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UNDER Let me introduce myself. I am a novelist, poet, reporter, former well-known fashion and fabric designer, a single mom and a full-blown foodie. I grew up in an American Italian family, in Providence, Rhode Island, where gravy equals tomato sauce (with a meat base of course) and went to Emerson College on a scholarship to become a writer. Graduation took me to New York City, where I quickly realized I could tap into my visionary type of brain and find success and happiness. Little did I know I’d be designing clothing for major retailers for years, before I would live my part two of the big dream - and spend my days reading and writing. I have traveled the world, and along the way, had my eyes opened to the wonders of all things culinary. From India to France, and Hong Kong to Seattle, I have stood in awe of the magnificent talents found within the tiniest of restaurants and homes. Standing on street corners at odd hours of the night, I have savored the savory bites of street food on cobblestone or dirt roads. Reaching into a paper bag on a highway in Italy, I have been amazed at the fresh Buffalo mozzarella served at a roadside stand. In the end, every meal of genius shared one trait: it was served with passion and love. This magazine is for all food lovers. What I hope to offer you in these digital pages is that magical bridge between what I view as the American food revolution with the very powerful notion that our country, in the midst of dramatic economic changes and a revolt in publishing - is also entering a new dual, digital revolution, mixing food with technology. How does that work? Our country stands tall in the twin worlds of food innovation and digital vision. Why not marry the two? As we grow Under the Apron, we will keep adding in new technology so you can be part of this wonderful, often kooky yet always surprising and delicious world of culinary arts.


As I travel around this great nation to enjoy wonderful foods, trends and most all, the offerings of talented visionaries, who bring both classic and modern foods to our tables, I invite you to kick off your shoes, grab a cool drink or something to eat, and visit my foodie world. Like us on Facebook, tweet us on Twitter, and send us your tips, recommendations and recipes. Win free meals or more, with some of our contests. You can also visit my online daily newspaper, both local and national,, and read about some of these pieces online. We stand at the cusp of an earth-shaking, monumental movement, both in food and in our daily work lives. Americans, always innovative, diverse and hard-working, are leaders in this forward march into technology and the fusion of our very lives with food welcoming us at every turn. I especially want to thank my visionary clients, who took a chance on a new publication, and supported me. Expect more and more new digital additions every month here in Under the Apron, as we grow. The death of journalism and publishing has been greatly exaggerated. This is the age of a bright new world where vision meets technology, and the results are truly breathtaking. Enjoy! Diane Lilli Editor in Chief, Under the Apron

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JUNE 2014

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It’s time to dig in to some amazing food inspired by House of Cards. Check out this new trend.

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Quick: Put down that Join Diane Lilli as she Kids boss us around in (ketchup). Sometimes cooks a traditional family you really can go back the kitchen. favorite with a surprising to Kansas, especially ingredient. when it comes to natural, amazing American classics.


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It’s fun to be young, but if you’re a foodie you need to eat for less. NON-DAIRY? NON-PROBLEM

Who said vegan ice-cream has to be boring?


This month: veggie muffins! QUICK, PUT DOWN THAT KETCHUP!

A natural food lover switches to natural, healthy mustard.


Filipino food never looked or tasted - so good. boring? GRADUATION PARTIES GET HIGH MARKS: FAIRWAY MARKET

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HAVE SHOW, WILL EAT. Finding the Connection between Food and Media Consumption Aaron Greene gets cozy during the deep freeze with the crossover phenomenon of mixology and your favorite hot Netflix show - House of Cards. Join him as he dishes the delish about BBQ joints and the special love Frank Underwood aka Kevin Spacey has for some finger lickin’ good food, politics and secrets.

How was the winter of our discontent, made unbearable by the polar vortex. Temperatures dropped into negatives, wind kicked up frosty snow, and I – like many New Yorkers – hid inside my apartment. I waited for winter to pass wrapped in blankets and woozy from the overpowering heat of my radiator. During this time I – also like many New Yorkers – took \W IPUNL ^H[JOPUN 5L[ÅP_ /\S\ HBO GO, there was no shortage of long-form content to while away the inside hours. February – the bleakest month – was devoted solely to House of Cards. If you’re not familiar with House of Cards . . . WHAT?! Get Familiar! The ingenious political thriller on 5L[ÅP_ Z[HYZ 2L]PU :WHJL` HZ -YHUR Underwood, a devious politician

who climbs the government ladder with all the malevolent speed of the :OHRLZWLHYLHU JOHYHJ[LY VU ^OPJO he is based. The show is as titillating as it is dubious, the combination of which, I believe, is called: delicious! Throughout the two seasons, when things get hot for Underwood he ZULHRZ VɈ [V YLNYV\W H[ -YLKK`» )HYILJ\L H ÄJ[PVUHS YHTZOHJRSL PU :V\[O,HZ[+*;OLYLOLPUK\SNLZPU [OLTH[PJHSS` Z[YPWWPUN [OL TLH[ VɈ succulent bones prepared with the down-home simplicity he was raised VUHZHWVVYIV`MYVT:V\[O*HYVSPUH The hours I devoted to watching Frank eat BBQ while enigmatically rising to the top of the DC food chain, was all I could bear. When the winter ended, I wanted one thing: barbecue. These days there’s no shortage

of BBQ spots in New York City. It’s a trend that pays homage to backyards, sunshine, smoke in the HPYHUKZ^LL[ÅH]VYZ"QV`ZRUV^UI` most every culture. It’s a concept that IHURZVUHSHJRVMWYL[LUZPVU"NVVK food needs no gussying up. The best places feel familiar, not your home but maybe your neighbor’s. After my binge, I wanted what I saw on House of Cards: an ‘out of the way place,’ not concerned with being the fanciest or the biggest. I wanted a place that was as smooth as Freddy himself, concerned only with serving up the real deal, real well. I found it a The :TVRL1VPU[ :P[\H[LK H[ [OL O\I VM -\S[VU HUK 3HMH`L[[L Z[YLL[Z Q\Z[ HIV]L -V^SLY :X\HYL :TVRL 1VPU[ WYV]LZ ^OH[ V^ULY*YHPN:HT\LS[VSKTL!¸))8

Things are getting hot in Washington, D.C., as usual. Just ask Frank Underwoodfrom House of Cards. So kick off your shoes and rest a bit - with a hot, BBQ story.

in NYC as is good as it is anywhere.” He and co-owner Ben Grossman are putting out authentic NYC barbecue. ¸0[»Z H TP_ VM YLNPVUZ WYVK\J[Z HUK style, all coming together to suit the TLS[PUNWV[¹:HT\LSZHPK,]LUIL[[LY ;OL 1VPU[ PZ PU -VY[ .YLLUL H Z[LSSHY Neighborhood rich with tradition and Z[`SL[OH[^PSSUV[ILNLU[YPÄLKH^H` The day I arrived was actually seventy degrees. The block was bathed in sunshine and the unassuming restaurant had its glass paned porch doors wide open. The design is no-frills but not without LɈVY[ 0[ MVSSV^Z H ZPTWSL Y\SL! MVVK JVTLZÄYZ[;OLZHUKLK^VVKÅVVYZ [OL WH[PV [PSLZ HYV\UK [OL ZJ\ɈLK bar, and the orange and tans of the color scheme give a warmth that compliments the comfort of comfort food. A built in partition separates the front room (also a take-out hub) from an open kitchen. Behind it cooks and Z[HɈ^VYRJHSTI\[H[[LU[P]LS`;OLYL»Z a lot of laughter behind the line, I can’t prove it, but it makes things

smell twice as good. Patrons came and went easily, stopping to chat with Z[HɈHUKLHJOV[OLY;OL`ZVHRLK\W the sun, warmth, and company. They dove into dishes that turned nights of hibernation into memories. New York’s bustle can be overwhelming but here, amidst the chatter, plates of BBQ, bottle of suds, and Prince or 1HTLZ )YV^U VU [OL ZV\UK Z`Z[LT its easy to forget that BAM, and Fulton Mall, and the Manhattan Bridge are right around the corner. Cooking barbecue takes patience and skill. As expected when 12 hours in a smoker is the method. The smoker OLYL PZ RLW[ VɈZP[L ¸))8 PZ IHZLK VU WYLKPJ[PVU¹ :HT\LS L_WSHPULK ¸=LY` KPɈLYLU[ MYVT V[OLY Z[`SLZ VM food prep.” They get two deliveries a day from their pit-master, ensuring HZ[LHK`Z[YLHTVMX\HSP[`^OLUL]LY HUK ^OVL]LY JVTLZ PU ;OL :TVRL 1VPU[PZVULVMÄ]L)YVVRS`U]LU[\YLZ between the owners, all a testament to the fortitude of going after what you’re good at (Frank Underwood would smile).

