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1. Tuakau Family Chiropractic. 2. Business cards. 3. Scenar Energy. 4.Various logos. 5. Ob Joinery. 6. Pam Clark. 7. Wild Food Festival. 8. Large format signs. 9. Pamphlets, business cards & certificates. 10. KC Hair Design. 11. Websites, books and animation. 12. 3D design. 13. Working with artists. 14. Guiding Lights. 15. Manukau Heads Lighthouse. 16-17.Yoga For Everyday. 18-19. Dioramas. 20-21. 3D sculpture visualization. 22-23. Ngati Paoa dioramas. 24-25. James Wright sculptor. 26-27.Various sketches. 28-29. 3D design and animation. 30-31. Hand-drawn images. 32-33. Graphical images. 34-35. Sketches and etches. 36-37. Concept images. 38-39. Large sketches. 40-41.Vector art.

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About the Artist Euan Craig is a New Zealand Artist working with graphic design, 3D design & animation,film,sculpture and fine art.All artworks produced are 100% original and customized to suit specific purposes, ranging from large scale print to on-screen presentation and moving images. Euan has worked professionally since 2006, prior to this was an educational period at the University Of Auckland, completing a Bachelor Of Visual Arts. Projects completed so far include, but are certainly not limited to, working with other artists, creating full business identities, creating animations and film, running a successful Film Expo for three years and a host of voluntary work for local organizations. “I like to create art for myself in my spare time, I enjoy pointillism and carving, although I don’t often have much time for my own work I find it to be a relaxing way to spend an evening”.

Graphic Design Creating a logo and business identity for a local business can be a challenge, getting the look and feel of the imagery just right is important to the client as they will be continuing the theme throughout all of their branding. In the case of Tuakau Family Chiropractic the brand was originally intended to be clear, include an indication of “Family” and to convey the required text without distraction. I created several concepts of completely different looks and contexts. These can be seen in the colorful images below. Once the client saw the images in action he was able to recognize the aspects that he did and did not want used. A new direction was taken through the themes of local, classy and a little historical. I used a photograph of the Tuakau Bridge to illustrate the bridge sketch seen in the top right images, used as business cards. The final image seen is a true mix of local (the bridge) classy (colors, text and layout) and a little historical (the sketch’s use and position within the image)

Concepts Several of the concepts used to work out features that do and do not work within the branding. It is interesting to note that the original idea was for more of an icon look to the work and eventuated in a very non-icon looking brand. It is not until the ideas are visualized and all the text is in place that you can see what does and doesn’t work well.

Visit the website: (Designed and built here)


This design is a renewal of an existing design. The logo of the Sand Dollar was already designed but quite a while ago. The logo needed to be redesigned into a PDF file for use in business cards (right) and also for other advertising purposes.The original logo was traced into the computer and turned into what is known as Shapes or Vector images. This allows the images to be scaled without pixilation and for optimum printing quality. The printer or sticker cutting machine can follow the lines without creating a jagged edge.

Left and below: Business cards, front and back, for organic produce supplier The Holistic Toolbox. Visit the website:

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Graphic Design for alternative therapeutic therapies is a little different than the average business advertising. Often the product is not well known and requires a subtle introduction that does not weigh the advertisement down with useless talk, but still contains necessary information. This product - SCENAR COSMODIC is a device that promotes rapid and sustained healing in human and animal bodies.It is used extensively throughout Russian hospitals and ambulances. In New Zealand the product/service is barely known and often thought of as “another one of those crazy new-age healing things� This is a difficult point of view to combat within advertising.

Our way... ...of combatting this misconception was to explain the product/service as clearly and simply as possible and to offer additional information if it is requested. A simple illustration of the device in use, how and why it works is all it really takes to get the message across.

Visit the website: (designed and built here)

Logo Design These three designs were supplied to me to re-draw and re-new. The top image was supplied in a hand-drawn format; It was scanned and drawn using paths and vector data. It will be used for engraving into a metal trophy. The image left was originally designed without the NZ fern and red text. This was added to convey the fact that this is a New Zealand division of a worldwide organization.

The logo right, was originally black and white and very pixilated due to its small size. The colors were decided and a custom font used for the main text. A more subtle cursive font is used for the sub-text.


