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Joanne Neweduk Calgary, Alberta Community Director

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Juanita Wilson Moncton, New Brunswick Community Director

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Roberta Scott Toronto, Ontario Community Director

Dianna Bowes Edmonton, Alberta Founder & Community Director

Fabulous@50 is growing and is looking for women of integrity and character to represent our brand in their city or town. For more information, contact or go to 2 • Be Fabulous! eMagazine I I May • 2018

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Fabulous at 50 Lifestyle with Dianna Bowes

Yard Size Does Not Matter Nothing makes me happier than playing in the garden. Barefoot, with twigs in my hair and no makeup, this is my spring wardrobe. And my partners in crime are my cats, Finn and Lucy. They love to be outside with me as I putter around in the yard. Of course, they take more naps than I do. Over the years, I have gone from huge vegetable gardens to our house now, where we have beautiful flowering trees and shrubs, but no room for a veggie garden or annuals. The only place I have for flowers or vegetables are in pots. And every year I do something different. Last year, I bought planters that sat on the railing of my deck and I planted herbs. Unfortunately my planting pals, Lucy and Finn thought it was great place to take naps. The soil was warm and they love

places that are they can curl up in. Playing in the dirt is so good for your soul. Studies show that not only is it good physically for you, bending, stretching, but great for anxiety and depression. This year I am repurposing a pallet planter that I built a few years ago. I am planting the entire pallet with rejected succulents from my other business PlantNite. These are plants that are broken, too small or were not pretty enough. I love them all, and they are loving it already. They love dry soil and lots of bright light. I can’t wait to see what happens over the summer. I would love to see your projects or flowers. Share your projects on our Be Fabulous FACEBOOK PAGE.

Dianna Bowes is the creative director of Fabulous@50 and editor of Be Fabulous! Click here to read m ore blogs CLICK ON ADS OR LINKS • Interactive eMagazine • 3

Creative Director • Dianna Bowes Editor, Creative Director Dianna Bowes FOR ADVERTISING INFORMATION

our story Mission: To INSPIRE, EDUCATE and EMPOWER the baby boomer woman! Be Fabulous! was designed specifically to be an event magazine to be presented to our guests at the Annual Fabulous@50 Experience and Martini Party. But something magical happened! Dianna Bowes took a look around and realized there was nothing in our community that was discussing the needs of the seasoned woman. Be Fabulous!, much like the Fabulous@50 tradeshows, seminars, the meetup group and the Fabulous@50 on-line membership, filled a gap. Since 2010, Be Fabulous! has spotlighted inspirational women on it’s cover and covered topics that mid-age women want to read about. The vision of creative director, Dianna Bowes, was to publish a magazine that would be written by baby boomer women for baby boomer women. Fabulous@50 and Be Fabulous! is more than a magazine, more than a tradeshow, more than a membership, it is a community! Find out more by going to our website.

Thank you to our Contributors: Dianna Bowes, Laurel Vespi, Sue Paulson, Pam Robertson, Joanne Neweduk, Loretta Friedrich, and to all who made this issue possible Photography: Ealanta Photography On the Cover: Jacqueline Carroll Be Fabulous! is published by Creative On The Move.

Be The articles represent the views and opinions of the individual authors and not necessarily the publisher. No material should be reprinted in whole or in part without the expressed written permission of the publisher/authors. The contents of Be Fabulous! should not be used as advice of any kind. Please consult the appropriate professionals for any advice. Be Fabulous! does not constitute endorsements of, or assumption for, liability for any claims made in the advertisements and or advertising information.

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PAM ROBERTSON Writer Pam Robertson, Ph.D, is the chef in The Ladybirds’ Kitchen. or call 780-232-0083.

BONNIE JEAN MCALLISTER Photographer Photographer at Ealanta art wear and Ealanta Photographer.

LAUREL VESPI Writer Certified life coach, author and motivational speaker who helps women live more mindfully. www.

SUE PAULSON Writer Speaker and author, Sue Paulson inspires others to claim and love their magnificence.

