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Breguet, the innovator. The first wristwatch, 1810

With the Reine de Naples collection, a tribute to the first wristwatch created over 200 years ago for Caroline Murat, Breguet reinvents feminine timepieces – enabling them to blossom into horological complications, art and jewellery. As exemplified in the diamond-set 8918BR model, the Reine de Naples collection embodies a subtle blend of expertise, elegance and precious materials. History is still being written...

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6 Basel World & Beyond For Edward and Faina Business is Always a Pleasure

Marie-Antoinette Grande Complication Pocket-Watch

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The Dark Side of the Moon & The Speedmaster


Seven Timeless Jewelry Pieces To Invest In Today

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Where Watches and Jet Planes Go Hand in Hand

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Store credit or exchanges only within 14 days of purchase date. No returns or credits if merchandise is altered or specially ordered. No credits or exchanges unless merchandise is returned in original condition and packaging accompanied by sales receipt. Not responsible for typographical errors

WELCOME TO THE FOURTH ISSUE OF DIAMOND DREAM FINE JEWELERS MAGAZINE For this issue of our annual magazine, we focus on our community and the local treasures to be found at every turn. We remain honored to be a part of the supportive, tight-knit town of Bernardsville and the surrounding towns. We hope you’ll enjoy reading about our year, our travels, and our growth. This issue is just a small sample of all we have to offer; we hope you stop in to see the full collection for yourself. 2013 has been a busy year: We’ve expanded our store, adding new boutiques for Breitling, Buccellati, and Omega which has helped us to create a more luxurious and unique shopping environment for our clients. Continuing to elevate our customer’s experience is our highest priority. A great deal of attention was paid to selecting special pieces for the store this year by, attending numerous trade shows and getting to know the vision and the creativity behind the brands we carry. By visiting factories and facilities where many of the collections are made, we’ve added even more to our knowledge of the processes that contribute to crafting each piece. From the Buccellati factory in Como to Baselworld, we give you an inside glimpse into what really goes on behind the scenes in the jewelry world! Our dedication to bringing you exceptional personalized service and the latest and best in jewelry and timepiece design is unwavering. It’s our way of saying thank you to our customers for their loyalty, a dedication which has helped us continue to grow our business and our relationships over the years. Your friendship and support means everything, and we look forward to seeing you soon. Wishing you the best this holiday season! Warmly, Edward and Faina

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MARIE-ANTOINETTE GRANDE COMPLICATION POCKET-WATCH arie-Antoinette was driven by a truly passionate desire for Breguet watches. Keen to possess any auspicious novelty, she had acquired a number of timepieces, including a perpétuel watch embellished with a self-winding device developed by Breguet. In 1783, one of her admirers ordered from the workshops in the Quai de l’Horloge, the most spectacular watch possible, incorporating the entire body of horological science of the time, as a gift to the queen. The order specified that gold should, wherever possible, be used instead of other metals, and that the complications should be both multiple and varied. Unconstrained by limitations of cost or time, Breguet had a free hand. The queen never had the opportunity to admire the timepiece. It was not completed until 1827, 34 years after her death, 44 years after it was ordered and four years after the death of the founder. Breguet n°160, known as the “MarieAntoinette”, entered into watchmaking legend from 1783. Its extreme complexity, its roots and its story, as fabulous as it is epic, have haunted the watchmaking landscape and the minds of collectors for more than two centuries. More recently, its destiny shrouded in mystery - stolen from a Jerusalem museum and lost for decades - has written a new page in the saga. In 2005, late Nicolas G. Hayek set himself the challenge of reproducing it identically. He then heard about the fate of the oak of the palace of Versailles, the queen’s favourite tree, which had to be felled, and decided to give it a second life by fashioning from its wood the presentation case of the watch.



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Its extreme complexity, its roots and its story, as fabulous as it is epic, have haunted the watchmaking landscape and the minds of collectors for more than two centuries.

Versailles offered the tree to Montres Breguet which, as a token of its gratitude committed itself to the restoration of the MarieAntoinette domain. Just when the manufacture of the watch reached its end in 2007, the spoils of the 1983 robbery suddenly appeared as if by magic in Jerusalem. The saga continues. Montres Breguet and its President & CEO, Marc A. Hayek, have to date not yet had the opportunity to inspect them. Today presented in Italy, the queen of watches reveals a host of complications. Research among the archives and original drawings from the Breguet Museum and from other high institutions of culture like the Musée des Arts et Métiers (arts and crafts museum) in Paris, are the only available sources of information. Comparative examinations of contemporary antique watches, notably the Duc de Praslin watch, have revealed new factors concerning the styling and watchmaking techniques of the period. The research has brought to light skills that have today vanished and has enabled the manufacturing company to produce a timepiece that is in every respect faithful to its predecessor. Reproducing and designing such a large number of complications on the sole basis of documents is against the odds and reveals the talent of the watchmakers at Montres Breguet. Each function and every decorative feature was minutely analysed. In the coachwork of the watch for example, the yellow gold of the 63mm-diameter case was cast in a special, more coppery alloy in order to match the period hue. The glasses for the dial and the case, made of rock crystal, allow the movement to display its finery and the marvels of its finish. The research has moreover brought to light a complication of the original watch: jumping hours.