Logo, Business card, Leaflets and website Complete business identity for print and screen. This company - a joinery, glazing and woodcraft business - had no design or graphic images at all to begin with. A Logo (top left) was created with the aim of looking natural and woodwork-like. This icon has the look of a wooden object but the clarity of an icon, it prints well also. Below are the front and back designs for a leaflet, as you can see there are many products and services available but they all fit into the layout well.

Visit the website:

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Poster design

Pamphlet design for artist Pam Clarke. This was to be printed on an A4 page (297x210mm) so for each print there are four variations of design. This allows for suitable designs in almost any setting.

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Designed for print at A3 size (297x420mm) This poster was to advertise a food and wine festival in shop windows and street areas. A very bright and eye-catching color scheme was required while still illustrating a sense of the location where the festival was to be held.


Large format design These examples are around 2m wide and contain a small amount of vital information. They are printed on Aluminium panels so they are very durable. The image right - the Awhitu imap - has areas for stickers to be placed or removed. Each space is for a local business, the map indicates their position within the area. This is to give visitors to the area an idea of what is available for them and how to contact each business.

Below isite sign located in the Pukekohe information centre. Below right, road side advertising for Big Bay Holiday Park. Both of these signs needed to be very visible from a distance to draw people to it, the isite sign has raised “road signs� which immediately indicate features of interest.



Various designs for small to large businesses.

Pamphlets, business cards and certificates

Left: business card. Below right: advertising leaflet and price list. Bottom of page: voucher.

Graphic Design Complete business identity for award winning hair dressing business KC Hair Design. An interesting feature of this design is the use of 3D hair. It was not possible to photograph, or obtain a photograph suitable for this design so a 3D substitute was utilized. This gives the design the clarity and clean look that really makes it work. The use of grey/silver as a primary allows the design to be used in both color and black and white printing. It also displays well on screen.


Website, books and animation. Left: website design for The Vegetarian Bakehouse. This website uses CSS and Div technology. This allows the site to be viewed on almost any device capable of browsing the world wide web. Below left and bottom of page: book covers. These projects also included the layout of the internal pages and in the case of the Thomas Fairchild book, internal illustrations. Immediately below: Still image from an animated logo sequence for Happy Valley, honey producers.



Working with artists Featured on this page are various projects that have involved artist Solomon D’Silveira. Above is his advertising pamphlet and below are images from an exhibition of fine art at the New Zealand Steel Gallery. The pamphlet above is a compilation of images photographed directly from paintings. This exhibition was planned using a 3D concept layout which enabled us to work out the most suitable lighting and placement of media. The 3D concept became part of the exhibition as another way to view the exhibition.

Right: Artist Solomon D’Silveira with partner Vicki talking to a visitor.


Manukau Heads Lighthouse The Maunkau Heads Lighthouse is a stunning location and a great adventure for lighthouse enthusiasts and day trippers. Working with this destination/organization has been a joy, the area is so great for photography that the design process always seems to flow naturally. Left: poster advertising for Lighthouse tours. Right and below: pamphlets for tours and the Lighthouse as a destination. Bottom of page: information sign for the planting project in the Lighthouse area.

Yoga For Everyday This project included filming an instructional Yoga class, editing footage and producing a DVD for resale. Graphic design for a DVD cover and label were also created. A website was also later added for contact use.

Right: DVD cover.

Below: DVD Label.

Features of Yoga For Everyday: HD filming, on location. Sound capture for vocal instructions. Editing and post production. Graphic design for presentation. Website design and build for advertising and contact purposes.


Dioramas The images on this page show two informational dioramas used to display specific text about the surrounding area. Photographs of sites and interesting features of each area build up a graphical interpretation of the important aspects of each location. With assistance from local Iwi, historians and some good old fashioned research developed a story that could convey the importance of the facts and allow for graphical depiction. These two signs are 1.2m wide by 0.8m high and are printed on aluminium panels for strength. Images right, from top: 1. Local children help to unveil the newly erected diorama at Matakawau Point. 2. Designer Euan Craig with Karl Flavell and George Flavell, local iwi and advisors to information. 3. Mayor Len Brown speaks before the unveiling of the diorama at Waimatuku (Hamiltons Gap) 4. George Flavell at Waimatuku. George is the main source of information about early Maori in the area, he is undoubtably the authority on local Maori history.


