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Towel Heaters

RA.TSCH The Towelshelf W675 x D325 x H325 mm 280W@60°C

RA.OX The Oxford W600 x D120 x H800 mm 220W@60°C Optional: Electric

RA.LO The London W575 x D230 x H870 mm 550W@60°C Optional: Electric

RA.AR The Art Deco W550 x D170 x H1250 mm 400W@60°C Optional: Electric

RA.LA The Lady W575 x D148 x H1638 mm 405W@60°C Optional: Electric

RA.BL The Ballet W675 x D280 x H1600 mm 377W@60°C Optional Electric

Radiators 106


Kenny & Mason  

Catalogue 2019

Kenny & Mason  

Catalogue 2019