LORETTA FRIEDRICH C.H.N. - Writer Health advocate, speaker, writer, author, business owner of Sprout Natural Nutritional Consulting. loretta@sproutnatural. com

DIANNA BOWES Writer Fabulous@50 Founder and Creative Director of Be Fabulous! Emagazine. dianna@

JOANNE NEWEDUK Writer Director and Community Leader for Fabulous@50 Calgary. joanne@fabulousat50. com

ROBERTA SCOTT. Writer Director and Community Leader for Fabulous@50 Toronto. roberta@fabulousat50. com

To become a Be Fabulous! contributor send an email to We are always looking for great articles written for women 40 and over.

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The Ladybird’s Kitchen by Pam Robertson

It’s Berry Delicious! Berries season is almost here, and there’s nothing quite like a little bit of cheesecake with a dab of berry jam to get ready! Whether you go for the traditional strawberry or blueberry, or you enjoy Saskatoon (my fave!), it’s easy to make cheesecakes in a small size so you never feel guilty about indulging. When making mini cheesecakes, use a muffin tin with sturdy cupcake papers to make 12, or you can also buy a 12 cup muffin tin with removeable bottoms if you are really going to get into this! I’ve used two 4 inch tart tins to make these, which makes enough to take to work or share with a neighbour!

(This is too small a batch for a traditional sized cheese cake, but you can double the recipe and increase cooking time to make it in a 9-inch spring form pan). Mini Cheesecakes Almond Crust 1 Cups of ground almonds 2 Tbsp carefully melted butter 1/4 Cup white sugar Stir in the crust ingredients, divide in 2 for 4” tart pans, or into 12 for individual cakes, then press evenly into the bottom. Refrigerate for 30 minutes while you make the filling.

6 • Be Fabulous! eMagazine I I May • 2018

Filling 1 Cup (8-ounce package) cream cheese, room temperature 1/4 Cup sugar 2 Tbsp heavy cream or sour cream 1 large egg 1 tsp lemon zest Swirl in 2 tsp of high quality jam, or lemon curd, warmed slightly and stirred until smooth Method 1.In a medium sized bowl, beat cream cheese and butter until smooth. Add the cream, egg, and lemon zest. Mix well. 2. Spoon the batter into crusts, filling to just short of the top of your pan. Top with a teaspoon of jam, if desired, and use a knife blade to swirl it into the batter. 3. Bake the cheesecakes for 18 to 20 min-

utes, until just set. Remove from oven and let cool for at least 30 minutes. The tops will sink slightly, but don’t worry about it. Use a knife to loosen from edges of the pan, or carefully peel off cupcake wrappers, and release the cakes. Chill. If you’ve used a metal bottom mini pan, to remove the metal plates before serving, just run the blade of a dinner knife under hot water to warm it, then dry it quickly, and run the knife between the crust and the metal disk to free your cheesecake. Pam Robertson is the food lover behind The Ladybirds’ Kitchen, and she’s on a mission to help people with food issues like diabetes, heart disease, and allergies to #EatInspired. In addition to offering education about food, kitchens, and cooking, she’s a best-selling author and coach. You can reach her at 1-780-232-0083 and .

Ignite Your Legacy My name is Dianna Bowes and I am the founder of Fabulous@50. I started Fabulous@50 in 2008, because I saw a need for a safe place for women 40 + to gather and grow. Do you have a passion for reaching out to women and making a difference? We are looking for enthusiastic, energetic and well-connected women just like you, to bring Fabulous@50 to their communities. This is an once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to run your own heart-centered business and create your legacy! We are now in 4 cities and growing. Email:

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SMALL GARDEN IDEAS Double Your Pleasure Get twice the flowers and vegetables in your small garden by adding a trellis or low fence behind every planting bed. In 4 square feet You can grow a lot in 4 square feet. Plant tomatoes of all sizes, basil, chives, and cucumbers. Eliminate Lawns Use every square inch of your yard by removing the lawn and making a courtyard with a gravel or stone base.