As a self-winding watch with a minute-repeater striking the hours, quarters and minutes on demand, the new MarieAntoinette has all the makings of a work of art. A full perpetual calendar displays the dates, the day and the months respectively at 2 o’clock, 6 o’clock and 8 o’clock. The equation of time at 10 o’clock proclaims the daily difference between solar time and the mean time. In the centre, the jumping hours - invented by Breguet - and the minutes are joined by a long independent seconds hand, while the small seconds are shown at 6 o’clock. The self-winding, “perpétuel” movement comprises 823 outstandingly finished components. The baseplates and bridges, the smallest gear-wheels in the trains for the underdial work, the dates and the repeater are fashioned in pink gold polished with wood. The screws are in polished blued steel; the points of friction, holes and bearings, set with sapphires. The smallest details demonstrate perfect execution and have been finished by hand. This masterly and unprecedented mechanism is furthermore fitted with a particular type of natural-lift escapement, a helical balance-spring in gold and a bimetallic balance-wheel. A double pare chute, another Breguet invention - gives protection against blows and shocks. This masterpiece fit for a queen rests in a precious presentation box made of more than 3,500 pieces sculpted from the wood of the royal oak. It encloses a lavishly crafted inlay work of more than a thousand pieces of wood depicting the hand of Marie-Antoinette holding her rose - a detail inspired by the famous portrait of the queen. The outside of the box faithfully reproduces the parquet flooring of the Petit Trianon. Inasmuch as in those days Breguet intended to make this watch into a monument to the glory of 18th century horology, the brand has in 2008 performed a feat of prowess by bringing a legend to life and anchoring it in the 20th century.

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THE BREGUET TOURBILLONS, THE ART OF PERFECT TIMING -L. Breguet's invention of the Tourbillon revolutionized the art of watchmaking in 1801 and set a new standard for timekeeping. For centuries, scientists and philosophers had used the term Tourbillon to refer to the regular rotation of planets around the sun, despite the world Tourbillon, or whirlwind, being somewhat of a misnomer for the ordered regularity of the universe. Like astronomy, watchmaking has precise and structured systems, so it was unsurprising that A.-L. Breguet borrowed the term to name one of the most significant advances in the industry's history. In fact, Breguet had created his own little whirlwind, a mechanism that "shook up" the ordered components in a watch to ensure perfect timing. Before Breguet's invention of the Tourbillon, timepieces were notoriously inaccurate. Gravity negatively influenced their regularity by altering the rate every time a watch changed position. Well schooled in mathematics and science, Breguet was determined to find a solution. Where other watchmakers had failed, Breguet turned theory upside down; deciding that if he couldn't fight gravity, he would work with it. He realized that if he could fit the various components of the escapements (the balance wheel, lever and escape wheel - the parts most susceptible to gravity) inside a mobile carriage that could then complete a full rotation, the device would eliminate rate defects by having them effectively neutralize each other. In essence, his invention cancelled the negative effects of gravity. Recognizing that watches could now run with far greater accuracy, in 1801 Breguet applied to the French government for a patent in the following terms: "I have the honor of conveying to you a note containing details of a new invention which can be used with timepieces". The Paris authorities swiftly granted him a 10-year patent. So challenging were the mechanical skills involved that when the patent expired, only the very best watchmakers were able to construct the Tourbillon. Breguet's power of invention completely changed the nature of watchmaking and the Tourbillon was undoubtedly a measure of his genius. However, the Tourbillon mechanism was not an isolated breakthrough. Breguet had a long list of developments to his credit, including the perpetual or selfwinding watch, the gong spring for minute repeaters, a shockproof suspension device, a new overcoil spiral that is still used nowadays in most mechanical watches and the precursor of today's chronograph. The Tourbillon regulator still manages to fascinate. It made its way into wristwatches at the turn of the 20th century and gained incredible popularity in the 1980s alongside a renaissance of mechanical timekeeping.

Institut national de la propriĂŠtĂŠ industrielle (INPI) Paris



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In today's world, where trends come and go in the blink of an eye, the House of Buccellati, proudly remains committed to lasting beauty. This Milanese brand is steeped in heritage with three generations to date-carrying on the Buccellati brand. The House of Buccellati was voted the most exclusive name in the U.S, and is the premiere luxury artisan brand available today. Founded in 1750, by the Milan-based Buccellati family, the brand originally began as a jewelry and silversmith shop. Being of the very highest quality, Buccellati works have been appreciated and praised by Popes,


Diamond Dream Fine Jewelers Magazine

cardinals, royal families, intellectuals, and his workshop has attracted musicians, writers and famous artists. By the 20th century, Mario Buccellati became known as the “Prince of Goldsmiths” for his handcrafted pieces in both gold and silver. Buccellati jewelry features an extraordinary series of filled and empty spaces that resemble lace or tulle and is both classical and new, simultaneously. One of the most important techniques Mario Buccellati invented among the many that typify his style is the elaborate and painstaking tulle or honey comb technique used even today. Classical-Renaissance in origin, its composition plays on the contrast of filled and empty spaces. Today the Buccellati brand is led by Mario’s son Gianmaria, and his grandson Andrea. Buccellati can be found at Diamond Dream Fine Jewelers in Bernardsville, NJ.

