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How Green you are? Terrible diseases: How it affect your world

The truth about diets (anorexy stories) Science VS. Religion

Bullying: the current society behaviour Technology: An excellent resource or a dangerous weapon

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Index  Technology: An excellent resource or a dangerous weapon……….. 4-5  How Green You Are?....................................................................... 8-9  Religious beliefs in health care………………………………………………... 11-12  Life, you can go in an instant………………………………………………….. 14-15  The truth about diets (anorexy stories) Anorexia: The disease is fashionable………………………………………… 17-18

Bullying: the current society behaviour…………………………………….. 20-21


Technology: An excellent resource or a dangerous weapon

In recent years technology has become an important part for people worldwide, while recognizing that it has been a very useful tool also be understood that it could become a double-edged sword for those who cannot avoid contact with this.


When entering in the honey of new technologies, is indisputable satisfaction they generate, since the fact as having everything at hand to many is the most important thing in their lives, so make a visit to a particular place and share it over the network is something inexplicable to many.

Likewise others use it as a tool as working in the case of journalists, because they need to know what happens every day in the world and with these tools can those in the know with just one click. But this technology could become weapon since in many cases is addictive, to the point where people come to spend their nights awake, losing their family, losing their jobs or even their lives, just by being aware of a notification, a tweet or a post.

So if you allow technology to be the first or the only thing in life let me tell you this has become a deadly weapon that can detonate in his hands at the time you least expect it. But if you is switch off from the networks to get of your home for you technology is the tool of the present and the future of your life. Written by: Adriana Vargas ~5~

How Green You Are?

Going green is a term that has become fashionable in recent times and more and more people become aware and make contributions to keep the planet clean and in harmony. Next we want to evaluate how ecological you with very simple test actions that help protect the planet. Answer it thoroughly Never 1 / Rarely: 2 often: 3 / Always 4. 1. Recycle waste produced in your home? 2. Keep the water running in the shower or sink while ask you? 3. You turn off lights constantly sites where no one is present? 4. You throw away batteries that do not work?

8. Use recycled paper or uses the notebooks to the end? 9. You thought if you can do something for the environment? 10. Think your environment?


11. Use disposable reusable?






12. You stay in the shower too long ( 15 minutes or more )

5. When you ask the supermarket plastic bags for all products?

13. You tend to leave well pinned appliances you're not using?

6. Unplug all electronic devices when not in use, including the TV or phone charger?

14. Save the rinse water from the washing machine to other activities?

7. Worried that your home usually is not spent uselessly water?

15. You like that in your house you had an installation of solar panels to save water?


results: 15-30: You have bad habits do not help your planet Why? 30-50: Well have environmental attitudes are helping to save the planet but you can still do more. 50-60: Very good you are very ecological and hurts what happens to your planet continues to contribute

After completing this test and analyze how green you are, it is worth reflecting on the care we are giving to our planet , animals and natural resources that are always available to us but that often does not know how to manage and care . We must think about what is the legacy that we leave to future generations and the responsibility we have to leave them a clean and healthy world in which you live in complete harmony.

Written by: Catalina Cadena ~9~

Religion Vs. Science

The religious faith of a doctor has a "strong influence" on the choices you make with terminal patients.

New research from the University of London, found that doctors atheists are more likely make decisions that accelerate the end of life of a terminally ill patient, however it is less likely that doctors religious discuss with their deeply ill patients options palliative treatments. Experts say that these findings are "disturbing" and show that it is necessary to pay more attention to how religious beliefs influence in the medical care.

~ 11 ~

How was it conducted?

Communication with the patient

London researchers surveyed more than 8,500 physicians in the UK, of which 4,000 responded. In the survey were asked about the treatment applied to your last patient died, if they had offered a continuous deep sedation, or sedation until death-terminal and if the patient had discussed decisions that, in his opinion, could shorten life.

The results showed that physicians who rated themselves as "very or extremely nonreligious" showed 40% more likely to practice religious doctors sedation.

They were also asked about their religious beliefs, ethnicity and opinion on euthanasia and assisted death. Although in the UK it is illegal to supply drugs with the deliberate intention of ending the life of a person, doctors can administer morphine and other drugs to relieve pain or suffering, but this procedure, called terminal sedation, can have a effect to shorten life.

On the other hand, those who described themselves as "very or extremely religious" were less likely to have discussed with their patients the palliative treatment decisions. More than 12% of physicians surveyed described themselves as "very or extremely religious," but only one in five was discovered as "very or extremely non-religious." Worrying

Dr. Ann McPherson of the organization Dignity in Dying, states that although this study demonstrates that there "is a lot to do" for doctors to take into account the wishes of their patients. "The fact that their religious beliefs some doctors do not discuss with their patients the possible options for the end of life is deeply troubling," says the expert. Written by: Diego Lara

~ 12 ~

Terrible diseases: How it affect your world

Life, you can go in an instant

It was June 26, 2012, when midday was past, like every Sunday I was with my mom in exciting football matches, suddenly‌. Rang the bell of his cell, radically change his face, his skin turned pale and tears fell from his eyes... - His sister crashed