Plenty of Pots Fill every pot available with flowers and turn your yard in paradise. A large terracotta bowl can act as a reflecting pool and birdbath. Vertical Garden Towers/Pallet Gardens A vertical garden tower will give you plenty of space for edibles, and takes up very little room. Or use old pallets that stand up against a fence or wall to save space. Plant herbs, succulents or annuals and watch it flourish over the summer.

8 • Be Fabulous! eMagazine I I May • 2018

Old Furniture Use old chairs, tables, benches, old dressers or whatever you have around, paint and cut out a whole for a planter. Tiles or Slate Make a small succulent garden by placing plants in the slots between the tiles or slate pieces, pieces of large tree branches or bricks.

Raised Garden Beds Make the most out of a small space by making a raised bed with trellis and planters at end of boxes. Easy to weed and looks beautiful once all the plants grow up trellis. Railing Containers Use plastic containers that sit on top of your deck railing to save space.

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Fabulous@50 Featured Member

Jacqueline Carroll... Living Live to the Fullest

How has hardship, tragedy, or trauma shaped who you are -what gifts have come of it? Look at me now! Several years ago I made a number of life-changing decisions. Most significant, was that I took back my power as a woman when I gathered the strength and courage to reclaim who I really was. I have since manifested and created the most amazing life, filled with adventure and exponential growth. A life so rich that you cannot put a price tag on it. I am broken no more and unrecognizable to my past. Every single day I honour the promise to myself to be the best version of “me” that I can be and I live with grati-

tude for all I am. I have had the privilege to surround myself with many fabulous and beautiful women in my journey. Their stories have inspired me and reaffirmed that I am on the right track. Yes, I am still making magic happen in my world and stay tuned for “Jackie 2.0”! In what ways do you prefer to give back or pay it forward? I prefer to give back to my community in ways that support women. The rewards are ten fold. Suit Yourself is a volunteerdriven organization that increases the confidence and self-esteem of women facing barriers to employment by providing them with one-on-one service to help

10 • Be Fabulous! eMagazine I I May • 2018

them create a work appropriate wardrobe through access to donated, high-quality workwear items. Having experienced a long term, successful career myself, Suit Yourself vision of women uplifting women who uplift their communities resonates strongly with me.I have been a longtime volunteer and board member. I am also a member of “100 Women Who Care” and “WomenTalk”. When life knocks you down, what lifts you up? Life is a gift even with the ups and downs. I can’t control everything but my attitude can control whether or not I stay down. What would you like to share with younger women about “being beautiful”? Dear Women Young and Old, You are all absolutely “Beautiful” inside and out! It is not about the way you perceive your looks, the colour of your hair or the size of your body. Let your beauty sizzle, sparkle and shine from your soul. You are “enough”! You are worthy and deserving of the life that you’re worthy of living. Be true to yourself. You are a one-of-a-kind gem! Promise me that you will never, ever settle or sell yourself short. Set your value and add tax! Honour the little girl inside of you and make sure she gets to come out and play often. Never allow anyone to take away the power of who you really are you! Be your own Rockstar! Finally, do not wait until you are 50 to become Fabulous. I want you all to believe that tomorrow you will be even more fabulous than you are today! How have business and/or personal relationships shaped your life?

FAVORITES: Color: Red Flats or Stilettos: Stilettos Martini/Wine: Wine Sweet Treat: Lemon Merinque Pie Vacation Destination: Italy Book: The 5 Second Rule - Mel Robbins Movie: The Notebook Charitable Cause: Suit Yourself Wardrobe for Women

I have surrounded myself with amazing, remarkable people who make me hungry for life, touch my heart and feed my soul. It is amazing how surrounding yourself with the right people shapes your life.