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BUSINESS IS ALWAYS A PLEASURE LOG-LINE: On their trip to Baselworld earlier this year, Edward and Faina combined business with pleasure, taking a few days before the show to visit the Buccellati factory in Como, and the Pomellato factory in Milan, Italy. BY KATIE CONTESS

igh up in the mountains above Lake Como, the tiny hamlet of Valbrona houses some of the finest jewelry craftsmen in the world. Isolated and seemingly beyond the reach of time, Valbrona is home to one of the famed Buccellati factories, a single locus of production among many, including those in Milan, Bologna, and Chiasso. The building’s humble exterior conceals the well-oiled machine within. Enter, as we did, and the modern, impeccably clean interior – almost like an engineering facility – will catch you by surprise. Roughly twenty people work within its walls, many of them the children and grandchildren of original Buccellati artisans who worked for Mario Buccellati after he started the current House in 1919. Their crafts are passed down from father to son, just as Mario’s legacy is carried on by his son, Gianmaria, the current head of the company. Gianmaria, in turn, is aided by his wife, children, nieces and nephews, who fill various professional roles across the company. Faina and Edward, in love and in business, recognize aspects of their own experience in the success of this model.



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“Next, the craftsman, with his impossibly steady hands, uses a small hand drill to pierce holes out of the plate. The holes are perfected & smoothed using a technique called “ad ascia”, where cotton threads are soaked in an abrasive paste and then swiftly moved back and forth through the holes.”

The Buccellati Eternelle rings are meticulously hand fabricated and are so intricately detailed that they appear to be spun into golden lace. Starting from $10,000

The factory at Valbrona is managed by a woman whose father worked for Mario in the early half of the 20th century. She is warm and offers Edward and Faina strong Italian coffee in her limited English. Gianmaria Buccellati designs all of the jewelry himself, sometimes aided by his son, Andrea. Once a sketch is completed, the jewelry’s fabrication, materials, and proportions are discussed with the artisans. Once the aesthetic vision is translated into practical specifications, the goldsmith can begin to trace the design onto the surface of a metal plate. Next, the craftsman, with his impossibly steady hands, uses a small hand drill to pierce holes out of the plate. The holes are perfected and smoothed using a technique called “ad ascia”, where cotton threads are soaked in an abrasive paste and then swiftly moved back and forth through the holes. Many Buccellati pieces are also engraved using a tool called a burin, which originated during the Renaissance. The Eternelle rings receive engraved “rouches” on their borders using this tool. Setting the stones, or “assettatura,” is one of the final steps. The stones are secured using small golden beads from the

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Simply Stunning 18K white gold drop earrings featuring a rose cut diamond on each

18K white gold 38� tennis necklace set with over 28 carats of round diamonds

18K white gold concentric teardrop diamond earrings

18K white gold 11.60 carat in and out diamond hoop earrings

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THE MECCA OF FINE JEWELRY AND WATCH MAKING: BASEL WORLD 2013 Continued from page 13 Buccellati 18K white gold with mother of pearl dial cuff bracelet watch $34,250 Buccellati 18K yellow gold eliochron engraved watch $39,400

surrounding metal, a subtle effect that complements the jewels and highlights their beauty. The artful balance of practicality and aesthetics is what makes a Buccellati piece so special. Each Buccellati piece is created stepby-step, station-by-station, some taking months, or even years, to finish. Everyone at the factory knows his individual role; each person has a unique skill set that contributes to the making of the final piece. Within the factory, order and beauty go hand-in-hand. There is even a special sink where the artisans wash their hands so the goldwater can be collected and refined, minimizing waste. It is clear, upon visiting the factory, that even though this is a company firmly rooted in tradition, Gianmaria is a pioneer, both in design and production. Just as his designs combine the traditional and the modern, so too do his factories. Mass production is eschewed in favor of by-hand techniques, some of them dating from the Renaissance. After all, Gianmaria feels that “luxury goods produced on a vast scale have no personality.” But special sinks and electric drills pick up the slack where Renaissance methods cannot compare. Buccellati is the rare company that allows the old and the new to coexist peacefully, complementing and aiding each other.

“The artful balance of practicality and aesthetics is what makes a Buccellati piece so special. Each Buccellati piece is created step-by-step, station-by-station, some taking months, or even years, to finish.”