,H[PUN IHYILJ\L [HRLZ LX\HS WH[PLUJLHUKZRPSS0^H[JOLK:WHJL`»Z Underwood work diligently, sleeves up, tie to the side and realized I’d been eating it all wrong. Getting messy is expected but the exactitude YLX\PYLK [V Z[H` JSLHU RLLWZ [OL ride going. I could not help but slow down. The restaurant was full, tables were turning, but there was no way to rush the meal, it commanded my inner pace. The food selection may not be too dissimilar from other BBQ locales, I\[ [OL ÅH]VYZ HYL [OLPY V^U /LYL tang is the name of the game. It’s most noticeable in the collard greens, laced with homemade ‘hollapeño’ /V[ :H\JL» [OL` OH]L H RPJR [OH[ compliments their meatiness. The coleslaw proved surprising too, a mix of mayo and yet another in-house ZH\JL [OPZ VUL 1VPU[:TVRL ))8 :H\JL;OL:[3V\PZ:[`SL9PIZHYLH mountain of color, dry rubbed for 24 hours, and smoked to pink perfection. Nothing, however, compared to the stand out item, the one that blew

me away, that surmised my weeks of waiting, of watching Frank Underwood take what he wants. The barbecued short rib (take heed of the singular), still on the brontosaurus-sized bone, ^HZZVTL[OPUNLSZL:TVRLKMVY OV\YZH[KLNYLLZ[OLTLH[PZQ\PJ` tender, and melts on command. It was so spectacular – honestly - I had to turn to my neighbor in an aside suitable of Underwood’s own in the show. ‘You must have done something right,’ he replied. His date smiled over her chicken wings, which had been good LUV\NO[VRLLWOLYX\PL[0MLS[SPRLH king. But as Frank Underwood had taught me, sometimes benevolence (albeit deceptive on his part) is the ILZ[TL[OVK0JHY]LKVɈHO\URHUK VɈLYLK P[ V]LY ;OL Z[HɈ WHZZLK I` ;OL`JVTTLU[LKQVRLKHUKJOH[[LK \Z \W ZVTL TVYL ,]LY`VUL PU [OL place is in the know: barbecue is

[OL NYLH[ LX\HSPaLY IL[[LY [OHU HU` politician or interest group. Maybe [OH[ÂťZ[OLZLJYL[[OH[:WHJL`ÂťZ-YHUR Underwood knew all along. Before I left I raised my snort of >PKV^ 1HUL )V\YIVU THKL ULHYI` PU9VZKHSL5@OLSPM[LKOPZILLYHUK ZOL OLY M\ZLKPUOV\ZL 1HSLWL|V line margarita. Together we three strangers toasted: to the winter of discontent, gone and forgotten.

The Smoke Joint is located at 87 South Elliot Pl., NY NY 11217. (718) 797-1011 Tell them Under the Apron sent you!

BBQ foods go hand in hand with sweet macaroni and cheese. Have a favorite BBQ joint? Tap here to like us on Facebook, and post your favorite spot. Every month, one winner will receive dinner for two at a BBQ spot.

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Quick, Put Down that Sugar (Ketchup) and Pick Up the Hottest Natural Trend:

MUSTARD A look at wholesome natural condiments - with a healthy kick from French’s®.

I donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t know about you, but when I eat a sandwich there is always some kind of condiment involved. Turkey or chicken or even my beloved roasted ]LNNPLZHYLQ\Z[UV[NVPUN[VNP]LTL [OH[ ¸HO OHš TVTLU[ \USLZZ [OLYL PZ something added. I need that punch, that surprise taste, and I need it every single time I eat anything between slices of bread. But a few months ago, as I reached for my ketchup and mustard I decided to stick to my new natural regime and diet - where I am surely not perfect but at least for 90 percent of the time eating foods that are as pure as possible. When I checked the labels on my ketchup and mustard I was ZOVJRLK HUK TVY[PĂ&#x201E;LK I` VUL HUK delighted by the other. 2L[JO\W P[ [\YUZ V\[ PZ YLHSS` UV[ H ]LNL[HISL HZ [OL <UP[LK :[H[LZ declares for school children. Unless, of course, you consider sugar as a wholesome ingredient. The list of ingredients in my ketchup

THQVY Z[VYL IYHUK ^LYL UV[ ^OVSLsome or natural or anything resembling something I want to eat. Most MYPNO[LUPUNVMHSS[OH[QVS[VMRL[JO\W0 had grown to love was high fructose syrup aka sugar. :HKS`0W\[P[KV^U(UKHMYHPK0ÂťK be stuck with bland sandwiches for myself and my kids, I looked at my mustard, Frenchâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;sÂŽ. Mustard is more meaningful to me, since I use it for my chicken recipes and also in my home made vinaigrette. And, I also love the idea that turmeric, found in mustard, is noted for its very healthy properties. Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s 5 calories per tablespoon, zero carbs but more importantly: natural and healthy. Mustard seeds are renowned as a strong source of the mineral selenium, which provides about 15 percent of the daily value for adults as recommended by the Food and Nutrition Board of the Institutes of Medicine. Mustard seeds are also amazing because they have antioxidant properties, which

HEALTH BENEFITS OF MUSTARD Mustard seeds are renowned as a strong source of the mineral selenium, which provides about 15 percent of the daily value for adults as recommended by the Food and Nutrition Board of the Institutes of Medicine. Mustard seeds are also amazing because they have antioxidant properties, which are compounds that help prevent cellular damage from those nasty free radicals â&#x20AC;&#x201C; those natural byproducts of our metabolism that contribute to the development of chronic diseases such as cancer and heart disease.

are compounds that help prevent cellular damage from those nasty free radicals – those natural byproducts of our metabolism that contribute to the development of chronic diseases such as cancer and heart disease. It is, thankfully, made up of whole mustard - seeds and it is 100 percent natural. The website for French’s® Z[H[LZ¸-9,5*/»:Ž`LSSV^T\Z[HYK PZ UH[\YHS¹&@LW:[VULNYV\UK

 .YHKL 4\Z[HYKZ :LLKZ ^P[O UV[OPUN HY[PÄJPHS WLYPVK 5V JVYULYZ J\[ UV ^LPYK Z[\Ɉ Q\Z[ [OL IYPNO[ yellow that brings food to life. Thanks [V HSS UH[\YHS PUNYLKPLU[Z HUK ÅH]VY crafted by our master grinders, you JHU MLLS JVUÄKLU[ NP]PUN `V\Y MHTPS` the taste they crave with zero fat, calories or gluten.” 9LHKLYZ 0 HT UV[ ZLY]PUN T` family ingredients I cannot pronounce or servings of sugar with red dye. Instead, I am happily serving them wholesome, natural mustard. After I did my research, I picked up the phone to call the French’s® people and after a few weeks, not only left with a new appreciation for this American classic, a family business launched in 1904, but I also walked H^H` ^P[O H KLSPJPV\Z ÄYT ^PSSPUN [V help me spread the word in Under the Apron. As an American, I am proud to support an all natural product with deep roots in our history of innovators, who shaped our country and brought some pretty cool foods from farm to table, like French’s® mustard.

