210-643-0314) for information about the next rally. You can always call me at 210-679-7356.

SHOTGUN UNIT By: Greg Pate The Shotgun Unit is starting off 2018 running. Our first major competition of the year is the Texas Shrine Shotgun Sports Association (TSSSA) shoot taking place March 3rd right here close to home in Spring Branch at the Comal County Gun Range. The event will include teams from Temples throughout the state of Texas and will consist of 50 Skeet targets and 50 Trap targets. The shoot kicks off at 8:45 a.m. We hope to see you out there supporting the “Smokin’ Clays”. We will also have a couple of practices/fun shoots leading up to TSSSA. We encourage anyone wanting to learn to shoot, hone your skills, or just enjoy a great time with friends to come out and join us. And as always, our President and 2nd Vice President will be behind the grill with their lovely ladies. Please join us Saturday, February 10th at the Bexar Community Shooting Range, or Saturday, February 24th at the Comal County Gun Range. Shooting starts at 9:00 a.m. with lunch at noon. We’d also like to congratulate our newest members, Noble Alan Chalfont and his lady Betty, Noble Brian Niday and his Lady Kim, and Noble Guillermo De Hoyos and his Lady Mayra. Welcome to the family.


3RD Tuesday Each Thursday 2nd Wednesday 2nd Thursday Memorial Day

July 4 & Labor Day

7:00pm Room 9 6:30pm Room 7 7:00pm Room 5 12:00pm as desig. 12:00pm Camp Pavilion 7:00pm Room 4 6:00pm as desig. 7:00pm Directors Rm. 7:30pm Directors Rm. 7:30pm Room 8 7:30pm Room 7 6:30pm Room 9


1st Monday 2nd Thursday 3rd Wednesday 2nd Tuesday Each Thursday 2nd Tuesday Each Thursday


1st Monday 3rd Tuesday

7:30pm Room 12 7:00pm Room 6 Wed. Before Stated 7:00pm Pavilion 4th Monday 7:00pm Room 11 4th Thursday 7:00pm Room 4 2nd Tuesday 7:30pm Room 10 3rd Monday 7:00pm Room 5 2nd Monday 7:30pm Room 11 Each Wednesday 7:00pm Room 8 4th Monday 7:00pm Room 6 1st Wednesday 7:00pm Provost Gd. 1st Tuesday 7:00pm Room 10 1st Sunday 11:00am Dining Room 1st Wednesday 6:00pm RoustaboutRm 4th Weekend As Designated 1st Thursday 12:00pm Parlors 2nd Monday 7:00pm Directors Rm. 1st Monday 7:00pm Parlors 1st Wednesday 7:00pm as desig.


3rd Wednesday 2nd Monday 4th Saturday 3rd Monday 1st Monday 1st Wednesday

2nd Sun. Feb.,Apr. 5:00pm Roustabout Rm. June, Aug.,Oct.Dec.


6:30pm as desig. 6:30pm Lakeside GC. 6:30pm Ramada Inn 6:00pm as desig. 11:00am Inn of the Hills 7:00pm as desig.



4th Monday 1st Tuesday 2nd Tuesday 2nd Thursday



1st Monday

7:00pm Parlors

7:30pm as desig.

7:00pm 7:30pm 7:00pm 7:30pm

Alzafar Annex Alzafar Annex Alzafar Annex Parlors

PAST POTENTATES OF ALZAFAR SHRINE 1916 1917 1918 1919 1920 1921 1922 1923 1924 1925 1926 1927 1928 1929 1930 1931 1932 1933 1934 1935 1936 1937 1938 1939 1940 1941 1942 1943 1944 1945 1946 1947 1948 1949 1950 1951 1952 1953 1954 1955 1956 1957 1958 1959 1960 1961 1962 1963 1964 1965 1966