One-of-a-kind Buccellati bracelet Buccellati Rete pearl and 18K gold pendant earrings $16,500


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TANGO COLLECTION Is the most spectacular and precious Pomellato collection of them all. A jewel that gives a special touch to even the most discreet attire like a simple black and white frock. When matched with the imposing, sparkling brown diamond Tango bracelet, it completes an irresistible collection worth longing for. 18k rose gold band rings in white diamond pave’ $8,900 each 18k rose gold band rings in brown diamond pave’ $7,650 each 18k rose gold ring with smoky quartz and brown diamond pavé $12,600 18k rose gold earrings with brown diamond pavé $17,950

From there we head to the bustling northern Italian metropolis of Milan, which has long been a center for fashion and jewelry design, rivaled only by Paris and New York. Roughly one hundred artisans work at Pomellato’s factory in Milan, where jewelry is also handcrafted, never mass produced. Pomellato’s factory calls to mind a spa or resort in an exotic locale. Bamboo and waterfalls abound, lending themselves to the overall “zen” feeling one gets upon touring the space. The presentation room is fit for a king, elaborately and ornately decorated with gold and silver trappings. Like Buccellati, the factory is impeccably clean and organized. One place we were not permitted to enter was the design room. Pomellato is known for keeping new designs completely under wraps, a secret as secure as the facility itself, which shuts down every day at precisely five in the evening so it can be secured. When the bell signaling it has turned five chimes, the craftsmen rush to the row of safes where they put their boxes.

At the factory, they melt their own gold, mixing it up and using the time-consuming “cera persa”, or lost wax, technique. A forty-kilo hunk of gold plate sits on a factory table, ripe to be melted and poured into intricate wax moulds, sculpted by artisans. Pomellato specializes in colored stones, which can be very difficult to find in consistent quality and colors. Matching stones together can take months at a time. Pomellato is notable for its use of artisan techniques to create pieces that are distinctly modern in character – “modern classics,” so to speak. Though the pieces are contemporary in style, they are classic in their simplicity.


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“Pomellato’s factory calls to mind a spa or resort in an exotic locale. Bamboo and waterfalls abound, lending themselves to the overall “zen” feeling one gets upon touring the space.”

ROUGE PASSION COLLECTION Red, a color that is extremely rare in natural stones, is the inspiration behind Pomellato’s Rouge Passion collection. In this collection Pomellato introduces manmade pink sapphire, orange sapphire and ruby paired with mother-of-pearl through a special process that transforms the gemstones into intense, luminous drops. Pomellato created this unique collection as it is often rare to find stones of this magnitude of color, clarity and uniformity in nature. The gemstones are cabochon-cut drops mounted upon a 9-karat gold setting that is also an intense red hue. 9-kt rose gold rings in synthetic ruby, orange and pink sapphire with mother of pearl-$1,050 each 9-kt rose gold earrings in synthetic ruby, orange and pink sapphire with mother of pearl-$1,850 each 9-kt rose gold pendants in synthetic ruby, orange and pink sapphire with mother of pearl -$750 each

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Fashions Chicest PairingBlack and White: Pomellato Adds The Basics to its Most Popular Collections The sinful black lace of the Victoria collection, originally composed of jet inlay, has been reinterpreted in a fresh, new material. White agate is the new medium for the collection's embroidery pattern. The floral motif-which signified gypsy fans and passionate shadows in the jet variation-now feels pure and light making Pomellato the perfect essential for fall's black and white trend.

18k rose gold and white agate earrings - $4,850 18k rose gold chain necklace - $7,250 18k rose gold and jet lace pendant - $2,150

“Baselworld is unique for a trade show in that it is open to the general public, receiving some 122,000 visitors from over 100 countries, and that does not even include the thousands of exhibitors and members of the press.� Soon it was time to make the breathtaking drive through the Alps to Switzerland, where Edward and Faina attended Baselworld 2013, the biggest and most important watch and jewelry event in the world. Accommodation is notoriously difficult to come by in Basel during the six days of Baselworld. People book their hotel rooms a year or more in advance. Some hotel rooms are even passed down from generation to generation. Baselworld is unique for a trade show in that it is open to the general public, receiving some 122,000 visitors from over 100 countries, and that does not even include the thousands of exhibitors and members of the press. At Baselworld, the finest watch and jewelry brands pull out all the stops to impress visitors and usurp the competition. This year, the displays at the show were more ornate than we could have ever imagined. Prompted by the radical redesign of the building where Baselworld is housed, exhibitors hired famous architects to design their spaces. Since the close of Baselworld last year, people worked day and night, even moving residents out of the surrounding areas, to renovate the building. The same can be said for the brands exhibiting their new inventions at the show; they, too, worked feverishly throughout the year to come up with work that was ready to be seen at Baselworld.

