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September 2012


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12 Summer inspired business— business—by Heather Waring


1414-25 Magascene Wedding Special 16 Why is the blushing bride getting older? Muses V Noriss


18/19 Mangapp Manor, walk on water to your wedding 20 Chris’s Sewing School, learn how to become a skilled dressmaker 22 A guide to ‘pre‘pre-nup’ agreements, by Joyti Henchie of Attwaters Jameson Hill 26 How using the Alexander Technique can help reduce likelihood of developing a Dowager hump. 28 New date for Donkey Derby

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I thought August had well and truly blotted its copy book after the last couple of miserable ones, but this year it has removed itself from the naughty step. We even had sunshine, but most of all I loved watching the Olympics and hogged the telly remote for two full weeks. And good luck to local Paralympics swimmers, Emma and James Hollis. Who knows, there may be a golden post box with their name on it yet. I bore friends rigid from out of the area about what a great Indian restaurant we have locally. Now I know I am not just biased, as Indian Ocean in Theydon Bois recently received the Tiffin Club award. This is a national award, so very well done to Jamal and team (see page 10 to find out more). Now, I haven’t gone and turned in to Alf Roberts (debatable I know), but I feel I should encourage everyone to have their say about Epping Forest District’s Council’s Local Plans ‘Community Choices’ public consultation. You only have until October 15th to log your comments about areas they have pinpointed for possible future development over the next twenty years. If you know nothing about this or want to find out more, there is a display at the Civic Offices in Epping or you could go online to view and respond to the documents at Public drop in sessions are being held throughout September, details of which can also be found on their website. ©

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We made a bit of a production error in the last edition, which meant the Melody Movement advert was hard to read. To find out about the pre-school dance classes, please see page 8 for more details. Finally, we hope you like our wedding special, which showcases many businesses new to Magascene, whose support we are very thankful for. Jane Jane Smith Sue de Nime Heather Waring Stephanie Smith V Norris 01992 814621 07738 383299

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And another


. . . The art of moaning

Sue de Nime

Moaning. Along with talking about the weather, is moaning not one of our national pastimes? It is a multifaceted discipline and comes in many shapes and sizes, from straightforward complaining, through sullen grumbling, to nailsdown-a-blackboard whining, and we just love it. We could have put one more gold medal in our Olympics treasure chest if moaning had been on the sporting agenda last month. I've been in training all my life for it.

must maintain a steady pace of moaning. It is likely there will be need to take on high energy drinks and snacks to sustain you through the long moan ahead.

are really spoiling our day on the beach."

Old fashioned moaning has a certain nostalgic glow to it what with all that leaning on the garden There is a little-known method for fence. And there is something to measuring moans, called the be said for face-to-face moaning. Bleater Scale. Think Richter Scale, But there is no doubt that technolbut for whinging. You can score ogy has advanced our moaning. low on the Bleater Scale for some No longer is it reserved for longgentle complaining about the suffering spouses or mates down number of potholes on the local the pub. Oh no. Now you can roads, but the moment you drive moan online, twenty-four seven. over one and get a puncture, the You can tweet a moan, facebook a There is nothing like a good moan moaning escalates to almost epic moan, blog a moan or simply to lift the spirits, and quite frankly, proportions, culminating in a stiffly moan in a review of a product that there is an endless supply of topics worded letter to the council and a you bought online that promised to on which we can lament forth: how photo in the paper of you pointing make you look ten years younger late the post arrives (which, forlornly into the yawning abyss but turns out to give your wrinkles incidentally, could be so simply where tarmac once was. This wrinkles. There is no end to the solved by giving posties a ride-on scores a perfect ten on the Bleater moaning you can do online. And in lawn mower and a large rucksack), Scale and you may wish to the unlikely event that you do exhow miserable the woman in the consider retirement from bleating haust your moan list, what the hell, shop down the road is, the price of at this point for fear of never reach- you can then read what other petrol. Moan, moan, moan. Having ing these giddy heights again. people are moaning about. Call it a bad day? Get home, kick your the internet? More like a festival of shoes off, and when a concerned There is a type of moaning that is moaning. MoanFest, if you will. A party casually enquires: "So, how considered by moaning experts to virtual crowd of grumblers, gripers was your day?" you can pour forth be the perfect storm of grumbling: and grousers standing in a virtual with gusto. Weather Whinging. It is a field, wearing their virtual wellies, culmination of two of our most moaning about the virtual weather But choose your moan length cherished hobbies - all things and virtually everything else. wisely. A Sprint Moan can be meteorological... and moaning . It So perhaps just one piece of perfect for a burst of vitriol, allowhas to be the most versatile of moan-related advice. Always be ing you to get straight to the point pastimes, as quite frankly, there is the moaner, never the moanee. of your chagrin with little hanging no type of weather that cannot be And no matter how tempting, around., and will often contain a moaned about. "It's too flipping never ask 'how was your day, high proportion of expletives to hot," we moan as the sun makes a dear?'. You might find yourself an really give it propulsion. The Sprint belated entrance into our summer. unwilling spectator in a Moan Moan is high octane stuff, but "Bloody rain," we grumble as we Marathon. allow the listener to stand well step in another puddle in our back, as there is often some inappropriate and definitely not Sue de Nime also writes a blog collateral damage in the form of waterproof shoes. "This snow is check out flecks of spit flying from your ridiculous," we gripe as we slide mouth. And then there's the Mara- down the pavement to the tube. thon Moan. Here, you must really And when you are practised at the pace yourself, as this one goes on entry level Weather Whinging, you for hours. You start gently, for fear can attempt the more nuanced of running out of puff too soon, and moaning: "Those cumulonimbus




Free trial dance class is not an illusion Illusions Dance Academy is a newly established, friendly dance school based at the Jack Silley Pavilion in Epping. Professional, CRB checked and experienced ISTD teachers Stephanie Holden and Amy Jobling run the school. Classes are held every Tuesday and Friday for ages 2 upwards. Illusions is the only school in the surrounding area to offer classes in the extremely popular Melody Bear Ballet, Tip Tap Toe and Groovy Moves for the under 5s.

system is that learning is achieved through imaginative movement and therefore children love these classes. Classes for the Junior and Senior department include Street Dance and ISTD Modern, Tap and Ballet. Here students work on technique, performance, style and will develop their confidence. This academically recognised syllabus can lead to students taking ISTD dance exams, in which the school is proud to have a 100% pass rate. These exams contribute to valuable UCAS points to aid university applications. All students will be given the opportunity to take part in exciting workshops and to perform in our annual show at the Brentwood Theatre.