LILLI’S VINAIGRETTE • 1/2 teaspoon FRENCH’S® Dijon Mustard OR FRENCH’S® Honey Dijon Mustard • 1/4 cup white-wine vinegar • 2 tablespoons finely chopped shallot • 1/2 teaspoon Kosher or sea salt • 1/2 teaspoon French’s® Dijon mustard • 1/4 teaspoon black pepper • 3/4 cup extra virgin olive oil Whisk the vinegar, shallot, salt, mustard, and pepper together, until salt is dissolved. Add the extra virgin oil in a slow stream, whisking until emulsified. You can serve immediately or keep in the refrigerator for up to one month.

BIG CANDY NEWS: MIKE AND IKE®, Strawberry Reunion™, initially released to celebrate “The Return of Mike and Ike™.” is now a permanent fixture in the candy line-up. Strawberry Reunion™ was initially inspired by the hip-hop song, “Strawberry or Die” that Mike produced last year, during the time period when the candy duo split to pursue other career dreams. The delicious, unique fruit combinations found in the Strawberry Reunion™ mix include Strawberry, Strawberry Banana Smoothie, Strawberry Watermelon, Strawberry Tangerine, and Strawberry Pineapple. “Making Strawberry Reunion™ a permanent flavor has been a great decision due to its increasing popularity,” said Koren Ivie, Brand Manager for MIKE AND IKE® candy. After a year-long split of the candy duo in 2012, Mike and Ike reunited in 2013 for the love of their fans and their passion for the candy. The company reports the business partners will still be involved with music and art, but are now refocused on what they are most passionate about -- MIKE AND IKE® candy. Mike and Ike have fused their individual interests in an effort to make their candy better than ever. Strawberry Reunion™ and all other varieties of MIKE AND IKE® candies have amplified flavor with the addition of real fruit juices in each piece of candy. Just Born Quality Confections, makers of MIKE AND IKE® candies, recently confirmed rumors that the legendary candy duo, Mike and Ike, have reunited. The candy duo cited irreconcilable creative differences a year ago, which caused them to stop collaborating on their famous fruit chewy candies.

For more information on The Return of Mike and Ike™, new flavors and upcoming programs, visit

Hipster On  a  Budget

Join David  Nazario  as  he  enjoys  the  perks  of     being  young  and  creative  along  with  the     problems  of  being  on  a  tight  budget.

To embrace a Hipster lifestyle means a couple of things. Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s not only about wearing the tightest WHPY VM ISHJR QLHUZ [OH[ `V\ JHU Ă&#x201E;UK T\S[PWSL [PTLZ H ^LLR SP]PUN in the Williamsburg neighborhood of Brooklyn and drinking Pabst )S\L9PIIVUILLY-VYTVZ[WLVWSL ^OV HYL KLĂ&#x201E;ULK VY JOVVZL [V KLĂ&#x201E;UL [OLTZLS]LZ [OPZ ^H` ILPUN a Hipster is more about the way a person chooses to live, rather than the clothes that they choose to wear or the beer they choose to drink (Although, if you are a Hipster, looking and drinking the part kind of goes with the territory, but hey, to each her own). The best thing about Hipsters is that they embrace and celebrate a lifestyle that allows them to realize new ideas and ways of living that the rest of us normal people only discover after they are no longer novel. From fashion trends to slang, and even food choices, Hipsters approach these facets of life with an innovative, do-it-yourself attitude. In short, itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s about embracing a selfgoverning philosophy that relies less on what is being distinguished by popular culture and more on celebrating those things, people and places that have not yet been discovered by the masses, and SVVRPUN¸KLJRš^OPSLKVPUNP[4VYL VU^OH[¸KLJRšTLHUZSH[LY :V ^OH[ HIV\[ MVVK& 1\Z[ ^OH[ type of food does a Hipster eat? What diet allows this culture of people to LH[^LSSHUKHSZVHÉ&#x2C6;VYK[VWH`YLU[ in the very pricey neighborhood of Williamsburg? Well, lucky for you, in this article I will provide you with a couple of food options to embrace as a Hipster, wannabe Hipster, or Q\Z[ZVTLVUL^OVPZSVVRPUN[VILH bit more conscious about the food that they eat, how much they pay for it, and whose on the receiving end of their hard earned cash.

1. Embrace  Your  Environment

2. Go  Meatless  

Have you noticed how easy it is to buy an organic bag of JOPWZVYHSTVUKTPSRPUQ\Z[HIV\[HU`ULPNOIVYOVVKPU5L^ @VYR*P[`VYHU`JP[`&.LU[YPÄJH[PVUMVYIL[[LYVY^VYZLJHU be a positive when it comes to shopping for Hipster-friendly groceries. Most Hipsters already know that unless you want to travel the streets of the big apple like a big docile cow, there is no room for milk (or dairy for that matter) in your KPL[ +P[JO [OL [YHKP[PVUHS Z[\Ɉ HUK WPJR \W ZVTL HSTVUK milk. While a half gallon can be a bit pricey, I’ve found that *;V^UNYVJLY`Z[VYLVɈLYZ[OL(SS5H[\YHS)S\L+PHTVUK Almond milk for a better price than most other places. @V\ TH` ÄUK TPSR H IP[ WYPJL` H[ `V\Y ULPNOIVYOVVK grocery store, but it is still a great place to buy a number of other items that you will need in order to build your arsenal of /PWZ[LYMVVK:[VJR\WVUMY\P[ZHUK]LNNPLZSPRL!J\J\TILYZ apples, broccoli, zucchini, avocados, black beans and IHUHUHZ,]LUIL[[LYUV^[OH[[OL^LH[OLYPZUPJLZLHYJO for outside vendors selling produce at discounted prices. Worried about the pesticides? No problem, if you’re Hipster SPMLZ[`SL^VU»[HSSV^`V\[VHɈVYKVYNHUPJZPTWS`ZWYH``V\Y veggies and fruit with a water and vinegar solution to wash away unwanted chemicals. Also, don’t be afraid to stop at those little food carts, you know the ones that you normally walk by without thinking twice? Yeah, those. Now that you’re on your way to becoming a Hipster these are your go-to places for a healthy snack on the go or to score cucumbers and bananas for as cheap as three for one dollar, all the while helping to keep a few dollars in that independent business owner’s pocket. What’s more Hipster than that? For less than $7.00 I was able to purchase everything in this picture while supporting a local grocery store and outside farmers market. 3HZ[S`[Y`[VMYLX\LU[[OVZLZTHSSJHMLZHUKYLZ[H\YHU[Z that are all about celebrating the hustle and freedom of making an independent living. If you’re in the Brooklyn area stop by two of my favorite spots, Oslo for soy and chai lattes that are tastier and less expensive than that other WVW\SHYWSHJL[OH[L]LY`VULPU5L^@VYRI\`ZJVɈLLMYVT HUK :HSHK >OLLS H NYLH[ ZWV[ MVY H KLSLJ[HISL YHUJOLYV bowl, chipotle vegetable bowl, or a grilled cheese sandwich.