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BUILDING UPON OUR PAST’S GREAT LEGENDS With a design that recalls the same watch that accompanied astronauts to the moon on all six lunar missions, this model is a welcome addition to the family and one that upholds the bold Speedmaster name. It is sure to find a strong following among Speedmaster fans and watch enthusiasts who want to combine the impressive legacy of a remarkable chronograph with the best series-produced mechanical watch movement in the world.

mblematic of OMEGA’s bold style, forward-thinking innovation and adventurous spirit, this all-black OMEGA Speedmaster represents a sleek and sporty new addition to the popular collection. The black zirconium oxide ceramic dial, complemented by a matching ceramic 44.25 mm case with a brushed and polished ceramic casebody, features striking 18K white gold applied indexes as well as two blackened sub-dials that distinguish the timepiece from its legendary predecessor, OMEGA’s “Moonwatch”. These two sub-dials are made possible by the innovative placement of the 12-hour and 60-minute counters on the same sub-dial at the 3 o’clock position, allowing a comfortable and intuitive chronograph reading. There is a small seconds sub-dial located at 9 o’clock and a date window at 6 o’clock. The hour and minute Moonwatch-style hands are fashioned from 18K white gold, as are the hands found on both sub-dials; the central chronograph hand is rhodium plated and features a red tip for increased visibility of recorded seconds. Super-LumiNova coats the two dots at 12 and the hour, minute and chronograph hands ensuring that the wearing can read the time in a variety of lighting conditions. Protecting this prominent dial is a box-form scratch-resistant sapphire crystal with anti-reflective treatment on both sides.


The Speedmaster in black ceramic The matt chromium nitride tachymeter scale – among the most identifiable design features of the Speedmaster – stands out on the polished ceramic bezel. The two polished ceramic chronograph control pushers on the case function totally independently – accordingly, there is no risk to the chronograph mechanism as a result of inadvertent manipulation. This unique timepiece is presented on a highly durable black Cordura® fabric strap complete with a black ceramic buckle. The timepiece is water resistant to 5 bar (50 metres / 167 feet). This Speedmaster is offered with a full four-year warranty.

THE DARK SIDE OF THE MOON Engraved on the polished ceramic caseback in matt chromium nitride, above the bevelled scratch-resistant sapphire crystal, are the words “DARK SIDE OF THE MOON” – an appropriate tribute to this Speedmaster’s heritage and its bold black design.

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Breitling, Transocean Chronograph The Transocean Chronograph reinterprets the pure design of the classic 1950s and 60s chronograph in a resolutely contemporary style. The slender, understated fuselage carries onboard a high-performance “engine” in the shape of Caliber 01, entirely developed and produced in the Breitling workshops. The dial is a model of clarity and readability featuring refined details such as applied hour-markers, finely recessed and snailed counters, as well as an 18K gold version of the B initial that served for many years as the brand symbol. This watch includes a 5 year warranty.

Breguet Marine GMT This elegant timepiece is equipped with an automatic winding caliber 517F, which consists from 11½ lines, with power reserve of 72 hours. This elegant watch, shown here is set in 18K rose gold displays dual time complication: second time-zone sub-dial located at the 6 o'clock position with fine painted florale style Arabic Numeral hour markers & dot minute track. Water resistant up to 100m / 330ft.

Baume & Mercier Clifton Collection

The OMEGA Seamaster Planet Ocean 45.5 mm “Sochi 2014” Limited Edition The gents’ watch has a brushed and polished stainless steel case and a matching bracelet. The Seamaster Planet Ocean 45.5mm “Sochi 2014” Limited Edition is powered by the OMEGA Co-Axial calibre 8500, the movement that has defined the way mechanical watches are being made in the 21st century. The movement is equipped with the brand’s exclusive Si14 silicon balance spring and the result is a timepiece so reliable that OMEGA delivers it with a full four-year warranty. The watch is water resistant to 60 bar (600 metres / 2000 feet). $6,600


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This timepiece from the Clifton collection comes in a 43 mm-diameter steel case and is directly inspired by a Baume & Mercier watch dating from the 1950s. It features a sun satin-finished blue dial that displays, in addition to the hours and minutes, the date, the day, the month, and the moon phase in a large aperture at 6 o'clock. This timepiece is driven by a Swiss-made mechanical self-winding caliber visible through a transparent sapphire crystal case-back and is water-resistant at up to 50 meters. Determinedly urban, it is worn on a black alligator strap closed by an adjustable triple folding buckle with security push-pieces. $4,950


Standing on the Moon looking back at Earth - this lovely place you just came from - you see all the colors and know what they represent. Having left the water planet, with all that water brings to Earth in terms of color and abundant life, the absence of water and atmosphere on the desolate surface of the Moon gives rise to a stark contrast. — Buzz Aldrin, astronaut ince 1932, when Omega presented the Marine – the world's first watch designed for divers – Omega has been synonymous with the professional dive watch. And when the now legendary Seamaster range was launched back in 1948, it further confirmed Omega's position among sailors and divers as the tough and reliable watch of choice An Omega watch has been the wrist of many an adventurer, right from the very early days of ocean exploration. William Beebe, the marine biologist and explorer for his record-breaking Bathysphere dives, wore an Omega Marine. So did Commander Yves Le Prieur, the inventor of Scuba. Jacques Cousteau famously wore an Omega Seamaster PloProf, and Jacques Mayol – the legendary freediver known as The Dolphin Man' – also sported an Omega Seamaster on his record-setting dives. It was with this legacy in mind that Omega back in 2005 launched a new collection of dive watches in the Seamaster range, the Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean series, which pays homage to Omega's dive watch heritage, while also enhancing the designs with state-of-the-art technology and contemporary styling to create an entirely new dive watch that has since become a modern classic.