The Melody Bear syllabus revolves around a magical dancing teddy called Melody Bear who helps to create a fun and exciting approach in learning to dance. Classes are structured to teach the basic techniques of Ballet, Tap and Modern. The syllabus introduces children to dance using natural actions such as running, skipping, jumping and galloping. It also aids children's physical development, coordination, creativity, spatial awareness and working individually and as a group. The real strength of the

FREE TRIAL CLASS OFFERED TO ALL! Please call 07784449231 / 0784996193 or visit the website


BE THE BEST YOU CAN BE - AND BE YOURSELF! SINGING & DANCING & STREET DANCING! We believe EVERYBODY can learn to sing and dance! Our aim is to enjoy ourselves! We have been running classes for 10 years Same, supportive teachers each week For girls and boys aged from 5 year-olds to TEENAGERS

Come along and try a FREE class!

(Small classes)

Saturdays at Theydon Bois Primary School For information ring Trish on 01992 613074 or 07759 949551 0r email:

To advertise your club or class in Magascene, call 01992 814621 or email

Discount available for 2nd child

October/November edition deadline is September 21st

PrePre-school Learning Alliance accreditation


Indian Ocean

Half a million

named best South Asian restaurant in the UK

raised by local friends of Cancer Research UK group

Theydon Bois restaurant, Indian Ocean, has been named as the best South Asian restaurant in the UK after it won a prestigious contest involving preparation of dishes from the sub-continent. Indian Ocean, which overlooks the village green, won the grand finale of the annual 'Tiffin Cup' competition that took place at Bellamy's restaurant in the Parliament building at the end of June with a competitive cook off by 12 finalists from across the country. Indian Ocean prepared their signature dish - Bengal King Prawns – which received top marks from the judging panel made up of guests including celebrity chef Ainsley Harriott and restaurant owner Sanjay Anand. The competition is organised by the Tiffin Club of

MPs who invited their colleagues to nominate the best restaurants from their constituencies. All proceeds from the event went to the charity World Vision, who work to make an impact on world pov ert y and its eff ec ts .

Marjorie Chapman was presented with a ‘Certificate of Appreciation’ in honour of her significant efforts that have catapulted Theydon Bois & District Friends of Cancer Research UK’s fundraising total to over £500,000 since she co-founded the group in the early 1970s. The presentation took place on August 6th at Theydon Bois Village Hall, where Cancer Research UK area manager Darren Couchman, joined by many supporters and fellow fundraisers, presented Marjorie with the framed certificate.

Indian Ocean is open 7 days a week, 5.30pm t o midnight . Telephone 01992 812658 . Coppice Row, Theydon Bois, Essex CM16 7ES

Postal enrolment open for our September term. Personal enrolment day: Monday 10th September, 7-9pm.



Summer Inspired Business By Heather Waring

I am still very much in “my summer” and hoping for an Indian one too so I’m still eating outdoors when possible and sleeping under the lightweight quilt. I love eating outside, having barbecues, I love the warmth of the sun on my body and having the opportunity to explore other places and cultures on holidays. It just passes so quickly……..

What about another holiday? It doesn’t matter whether it is a week, month or long weekend. What worked well on the last one that would help make the next one as good or even better? All this has made me think of how I can both lengthen Where would you like to the summer and also motivate myself for the time go next? ahead and perhaps you might find this useful too. Think about what you I find the end of summer a great opportunity for a new really enjoyed about this start. It is rather like new year, time to wipe the slate holiday. Was there anything that you could continue clean and start again so it will come as no surprise to to do at home? Many people take more exercise on discover that I have bought a new workbook and holidays – they swim because they are by the sea or some new pens and the wardrobe has had a clearhave a pool, they try their hand at sailing or some out. De-cluttering makes space for new things and other new sport, they walk more or cycle. It would be releases the energy that has been stagnating so pick a shame to lose the momentum you have now built a cupboard, a wardrobe or a set of drawers and see up so why not start doing some of these regularly? how you get on. Did you visit museums or art galleries and really enjoy it? There are numerous such places throughout How important is it for you to have something to look London so why not make up your mind to visit what is forward to? What could you plan to get you through close to you and learn about the treasures in your the dark and cold that is likely to be ahead of us? own city or surrounding areas. There’s always a café on hand for a break and perhaps an art gallery is a good meeting place for friends. Did you have great picnics throughout the summer? How could you do more of that? Crisp, sunny winter days are great for picnics as long as you wrap up warm and take a rug Now your little angels are back at or shawl and you can always have picnics in front of school, It’s time to get stuck into the fire too – have a go.

TIRED OF IRONING? the jobs you've been putting off all summer. Don’t let your ironing be one of them, give it to The Steam Queen, so you can enjoy a little me time.

Professional & reliable FREE collection & delivery Please call Faith 01992 522044 or 07974 025381

Finally what about the architecture you’ve seen, the colours and styles? One way to hold on to the memories and feel inspired is to look at integrating those into your home. Visits to Scandinavia make me want to simplify my décor, yet at other times I want to introduce the whites and blues of Greece as well as the red geraniums and then again what about the mosaics and quirkiness of Gaudi’s Barcelona. Then there’s our own wonderful British countryside and seaside, the green of the grass against the blue sky, the beach huts and the sand. It’s your choice. What’s the got to do with business? Well lots. We need to recharge, we need to be inspired, we need our creativity and all of the above plays a role so this year do it differently and allow the summer to set the scene for an amazing year ahead. Heather Waring 07941 246619.


Dressmaking Soft Furnishings Crafts We offer small, informal classes located in the beautiful renovated Georgian wing of Warlies Park House, Upshire Ideal for absolute beginners and improvers alike... • • • • • • •

Fully qualified tutor, experienced in dressmaking and soft furnishings Small, friendly classes Individual teaching—make what you want to make Work at your own pace Up-to-date machines and overlockers available for your use Come with a friend, or make new ones here Ample, free parking

Come and join us Please call Chris on 07944 768262 or visit our website at

Warlies Park House, Horseshoe Hill, Upshire, Essex EN9 3SL

FGS Accountancy & Taxation

Having a tax attack?