You are “enough”! You are worthy and deserving of the life that you’re worthy of living. CLICK ON ADS OR LINKS • Interactive eMagazine • 11



12 • Be Fabulous! eMagazine I I May • 2018

There’s a new trend taking root in bars and restaurants across the country. It’s called Plant Nite. Edmonton’s Master Gardener, Dianna Bowes and her team, take you step by step to creating a terrarium with hardy succulents. Dianna Bowes “Plant Nite is like a creative happy hour. You get the best of both worlds. What we do here is, we create a terrarium which, you take home at the end of the night,.” Once the drinks are flowing, you get all the ingredients you need to build a succulent terrarium bowl. From the rock base, to the soil, to the plants, called succulents, we supply everything you need. Dianna Bowes: “Succulents grow in the desert. The reason they’re so popular today is they require very little maintenance.” While the plants don’t need much water, you can feel free to hydrate. And if you’re a bit of a wallflower, Plant Nite could help you cultivate new friends or create memories with your friends and family. NOW IN EDMONTON @Yellowhead Casino @Passport Restobar @Fionn McCools @Fargos @The Almanac @Radisson Hotel and Conference Centre @Polo Social Lounge @Oscars Pub @Hot Shot Billiards and Ping Pong. @Brewsters @Telus Space Science Centre @Sixty6 BarNGrill

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Life is just a Phase by Laurel Vespi

THE SUPERPOWER IN MY GARDEN Did you know you have a superpower that you might not be using? Your current perspective and the reality it creates either empowers you and moves you forward or it limits you and holds you back. Einstein so wisely observed: You can’t solve a problem with the same mindset that created it. Translation: You have to have a shift in perspective in order to be able to see new or different possibilities. A perspective is simply a viewpoint or lens we are looking through. Each perspective comes with a set of thoughts, feelings, attitudes and behaviours. None of them are inherently better or worse than the others. Some perspectives simply serve us better. When we shift our perspective, our thoughts, feelings and actions shift too. Here is a simple illustration: There are several places to sit in my

garden. They each offer a different viewpoint. The arbour has seating for one. It’s in the shade and it faces a part of the garden that doesn’t see much sun. It’s cool and quiet there. The fountain bench is sunny, with brightly coloured flowers and the sound of trickling water. A wrought iron bench next to the vegetable patch looks over the herb garden and the bird bath where the birds have their daily pool party. Framed by rose bushes, a beautiful statue of a woman’s torso provides the backdrop. The upper deck looks down on another fountain, one that forms part of a small stone feature with a Buddha. The lower deck provides a sweeping view of the entire garden and the flagstone path that runs through it. Each spot provides a different vantage point and has its own qualities and characteristics. Sitting in each of these spots creates a shift in perspective which offers different answers and insights when reflecting on the same question.

14 • Be Fabulous! eMagazine I I May • 2018

Like any superpower, you have to actually use it to reap the benefits. The more flexible you can get at shifting from one perspective to another, the more possibilities there are at your fingertips. While your perspective is actually a mind game, it helps to move your body to a different spot to be able to see the different points of view. That’s why the various spots in my garden work so well. Give it a try at your house. Pick a situation in which you currently feel stuck. Now go outside and see what ideas you get from the back yard, the front yard, in the garage. Or try different rooms in your house. It’s never the situation that is holding you back – it’s simply the way you are thinking about it. Laurel Vespi is a certified life coach, author and motivational speaker who helps women live more mindfully no matter what phase of life they are in. Learn more and get resources and inspiration for mindful living at

Time for GRATITUDE & INSPIRATION $20 A regular gratitude practice is an effective way to to bring more Fabulous in to your life.

Shift Your Perspective

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A garden is a magical world Whether it be acres, upon acres out in the country, or a single planter box on a balcony; gardens bring joy. The options, possibilities, and combinations of flowers, plants and vegetables are endless. Have you ever walked the narrow streets of a European city with barely room to move between the crowded buildings, no earth in sight, only to look up at a window and see the most magnificent plume of colour hanging precariously over a railing? Every tourist’s camera is filled with these scenes of hope and beauty. Plants do represent life at its core. They represent hope, faith, life, beauty, death, decay ... and hope again. Hope - of a beautiful plant arising from a

tiny seed. Faith - that the power, potential and intelligence held within that seed will incredibly unfold bit by bit in the dark rich soil. Faith - that the water, sun and earth will nurture it along. Life - as the first green uncurls on the surface of the soil. Beauty - shines from every bloom. Death - as the frost bites the fading colour. Decay - as the nutrients nourish the fertile soil, ready for new life again. Hope. Every spring for as long as I can remember, I’ve loved the thrill of planning my garden and watching the magic unfold.