In the same spirit, Omega now presents a whole new Planet Ocean Collection that comes of age with a novel generation of functional dive watches that not only feature a new, inhouse calibre of the revolutionary Co-Axial escapement for enhanced precision but also offers a reborn sense of exclusivity embraced by today's adventurous seafarers and aquanauts.

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ounded in 1830 in Geneva Switzerland, the Maison d’Horlogerie Baume & Mercier has been dedicated to innovation and watchmaking excellence, and has quickly garnered international recognition as the watch brand with which to celebrate life’s special moments. As the seventh oldest watch brand in the world, Baume & Mercier is celebrated for its rich heritage and superior craftsmanship of timepieces for men and women. Current collections include Clifton, Capeland, Hampton, Linea and Classima.


Capeland Clifton This 18K red gold model inspired by a historic Baume & Mercier timepiece has had the dimensions of its case enlarged to give it a diameter of 42 mm, and thus adapt it to contemporary watch-wearing habits. Like the original model, this collectors' timepiece is driven by a mechanical hand-wound manufacture caliber produced according to best watchmaking practices and visible through the transparent sapphire crystal caseback. Conceived with thoroughly modern functions, this model has a power reserve of 90 hours thanks to a double barrel system. Both chic and elegant, this watch is worn with a high-quality black alligator strap closed by an 18K red gold pin buckle.

Hampton This feminine, jewelry-oriented "Small"-size Hampton model plays on its suggestive curves and on its precious diamond-setting to reveal a strong personality with gentle yet dynamic lines. This timepiece with its diamond-set 18K red gold case, inspired by a model dating from the Art Deco period, is driven by a Swiss-made quartz movement. This sensual model features a sun satin-finished brown and opaline-finished black dial and is worn on a brown satin strap that matches the dial.


With a design inspired by a model initially launched in 1948, this chronograph, the flagship model of the Capeland collection, impresses with its 44 mm-diameter steel case with a balanced and dynamic design. This timepiece, water-resistant to 50 meters, is driven by a finely-crafted automatic mechanical caliber (La Joux Perret 8120), visible through a transparent sapphire case-back. Chic and elegant, it is proposed with a sun satin-finished blue dial, snailed black counters and a date aperture. It features two graduated scales: one tachymetric and the other telemetric, highlighted by red markings. Timepiece that is more sport-oriented, it is worn with an integrated bracelet in polished/satin-finished steel, closed by a triple folding clasp with security push-pieces.

Linea with interchangeble straps For the past nearly one hundred years, Baume & Mercier has catered to women’s needs and wants. Such is the case with the iconic women’s Linea collection, introduced in 1987. The collection is now embracing both evocative beauty and technical prowess at the same time. With interchangeable straps, Baume & Mercier brings a new sense of style and selection to the forefront.

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10/21/13 11:40 AM



CLASSIC JEWELRY PIECES TO INVEST IN TODAY Classic jewelry pieces are often the ones that you’ll find yourself wearing on a daily basis. Whether you choose silver or gold settings and finishes is entirely up to what you find most wearable. What are your favorite classic pieces of jewelry?


PEARL NECKLACE Think of classic jewelry pieces and one of the first things to come to mind is a pearl necklace. A simple strand of pearls is elegant and sophisticated, yet still completely wearable across a range of occasions. Whether the choice is a pearl necklace, earrings, or a bracelet, they will always be “In Style.” Pearls are timeless!


SOLID BANGLE A solid bangle is a great classic jewelry piece worth adding to your collection. Whether you choose one in silver or gold, it looks great worn alone or stacked with other bracelets. Slimmer styles can look more delicate and thicker bangles make more of a statement. For a bolder look, try going with a cuff style bangle!


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3 FINE WRIST WATCH Another classic jewelry piece is the watch, While they serve a function, watches can definitely be considered a piece of jewelry in their own right. Yellow-gold finishes are timeless, but for something a bit more contemporary you can’t go past a rose gold watch. Bonus: a watch goes with nearly any outfit!



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4 DIAMOND EARRINGS For a bit of glamour, you can’t go past some diamond earrings. They’ll look equally amazing worn with a casual daytime outfit or gorgeous cocktail dress. A simple stud design will do the trick and look stunning! Just choose the size of the diamond depending on preference (and budget!)

5 CHAIN LINK NECKLACE When it comes to classic jewelry pieces, a chain link necklace is a basic but essential piece in any jewelry collection. You can wear it as-is, or use it to hold keepsake pendants and lockets. Whether you choose one in silver or gold is entirely up to your own jewelry preferences. Silver will give more of a casual vibe, while gold will glam it up a bit.


DIAMOND BRACELET A diamond bracelet is one of those classic ‘Must Have’ jewelry pieces that can be worn dressed up to a formal event or to a fun night out on the town with the girls. Styles like the chocolate and white diamond bracelet shown are classics and make for excellent milestone gifts.


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6 PENDANT A pendant necklace can be a great way of personalizing your jewelry in a subtle yet stylish way. It could be something that has a special meaning or holds dear memories. You can wear a pendant necklace by itself or layered with other necklaces for a more contemporary look. And a colored pendant can add a fun pop of color to a simple outfit!