Self-assessment Payroll Bookkeeping Management Information

For tense, nervous tax returns and other financial matters, look no further. Have the worry taken off your shoulders so you can concentrate on what you do best—running your business.

VAT Returns Small Business Accounts & Taxation

Friendly, Reliable & Professional

We can help. Call Fiona Sagoo, your local Member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants on 01992 812328.

* Member of the Institute of * * Chartered Accountants *

For friendly, uncomplicated and professional advice that won’t cost you an arm and a leg

39 Woodland Way, Theydon Bois

Tel: 01992 812328


Competition Beauty treatments to be won experience or take some time out to enjoy a relaxing Never mind 50 Shades of Grey. You have probably discovered there are 500 shades of ivory and none of full body massage or an Indian head massage or treat those lovely hands and feet to a manicure and them match your dress. pedicure. Whatever treatment you choose, If you are getting married, or are preparing for any nkbeautytherapy’s aim is to help you to make the special occasion for that matter, chances are that you most of precious time to yourself. Planning a wedding are busy making arrangements and thinking about is a magical time, but does not come without its how you want to look on your special day. It is a stresses and strains. So why not enter our fantastic time when you start to think more about how your competition for your chance to win one of two skin looks or more importantly how you want it to massage therapies. You don’t have to be a bride-tolook. You may be looking at your fingernails and be to enter, as the competition is open to all women wondering if they will ever grow or having sleepless who could benefit from such a therapeutic treatment. nights wondering if your feet will do those stunning shoes the justice they deserve. As the saying goes 1st prize ‘the key is in the preparation’ and with time on your Full body massage side, you can start thinking about the look you want 2nd prize to achieve and how to get it. If you commit to having regular facials or manicures and pedicures, you will Neck, back and shoulder massage reap the rewards on the big day itself. And let’s not To enter the competition, all you need to do is email forget the bridesmaids, mums and mother-in-laws with your contact details by too, as everyone wants to look fantastic on the day, September 30th, 2012. We will contact the two captured forever in photos and video! winners shortly after the closing date. At nkbeautytherapy you can enjoy a range of beauty treatments in the calm and relaxing environment of a To make an appointment, call Nicky Kentisbeer on home-based salon in South Woodford. You could try 07710 752004, email For more information, please visit the website at one of the wonderfully indulgent Cetuem facials, a real treat for the skin and a lovely pampering

Wedding Special 2012


VINTAGE CANDY CART FOR HIRE Can be dressed to match any theme or colour scheme The perfect centre piece for your wedding!

Weddings Bar/bat mitzvahs Baby showers

Christenings Mehndis

Popular with children and big kids at heart! Other services for your special occasion include: Sweet Trees, Wedding & Party Favours, Kids’ Party Bags, Retro Candy Gift Jars and Chocolate Hampers

Please see website for full range

For more information please call 07810 333557 or visit Follow us on Twitter @KelbelBabyCakes

Like us on Facebook @Butterfly Candy Boutique & @Butterfly Baby Cakes UK


Wedding Special 2012

Why is the blushing bride is getting older? According to the latest government statistics, today’s bride and groom is on average far older than they were a decade ago. The average age range for the blushing bride is 33. Ten years ago, you would see her gliding down the aisle aged a tender 25. In more years gone by no doubt the engaged couple were even younger than this. What is going on here? Why are engaged couples leaving it increasingly later to tie the knot?

ing your shirts. Forgive the sexism here but hopefully you catch my drift. I hear that more men are taking over preparing the families meals and good on them – fair play to Jamie Oliver.

Another potential reason for delaying marriage is the continuation of education. In years gone by, obtaining a university degree was seen as the pinnacle of education. However in today’s increasingly competitive market, more graduates are studying at post graduate level One possible reason is the vast as they continue to build or even amount the weddings seem to cost these days. A recent survey quoted change their careers. Unlike generations past, where post £21,000 as the average amount graduate education was something spent on what is meant to be the couple’s most special and treasured you did after marriage, if at all, both men and women may see seeking day, marking the beginning of what post-graduate degrees as something they hope will be a lifetime of wedto be addressed as part of building ded bliss. Weddings need not cost their financial security, before dealthat much, but if you really want to ing with the demands of settling push the boat out, unless you are financially fortunate, it will take some down and starting a family. time to save up this level of cash. Having different options available in Talking about money brings me to terms of life choices can further the subject of financial security. delay the decision to wed. People Young people usually want to make do not seem to be so socially sure of their own financial future restricted and obliged to follow the before committing to a legally bindorder of things like they did days ing relationship. Often, they are long past. Now people can choose seeking mates who are as financially to live their lives how they see fit and solvent as they are. It can take time do almost whatever they what. to build up your own financial secuPreviously there seemed a natural rity and then take even longer to go pattern we followed, you went to out and find a suitable partner. school, got a job, got married, started a family and raised your Housing is another consideration offspring to do the same. Now not with financial consequences that everyone follows this pattern. Some could impact on the decision to have a family straight after school delay marriage. Property purchase while others continue their educais so difficult for young people now tion. Some decide to take longer to that many are left to languish with build their careers before they settle their parents until they have saved up a fairly hefty deposit. It could be down. Then there are those who are caught by the travel bug and, argued that this continued dependhaving seen the world on TV, they ence could even impact on their want to experience different cultures independence, or lack of, in other and traditions. People are more ways. Young people might not like the idea of starting married life living interested these days in finding out with their parents and until they can who they are and what they really afford a place of their own they may want, without the restrictions of obligations and expectations. be less likely to even think about getting married as a result. Who needs a wife when mummy is still putting dinner on the table and iron-

Wedding Special 2012

Advances in fertility available mean that couples who do want children can afford to marry later and let their


V Norris

biological clocks tick for longer. And afford seems to be the correct word here. Many have gone as far as to say they won’t be having have children unless they can afford to do so. Less than twenty years ago, most couples said they “would somehow cope” if they started a family before they were financially ready. Older parents are becoming increasingly common as is choosing not to be a parent at all. Perhaps it is only after having children that getting married then becomes a priority. Talking about having children, when I consider my friends who have tied the knot, I am noticing an increasingly common trend where people are reversing the order of how things were done in the past. Previously the done thing was to find a mate, date, marry and then have children. Now it seems that many people marry only after they have started their families. It’s almost as if they are giving their prospective spouses a trial run before deciding to commit to matrimony, as if marriage is the final icing on the cake, once you have had the children, to cement the deal as it were. At least having your own kids means you won’t have any problems finding page boys and flower girls. There are other advantages to marrying later. You will have more stability financially. You will also be better prepared having had more time to have lived a single life. You have had the opportunity to get to know who you are and what you want. You will have had more time to try different options before committing to settling down, different potential spouses even. I can’t think of many downsides – oh you might look a bit older but that’s nothing the Botox doctor can’t take care of. You might not want to leave it too late though, I hear that even the fathers of the bride are getting their wrinkles zapped now in preparation for the big day. At the rate we are going at, the poor things will be rocking up with their zimmer frames!