16 • Be Fabulous! eMagazine I I May • 2018

From the humble beginnings of a single pot of geranium to the numerous perennial beds I now tend, gardens, regardless of their size can be a wonderment for young and old. Every year, I plant a dozen pots around my home. Filled with flowers, herbs and greens. It’s a wonderful and easy way to have a vegetable garden without worry of the rabbits eating the spoils. Each summer, the plethora of colour, springs forth from these pots to my never-ending amazement. Have you ever played with a snap dragon? Pinched it’s “cheeks” to make it “talk”? Have you ever imagined that columbines have fairies living in them? If you haven’t lately, then it’s high time you did. Warning: Studies show that digging fingers in soil, can lower stress and blood pressure and increases happiness. Joanne Neweduk is the Fabulous@50 Calgary Director.

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Tea with Sue Paulson

Glorious Gardens© When my grandparents came to live with us to run the family farm, I was introduced to gardens. There were two of them - a huge one for us and one for Grandma and Grandpa. I soon learned that Grandma had a green thumb and could grow pretty much anything. Although she loved her flowers, particularly roses, most of her time was taken up by growing fruits and vegetables. Every spring, Grandpa would bring in the tractor and cultivator to turn the soil. Smaller spaces were worked over with the rototiller. Both grandparents toiled for hours to produce our yearly crop. At 8 years old, I wasn’t so much interested in the planting part or the weeding part, but I sure enjoyed the harvest. Come July, my brothers and I shelled

peas for supper - I’m sure as many went into our mouths as in the bowl! I can still taste the sweet-sour of raw rhubarb stalks dipped in sugar, the tartness of ripe, sunkissed raspberries, and sweet, young carrots washed by the garden hose. Grandpa loved young corn on the cob and enticed us to eat it raw. Come fall, our deep freezers were filled with the bounty from the garden - enough to last the whole winter. Living in a townhouse house these days means I have a much smaller plot of land - three flower beds and one patch of raspberry canes courtesy of the suckers that grew under our fence from the neighbor’s yard. When I first moved in, I watched the light levels change in the backyard so I knew what got full sun and what was mostly in the shade.

18 • Be Fabulous! eMagazine I I May • 2018

That first spring, although I bought seed packets of vegetables, I never found the courage to actually plant them. I was happy that previous owners had planted rhubarb and was looking forward to making my first crisp. I opted for what I knew I could grow - flowers. Pink and yellow begonias graced my front step in their blue ceramic pot. Wave petunias spilled over their tubs, and pansies poked happily from the main flower bed. Soon I will make the happy trip to the garden center to choose the annuals for my various containers. I may even reserve one pot for those cucumber seeds I bought. Since I won’t have vegetables of my own to harvest, I’m looking forward to many trips to the Farmers Market on the weekends.

If I time it right, I’ll even find fresh peas in the shell! I have many Zen moments when I’m in my garden. I revel in the uprooting of weeds, the watering, the pruning, and best of all the relaxing as I feast my eyes on what Mother Nature and I have created. It’s a peaceful holiday away from electronics and the hustle-bustle of city life. As a Magnificence Mentor, Sue Paulson inspires others to create their own version of heaven on earth. Her third book, “Magnificent Misery – From Adversity to Ecstasy” is available at Audrey’s and Ascendant Books in Edmonton or through Amazon. To book Sue for your next event, e-mail her at or check out her website:

A Fabulous@50 Women knows... 18x18 Pillow - $30.00 Our pillow cases are available in velveteen, a fabric soft to touch but also durable, or canvas, to give a modern look to your artwork. The pillows have a YKK zipper closure, and can withstand heavy use. Ships as pillow case only. Original art done by Dianna Bowes. Click here to order