The finest stones, the exclusive cut and the radiant solid colors are carefully selected to give uniqueness to this intense collection. Every single stone is individually framed in our laboratory by craftsmen who create jewels full of tradition.

Circular elements connected one to another and hand engraved with the Bulino. Soft shapes available in 18 karat yellow gold or in the more sophisticated assortment enriched by hand set diamonds.



Each element, deliberately irregular, is inspired by the nature of this incredible continent. Boules of 18 karat yellow gold engraved by hand with the Bulino technique. This collection is available in all gold, with pearls or with burnished gold and sapphires.

Strictly natural fan-shaped stones selected in a random progression of more than twenty colors. The essence of this collection is the stones harmonious combination and delicate nuances.

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TRENDS IN FASHION Graduated diamonds “Circle of Life” necklace on a bezel set diamond station chain

Classic diamond earrings and Cross over ring, both in 18K white gold and diamonds

A Brief History Of

the Little Black Dress The Little Black Dress is viewed in the fashion world as a long-lasting, stylish and versatile piece of clothing that can be dressed up or down for daytime or evening wear. A black dress acts as a perfect canvas for one’s individual jewelry pieces to shine. Although it’s been a wardrobe staple for nearly 100 years, key differences have shaped each decade of the “LBD.”



During the war, the Little Black Dress also became a symbol of austerity during a time of rationing. Women found it easy to accessorize and embraced the effortless glamour it afforded, making it the ideal for any occasion.

There were two distinct styles to the LBD of the 60’s – long and short – the shorter lengths, slits up the leg and featured netted detailing.The most iconic LBD of the 60s has to be Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s.




The 80s celebrated the LBD by encouraging elaborate, broad shoulders and embellishments, such as detailed embroidery and copious amounts of sequins.

In the mid-90s, the LBD celebrated its 80th birthday in style, maintaining its long lasting position in the fashion sphere.

Today, mesh detailing and the “bodycon” fit are fashionable LBD styles, harnessing a definite 60s feel. The past clearly influences present designs, as is seen with the velvet paneling and body-sculpting shape.

During the 19th century wearing black was accepted as a symbol of mourning and respect to the dead. It was only until artist John Singer Sargent painted the portrait ‘Madame X’ that wearing a black dress was first considered fashionable. This picture caused a great deal of controversy because of its sexiness.




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Italian Decadence Available at Diamond Dream Fine Jewelers


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MURANO Collection

he jewels of Marco Bicego “attain their identity through a fascinating mix of Italian culture and creativity.” The line is inspired by its Venetian origins, and the natural settings that surround the city of Venice. The brand manages to combine old world tradition with contemporary design, emphasizing small details, and giving off an air of timeless elegance. All of the pieces are made in Italy by artists and craftsmen out of 18 kt gold. The manufacturing techniques they use were handed down to Marco by his father. The signature hand-engraving is done with the use of a “bulino,” a special tool which gives the gold a fine, brushed texture. The uniqueness of the jewelry is maintained through imperfect shapes, but the elegance of the stones is undeniable. “I personally take a lot of care and I’m very passionate in the choice and composition of each and every stone,” Marco explains. He tends to favor delicate hues and atypical shades.


Solid and powerful colors are among the distinguishing characteristic of this selection of Citrine, Topaz , Amethysts and Iolites. Elongated shaped stones that linger on small irregularities, the distinctive feature of the brand. Double Face Cut exclusively for Marco Bicego.

JAIPUR Collection Soft colors and delicate shades of round shaped stones that linger on small irregularities, the distinctive feature of the brand. Citrine, Topaz, Amethyst, Iolites, and Lemon Citrine all fashioned with the exclusive Marco Bicego double face cut.

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here are many reasons why people choose to buy from large chain stores or online retailers: Sometimes because there is more inventory to choose from, and other times, because the merchandise is less expensive. The 350 Project a non-profit organization dedicated to spreading the word about local businesses, does not expect a person to only purchase goods and services at a local business. But they do emphasize how a little can go a long way, not only for the local business owner you support, but for the community as a whole. It is estimated that national chains return only 43 percent of their income to the local economy. Online retailers return zero percent. What about local businesses? Local businesses return a whopping 68 percent of their income to the local economy. They pay taxes to the town they set up shop in, stimulating the economy and beautifying the neighborhood with their storefronts. And there are countless other ways local businesses end up benefitting the communities they serve, and the surrounding communities as well. At Diamond Dream, we are passionate about supporting the charities that are important to us and our customers. Last year, we hosted a fundraiser in support of the Newmark Schools, which serve children with autism spectrum disorders, mood dis-


orders, anxiety disorders, attention issues, and other developmental disabilities. With the support of many people like us and our customers, Newmark was able to build a beautiful new facility. As the old proverb goes, “It takes a village to raise a child.” This year, we are supporting Mane Stream, whose mission is to improve the quality of life for children and adults with physical, developmental, emotional and medical challenges by providing a variety of adaptive riding programs and equine assisted physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy. But we know we are not alone, so we sat down with some other local Bernardsville and Mendham retailers to find out which causes matter to them and what they love about the community. Caesar Mistretta of J.M. Stringer Gallery of Fine Art loves the “wonderful array and variety of businesses” that Bernardsville has to offer, as well as the “friendly and caring residents”. Over the past twelve years, the gallery has put on a variety of quality art exhibits for the community to enjoy. The owners continue to support local charities and maintain a beautiful storefront, constantly changing windows, and maintaining planters and flowers. “By having quality, reliable local businesses who excel in service, as most in