Frank R. Newton, SR.* Ted Millburn* J. A. Patterson* Henry Rabe* Robert Burne* Sylvan Lang* Robert S. Michael* Nathan K. Tracy* H. W. Weber* Herman Horner* Charles D. Hall* S. X. Callahan* John Lomax* Henry A. Hirschberg* A. J. McKenzie* Louis P. Hartung* Anton N. Moursund* G. G. Grebenheimer* Porter Loring* P. D. Mathis* Geo. F. Dullnig* Willard E. Simpson* C. Baumberger, Jr.* William Eifler* William H. Wallace* Daniel O’Connell* O. J. Solcher* Rennie Wright* Albert A. Green* W. D. Turbeville* Ted E. Poppe* Alfred W. Harlos* Sam A. Chapman* Richard Adams* Roy Akers* Glen K. Schuepbach* W. C. “Pat” Welch* Elliot J. Bilhartz* Ray H. Trimmier* T. M. McCormick* H. S. Norman* W. B. Jack Ball* Floyd J. Griffin* Henry W. Eitt* Harvey McDonald* L. L. Woodman* George W. Henry* Barney Norris* Jack B. Lee* Robert B. O’Connor E. Jeff Ashcraft, Jr.*

1967 1968 1969 1970 1971 1972 1973 1974 1975 1976 1977 1978 1979 1980 1981 1982 1983 1984 1985 1986 1987 1988 1989 1990 1991 1992 1993 1994 1995 1996 1997 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017

D. Neal Talley* Wm. H. Ferguson* Keith Gerstner* Jack W. Cones, Jr.* Bruce Waitz* Floyd F. Graham* Drue H. Floyd* Jack O. Dietz* H. C. Kopplow* W.H. “Bill” Elmore* Thurman Barrett, Jr.*

Floyd O. Schneider* Reese L. Harrison, Jr.

Burdit W. McCoy* James V. Gullette* Joseph M. Clark* George D. Van, Jr.* Joe Roy Halloway E. C. “Bud” Jordan* Sidney D. Autry* Terry McGuire* James Dockery, Jr.* George J. Labinski* James W. Todd Ray Fuller* Robert “Bob” Jett Emmett C. George* E. C. “Ed” Vest* Tom Boothe* Jerry Krupp* Harry D. Rose* Robert D. “Bob” Green

Robert “Bobby” Hunt Bob Stephens* Loren Hayes J. Phillip Knight-Sheen

Wayne R. Duncan Steve R. Molnar Stuart H. “Stu” Simms

Frank B. Hunter* Joseph Calvey Paul F. McCombs James “Jim” Strayer* Richard “Rick” Reyes Gregorio “G.I.” Flores

Robert “Bob” Jones Tom Young Mario G. Vargas Jay Dee Thomas John Dunn Gary R. Radvansky

MEMBERS OF ALZAFAR AND WHO ARE PAST POTENTATES OF OTHER SHRINE CENTERS 1964 Roy Reynolds (El Bekal)* 1970-71 Eldon Wesner (Anezeh)* 1979 Ray Robison (Suez) 1981 Donald Garrido (Abou Saad) 1983 David Martin (Suez) 1998 Terry Zittle (Abou Saad) * Asterisk Denotes the Passing of Our Illustrious Sir



Claudia Skoag Danny Gunnels Danny Gunnels Danny Gunnels Danny Gunnels Danny Gunnels Danny Gunnels Dennis Lafferty Dennis Lafferty Flo Rodriguez Frank Heitzmann Frank Heitzmann James "Duck" Wilcox James L. Morrison James O'Reilly Jayne Pritko Jean Davis Lewis "Knuckles" Gimbel P.P. James Strayer Steve Cole Viviano Rodriguez Viviano Rodriguez

Jay Crist & LaRue Blackwell Ron & Mary Trine Jack Elliff Charley & Faye Davenport Stephen McMahan P.P. Paul McCombs & Lady Norma George L. Wilson Charlie Bedgood James & Shelly Hoyo Ed & Frankie Tuma P.P. Paul McCombs & Lady Norma Ed & Frankie Tuma Norman & Marty Eastman Bruce & Pat Thomson Frank & Pat Kohl David Bruton Will & Kathy Beal David Bruton Barbara Strayer James & Shelly Hoyo Charley & Faye Davenport Alzafar Directors Staff