In addition to the fact that the cost of purchasing a pack of chicken may prohibit you from buying a ticket to see your favorite band that none of your friends have discovered yet, more and more research is showing that a plant based diet of fresh fruits, vegetables and nuts is the best option for both your mind and body. Part of being a Hipster is being ¸PU[OLRUV^¹^OLUP[JVTLZ[VH]HYPL[`VM[OPUNZSPTP[LK meat consumption being one of these things. Besides, LH[PUNKLHKHUPTHSZPZZVUV[KLJR¸+LJR¹PZ/PWZ[LYZSHUN MVY JVVS @V\ TH` ÄUK [OH[ `V\ SPRL [OL PUJYLHZLK LULYN` and positive mood that a plant based diet provides. Instead of having a starch, vegetable and a slab of meat, try two veggies and one starch side, or two starches and a veggie. )SHJRILHUZHYLHUHɈVYKHISLHUKLHZ`VW[PVU[OH[WYV]PKL the protein and nutrients you will need to make your way around the city on your eco-friendly mode of transportation, the old school bike of course. At a little over a buck, you can easily get two side dishes out of one can. Cabbage, IYVJJVSPWV[H[VLZHUKZH\[tLKa\JJOPUPHYLHSZVÄSSPUNHUK tasty options. Check out the two meals below that only took TLTPU\[LZ[VWYLWHYLHUKSLZZ[OHUÄ]LKVSSHYZ[VI\`

If you know of a great place for an outstanding meal at a very affordable price, tap here and tell us on Facebook. We appreciate a great deal, and will feature some of your favorite spots in an upcoming issue.

Graduation Parties get High Honors at

This was one time writer and mom Diane Lilli was determined not to be stuck in the kitchen, working non-stop and missing all those family memories. â&#x20AC;&#x153;I may love to cook but I love having fun more when there is a party in my back yard. I knew I had to think fast - and though I may have been in Boston I knew who to call when I got back home: Fairway Market.â&#x20AC;?

My son graduated from Boston Conservatory. As the big moment came, and the tears subsided, I started to panic: how was I going to throw a memorable graduation party to honor and celebrate his amazing accomplishments yet still get to enjoy? This was one time I was determined not to be stuck in the kitchen, working non-stop and missing all my family memories. I may love to cook but I love having fun more when there is a party in my back yard. I knew I had to think fast - and though I may have been in Boston I knew exactly who to call: Fairway Market. Turns out you can plan a graduation party - or any party and fit into any budget if you call upon the professionals at Fairway Market. They offer everything

you can imagine, from a fun, very affordable BBQ special with all the perks or a full Italian meal or really, any type of party your imagination can dream up. Lucky for me, this catering department did all the heavy lifting - and creating - for my needs. But before you can get your special graduation party or any party off the ground, there are some pretty important questions you need to answer. Planning the details before the big day is critical for success. Rebecca Martin, Director of Catering at Fairway Market, gave me some pointers. “Always, always have a plan B,” she noted. “Many people this time of year want an outdoor party, but what if it rains or is too windy or too hot? You really need that second plan created ahead of time, so

that you can seamlessly change your plans from outside to inside, or have a tent ready, if the weather is not cooperating.” Also, Martin, warned, you should do a bit of planning as to where you want your stations set up for food and drinks. “It’s important to have that space you need for your food and drinks,” she added. Martin said they are a one-stop shopping catering department, and will bring along food, plates, utensils, napkins, and whatever you need to get the party going. If you want to add in some of your own dishes, that’s okay too. But planning the spot for that dish, and those side dishes, are vital to pulling off a seamless party. Since you will get chafing dishes from Fairway Market, it’s no problem to serve warm food. A

I am sick of getting stuck in the kitchen while the party goes on without me. For this graduation, I was determined to get help - and believe me, I was NOT insulted when everyone raved about the food! Healthy, affordable and on-time - this was an epic party and I never missed a beat.

tip Martin offered is to use only about 1 inch of water in under each dish, since you do not want the water to create steam and ruin the delicious food. Also, she recommends using only one sterno at a time for your warm dishes. So how do you figure out how much to order? Though the catering department will figure this out for you, Martin broke it down. “The number is that each guest will have about 6 8 pieces,” she said. “So you would want an average of 6 ounces of protein and perhaps 4 ounces of each side, for each person. You should have two stations, at the very least. And, we recommend ordering about 10 percent over that number.” So the size of your order is easy - just tell them the number of guests you have invited. In June, the options for affordable graduation parties are large. The one I like is the BBQ package, which includes a cake for your graduate. Fairway Market will bring all the meats, marinated and ready to put on your grill. The grand package includes all the meats, including their Fairway burgers (amazing meat); hot dogs; Fairway hormone free chicken or ribs; and sides like cole slaw green salad, vegetable brochettes. As per how many people you invite, when I asked Martin if any number of guest might be too big, she laughed. “We did he entire Macy’s Fireworks catering for July 4th,” she said. “With about 4,000 guests, I would say no party is too big for us! Or, too small.” You can tap here to read the full catering menus. From fresh lobsters to an Italian feast, or whatever you can imagine, there is an affordable package available for you and your guests.

Stealth Mom

secrectly bringing  the  healthy  back  into  food!

EPISODE 1 Have  you  seen   the  (Healthy)   Muff  in  man?

Join Diane Lilli as she sneaks some healthy veggies into some picky tweens’ lives. Check out the reaction when three twelve-year olds sample four kinds of healthy muffins, and discover vegetables are their very first ingredient.

These muffins are not just healthy but delicious.

It’s not easy to get your kids to eat vegetables, or much of anything healthy. Maybe you are blessed with vegetable, fruit and whole grain loving kids, and if so, congrats. But for me - well, let’s just say I have my own ways to get my children hooked on healthy foods. Two of my three children are picky eaters, and green is not their favorite color, or flavor. Believe me, it’s not just those pre-schoolers that throw food. If you have a tween in your life, you know it’s tough to add healthful green food choices for them.

So I put on my best smile and invited 2 12 year-old girls to join my daughter for a fun tea party. On the menu were 5 types of muffins, filled with healthy ingredients from Garden Lites, called Veggie Muffins. Garden Lites Veggie Muffins™ are gluten-free, vegetarian, low in calories, high in fiber and Kosher Parve. You find them in the frozen foods aisle, and can either thaw them at room temperature or microwave for 35 seconds.



Veggie Blueberry Oat Muffins, which are filling and flavorful due to the combination of oats and sweet blueberries.



Zucchini Banana Chocolate Chip Veggie Muffins, addictive and are that perfect blend of delicious vegetables, sweet banana and chocolate chips.

Carrot Berry Veggie Muffins, baked with fresh veggies and three different berries.

3 5

Zucchini Chocolate Veggie Muffins, my favorite, which are made with fresh veggies and the finest chocolate.

Golden Corn Veggie Muffins, offering a luscious golden color and sweet corn kernels that every corn muffin lover will enjoy.

12-year old Megan said she could not believe her chocolate muffin had zucchini baked inside, and then asked for another one.

These muffins, by the way, are made with 1/3 fresh vegetables. “These muffins are a true innovation as there is nothing else on the market that has vegetables as the first ingredient,” said Julie Gould, Assistant Brand Manager of Garden Lites. I decided to put her statement to the test. Of course, the first thing I did was hide the boxes. Then, I thawed the muffins and placed them on a cake platter, and set out plenty of napkins, cups and offered the girls milk or juice. I asked each tween to taste one flavor at a time and comment. Before I could finish my sentence, the chocolate veggie muffins were gone. My own daughter, picky since day one, said it tasted “better than brownies”. Her friends Alana and Megan agreed, and asked for another serving. I asked them to wait, and then tried the Zucchini Banana Chocolate chip veggie muffins, which were also gone in ten seconds flat. Yes, growing tweens can eat a lot. Again, the girls raved. “I want my mom to give me these for school,” said Alana, who had earlier said veggies are not her “thing”.

As we went through each tasting, including the Carrot Berry Veggie muffins, my friend and I also nibbled on muffins. “Do you realize we can eat these and not gain weight?” I asked, savoring every fresh bite. With 120 calories and 5 grams of fiber, it’s a no brainer to enjoy these delights. But for the kids, I had to take a different approach. I wanted the girls to know exactly how delicious healthy options may be for them, and so I grabbed the boxes and read aloud the ingredients to them. Once I was done telling them the first ingredient in the muffins is vegetables, there was an outburst, which I had expected. But no one accused me of trickery. Instead, they all said the same thing: Why haven’t we had these before and how can we get more? “Mom, just go to the store now and get some, while we go outside,” said my own darling tween, aka the boss. Round one for Stealth Mom. Now can I get these kids to eat something healthy and hot? Check back next month.