(Strictly subject to availability)

Wedding Special 2012

Stunning lakeside weddings where you walk on water a cedar lined wooden canopy (and don’t worry, both the gazebo and canopy have weather-proof pull down canvas sides, should our British summer have any inclement weather moments).

Mangapp Manor is a 16th century former manor house, set in 12 acres of breathtaking formal gardens and paddocks, dedicated to providing exclusive and intimate weddings in Burnham-on-Couch, Essex. Open from May to October, Mangapp Manor— which has a licence for civil ceremonies and partnerships—offers

outdoor weddings on a floating gazebo in a stunning lake setting. How many wedding venues can boast such a unique feature? During the ceremony, the couple walk to the gazebo along the decked jetty and take their vows, while up to 150 guests (with space for 30 more standing) are seated on the lakeside under

Above left © Jasmine Jade Photography. Other images this page © Avanti Photograhpics

Wedding Special 2012


Your friends and family can enjoy the spacious grounds, enclosed by mature shrubs and trees. The venue has many traditional lawn games that will keep even the big kids entertained! The wedding reception is held in a beautiful silk-lined and opensided marquee on the lakeside, surrounded by idyllic gardens. During the evening, the gardens become a truly magical setting, dressed with subtle lighting, candles, torches and hanging lanterns, the ultimate setting for night time photography. Your DJ will arrive in the marquee to set the party scene whilst you dance the night away under a starlight lining. In-house caterers create menu choices to suit your taste and budget, from barbecues to three-course silver

served meals. Your beverage requirements are taken care of throughout the day and the venue offers a corkage service for your table wine and toasting drinks. The marquee has an evening capacity of 250, and during the day Mangapp Manor can accommodate up to 180 formally seated guests for a wedding breakfast, or up to 160 formally seated for a buffet.

“It was the most perfect setting for our wedding; every single guest was blown away when they arrived and now say it is the best venue they’ve been to” The bride and bridesmaids also have use of a spacious dressing room from early in the morning, allowing for hair, make-up and dressing to be completed at the venue. Large, ensuite bedrooms for couples and their immediate family and friends are also available on the night of the big day. Mangapp Manor is a small, family business run by husband and wife, Kate and Ben, who moved to the house in 2005 and had their own wedding reception there the following year. Thus began the vision and reality of creating a magical garden setting for wedding celebrations and of using the lake as a feature for outdoor marriage ceremonies. To find out about availability for 2013 and beyond, or if you would like to see if there are any cancellations for this year, please contact Kate on 07769 676735 or email You can also visit the website for further details at: Mangapp Manor, Southminster Road, Burnham-on-Crouch, Essex CM0 8QG Photography credits: Jasmine Jade Photography; John Thompson and Avanti Photographs

Images this page © John Thompson


Wedding Special 2012

The dress to impress Made by your own fair hand? If you were lucky enough to have a beautiful wedding gown passed down through the generations, then chances are it may have been altered by your mother, or even yourself.

she needed to create a stunning wedding dress for her daughter, Anna (pictured top right).

Students make anything from soft furnishings and crafts through to items of clothing, including occasion wear. And if you think Perhaps you or a kindly relative this is exclusively for women, then made your gown from scratch. If you are reading this and planning think again. There is nothing new about men in the professional your own wedding, have you remotely considered making your world of fashion and Chris is proud own dress, for example? It seems of long-standing student Don (pictured right), a retired engineer quite a leap of faith for such an who is very nifty at running up a important—if not the most important—outfit you will ever wear. velvet jacket or patterned waistcoat. Dressmaking was once a necessity and now a long-forgotten or The small, friendly classes mix never known skill for many. improvers with absolute beginners. Chris dedicates individual However, the passion for dressteaching during the three hour making seems to be on the rise. weekly sessions. Students are This is supported by Chris Key, who runs Chris’s Sewing School at allowed to work at their own pace and make what they want to make, Warlies Park House in Upshire. guided by Chris every step of the She has nurtured complete way. Housed within Warlies’ novices, transforming them from recently renovated Georgian nervous wrecks into confident Wing, Chris’s Sewing School dressmakers. Once such pupil, takes place in a delightful, light Dee, was particularly wary when she first visited Chris’s class. Over and airy high-ceilinged room time, however, she learnt the skills complete with a marvellously large cutting table and up-to-date machines with overlockers (which give a professional finish inside garments). Chris, who has been teaching for twenty years, began her career in haute couture in the early seventies, working for Jean Muir. She went on to work for many more designers over the years, including Windsmoor and Stewart Pavin (who created Zara Phillip’s wedding dress and makes outfits for the Queen). Her students are certainly in experienced and safe hands. For more information, please visit or call Chris on 07944 766262. See

advert on page 13. Wedding Special 2012


JPL Luxury Cars

The Complete Toastmaster

For that touch of class on your wedding day

“Most sought after toastmaster in UK”

We have two beautiful silver grey ‘Baby Bentleys’ and offer a top-class chauffeured car service, so you can relax as you travel in style

Young, modern, unique, and very passionate, Toastmaster and Coordinator and Master of Ceremonies and Wedding and Events Consultant, I am currently The Most Sought after in The UK. My services are vital to the running of every wedding and event. I cater for English, Asian, Jewish, Afro/Caribbean weddings and all corporate Events and lots more. For more information, please view my websites at: I look forward to hearing from you. Regards Jonathan - Phone 07967 300834