3D sculpture visualization Sculptural ideas are often difficult to explain to prospective clients or commission sources. 3D visualization helps greatly to depict a sculptural concept and to assist in communicating the idea. The images generated for visual depiction can also be used to help fabricators design and build objects. This example shows a complicated shape of a Thistle seed, constructed from steel and suspended from a tree branch. Custom shapes, textures and backgrounds all help to build up a picture of what is intended for the sculpture.


Ngati Paoa dioramas These two signs were used to illustrate and convey information about the Ngati Paoa and their waka Te Kotuiti. Both signs were displayed at the Rugby World Cup in Auckland in 2012. They are now transported to many locations where Ngati Paoa have a presence or where Te Kotuiti travels. The top image shows the surrounding area of Ngati Paoa as well as the marae, it also depicts the lineage of Ngati Paoa. The lower image shows Te Kotuiti at various locations around New Zealand. Both signs are about 1.2m wide by 0.8 high and are printed on aluminium panel.The quality of these prints was very good, with images clear and text sharp.

Filming. As part of this project a short documentary was also made of Te Kotuiti at the Rugby World Cup 2012. This was filmed in HD, edited, post produced and presented on a DVD with cover and label. Using two cameras allowed us to follow action from a vantage point well above the main area of waka and from right in amongst the action - 50,000 people turned out at the RWC 2012 opening ceremony which added a level of difficulty to the project. Safety, quality and range of subjects covered were all an issue but were well covered. A short interview with one of the master waka builders was also shot which added another level to the documentary.


James Wright - Sculptor 3D design and animation for sculpture visualization. James Wright is a prominent sculptor in New Zealand, known for his giant stainless steel Nikau at the Auckland Botanical Gardens as well as many other sculptures around NZ. Left: visualization images to convey size and construction of a large scale stainless steel and granite sculpture. This sculpture is located on Lake Road in Auckland. An animation of this sculpture and location was also created. Below: 3D Beef & Lamb. Concepts for large scale steel sculptures. Bottom of page and bottom right: 3D skeleton/outline of the bird used in the images on the left of the page and the laser cut stainless steel framework of one of the birds.

Right: Gigantic Nikau trees and the Running Dog.


Various sketches The images on these pages are hand drawn then computer enhanced. Top: Maori inspired design. Bottom right and center: character design and coloring. Bottom right: sketch used in the book Thomas Fairchild by Eunice Attwood.


3D design and animation 3D design and animation can be used for a variety of purposes, from advertising to on-screen display. Objects are custom built for the intended use, trees and environment are added through a built in library of resources and textures can be a mixture of custom and predefined. An application called Carrara Pro is primarily used but other software packages such as Art Of Illusion, Blender, Google SketchUp, Mimic Pro, Draftsight and Unity may be used. Other applications such as Photoshop may be used for post production and video editors like Final Cut Pro or Avid are used for editing purposes.

Clockwise from top left: 1. Architectural visualization. 2. Spider for movie screen projection. 3. Housing concept. 4. Horse 3D sketch for advertising.


Hand drawn images These two pages show hand-drawn illustrations with subjects ranging from the Pacific (left page), a Possum cook (right) and a farmer using a hover vehicle. Artworks are generally drawn in ink the colored within a computer application. The image on the left page is colored with soft colored pencil.

Graphical images

Angry Punk


Hand-drawn and computer “cleaned up� images.


Orange Horse P33

Sketches and etches Drawing by hand offers a style that is not easily obtained any other way. When sketch marks and shading are applied by hand a special kind of aesthetic is created, note the comparison image top right, of the two colored faces which are computer “cleaned up�.

Full sketch only

C o m b i n e d hand-drawn and computer color.

Combined hand-drawn and computer color.

Full sketch with color

Full sketch with color



Large sketch Images designed for large print. These images are draw very large then enlarged more in the computer and “cleaned up� so they may print up to 2m high. Normally images will distort and pixelate when enlarged too much, with this method images can be scaled up by 500%!!!

Hand-drawn images for enlargement are produced on a commission basis and are sized for specific purposes. The image in the center is designed so it can be added to if needed, the images that make up the larger face image are all an oceanic theme (in case you hadn’t noticed) a surrounding of other sea life could easily increase the overall image size and content by as much as could be needed.


Vector art based on a photographic image. Prints very clearly up to A2 (420x594mm)

Portfolio - Euan Craig  
Portfolio - Euan Craig  

Selected work by Euan Craig - DigitalEuan Productions. Contains: Graphic design. 3D design and animation. Sculpture. Illustration. Fine art....