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STEP UP YOUR GAME Outperform your friends physically and mentally every time you play!

Our greatest asset in any competition, whether it be on the golf course, in the boardroom or the battlefield is our ability to focus our mind under extreme conditions and have the sustained energy to perform at our best when we need it most. A patented formula originally designed to help military soldiers focus, perform and recover under extreme conditions on the battlefield is now available to the public for the first time. Scientific research shows that flavonoids (the most active part of polyphenols found in plant foods) are nature’s most powerful performance enhancers and have the greatest effect on our overall health. This powerful formula helps increase energy of the mind and body to enhance focus and performance—while simultaneously helping inflammation and fight oxidative damage in your body.

Translation: bionuvo™ allows you to fuel your body via nature’s most powerful compounds so that you can perform your best every day and compete like the younger, healthier, more energetic version of yourself. This patented formula is proven to deliver clinical doses of powerful flavonoids from natural sources that increase mental focus, boost energy and performance and also helps your body recover effectively from all the stress you put on it. The future is here. No more need for harmful synthetic supplements or weak powders with no proven results. bionuvo™ delivers everything it claims, and it has the published human doubleblind clinical trials to prove it. Sustain your competitive edge and perform every day at your best. • Use code GOLF at for 50 percent off your first bottle.


Tony Q’aja is a British sports and celebrity fashion designer whose designs are becoming ever more popular in the field of golf. Q: Can you tell us something about your interest in golf apparel?

What are the benefits for players of your V-slit innovation?

A: Darren Clarke, for whom I made suits, asked what I could do with golf pants. Instead of settling for standard pants, I was interested in seeing if I could make a positive impact on an industry that had lost its media interest.

A: The V-slit was created to neaten the look of pants which were worn long to allow for crouching on the greens. The slit allowed the hem to flow and drape on the shoe.

Q: Professional players, perhaps more than any other sport, have been known for making fashion statements. Where do you see the trends in golf fashion taking us at the moment? A: Currently, the popular look is athletic and athleisure. The next trend is big brands trying to bridge the gap between sport and street fashion to increase sales. Q: You’re known for creating V-slits on pants as well as color-coordinated outfits.

Q: And the color-coordinated outfits, can you say something about the range, not only of colors, but also your outfits for men, women, and kids? A: The range is very much about simple coordination and flexibility! I’m always thinking of how to be practical as well as functional for my consumers. Q: Do you think the styles you create could help attract young players and assure a vibrant future for the game? A: Fashion can definitely influence that. It’s

important to allow new designers a platform in the industry to express themselves. I remember coming into industry in 2002 and creating such a buzz between European professional golfers that even the tabloids started writing about golf with pictures and many labelling me as the “Sartorial Savior” of golf! Q: Do you have any innovative new designs we can look forward to seeing in the near future? A: the new collection has a couple of industry imposing creations. Slim-fit pants needed the slit moving to front to allow the hem flow at highest part of foot. For the polos, I’ve created a practical feature for the travelling golfer—the interchangeable collar allows polo to have three looks: a self color collar, contrast collar and a grandad collar! • Check out


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