Telephone 01992 570962 Mobile 07758 8858265 Email: Visit our website at Based in Epping, travelling to surrounding areas in Essex, Hertfordshire, London and Kent

Please contact us for a competitive quotation

Memorable weddings and honeymoons made perfect for you Imagine having your own dedicated Travel Advisor available at a time that suits you, taking care of any holiday requirements using the very latest travel technology. Carol Smith, a Weddings Abroad and Honeymoon Specialist at Cooperative Personal Travel Advisors, can do just that. With a wealth of travel industry experience and independent first hand resort knowledge, Carol takes great pride in delivering a top quality, personalised service to all her clients, on hand at a time to suit

leading tour operators, all holidays are protected by ABTA and ATOL, so full financial security is guaranteed. A Wedding gift service is also available to you where guests can contribute towards the cost of your Honeymoon which is proving more and more popular. those with the busiest of lifestyles. This experience not only delivers great choice and value, but the added assurance you are booking with a reputable organisation. With access to the latest offers from

If you would like to speak to Carol with regards to your wedding or honeymoon then please give her a call – she would love to speak to you!

Carol Smith Your very own Personal Travel Advisor Call me on 0208 501 5317 or mobile 07808 761852 Email: carolsmith


Wedding Special 2012

A guide to ‘pre-nup’ agreements By Joyti Henchi, Partner at Attwaters Jameson Hill Solicitors

led to pre-nuptial agreements being enforceable in England it has now changed the way that a Court will treat a preContrary to popular belief, pre-nuptial agreements nuptial agreement within are not just favoured by the “rich and famous”. More divorce proceedings. Now, if a pre-nuptial agreement and more people, for differing reasons, are consider- is entered into freely, after both parties have made ing pre-nuptial agreements as a way of protecting the full and frank disclosure of their financial assets and wealth they have acquired before marriage. Anyone after each party has taken proper legal advice, then marrying later in life may already have accumulated in the event of a divorce there is a presumption that considerable asset prior to their marriage, which they the pre-nuptial agreement should be upheld unless it would want to preserve. Older couples may want to is simply manifestly unfair. ensure that any inheritance they leave goes to children from a previous relationship rather than “the So where does it leave us? Well on the one hand this does now reflect the dynamics of modern society new wife”. Those entering into a second marriage - other counties have been endorsing pre-nuptial may just have the “once bitten, twice shy” attitude agreements for many years and England has clearly and individuals may be entitled to “family wealth” been lagging behind – but for good reason? One which the family itself may want to protect from an concern is that when a couple enters into a pre“outsider”. nuptial it is at a time when they are “blissfully in love Although recognised and enforceable in many and happy”. Perhaps in doing so they do not fully countries, pre-nuptial agreements are still not yet appreciate that the marriage may one day end or legally binding in England and Wales. what their position would be if it did It has, until now, been felt that a pre-nuptial agreement undermines When a couple divorces a Court will, in the absence the values of marriage (hardly the foundation for a of an agreement reached directly between the long and happy marriage based on trust and parties, make an Order which it feels is a fair and commitment). But, in addition to this pre-nuptials reasonable division of the parties’ matrimonial assets undermine the jurisdiction of the court and tie the and income at the time of the divorce. A court will hands of the judge within divorce proceedings. After take various factors into account including what is all if a pre-nuptial is in place and a judge must defer available to divide, each parties income and earning to it, it takes away his or her power to order an award capacity, each parties obligations and needs, the which may, in the circumstances, have been more existence of dependant children and the standard of fair . living that they enjoyed prior to the breakdown of the marriage. Until now the existence of a pre-nuptial For further information, please visit the website at agreement has simply being one factor taken into or call 01279 638888. account when a court, using its discretion, decides Attwaters Jameson Hill Solicitors has offices in what is a fair and reasonable settlement it has been Loughton, Harlow, Ware and Hertford. for the judge hearing the matter to decide how relevant the pre-nup is and how much weight to place on it.

A “pre-nup” as they are commonly referred to, is an agreement entered into prior to marriage, which sets out how a couple would want their assets to be divided in the event of divorce.

However a recent high profile case has led to a shift in the law and this approach. For the first time an English Court actually upheld a pre-nuptial agreement in a divorce case. Whilst this has not directly

Wedding Special 2012



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Wedding Special 2012


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Wedding Special 2012

Don’t let poor posture give you a Dowager hump Stephanie Smith MSTAT Have you have ever wondered how a dowager hump develops and even worry about getting one yourself? A dowager hump (Kyphosis), where someone has a bent over posture, is often associated with older women although men do get them and it can affect young people. Dowager is a term for a dignified elderly woman. Because many older women developed this sort of hump on their upper back, it became known as a dowager's hump. The hump develops through bad posture and Osteoporosis. Osteoporosis can weaken the vertebrae. When poor posture puts more strain on them it can cause them to fracture. This is a compression fracture - the vertebra is collapsing on itself. It's painful and worse still, it's permanent. Avoiding and preventing it from happening in the first place is the only real solution. Osteoporosis is a medical condition and you will need to see your GP about it. Poor posture, on the other hand, is something you develop. The good news is that it can be corrected. Practicing the

Alexander Technique is a perfect way to help you correct bad posture and this in turn will actually help the Osteoporosis. Ultimately it can help stop Dowager’s hump from developing. Alexander Technique teacher Stephanie Smith says that most people think posture is about remembering to sit up straight. "People are always saying to me 'If only I can remember to sit up straight my posture can be fixed'. But posture isn’t a memory problem. People also think they need to exercise to strengthen their backs. We ‘exercise’ ourselves into bad posture by just doing our normal daily routine for years and years. So exercising your way out of it really doesn’t work." Good posture mainly comes from lengthening up through your front. An easy way to see this is by looking in the mirror. Better still, find a picture of yourself side on. Check to see if you are hunched over. Bad posture isn't generally caused by leaning too far back. It’s the hunched over look that’s the problem. You use your front all day yet no one complains of a bad front. They do however complain of a bad back. Good posture uses specific muscles. The Alexander Technique can help you change your pattern of co-ordination. It is stress free, can be practised almost anywhere and needs no special equipment or skill. Stephanie adds: "If you practice daily, over a period of time you will reap benefits. Lengthening muscles can gently release long held tensions and start to reorganise how your back is coordinated and supported. "Your breathing will quieten and deepen. You're not deliberately relaxing, though you will find yourself feeling calmer, taller and better balanced. Stephanie Smith is a Member of the Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique (MSTAT). She has been teaching the Alexander Technique for 18 years and has a practice in Theydon Bois. She can be contacted on 01992 812189, by email at or through her website Last month I left you with a question asking what giraffes, mice and humans have in common. Did you guess that all have seven vertebrae in their neck and need deep postural neck and back muscles to hold their heads upright? Well done if you did.