Those were the words out of his mouth after a second of silence that seemed more like forever. Run that was our attitude with eyes soaked in tears took a taxi. Again the sound of the cell again became the mourning in thoughts that should not be, - Hello, hello sister happened? My mother asked, her voice broken into tears.... Well you got there, and hung up, with the agony of waiting came over me wonder what happened? And she replied that her aunt takes us to the hospital that we collect on Avenida Cali. ~ 14 ~

We ran as if the world was ending, did not know that was what had happened, when he finally got to the hospital they said had led to another place because they had the resources to meet it there. I ran to see the husband of my sister who was crying like a baby, the words coming out of his mouth were, Oh! My Lili, my God my Lili, When he saw me he hugged me and told me - Nana is very serious if she leaves I do not know what- The moment it was becoming more painful because we had no news of her and what had happened.

I had to stay at the hospital with my nephew because everyone wanted to see my "baby" as I tell my sister, in the agony of waiting, I decided to talk to the nurses who were walking around, but his answers were burning inside my heart, - The girl of the crash, she was not very bad girl, suddenly dies- so every second of waiting was an eternal agony, 6 hours passed until finally the news that I was stable. So my heartfelt peace at last, though not sure how would see the next day. When he finally saw her my heart beat strong and even seemed a panda, I knew that was not going to lose, I knew God would have it a little longer next to me and I am not ungrateful.

Written by: Adriana Vargas.

~ 15 ~

The truth about diets (anorexy stories) Anorexia: The disease is fashionable

Causes Generate scientific causes this disease, so far are unknown, but social factors seem an important aspect, physical predisposition to the disease, starting strict diets to lose weight but to become obsessive cause this disorder, taking laxatives or to prolonged fasting to achieve extreme thinness image they want.

Symptoms 1982-2010 Isabelle Caro, model and actress. Photographed for a campaign "No Anorexia"

In this article we will discuss the case of illness (eating disorder), which is taking over the lives of men and women around the world. Mastering body and mind each time from a younger age. Anorexia is a disorder of eating behavior, which is a weight loss caused by the patient and leads to a state of starvation. It is characterized by a distorted perception of the image which leads them to want to lose weight by all means risking his own life.

In the clinical symptoms that make it seem some specialists that an individual suffering from anorexia are: - Dry skin with possible cracks - Emergence of fine hair on the cheeks, back, thighs and forearms. - Yellowing of the skin, mainly in silver and toes. - Brittle nails, hair loss.

~ 17 ~

The imperfect picture of anorexia Diana was touched by this disease at age 16, which kills 10% of people who suffer most of them teenagers. Diana was the only child of an employee Adriana school Urrutia Bogota and Carlos Julio Rincon, Christian pastor. Diana was an excellent student in the School of Design at the University Jorge Tadeo Lozano had an average between 4.85 and 5.0, was a brilliant student and sociable no vice. " This is just one case of many girls around the world that have a slender figure sacrifice their lives. Corner Diana Urrutia was 22 and was aware that he would die soon continued drifting with this disease.

In this book expressed the battles that had to fight against anorexia, and as he was the life in his hands.

Diana corner was recognized when his testimony stated his case in the special program pirry of RCN.

In his book highlights target the following sentence: "When I became sick a world of lies and manipulation Queen'' Diana wrote in his book, written with wisdom and absorbing narrative ability."

Written by: Catalina Cadena

~ 18 ~

Child Abuse

Learn a series of attitudes, which determine if your child is a victim or aggressor of bullying.

The bullying is affecting more and more children at primary

Abuse by classmates, both physical and psychological, causes a drastic change in the behavior of children, usually embarrassed by the situation. How do I know if my child is a victim of bullying? Sometimes the victims are too afraid to dare to tell at home. Or are ashamed of it . But we can observe certain behaviors or behaviors that may be signs that something is wrong at school. Behaviors that indicate that our child has school bullying - Do not want to go to school and misses a class , things that had never happened before . - Always get the last of the school , as it is expected to go out alone .

- Change your route from home to school and school to home , whereas before I always took the same path. - Hide the problem at home , school hardly speaks . - Displays physical pain , crying . - He looks sad, and detect mood swings. - Displays anger or rage. - It seems that most children display . - Nightmares, loss of appetite, enuresis, vomiting . - You can feign illness or discomfort to avoid going to class. ~ 20 ~

How do I know if my child is responsible for bullying?

Behaviors that indicate that our child is the bullying

Behind an aggressor also a family, parents, grandparents, siblings . To see if our son is responsible or involved in some type of bullying must also be very attentive to their behavior, but not easy to detect as they often hide very well, to avoid detection .

- Have aggressive or impulsive behaviors family members. - In games we see who gets angry very easily if you lose. - Objects found among her things that are not yours.

- We see as shown angry, mood swings aggressively, higher pitch when speaking. - He is very intolerant at home. - Insults or mocks the family, or TV characters. - Spend very unpleasant jokes. - Shown satisfied, always want more. - Their school performance is often low. - Often called the school because we are involved in conflicts. - Does not control your reactions if you are denied something, or is imposed by time. - At school we warn of a change in attitude.

Written by: Diego Lara

~ 21 ~

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