Richard L. Cunningham Ralph A. Frazier Danny R. Gunnels Vernon F. Kelley

Hasmukhlal T. Padia Thomas D. White James "Duck" Wilcox Arthur B. Williams

FOR SALE: #2 Ben Hur at Camp Alzafar. Real nice on inside, new batteries in golf cart. Many extras. Asking $28,00.00. For more information, please call Billie Sutton @ 210-493-6299. FOR SALE: Khiva #53 at Camp Alzafar. 1997 Jayco Fifth wheel with two pullouts & includes 2 golf carts. Brand new refrigerator. Excellent condition and very comfortable. Asking $17,500.00. Call Connie Daubenmire @ 210-685-8232 for more details. FOR SALE: 27 ft. 2004 Jayco trailer. $6,000.00. Call Jesse Araiza @ 512-769-0014. FOR SALE: 4 burial plots at Chapel Hill Cemetery in the Military Honors section. $900.00 each. Contact Noble Daniel Carbaugh @ 210-661-3492. FOR SALE: 2 crypts at Anchor Lodge Cemetery. Make offer. Call Bob @ 210-824-4689. FOR SALE: 2 burial plots at Sunset Memorial Funeral Park. Asking $4,000.00 each. For more information call Noble A. G. Pinson @ 615-746-6888. FOR SALE: 2 burial plots at Sunset Memorial Park in the Masonic Section. Asking $4,000.00 each. Please contact Vicki Gann @ 210-315-1325.

FOR SALE: 4 adjourning plots in Brookside Memorial Park Cemetery, Houston Texas. Section 26 (Masters Lawn-Masonic Section), lot 251, spaces 3,4,5 & 6. Valued at $7,995.00 each. Sell all or part. Call Noble Johnny @ 713-444-8605. FOR SALE: 4 cemetery plots in Historic Hollywood Cemetery, Houston Texas. Perpetual care included. Price is $5,000.00 each. Contact Betty Chalfont @ 830-237-3229. FOR SALE: 2004 Harley Ultra Classic Shrine Edition "Jester Purple". 14K miles, 1 inch la chopper lowering kit, vance and hines true duals and tuner, painted inner fairing, chrome factory wheels, removable trunk kit. Too many options to list. Many extras going with bike. $8,500.00 or serious offer. Call Chris Celis @ 210-253-0397 or FOR SALE: Corn roaster, like new condition. Nat Washer Lodge paid $13,000.00, will take reasonable offer. Please call Noble Andrew J. Perez @ 210-2597953.

FEBRUARY CALENDAR OF EVENTS 1st 3rd 5th 8th-10th 12th 15th 17th 19th 24th 27th

Forget-Me-Nots/Room 4 Seniors Meeting and Luncheon/Parlors LOS Stated Meeting/Parlors Potentate’s Ball/Ballroom 2018 Budget Presentation/Dining Room Divan Mid-Winter

10:00 am 12:00 noon 7:00 pm 5:00 pm 7:00 pm

Finance & Divan Meeting/Conference Room

5:00 pm 7:30 pm 7:30 pm 9:00 am

NILE Stated Session/Parlors Alzafar Stated Meeting/Ballroom Washington's Birthday Parade/Laredo PRESIDENT'S DAY/SHRINE OFFICE CLOSED Sadie Hawkins Dance/Terrace Room IHOP National Pancake Day

7:00 pm All Day

__________________________________________________________________ MARCH CALENDAR OF EVENTS 1st 3rd 5th 8th 25th 27th

Forget-Me-Nots/Room 4 Seniors Meeting and Luncheon/Parlors LOS Stated Meeting/Parlors Masonic Youth Brunch/Ballroom Finance & Divan Meeting/Conference Room Alzafar Stated Meeting/Ballroom NILE Stated Session/Parlors Children's Easter Egg Hunt/Pavilion OC Meeting/Dining Room

10:00 am 12:00 noon 7:00 pm TBD 5:00 pm 7:30 pm 7:30 pm 2:00-4:00 pm 7:00 pm

__________________________________________________________________ APRIL CALENDAR OF EVENTS 5th 9th 12th 14th 28th

Forget-Me-Nots/Room 4 Seniors Meeting and Luncheon/Parlors LOS Stated Meeting/Parlors Finance & Divan Meeting/Conference Room Alzafar Stated Meeting/Ballroom NILE Stated Session/Parlors Strawberry Festival Parade/Poteet Fiesta Flambeau Parade/San Antonio

10:00 am 12:00 noon 7:00 pm 5:00 pm 7:30 pm 7:30 pm 10:00 am 7:00 pm

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