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New date for Donkey Derby—September 23rd Theydon Bois is gearing up for its annual Donkey Derby to be held on September 23rd. This will be the silver anniversary of the Scout group event and it has already made its mark after it was postponed for the first time in its history after the Green was deemed to be too waterlogged to hold the event in July this year. This popular derby normally attracts a crowd of 4,000 to the Green every year as organisers are expecting the same turnout despite its new date. Spectators come from across West

Essex and East London to watch, and bet on, the seven donkey races. All the donkeys are ridden bareback by local children, which adds to the fun as many jockeys get unseated on their way round the course. As well as the donkey racing there will also be a special lamb race this year too with the animals coming from Lea Valley Park Farm. The farm will also bring some of their smaller, cuddlier animals to the Derby for children to pet. Race goers will also have the chance to enter their canines in the fun dog show. There will be a large area of inflatables for children as well as traditional entertainments like the chair-o-planes and swing boats. Smash the crocs, golf, welly wanging, hook a duck, kids’ crafts and face painting are some of the other stalls and activities that will be on offer. And there will be lots of opportunities for refreshments with a tea tent plus Indian cuisine, candy floss, ice cream and sweets. Entrance is free but donations are welcome. All the money raised goes towards the Theydon Bois scouting and guiding groups and some in the surrounding villages.

Phil Koczan, chairman of the Theydon Bois Donkey Derby Committee said: "I hope the weather is more favourable following the need to postpone the event in July due to The Green being waterlogged. We are very grateful to our sponsors and suppliers for accommodating this change and hope the weather will be kind to us." From 12noon to 4.30pm. Photographs: Jim Watts/Tony Ames



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Clubs, Societies & Health Services A-Z ALAL-ANON FAMILY GROUPS For friends and relatives of alcoholics Email: Helpline 020 7403 0888 (10am— (10am—10pm) Alpine Garden Society— Society—Epping Forest Group. Group We meet on the second Tuesday of the month at Theydon Bois Village Hall CM16 7ER at 8pm. The Avenue Lawn Tennis Club—18 The Avenue, Loughton IG10 Club 4PT. Four artificial grass courts. Membership-balls, court hire included; social programme & licensed bar. Club sessions: Men—Thursday 5.30pm and Sunday mornings; Ladies—Tuesdays at 5.30pm; Mixed—Thursdays 11am to 1pm, Fridays 6.30pm, Saturday and Sunday 1.30pm. The club has teams in both the South West Essex (men’s, ladies and mixed) and Essex leagues (men). Contact Lynda Wyles Membership Secretary on 0208 505 4704 or email Badminton Club Call for Players We are looking for (mature) players to join our badminton club. We meet on Monday evenings at 8pm at Debden Park High School’s Sports Hall. Please contact Alan on 020 8508 6306. Bodyworks exercise classes for everyone Loughton Tues 10.30am, Buckhurst Hill Mon 8-9pm and Thurs 9.30-10.30am. Call Jan Hall on 020 8508 3346. Book Club— Club—meet locally once a month. Call Linda on 01992 571178. Breatheasy in Harlow & Epping Forest Meet the first Monday of the month at Jack Silley Pavilion in Epping between 1pm and 3pm. Contact branch secretary Mrs C Carr on 01992 573387 for more details. Breatheasy is the support group of The British Lung Foundation Buckhurst Hill Bowls Club, Club 72 Epping New Road, Buckhurst Hill IG9 5TX. If you are looking for a local, friendly bowls club, please call the Secretary Malcolm Lord on 0208 502 1285. Open 7 days a week. Chigwell & Epping Forest Orienteering Club. Club Bored with just running, in pain from too much running on roads? Try running through forests and having to work out where to go. There is a local event approximately once a month. For more details ring Helen on 020 8502 1629, or visit

Clive’s Easylearn Pop Music Schools—For Schools a free taster session in Epping, call 01992 670575 or visit Craniosacral Therapy Clinic, Clinic The Limes Medical Centre, The Plain, Epping. Contact Liam Hurley on 07941 621887 Drum Tuition—All styles; pop, rock, jazz, Latin, blues...Beginners Tuition to advanced. All ages welcome. Call 07803 893722.

Epping Forest District Badger Group—meet on the 3rd Monday Group of the month at Hemnall Street Social club, Epping at 8pm. Find out more about the existence and secret life of badgers, and their preservation. Contact 01992 756038.

Epping Forest Centenary Trust. Trust We can provide practical conservation sessions in Epping Forest for groups, including special needs groups, community groups and youth groups. Call Epping Forest Centenary Trust on 0208 508 9061, email or visit Epping Forest & District Stamp Club. Club Meet 2nd Tuesday of month at the Dining Room, Roding Valley High School, Loughton. New members and beginners always welcome. Keith Smith 020 8505 5620. Epping Forest Group of the Alpine Garden Society Nonmembers are welcome. For further information please contact the Group Secretary: Keith Ballard, Tel: 01992 813231 or email Epping Forest HP (Walking) Group. Group We are a walking group who walk in Epping, Redbridge and sometimes London each week. Walks start at 10.30am. There is no charge to join walks, optional membership at £4. Social evenings, coach trips and holidays. Email Epping Forest Rotary Club—Meet Garnon Bushes, Coopersale Club on Tuesday evenings for meal and regular speaker. If you want to join other business and community minded men and women please contact Telephone 01992 814105 The Epping Horticultural Society Share gardening tips and enjoy our social events throughout the year. Annual membership £1 and discounts available at the trading hut on the Meadow Road allotment site (Sunday mornings10am to 12pm). Contact Shirley Lewis on 01992 573687. 573687 Epping Music Society, Society Friends Meeting House in Hemnall Street, Epping. Contact Secretary Margaret Gracey (01992 572167) or Treasurer Frank Bill (01992 574704) for information regarding concerts and membership. Epping Tennis Club Lower Bury Lane Four all weather courts (3 floodlit). New members welcome—Lessons and coaching available. Visit or call 01992 572230 or 07940 183596 for membership/general enquiries. To contact Matt Smith (LTA Senior Club Coach), call 07743 378055 or visit

Exercise with me: Exercise for Free!!! Power walking group in Buckhurst Hill, weekday evenings, meet outside The Toby Carvery, 5k distance approx. Call/text 07766 700 666 or go to for further details

Epping Bowls Club, Lower Bury Lane. New members welcome to join our friendly, local club. Regular tuition sessions take place for beginners. Contact Anne Munro: 01992 561164.