NON-­DAIRY? NON-­PROBLEM.   Vegan Ice Cream Comes of Age.

Sarah Henry takes the confusion out vegan ice cream - and puts the fun back into this creamy, icy treat.

NYHK\HSS`^OPZRPUN[OLOV[TP_[\YLPU[VLNN`VSRZX\PJRS` so they donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t curdle), and then returning the mixture to the stove to thicken. The resulting custard is strained, chilled, and frozen in an ice cream maker, which aside from freezing the ice cream also incorporates air, which is essential to achieving the proper texture. When the ice cream is done freezing, it has the consistency of soft-serve, at which point any add-ins (candy, chocolate chunks, sauces, et cetera) can be folded in. When deviating from the original formula and adopting a vegan recipe for ice cream, how does one achieve a positive result sans cream, milk, and eggs? All thatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s left of the original ingredients is a sack of sugar. Giuseppe Maione, founder and creator of the aptly named Alchemy Creamery, OHZĂ&#x201E;UL[\ULK[OLWYVJLZZ^OPJOKPZ[PSSZ[OL[YHKP[PVUHSPJL cream method into something much simpler. First he starts with a blend of hazelnut, almond and JVJVU\[TPSRJV]L[LKMVY[OLPYYPJOX\HSP[PLZ/LZH`ZOLÂťZ tried making ice cream with other bases, such as soy, but that nut bases yield a creamier product.  ¸,]LUHZHIHZL^L[Y`[VLT\SH[L^OH[PJLJYLHTPZš he said.  ;OLUL_[Z[LWPZHKKPUNKPÉ&#x2C6;LYLU[Ă&#x2026;H]VYPUNZMVSSV^LK I`\UYLĂ&#x201E;ULKZ\NHYHUKHISLUKVMLT\SZPĂ&#x201E;LYZ;OLTP_[\YL is then ready to be frozen in a machine and then stored. ;OH[ÂťZP[ÂśUVOLH[VYJVVRPUNYLX\PYLK Maione, a lactose-intolerant ice cream lover who started Alchemy Creamery in March of 2012, became What do soy, hemp, and milk derived from nuts have in JVTTVU&0M`V\YĂ&#x201E;YZ[N\LZZ^HZUÂť[]LNHUPJLJYLHT`V\ÂťYL not alone. Hemp generally inspires visions of roughly hewn handmade cloth and the international cannabis leaf symbol, UV[HMYVZ[`[YLH[:V`[OH[Ă&#x201E;JRSLSLN\TL[HRLZTHU`MVYTZ! edamame in its most simplistic, but also tofu, milk, meat substitutes, soy sauce and now, apparently, ice cream bases. Almonds and cashews, once most at home in a mixed nut packet, are churned to butter or pulverized in a blender with water to make a milky elixir. =LNHUPJLJYLHTPZTVYL[OHUHKHPY`Z\IZ[P[\[L"P[W\ZOLZ boundaries and breaks down previously upheld barriers. If beans can be faux meat, hemp can be both clothing and MVVKHUKU\[ZJHUILSPX\PK[OLU]LNHUPZTPZVULVM[OL TVZ[ZJPLU[PĂ&#x201E;JHSS`WYVNYLZZP]LVMTVKLYUKPL[Z It turns out itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s not such a brand-new idea, either: Non-dairy ice cream dates back to 1899 in the United :[H[LZ^OLUH^VTHUMYVT4PJOPNHUW\ISPZOLK¸.\PKLMVY Nut Cookery,â&#x20AC;? which contained the most primitive forms of non-dairy ice cream. Flash forward to 2001, when a company called Turtle Mountain developed a prototype ¸WYLTP\Tš UVUKHPY` PJL JYLHT PU ZL]LU KPÉ&#x2C6;LYLU[ Ă&#x2026;H]VYZ By 2013, roughly 38 percent of the companyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s more than TPSSPVUPUWYVĂ&#x201E;[Z^LYLH[[YPI\[LK[V[OLZHSLVMKHPY` free frozen dessert products. Now thatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s progress. The traditional method for making basic ice cream involves heating milk and cream with sugar and then

inspired to produce his own brand when he was unable [VĂ&#x201E;UKKHPY`MYLLPJLJYLHTOLLUQV`LK-VYOPT)LU 1LYY`ÂťZPZ[OL`HYKZ[PJR^P[O^OPJOOLTLHZ\YLZOPZ V^UZ\JJLZZ;OLĂ&#x201E;YZ[PJLJYLHTYLJPWLIVVRNPM[LK[V OPT ^HZ )LU  1LYY`ÂťZ HUK ZPUJL [OLU OLÂťZ HKVW[LK [OL TV[[V ¸4VYL JO\URZ SLZZ N\URš 0U V[OLY ^VYKZ Ă&#x2026;H]VYM\SW\YLPUNYLKPLU[Z  ¸>L ^V\SK SPRL [V IL [OL KHPY`MYLL )LU HUK 1LYY`ÂťZšOLZHPK¸;OH[^V\SKIL[OLKYLHTYLHSPaLKš And so another summer in New York City HWWYVHJOLZ 9LTLTILY! 0[ÂťZ O\TPK *VUJYL[L HUK HZWOHS[W\SSPUOLH[SPRLNYH]P[`HUKOVSKP[JHW[P]L:[YLL[ tar turns to oozing putty that sticks to your shoes. The \IPX\P[V\Z JP[` NHYIHNL ZP[Z YPWLUPUN VU ZPKL^HSRZ PU the sun. Heat-induced mirages make the air seem to shimmer in waves. By natural law youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re going to need some ice cream. But wait, what if youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re vegan? Or lactose intolerant? You deserve more than a snow cone or a fruit slushy. You crave creamy, rich, decadent ice JYLHTI\[^OLYLJHU`V\Ă&#x201E;UKP[&3\JR`MVY`V\5L^ York is mecca for all kinds of culinary specialties, and this is no exception. Make a dash for Whole Foods, which carries several varieties of vegan ice cream, or check out one of these local legends:


48 ½ E 7th St., Manhattan; 632 Manhattan Ave., Brooklyn; 81 Bergen St., Brooklyn Not all vegan ice creams are made equal. Van Leeuwenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s signature blend of coconut milk and cashew butter is pitch-perfect. The nut bases lend a ORYHO\ULFKQHVVZLWKRXWRYHUSRZHULQJWKHRWKHUĂąDYRUV Somehow, coconut and cashew, which seem ordinary while separate, marry in a decadent creaminess that OHDYHV WKH IRUHIURQW ĂąDYRUV RI WKH LFH FUHDP VKLQLQJ through. Try the salted caramel and dark chocolate, a winning combination if there ever was one.


The owners of this shop went through a less than amicable divorce, leaving the fate of the business on shaky ground and with somewhat of an identity crisis. Whatever itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s called, Blythe Boyd churns out quality vegan ice cream. In fact, everything in the shop is vegan, from the chocolate sauce to the marshmallows and coconut whipped â&#x20AC;&#x153;cream.â&#x20AC;? The soft-serve cake EDWWHUĂąDYRULVDIDYRULWHDPRQJWKHXVXDOVXVSHFWV

SKYICE SWEET AND SAVORY 63 5th Ave., Brooklyn

Tired of the same old vanilla and chocolate? SkyIce, a Thai restaurant and dessert hub offers up a revolving GRRU RI $VLDQLQVSLUHG ĂąDYRUV VXFK DV PDQJRVWHHQ raspberry cilantro, and lychee. Thereâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s even been NQRZQWREHDYHJJLHĂąDYRUPDGHIURPEURFFROL\DP and avocado. This surely counts as at least a few of \RXUĂŹĂ°YHDGD\Ăş

So what makes something non-dairy worthy enough to stand up to traditional frozen desserts? Think of the qualities that PDNHDUHDOO\JUHDWLFHFUHDP a smooth, velvety texture. A sweet taste. A rich mouth feel. Simple, quality ingredients that shine through. And OHWâVMXVWVD\LWKLJKIDWFRQWHQW8VLQJ WKHVHVDPHTXDOLðHUVLQYHJDQLFHFUHDP produces a similar product.


