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WELCOME To a place where nature lives & memories never die At Legacy Parks, we have a range of burial options available, each created to best suite the individuals needs. The products we have available are:

Burial (Standard Grave)

Ash Burial Ash Scattering Twinkle Little Star

Please note that Legacy Parks charges no handling fee for Funeral Service options offered.

Burial (Standard Grave) A traditional burial in a standard grave is still preferred by many people. Individual sites as well as family sites are available and the Legacy Parks team will go the extra mile to ensure that your unique requirements are accommodated.

Prices Allocated:

R33 500


R28 475

Ash Burial Ash can also be buried on an existing grave or in a single ash burial grave. Up to three ash burials can be accommodated on a standard burial site. Ash Plots may be marked with either a stone marker, a wooden plague, a remembrance tree or a combination of all of the above.

Prices Normal


Children (up to 6 years)


Ash Scattering In addition, Legacy Parks offers a variety of different ash scattering options. For example, you may wish to mix ash and wild flower seed to create a commemorative ‘field of flowers’ or families may choose to release the ash over the lake.

Prices Normal

R1 750

With Family Tree (250L)

R15 500

Additional Ash

R4 400

Twinkle Little Star This is a remembrance area that is especially reserved for babies born asleep (stillborn), babies and children from 0 to 6 years of age and a memorial for families who have lost babies due to miscarriage. The area will be further segmented to accommodate ash scattering, ash interment and natural burial.

Prices Burial Tree

R1 200

*stillborn & under 1 year

Ash Tree

R 750

Remembrance Tree

R3 500

Burial Products & Services: Legacy parks has a range of remembrance products & services available:

Stone Marker Ash Urns

Natural Caskets Preparation of Grave Memorial Bench Insurance Product Memorial Trees Please note that all prices listed are introductory & are subject to change.

Stone Marker Flat natural stone markers, engraved with the name of your loved one and a personal message, can be placed to mark a resting place or ash interment. The size of the stone will be roughly 250cm x 350cm, and is used instead of a headstone.

Prices Flat Engraved Stone Marker


Ash Urn Legacy Parks has a range of natural ash urns on display, which can be supplied either by us or by the funeral director. All of the urns are bio-degradable and are made from natural materials.

Prices Bio-Degradable Urn From R150 – R550

Casket Legacy Parks has a range of beautiful natural woven caskets and coffins on display. All of the coffins & caskets are available from the funeral director. Caskets are all made from natural materials and are 100% bio-degradable.

Prices Natural Casket From R1500 – R6500

Bench The Benches are made from wood sourced from the Wiesenhof farm and there will be a small plaque of 70mm x 140mm placed on the bench for your loved one. A limited amount of benches are available in each area.

Prices Handmade Bench


Preparation of Grave Legacy Parks will prepare all graves and the surrounding area by hand.

Standard graves are dug to a depth of 1.3m and ash graves to a depth of 800cm.

Prices Burial Plot


Ash Plot


Insurance Product A unique and dedicated Legacy Parks insurance policy underwritten by Sanlam caters for the burial needs of both the individual and families. You will find the policy affordable and structured to incorporate the variety of cost elements normally associated with a burial.

Prices (Burial) Individual/Principal Member

R 140.50


R 213

Prices (Ash) Individual/Principal Member

R 80.50


R 124

Additional Services: Legacy parks can assist the families with the following services:


Tree with Ribbons


Dove Release



Gazebo Furniture Rentals Chair Rentals

Special Music Requests Pamphlets & Programs Video/Slideshow

Please note that Legacy Parks charges no handling fee for Funeral Service options offered.

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Please note that our operating times are from 08:00 – 17:00, Monday to Sunday.

Legacy Parks Product Guide  
Legacy Parks Product Guide  

A guide listing all of our availabl products, including their prices.