Family Care Counselling Service We provide affordable, professional counselling in the Epping Forest area Tel: 01992 788499

Epping Cricket Club—We are looking for new members of all Club standards. Three Saturday sides and a Sunday team and colts cricket for boys and girls. Contact Matthew Barrett 07877 923151 or

Registered Charity No: 1118296

EppingEpping-Eppingen Twin Town Association. Association Exciting cultural, school, musical and personal exchanges with our active and friendly twinned town in southern Germany. Contact Uschi Jesson 01992 577603 or Tony Church 07725 608368. Epping Football Club, Stonards Hill, Epping If you are interested in joining the club, contact Steve Allen on 07932 532694,

Forest Creative Writers 12.45pm12.45pm-2.45pm, Thurs Loughton Library. Intending new members invited to first free taster session. Contact Pete Relph on 0208 508 6313. Friends of Swaines Green. Conservation days on the second Sunday of every month. Contact Ian Anderson for further details on 01992 574909 or visit Guitar Lessons— Lessons—Learn to play guitar. All ages, abilities and styles. Experienced local teacher. Individual and group teaching. Christian Karlsson 07958 471083. Email:


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Epping Art Society—Art Appreciation evenings, 2nd Wednesday Society of the month at Pelly Court, Hemnall Street, Epping. Call Robin 01992 572077. Members £2, non-members £3. Practical evenings are run the first Friday evening of the month, at 7.30 for 2 hours at the Methodist Church Hall, Epping

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Clubs, Societies & Health Services A-Z Gymnastics—Mondays 8pm at the Football Academy, Sports Gymnastics Pavilion, Langston Road, Loughton. Beginners welcome. Call Ivana on 07968 356884

Thursdays) and 6.30pm (2nd and 4th Thursdays). For further details call A Harvey on 01992 572867 or visit

Herts & Essex Architectural Research Society. Society Meet on the fourth Friday of the month at 8pm, Church Hall, Loughton Methodist Church, 260 Loughton High Road. Call 020 8508 2512 for more details or visit

Station Road Wellness Centre, Osteopathy, Chiropody, massage, reflexology, Reiki. 12 Station Road, Epping. Tel. 01992 570003.

Jo Jinlges Monday Epping 10:00am Over 2's and 11:00am babies from 3months to 2 years. Monday Theydon Bois 3:15pm Mixed ages (babies-5years old); Tuesday Harlow 9:30am Over 2's and 10:30am Walking-2years . We are also available to do Children's parties, nurseries, Children's centres or NCT group activities. For more information on classes or to book a place please call Lucy on 01279 868410 or email us: You can also visit our website Lee Valley Friends Rambling Association Group Specialising in short weekend walks—mainly in West Essex and some London walks. Call for details 020 8529 1602 or visit Life Club (Group Coach and Mentoring) Once a week group session to give your life focus. Call Ruth on 07734 709467 for more details. Loughton Astronomical Society (LAS). New members welcome. Meets Thurs 8pm at Scout Hut, Theydon Bois. Tel. 01992 815804. Also, junior section, Theydon Bois AstroKyds for 6-14 year-olds meet 2nd Friday of month (term time), 6.30pm to 8pm at St. Mary’s Parish Hall, Theydon Bois. Same contact details as above.

Loughton Camera Club, Club Lopping Hall, Loughton. Meet every Wednesday 8-10pm. New members welcome. Contact John Banks 020 8508 4199. Loughton Folk Club meets every Thursday from 8pm at Loughton Club, 8 Station Road, Loughton, IG10 4NX. Parking front and rear. Email or call Jill Coombes 0776 214 6623 Messy Days— Days—Mother and Toddler Group, Monday and Fridays 10am to 11am. St Mary’s Church Hall, Theydon Bois. Come along for some messy fun. £4.50 per session. Discount for second child. Pre-school Learning accreditation. Ring Lindsay on 01992 814487. Musical Minis— Minis—PrePre-school fun time music group. Classes in Epping and Buckhurst Hill. Call Claire on 01992 787793

St John Ambulance— Ambulance—Epping Community First Responders help to save lives. Full training given. Please contact Sandra Newman on 01992 572545 for more details. St Thomas Moore Dancing Club—Ballroom and sequence for the Club over 60s. Wednesdays 2-4pm at Thomas Moore Church, Willingale Rd, Loughton. Tel. 020 8504 0998. £1.50 including tea and biscuits. Tappy Toes—Fun and creative dance and movement classes for Toes girls and boys aged 20 months to 4 and a half years. Epping classes start in September. Call Claire on 01992 732 800. WEA Loughton & Epping Branch Details from, leaflets in the libraries. Phone Bettie Bock, 020 8508 4919 or e-mail: West Essex Flower Club, Thornwood Village Hall, Weald Lane. Meet 2nd Monday of each month (except January and August) From 1.45pm. Visitors and new members always welcome. Contact the Club Secretary for further details on 01992 577036 West Essex Ramblers. Walk every Wed, Thurs, Sat & Sun. Most walks countryside, some London. About 10 coach rambles Apr-Oct. Each yr have a British & foreign walking holiday. For a sample programme, call 020 8502 1628. Woodford and District Floral Arrangement Group. Group We meet every third Monday of the month in the Churchill Room at Wanstead Library, Spratt Hall Road E11. Doors open at 6.45pm for a prompt 7.30pm start. Guest floral demonstrator every month, raffle and refreshments. Visitors always welcome to join for a small fee of £4.