Headquarters at 23-23 Borden Ave., Long Island City, Queens Deliveries are available to residents in Manhattan and Brooklyn, or alternatively can be tried at The Sweet Shop, 404 E. 73rd St., Manhattan; Bliss Grand, 167 Grand St., Brooklyn; and Smorgasbord in Brooklyn. Try the best-selling chocolate chai, Alchemyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s â&#x20AC;&#x153;hero product.â&#x20AC;?


873 Bedford Ave., Brooklyn; 1725 Avenue M, Brooklyn; 3624 15th Ave., Brooklyn They offer a variety of vegan (and kosher!) ice creams in three locations. The ice cream tends to be a little icier and less rich than other varieties, with mild ĂąDYRULQJV %RQXV D VHOHFWLRQ RI YHJDQ LFH FUHDP cakes can be found in the back.


(*"& "&$''%

!"+#"&'*+!&++"+/!00'-'&2,+!'('*'''&$"& ",!(*'-&',!"& "+*+!*,!&*%,' "*/0 $".*0 ,,!!" !+,)-$",0+$,"'&'*+!(*'- *'%'-*+,'*+1+-(('*,,!!*/'*#"& *%*&*( ,!$""'-+&&-,*","'-+&",+',"& *-",+& . ,$+,!,*0+*+!*,!&*'%&0',!*+,'*

Ingredients 1 Cup Pecan Halves 3/4 Cups Dried Cranberries 2 Tablespoons Fairway Super Premium Balsamic Vinegar 1/2 Teaspoons Fairway Dijon Mustard 1/2 Teaspoon Sugar 6 Tablespoons Fairway Baena Extra Virgin Olive Oil 6 Cups of Mixed Salad Greens, rinsed and dried 1/2 Medium Yellow Onion Crumbled Fairway Goat Cheese Fairway California Sea Salt and Black Pepper to taste Preheat oven to 400 degrees. Toast pecans on a baking sheet for 10 minutes. Mix vinegar, mustard, sugar, olive oil, salt and pepper, stir lightly. Toss your greens, pecans, cranberries, cheese, and onions in a salad bowl, drizzle dressing. Enjoy!




    PLAZA 46 SHOPPING CENTER 1510 ROUTE 46 WEST WOODLAND PARK, NJ 07424 973.339.5103



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Whatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Under YOUR Apron? Every month, Editor in Chief Diane Lilli will ask a chef one question: Whatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s under YOUR apron? This month, watch this moving video as Lilli interviews New Jersey Chef Jesse Jones, a kid from the hood who grew up to give back to many, through his passion and gift for cooking.


MANISCHEWITZ BROTH. For over 120 years,

natural spices

worldâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s most recognized

Manischewitz has

and vegetables

and respected kosher

been a trusted

and slow cooked them

certifying organization.

in small batches to guarantee

The result is an all natural

brand providing families with delicious,

line of broths that delivers

premium kosher soups and

exceptional flavor as the

many other specialty foods

base for soups or as a key

including matzo, macaroons,

ingredient in your favorite

Tam TamÂŽ crackers, noodles

recipes, including brisket,

and gefilte fish. When we

turkey, rice and gravy.

decided to introduce a line For your added convenience,

of all natural, ready to serve

these delicious broths are

broths, we started with a

packed in easy

treasured family recipe

open cans and

and used only the finest

re-sealable, easy

ingredients to

pour cartons,

produce broths

and are available in Chicken,

that were made like homemade to taste like homemade.

a superior product. All Manischewitz broths are produced under the

We wanted our chicken and

supervision of the U , the

Beef, Reduced Sodium Chicken, Vegetable, and Turkey varieties. New All Natural Manischewitz

beef broths to set a new

Broths -- made like

standard, so we started with

homemade to taste

real kosher chicken and beef, all

like homemade.

Go to for great recipes, and more.

Perfect ly Matched Organic Certified Vodka Rolls Out as Host of New App

Diane Lilli is having a drink and donating to her favorite charity. Now, you can too.

I do not drink every night, but when I do drink, it’s usually a glass of wine with my dinner and an icy =VKRH ^P[O JS\I ZVKH HUK SPTL ILMVYLOHUK0SPRL=VKRHZPUJLP[ OHZUVJHYIZHUKHSZVQ\Z[[HZ[LZ refreshing to me. I recently met a very dynamic creative force in both the vodka and technology world, and I KLJPKLK[V[Y`OPZ\UPX\LVYNHUPJ HUK[V[HSS`ÄYZ[VMP[ZRPUKJLY[PÄLK vodka, grown in the Champagne region of France. Dennis Cunningham brings over 23 years of entrepreneurial success to his current position as *,6VM7LYMLJ[)YHUKZ33*0U[OL ZWYPUN VM  +LUUPZ HJX\PYLK 7LYMLJ[ =VKRHŽ HU HSS UH[\YHS gluten free, NON-GMO spirit that is distilled and bottled in the Brie Champagne region of France.

¸;OPZPZ[OLVUS`]VKRHVMP[ZRPUK and once you drink it, I promise you it will be your favorite,” said Cunningham. :V 0 KPK 0 WV\YLK H NSHZZ VM 7LYMLJ[ =VKRHŽ V]LY ZVTL PJL added a tiny splash of club soda and a nice wedge of lemon and took a sip. Wow. It was so fresh, JSLHU[HZ[PUNHUKYLHSS`Q\Z[SV]LS` There is a crisp, light touch to this ]VKRHHUKPMHU`SPX\VYJHUYLHSS` taste organic then this is it. I was instantly smitten. Cunningham explained that since he comes from a background where he has worked in numerous types of businesses, PUJS\KPUN [OVZL MV\UK PU :PSPJVU =HSSL` VUL KH` H SPNO[I\SI ^LU[ VɈPUOPZOLHK ¸0 SV]L (WWZ¹ OL ZHPK ¸(UK so I started to wonder: could we

Dennis Cunningham, CEO of Perfect Brands

come up with a free App that would allow users to actually buy drinks for their parents or friends or anyone who has a birthday or anniversary coming up, and do it via an App? Then, when the recipient of the gift goes into one of the spots carrying that drink or type of alcohol, which is pretty much going to be everywhere, he or she can get their free drink.” Airtab™ a mobile gifting application, is a UVK[VOPZ:PSPJVU=HSSL`YVV[ZHUK^PSSJOHUNL the future of mobile gifting. Airtab™ will give all smart phone users the ability to purchase drinks for one another with the tap of a ÄUNLY(PY[HI^PSSHSZV[PLPU*\UUPUNOHT»Z WOPSHU[OYVWPJLɈVY[ZI`HSSV^PUNL]LY`\ZLY the opportunity to donate to a participating charity at no added cost to the buyer. Genius, I said, thinking of my own relatives about 500 miles away. My own mom, 86, loves a good martini so I saw immediate perks to uploading the App. Now, I could send her a gift from far away, and tell my ZPZ[LY[VKYP]LOLY[VNVV\[HUKLUQV`P[ But that’s not all: Cunningham also said he felt a need to give back from every single drink to charity. Now, most companies who JSHPT[OL`HYL¸NP]PUNIHJR¹[VJOHYP[PLZNP]L back a few pennies per item sold, but in this case, I have to admit: Cunningham blew my mind. ¸>L HYL NP]PUN IHJR  [V JOHYP[PLZ MVY every drink,” he said, smiling. (Z H WYV\K 9V[HYPHU OLYL PU 4VU[JSHPY 5L^ 1LYZL` 0 PTHNPULK V\Y UL_[ HUU\HS Taste of Montclair, where we raise over $24,000 for our local feeding programs in one night, and how much more we could raise to donate - if we use this App. 4`OH[PZVɈ[V[OPZPUUV]H[P]LJOHYP[HISL innovator. The launch of Airtab™ is kicking VɈPU-SVYPKHVU1\ULZ[(UKP[PZNVPUN national fast. :VUV^`V\JHUZLUKHNPM[[VZVTLVUL HUK Z[PSS KVUH[L [V ^VY[O` JH\ZLZ Q\Z[ I` using this free Airtab™ App. As for me, I WSHUVU\ZPUNP[MVY[OH[7LYMLJ[=VKRH Tap here to visit the website for Perfect Vodka.