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VAGINAL DISCOMFORTS Here are several problems that are often neglected, which have a significant impact of your quality of life. ATROPHIC VAGINITIS The drop in estrogen that comes with menopause or even during breastfeeding after delivery, causes a series of problems that have a severe impact on one’s social life and personal relationships. Among the most bothersome problems is atrophic vaginitis, which is the lack of nourishment and hydration of the cells of the vaginal mucosa. PAIN DURING SEXUAL INTERCOURSE (DYSPAREUNIA) One after-effect of atrophic vaginitis is dyspareunia – pain during sexual intercourse. An atrophic vagina is thin, fragile, lacks elasticity and above all is dry and unlubricated. This causes pain

during sexual intercourse with a series of negative consequences regarding the couple’s relationship which lead to a lack of sexual desire and uneasy feelings during intimate moments with your partner. URINARY INCONTINENCE This is one of the most common feminine problems in women over 35 years of age which severely compromises their quality of life. There are various types and levels: from stress (laughing or coughing, lifting weight), urgency (involuntary loss of urine due to lack of control of the urination stimulus by the brain), mixed (incontinence from a combination of stress and urinary imperiosity) or from reflux (occurs when the bladder is so full that the internal pressure is greater than that of the urethra). For more information click here

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Edmonton, AB

Join us at one of famous Socials. Meet new friends or get an opportunity to rekindle a friendship. This photo is from a Social at Jef’s Cafe in Beaumont in 2017.


Socialize Passport Restobar - 10810 124st · Edmonton 6:30 - 9:30 pm Let’s meet and share a great conversation over a glass of wine. There is no agenda, just time to connect with each other. Come at 6:30 or anytime that works for you. The food is good at Passport as well, so come for dinner. All I ask is if you RSVP yes, is that you show up. Email to hold your seat. Check out event on

Dianna Bowes Edmonton Director & Founder Email Dianna Go to our website Read my blogs

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Calgary, AB

Another wonderful Fabulous@50 Experience “Kicking Up Your Heels” event brought women together for friendship and inspiration. Joanne Neweduk poses with vendors and speakers at the April event. (Below) Entertainment by Red Fedora Band.

Joanne Neweduk Calgary Director UPCOMING EVENTS

Email Joanne

Divorce Symposium Sunday, May 26, 2018 To support those facing separation and divorce. To find out more click here.

Go to our website Read my blogs

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Moncton, NB

Monthly Meetups

A monthly meetup that brings the ladies together for laughs, food and making connections with other fabulous ladies, come join us. Contact Fabulous@50 Experience November 10, 2018 Moncton Lions Club Plans for fall tradeshow are underway with many booths already booked, come see the many ways you can get involved with Fabulous@50 New Brunswick. We are proud to sponsor the Humanity project and Team Diabetes at our event all volunteers are greatly appreciated. For more information click here Fabulous@50 New Brunswick Meet Up,,,,, The fabulous@50 walking group has begun we have all details on our Fabulous@50 New Brunswick group, still, time to sign up and we meet twice a week for some fun, connecting and exercise.

Juanita Wilson Moncton Director Email Juanita Go to our website Read my blogs

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Toronto, Ont.

Fab@50 Toronto Book Club meeting on May 3rd - we were all given free tickets to the pre screening of the new movie ‘Book Club’ by Paramount Films

UPCOMING EVENTS Our Fab@50 Toronto Book Club has been very popular, we have read a lot of great books and our meetings are full of lively and interesting discussions on the books and other topics too. And we had a bonus this month - Paramount Films gave 25 Fab@50 members free tickets to a pre screening of the new movie ‘Book Club’ - we all met at the theater on May 10th and had a really fun evening out together! Upcoming Events: We have a great event coming up in mid June - watch for more detail to come. For more information on events posted go to https://

Roberta Scott Toronto Director Email Roberta Go to website Read my blogs

25 • Be Fabulous! eMagazine I I May • 2018

Be Fabulous! EMagazine May 2018  

Inspiring, Educating and Empowering Baby Boomer Women. Featuring Jacqueline Carroll

Be Fabulous! EMagazine May 2018  

Inspiring, Educating and Empowering Baby Boomer Women. Featuring Jacqueline Carroll