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Danger Nature Security to save your life! We help create security for people when it comes to hurricanes, fires, and floods, and any other natural disasters. It`s to: 1. Find a secure room or space in a matter of minutes; 2. Make their houses more secure; and 3. Help others, and find help, quickly. First and foremost, we need your ideas; tell us how we can help make for people safer. Danger Nature Security is a Non Profit Organization in the preparation phase.

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How you can help to secure your life.

Please send us your ideas. How do you think we can prepare for better security in times of disaster? > You can do it alone, with your friends, or as part of a school project. > We connect with experts to help us create secure concepts, with the best ideas.

> We try to help you so that you and your children can find a safe place quickly, wherever you are.

Find a nice place to admire nature and make it pretty with a bank; put up a sign with our advertising on and maybe your name.

Nature disaster 1

Danger Nature Security Tornado


to save your life! at home - on holiday - where ever you stay! An extreme tornado can attain wind speeds of more than ≥ 300 miles mph, ≥480 km/h, stretch more than two miles, 3 km across, and stay on the ground for dozens of miles. The tornado can develop within 15 minutes. You only have a very short time to bring your self to safety. A tropical storm is 18–32 m/s, 34–63 knots 39–73 mph, 63–118 km/h > it is very dangerous because flying debris. Can injure a person and sweep a body away. It is a big risk for life.


A hurricane 1 is from 33–42 m/s, 64–82 knots 74–95 mph, 119–153 km/h till Hurricane 5. ≥70 m/s, ≥137 knots, ≥157 mph, ≥252 km/h. In a hurricane stage 1 a body can be swept away. Outside there is a very small chance for you to survive. You can die.

Nature disaster 2

Danger Nature Security


Rip current


Flooding occurs from rain or a damaged dam the water rises very quickly and flows down at a tremendous speed. In a tsunami the water can rises to 30 feet, ~10 m and more. Together with it mud, fallen tress and debris. Maybe you have only some seconds to save your life in a high building. A rip current is a strong, local and rather narrow current of water. It can occur all over on shallow beaches. Even if the water is only 2 feet, ~0,6 m deep, it`s dangerous for your life. In the cold water you can only swim 2 to 10 minutes with light clothing. A light average summerjacket can soak 3 litres of water. For many people to heavy to swim in. If you overestimate your health condition, you can die.

Nature disaster 3

Danger Nature Security



In an earthquake the damaged parts from a building and trees are very dangerous. A doorway in a building is a very small chance to save your life. The building need a very strong steel construction. The standard steel construction from small buildings is not very secure. And outside also the sinkhole and the sudden collapse of the subsoil is very dangerous for life.


A fire can ignite very quickly. A forest fire with wind can change directions very quickly. To save yourself you must leave the fire area immediately. There is no time to wait, if you`ll save your life. The toxic smoke is mortal. The changes to control a fire by a non experienced person are very small. If your clothes catch fire you can you can only extinguish it with non-combustible materials (never Polyester). Your small fire test can turn to be a catastrophe, very quickly. Do this only with experts and their advice. A jerrycan should be removed from the car otherwise may explode and may cause injury or death.

Nature disaster 4

Danger Nature Security




A meteroid hitting the earth as a meteorite is very dangerous. Everyday 2 meteroids come through the earths atmosphere the size of a football and every two weeks one the size of a car travelling at a speed of approximately 37,380 mph, 60.000 km/h. You can only save yourself against the shock wave in a building with a very strong steel construction. The standard steel construction from small buildings is not very secure.

A volcanic eruption is very dangerous. The lava is about ~2200째F, ~1200째C and can flow up to a speed of 62,5 mph, ~100km/h. The smoke can come with a shock wave within seconds at a speed of up to 500mpn, ~800 km/h. The smoke contains small glass particles. If you breathe in this air into your lungs it can cause death. If you can not evacuate this area very quickly then cover your mouth and nose with a wet cloth.

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Update 15. June 2015

New: Free online consultation service for security rooms or houses.

Danger Nature

Security Room Ideas for projects, engineers, students and schools. Information about a cost-free consultation, with helpful service.

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Free online consultation service for a security room or house.

This consultation service is for you if: ďƒ˜ You want a security room, but you have a small budget; or ďƒ˜ You are planning a security room for a new house. The service is for both private houses and companies. At the moment, we only have an email service available. Please send your inquiry: contact@DNS-for-me.org

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