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Creating My Movie with WB750 by Jaden

Do you have a hard time making videos of your adventures captured in your camera? Have you ever wished you could create a cool video by selecting your favorite photos or media clips with a click of a button? How about adding background music with awesome effects? Now you can with the Samsung WB750 and its awesome function called Creative Movie Maker! Without plugging your camera to your computer, you can directly make a video of your most memorable times straight from the Samsung WB750! How wonderful is that?!

Let me give you a step-by-step instruction on how to create a one of kind masterpiece.

First, after taking some wonderful photos or media clips, set your mode as “Creative Movie Maker� located next to the power button, and select or shuffle your pictures and media clips to be played in your video.

Second, select a theme to create diversified effects appropriate for your chosen pictures or video clips. Third, choose the background music provided by the camera according to your theme.

Fourth, select a movie size depending on where you’d like to show your oh-so-fantastic video. Fifth, you have the option to preview the video and add or delete some of the photo or movie clip selection you’ve made for your video. If not, you can start the process right away. Lastly, you just wait a few seconds to let the camera work its magic, also known as rendering, and soon see the great work created by no other than yourself! Voila! Simple, right? Let’s watch the final production created by Samsung WB750’s Creative Movie Maker. Just to give you some information about this short but awesome movie, it’s a collage of my friend’s trip from Germany during 2011. I call it “Sunny Days in Berlin”.

The movie ends with the first and last date of when the picture was taken, which is a great reminder of when the fun memories were made. Now you know how to make one, you can instantly create a well organized and cleverly designed video! So next time when you have to make a quick movie, just relax while leaving the Samsung 750 to do all your work for you! Until next time!

Creating My Movie with WB750