(Iyengar) Yoga, Yoga Lindsey Street, Epping. Monday evenings from 6pm. Please contact Dorothy on 01992 574623. Yoga classes for beginners in Epping on Tuesday and Thursday evenings. Call Amy on 07841 378364. See http:// for more details on yoga classes and events in Essex and London. Yoga Club, Potter Street, Harlow. Monday afternoon 3.30 to 5pm. Cost £5 per session to pay our fully qualified teacher and cost of the hall. New members welcome. For more details call Linda on 01992 575135. Yoga (Vinyasa & Hatha), Private classes in Epping & Buckhurst Hill 07725 653682.

Osteopath—Epping Osteopathic & Sports Injuries Clinic, The Osteopath Limes Medical Centre, Theydon Bois 01992 815 166 Parkinson’s UK— UK—Harlow & District Branch. Meet at the David Livingstone Club, 11 Potter Street, CM17 9AE every Wednesday 11am-3pm. On the first Wednesday of each month there is a speaker from 1 to 3pm. For more information contact Secretary Corinne—Branch mobile 07982 094194 or email All welcome. Personal Trainer (mobile & gym based) / Nordic Walking Instructor—Tanya Hurley 07941 233880 Petanque (Boules). Epping Horizons Petanque Club meets on Saturdays and Mondays at 1.30pm on Stonards Hill Recreation Ground. New members always welcome. To arrange a taster session call Peter Lumb on 01992 571744 or visit Piano Club— Club—Loughton Methodist Church. Wednesdays 1010-12noon. Contact Rea Camus on 01992 571773. We are a group of keen amateur pianists who enjoy making music together and having fun. All standards welcome. Rotary Club of Loughton and Buckhurst Hill—meet at The Blue Hill Boar, Abridge, RM4 1UA. On Thursdays at 1pm (1st and 3rd


Zumba Fitness— Fitness Mondays St Michael’s Church, Loughton 8-9pm; Tuesdays Theydon Bois Primary School 7-8pm; Fridays Loughton Club 10-11am. Email or call Laura 07581 673998 or Lisa 07775 553722. Doctors Surgeries The Limes Medical Centre, The Plain, Epping Appointments/Emergencies/Cancellations 01992 573 838 Theydon Bois Branch, Branch Thrifts Mead 01992 812 450 North Weald Branch, Branch 67 Wheelers Farm Gardens 01992 524 383 Dr Lowry & Partners, Partners High Street, Epping 0844 5769797 Hospitals St Margaret’s Hospital, Epping 01992 561 666 Princess Alexandra Hospital, Harlow 01279 444 455 NHS Direct 0845 4647 Sports Centres & Fitness Studios Epping Sports Centre 25 Hemnall Street 01992 564 564 Waltham Abbey Swimming Pool Roundhills 01992 716 733 Loughton Leisure Centre Traps Hill, Loughton 01992 564 574 Concept Fitness UK 224b High Street, Epping 01992 579050

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Buckhurst Hill openopen-mic Jazz Jam Session. Every Sunday at the Sports & Social Club, 50 Queens Road IG9 5BY 8pm start. Admission £3. Visit to check dates. Farmers’ Market organised by the Loughton Residents Association on the first Sunday of the month. Centric Parade, High Road, Loughton. 9am-2pm. FAB— FAB—Fabulous and Beautiful. Beautiful If you are undergoing chemotherapy or have recently finished treatment, charity FAB, which runs a three hour session on the first Monday of the month at St. Margaret’s Hospital in Epping (11am to 2pm) may be just the tonic. Please call Laura Jones on 01279 827396. Epping Forest Group of the Alpine Garden Society, Society 8pm at Theydon Bois Village Hall CM16 7ER (2nd Tuesday of the month). Group visits being arranged between June and September. Non-members welcome. Please call Keith Ballard for further information on 01992 813231. SmartNet Essex — Meet 2nd Thursday of the month 12-2pm at The King’s Oak, Paul Nursery’s Road, High Beach, Loughon IG10 4AE £15 meeting fee includes lunch. Pay-as-you-go networking group. Call Julie to book on 07843 260 186 or email EppNet— EppNet—Business Networking. Meet every Wednesday morning for breakfast, 7.15 to 9am at The Bell Hotel, Epping. £40 per month for regular members, or one off annual fee for infrequent visitors (plus £10 fee per meeting). For more details email or call Vincent Goode on 07931 580031.

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Harlow Playhouse—Box Office 01279 431945—Full details and Playhouse booking details at Includes ‘Magic of Motown’ on October 17th.

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Music at Marigolds Jazz Club, Club Harlow Cricket Club, Chippingfield, Old Harlow, CM17 0DJ. Enquiries 01279 414174/421763. Doors open 7.30pm. Price guide £7-£8. musicatmarigolds Sept 14th Bad Hair Day Sept 28th Matt Wates Oct 12th Back Porch Theydon Bois Scout Group Donkey Derby 2012— 2012—Sunday September 23rd, noon to 4.30pm Join in the fun for the Donkey Derby’s Silver Jubilee year. The Green, Theydon Bois. Free entrance (programmes £1). First race 2.15pm.. Theydon Bois & District Friends of Cancer Research UK— UK—Quiz Night, Friday 28th September at Theydon Bois Village Hall 7.30pm for 8pm start. Fish / chicken and chips supper. Bring your own drinks. Tickets £12 from 01992 614008 or 07908 227476.

If you are a member of or run a book group, we would love to hear from you. We are looking into an exciting new concept for literary lovers that will be interactive, entertaining, sociable and involve you. To help with our research, we have a short questionnaire. For more details, please email :

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My Boy Jack—Loughton Amateur Drama Society LADS, October Jack 25th to 27th at 8pm. Tickets £7 Thurs, £8 Fri/Sat. Booking no. 07552 736 110. Written by David Haig, directed by Jean Cooper. The year is 1913 and war with Germany looms. Rudyard Kipling, the famous writer and patriot, is determined his very myopic teenage son will play his part in the forthcoming struggle. However, his actions trigger a family conflict and have devastating consequences. This is a powerful and moving account of the anguish at the heart of a man torn between his love for his children and his devotion to King and Country.

Furniture Clinic Epping, Hobbs Cross Business Centre, Theydon Garnon, Epping CM16 7NY

tel: 01992 566 719 email: web:


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September 2012 edition  

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