Meet the New Mac Daddy:

Macaroons or Macarons? However you spell it, the end result is the same: delicious. Join us as we discover the hottest trend sweeping across the U.S. today: macaroons. Writer Sara Lehman dishes the delish

You say macarons, I say macaroons. However you pronounce it, this is a food trend with punch. Though many call these light colorful puffs of taste macarons, as the traditional French way, most Americans know them as macaroons. Imagine if you could have a wedding cake everyone would “ooh” and “ahh” over. Imagine being able to choose as many flavor combinations and colors as you wanted. With a traditional tiered or layered wedding cake, you have a few options. You can choose different flavored layers, 1-2 kinds of buttercream or icing, and an array of colors that come in fondant. By the time the cake is cut and served, it doesn’t look anything like that beautiful work of art you paid a lot of money for right? Let’s be honest: the fondant is edible, but is it really that delicious? Macarons are a meringue-based shell made from nut flour, sugar, and egg whites that hold a variety of moist, flavorful fillings. These delicate treats are also great for your gluten free guests and children. The surface of a macaron should be smooth with

a crinkled, ruffled ring around the base. The shell should easily break apart, with an inside filling that is slightly chewy and should not ooze out the sides. These delicacies are not too sugary, so one gets the true flavor expected without being masked by sweetness. Wedding cakes have always been tiered masterpieces that made this special day come together as much as the wedding dress and flowers. Throughout the years, as trends have changed, so have wedding cakes. From the simple white buttercream with pearls and floral decorations, to elaborate fondant and chocolate work that almost looks too beautiful to eat, to variations of more finger food servings, such as the trend in cupcakes, there is a new concept that has peaked brides’ interest. Macarons are truly gorgeous pastry with an incredible taste that will wow wedding guests with a variety of flavors and color combinations to match any theme a bride can imagine. They are a delicate and creative idea for wedding cakes, sweet parting favors, or as edible escort cards. This

delectable dessert is a hot trend right now and pastry chefs are introducing a multitude of artistic and inspired combinations to meet the needs of any bride and groom. These French pastries should not be confused with the English macaroon, which is a wonderfully dense and chewy coconut mound. The macaron is an airy French delicacy filled with buttercream, chocolate, ganache, or jam, and can be made into any flavor one can think of. The flavors can reflect seasonal tastes highlighting locally available fruits. From lavender to lemon, these tiny delights pack a powerful punch. This sweet treat is perfect for outdoor weddings and eclectic venues as well, where a kitchen area is not an option for preparing or holding whipped cream cakes. It can be pulled apart piece by piece with no mess. The macaron also makes a great edible gift for your guests to take home after all the festivities. Many pastry chefs are noticing and embracing this trend. Liza DiDinato, a Pastry Cook at NYC’s iconic NoMad Restaurant explains, “Even just in New York City it seems that macaron shops are replacing the former cupcake shop that you couldn’t get away from.” Variety is exactly what people want and as DiDinato points out, “It’s a small, sweet treat that isn’t too heavy to eat. Coming from someone who has made them, they are incredibly difficult to master and the technique and precision is something that people enjoy”. Brides either want stunning and simple, over the top and elaborate, and/or full flavored and fun. Macaron’s can give any bride all those things and so much more. They come in classic flavors like vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry as well as full bodied flavors such as s’mores, rose, lavender, green tea and caramelized banana, to name a few. The combinations are endless and something your guests will absolutely adore. These light bites don’t easily melt or wilt, they are soft and delicate, and even look great when presented on a plate. Macarons make an excellent alternative wedding cake and look just as gorgeous as a traditional cake. If you’re thinking about doing things a little different for your wedding, the Macaron Wedding Cake is the perfect way to do so. Dare to be different and add some flavor, color, and creativity to your wedding with this wonderfully inspired wedding trend. Make your special day deliciously unforgettable.


Your USDA Daily Allowance of Delish!

Yes, you can hit the hot tub and enjoy snacks and a drink at the newest, coolest spot in Brooklyn: the Hot Tub Cinema. Launched in London in 2012, this hip outdoor movie and fun experience is perfect for anyone on a date, or hanging with friends. Their first screening? Hot Tub Time Machine, of course!

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Under the Apron June Issue

You eat the food - why not see the movie? CHEF is the hottest new film out about a chef (Jon Favreau) who loses his restaurant job. He creates a food truck to recapture his creative vision, and along the way works on reuniting his estranged family. With Jon Favreau, Robert Downey Jr., Scarlett Johansson. See film clip, here. Warning: viewing this movie will make you hungry.

It was Purr-fectly unique: a pop-up store in NYC. The Cat Cafe was a quirky, fun, cat-filled coffee spot filled with many adorable cats - and offering some outrageously good coffee. Purina One opened the Cat Cafe and helped out felines looking for a home, who were all living at the North Shore Animal League rescue group. Armed with a hand-crafted “Cat’achino” and hanging out with friendly adorable kittens, this was an amazing experience. Maybe someone could do a pop-up Pupcake store? Just asking. To read article tap here.

An Italian in the Kosher Kitchen

Any chef worth her salt will tell you: make your own stock. For a restaurant, this is great since they are in their kitchens 24/7, with the 12 or 24 hours to spare to simmer huge pots of chicken for that great home made base to so many incredible meals. But I live in the real world of a busy home, numerous jobs and 3 kids. I do not have the time to always sit in my kitchen sipping herbal tea as my big pot of chicken broth simmers. Instead, though I make everything as home made as possible, I cook with a ready-to-use chicken stock. After a few years of trying out many brands, I settled on the

Manischewitz chicken broth. As a reporter, I visit all kinds of places and cover many different types of stories. One happened to be about a contest paying $25,000 for the best recipe using Manischewitz ingredients. As happens so often in my hectic work life, I went in to write one story but came out to create another one - and this one’s very personal. Everyone has their own secret to making meatballs - and my own Italian family is not different than others keeping their immigrant roots alive. Along the way, as our generations become more American, however, there have

been tweaks to our recipes. My meatballs are one perfect example. I don’t fry them - I bake them. I just want to be as healthy as possible, so I spray a little olive oil on a big cookie pan and bake them. Believe me, they come out crisp on the outside and moist on the inside,ready to be thrown to my big pot of tomato sauce, or as I call it, “gravy”. I use a bit of chicken broth in my meatballs - yes, it is very unorthodox but in this case, yet absolutely orthodox at the same time! I settled upon the Manischewitz brand of broth after being nosy, and asking how their broth is better than


other brands. Turns out it is 100 percent natural, and is comprised of chicken that is Kosher, and never ever created from a mishmash of parts of chickens or chemicals disguised as a chicken flavor. Weighing in at 15 calories per cup, 0.5 grams of fat and all wholesome ingredients, I am happy to brag about using this chicken broth when I cook all kinds of dishes. I highly recommend this broth as a woman who is cooking with as many wholesome ingredients as possible. And, as a true meatball lover, try my recipe. It is not professional of course, but instead a little slice of my American-Italian roots. As per the tomato sauce/gravy, that is still top secret. Use your own, for now!

