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STEREO IP AUDIO CODECS FOR SSL / STL Studio-to-Transmitter & Studio-to-Studio Links PYKO in/out Stream audio securely from the studio to the transmitter without raising costs. PYKO-in converts analog audio sources to high-quality MP3 or PCM IP audio streams. PYKO-out plays audio from standards MP3 or PCM IP streams or locally stored MP3 files. Unlike other ‘prosumer’ streaming devices, PYKO has been designed for professional and broadcaster-friendly operations in pure Digigram fashion. >>>

IQOYA *LINK /LE A cost-effective version of the full-featured IQOYA *LINK codec. With its decode-only approach, simplified ergonomics and features targeted at unattended transmitter sites, the *LINK /LE is the ideal choice for serious broadcasters looking for a perfect mix of 24/7 reliability, audio format choices (the decode-only AAC codec package is included as standard, Enhanced aptX is optional) and affordability. >>>

IQOYA *LINK The IQOYA *LINK is a full-featured, rock-solid 2-channel IP audio codec with multiple failover options and an impressive list of supported audio codec algorithms (MP3, full set of AAC codec formats, Enhanced apt-X, etc.). The *LINK also offers a connectivity to Axia Livewire™ networks. Enjoy easy and quick operations thanks to a welldesigned user interface displayed on a color LCD. Both IQOYA *LINK and *LINK /LE offer N/ACIP interoperability with 3rd party IP codec devices, unrivaled robustness, QoS optimization, stream integrity and of course audio quality. >>>

For custom, multiple stereo or multichannel solutions, Digigram offers the IQOYA *SERV/LINK, grouping several distribution codecs instances on a single processing hardware platform.




Encode Decode Analog Digital Synchro Audio formats: MP3 AAC package Decode only

Enhanced apt-X Failovers & backups Memory card Audio Input IP stream

USB memory card playlist

2 user selected backups

3 user selected backups



LCD display + keypad N/ACIP compliant Subset




Livewireâ&#x201E;˘ connectivity GPIO RS232 data port Dual RJ45 port SNMP management IQOYA *LINK /LE IQOYA *LINK average power consumption < 15W.

included optional partialy compliant

w w w . d i g i g r a m . c o m

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Stereo IP AUDIO codecs for SSL / STL  

Which codec will match your needs for Studio to Transmitter (or Studio to Studio) links?

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