• 2 pounds of ground meat (if you are not Kosher, get the combo of ground beef, pork and veal) • 2 cloves of garlic, minced • 2 eggs • 1/2 cup Manischewitz All Natural Ready To Serve Chicken Broth (you may substitute vegetable or beef broth) • If you are not Kosher, 2 tablespoons of Parmigiano cheese • Handful of chopped fresh parsley • Dash of salt and pepper PREPARATION: 1. HEAT OVEN TO 400 DEGREES. 2. MIX ALL INGREDIENTS UNTIL THEY ARE COMBINED, BUT DO NOT OVER-MIX. JUST COMBINE THE INGREDIENTS. THEN, HAVE A COOKIE PAN READY, SPRAYED WITH OLIVE OIL. YOU CAN ALSO SPRAY OLIVE OIL ONTO FOIL TO KEEP YOUR PAN CLEAN. 3. JUST GRAB A SMALL HANDFUL, AND CREATE MEATBALLS. THEN, PLACE ONTO YOUR OILED PAN OR FOIL. 4. BAKE FOR 9 MINUTES, THEN CAREFULLY REMOVE FROM OVEN, AND TURN MEATBALLS OVER. BAKE FOR 9 MINUTES. 5. ONCE BAKED, YOU SHOULD PUT THESE INTO A HOME-MADE TOMATO SAUCE AND SIMMER FOR 30 MINUTES. SERVE ALONE, OR WITH PASTA.

Kidding Around: Children ’s Choice

Making Peace with Macaroni and Cheese Diane Lilli loses her mind trying to make macaroni and cheese from scratch - on a work night. See how she manages to ease her conscious and serve up some healthy, delicious macaroni and cheese in 10 minutes. (Warning: there is a box involved!) On any given Sunday in winter, you may find me in my kitchen, simmering fresh chicken soup with tiny meatballs, pasta, veggies and fresh shredded chicken. But the go-to favorite in my house is my home-made macaroni and cheese. Sure, it’s high in carbs and calories, but when you have to shovel for hours, it’s a guilt free option for my kids - and me. The craving for comfort food runs deep in my family. Sometimes, it leaks out into workday desires. But how can I - a hardworking single mom - whip up macaroni and cheese from scratch on a week night? I can’t. On one of my shopping trips to the grocery store, which has become what used to be my leisurely cafe time when I was single, I decided to check out Annie’s macaroni and cheese. The boxes clearly state this is a natural, organic product. The price was right - my daughter was nudging me to make macaroni and cheese for dinner - so I picked up a few boxes. To my delight, the macaroni is whole wheat and also available in darling shapes, like bunnies or farm animals or peace symbols. Hey, I can get behind a nice trip back to the sixties!

That night, I boiled the pasta for 9 minutes and mixed in some all natural parmigiano cheese (dried with other natural ingredients), a few tablespoons of milk and some butter voila - my dinner was ready. My daughter dug into this meal like it she hadn’t eaten in a week. She oohed and ahhed, and as I sat with her, I decided to try it too. Full disclosure: I have never had a McDonalds burger, so you know where this is going. Could I get over my fresh food obsession and drop it for a one night? Could I enjoy a boxed macaroni and cheese? Yep. It was yummy. I loved the cheesy flavor, and the little peace signs, well, they did send some kind of sixties cosmic signal: it’s okay to enjoy some boxed products - especially with such wholesome ingredients. Annie’s ingredients promises the following: No Artificial Flavors, No Synthetic Colors, No Synthetic Preservatives, No GMOs, No Growth Hormones, No Persistent Pesticides


Whenever I mention Filipino food to my American friends, they shirk and make a contorted face, letting me know that they think Filipino food is “gross”. While this pains me, being a Filipino who loves Filipino food, I understand their sentiment. After all, some Filipino dishes include animal parts that Westerners usually do not eat, such as pig ears, beef blood, chicken intestines and fish tummy, not to mention balut, the fertilized duck egg famous in the Western world as eating challenges. (Thanks Fear Factor and Survivor!) So, it is no surprise to me that Filipino restaurants are sparse with non-Filipino customers. But I love one shining star, Jeepney, a pioneer in the Filipino restaurant industry for its innovative approach to serving Filipino food. Nicole Ponseca, owner and founder of Jeepney, said the success of attracting non-Filipinos come from the restaurant’s overall packaging. “If you go to Filipino restaurants, the ambiance is bad, the lighting is awful, there is a TV in the background playing Filipino telenovelas and the service is not good,” she noted. “You constantly have to keep raising your hand to get a glass of water.” And she’s right. As much as I love going to typical Filipino restaurants to have my fill of Filipino food, the overall experience just feels like I’m going to my parents’

house for dinner. There’s nothing wrong with that, except, of course, if you’re not Filipino, why would you even go there? So, Ponseca ventured out to create a Filipino restaurant that would be appreciated by Filipinos and would attract other cultures. By studying food, buying habits and other factors in the industry over the span of twelve years, Ponseca was able to establish Maharlika Filipino Moderno, a restaurant serving classic Filipino food, but with a special kind of preparation. The success of Maharlika allowed Ponseca and her team to establish its sister restaurant, Jeepney, which opened in October of 2012. One of my American friends, who was very reluctant to eat Filipino food, enjoyed Jeepney’s Chori Burger (Filipino sausage and fried egg on challah) and Banana Ketchup Ribs (pork ribs glazed with banana-based ketchup). He said that he “loved the great quality of the meats and how well they were cooked” and he “loved the flavors. The banana ketchup was great.” He also found the mayo-based sauce that came with the burger “super delicious.” More surprisingly, when he tasted a little bit of Dinuguan (blood stew), a dish that most of my nonFilipino amigos find disgusting, this bold, American

Named after a popular mode of public transportation in the Philippines, Jeepney is nestled in the hip and trendy neighborhood of East Village in Manhattan. This NYC restaurant markets is a Filipino Gastropub, a place to hang out with friends and have good Filipino food and signature drinks named after Filipino locales and celebrities. The menu consists of re-interpreted Filipino food that seems to accommodate the Westernerâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s taste buds. Not surprisingly, this joint is a hit and jam-packed with nonFilipino customers, the first Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve ever encountered at a Filipino restaurant.

friend of mine stated that this is something he would definitely consider ordering in the future. “I thought it was very tasty,” he said. Jeepney serves Filipino food, but prepared differently than food in the Philippines. “We don’t do short cuts with our food,” said Ponseca. She said they don’t use instant soup and stew mixes, which are commonly used in Filipino cooking. Instead, their dishes are carefully prepared, with ingredients meticulously selected and presentation thoughtfully arranged. Based on my latest dining experience at Jeepney, I can say that this method makes their food sublime. Ordering the Dinuguan and Puto (steamed rice cake) this time around, I was sold. They did not taste like the ones from home, because they are so much better. The traditional Dinuguan consists of pork blood and the classic Puto is usually soft. At Jeepney, their Dinuguan is composed of beef blood and their Puto is served as a delicious crispy pancake. It was heavenly. I understand the sentiments of my Filipino friends who prefer not to go to Jeepney for Filipino food as it does not taste like the food we grew up with. I share the same sentiments (Dinuguan and Puto aside). When craving for the taste of traditional Filipino food, I will go to other Filipino restaurants.

But if I want a mouthwatering dish with a Filipino flair, I will definitely go to Jeepney. And if Jeepney’s re-interpretation of Filipino cuisine entices other cultures to food eat Filipino food, then who I to Filipino is a mix of salty, souram and complain? sweet and a result of various cultural


influences, mainly Spanish, Mexican, Chinese, Indian, Malaysian and Indonesian. Usually eaten with rice, Filipino food is full of flavor, with its tasty sauces, soups and marinades.

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