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“By having quality, reliable local businesses who excel in service, as most in Bernardsville do, the result is that the community benefits...” Bernardsville do, the result is that the community benefits not only by having great shopping options but also the businesses help to maintain the integrity of our neighborhood and real estate values,” Mistretta explains.

“I know when I’m going into a shop in Bernardsville that I’m going to pay an honest price for something.” Art Garcia of Monterey Gourmet, which has been a Bernardsville staple for over twenty-five years, also feels strongly about giving back to the community. One of the charities the business supports is Swim, Inc., which provides a safe and supportive environment for adults with impaired mobility to exercise. In Bernardsville, Garcia feels that the local businesses are very supportive of one another, and are always eager to help each other out, especially during these tough times. “I’d much rather go to the hardware store next door than Home Depot. I know when I’m going into a shop in Bernardsville that I’m going to pay an honest price for something,” he says of the other businesses in Bernardsville. “After making a purchase at a local business,” Garcia explains, “It isn’t just a one-time purchase. You are building a relationship.”

“Our businesses present the opportunity for people in the community to connect and form life-long friendships.” Carla Fabrizi of Carla Fabrizi Cosmetics in Mendham also believes that building relationships is one of the foremost benefits of local businesses. “Social interaction is something that has been lacking over the years,” Carla explains. “Our businesses present the opportunity for people in the community to connect and form lifelong friendships,” she continues. Kathleen Janssen, Marketing Manager of Villa Enterprises Management, also in Mendham, agrees, “The benefits of building a relationship are endless.”


On September 13th, we attended the reception for the grand opening of Newmark Education’s new school facilities in Scotch Plains. Having previously held an auction for their benefit, it was a pleasure to see first-hand the realization of their efforts as well as the results from contributions by business owners like ourselves and members of our community. Newmark Education’s state-approved school system provides private education from kindergarten through high school for children living with autism spectrum, mood, and anxiety disorders, as well as children with attention issues and other developmental disabilities. Newmark’s individually-tailored academic plans and deep understanding of the specific needs of their students promotes independent thinking and decision making, and in the process develops the skills necessary to live fully, confidently, and successfully. We are pleased to say that Newmark shares the benefits of their experience and success by training other professionals through a Teacher Training Institute. This comes in response to an overwhelming demand for trained professionals within traditional school settings to accommodate similar behaviorally challenged students. New Jersey maintains one of the highest autism rates nationwide. However, this statistic comes with a silver lining. It is through a state-wide abundance of resources and services directed towards autism – institutions like Newmark – that have resulted in higher autism awareness and more accurate diagnoses. We wish to extend our thanks to Newmark and their vision, as well as our gratitude to our customers who helped make our donation possible. – Edward & Faina Shapiro

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A) Custom designed tanzanite ring with half moon diamonds $9,995 B) Teardrop diamond and sapphire necklace $5,350 C) Diamond and cushion cut tanzanite earrings $17,500 D) Graduated color blue topaz earrings $4,100 All in 18K gold


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SHOPPING LOCAL IN BERNARDSVILLE Chamber of Commerce sign given to us by Eric Nham our friend and local Remax realtor.

Carla enjoys providing a no-judgement zone for women to come in and learn about makeup, and often gives her time to women undergoing chemotherapy who want to learn makeup tricks to feel beautiful again. What, to her, is the best part of the local community? It is a long list, but her reasons include the specialty shops, unique restaurants, stunning natural beauty, and the people—friendly merchants, school teachers, and law enforcement officers. Villa Enterprises Management is constantly looking for opportunities to help local schools, local government and local volunteers. This year, they donated the proceeds from their annual charity event to the Seeing Eye Foundation.

Flowers by Sette Cucina

“Local businesses support non-profit organizations such as youth sports leagues, PTOs and school associations that supplement school budgets or fund programs that were dropped due to budget cuts.” Rich Steinberg, owner of the Bernardsville Print Center, has been a member of the Bernardsville community for twenty-five years. During that time, he has seen local businesses support a number of different causes and events. “Local businesses support non-profit organizations such as youth sports leagues, PTOs and school associations that supplement school budgets or fund programs that were dropped due to budget cuts,” he explains. In addition, local businesses donate their time and money by sponsoring local fundraising and awareness events, such as Unity Day, Taste of Bernardsville, and Sounds Around Town. A member of the Board of Directors of the Bernardsville Chamber of Commerce, Rich himself has participated in supporting these causes and events while also donating his printing goods and services to multiple local organizations, including St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, Somerset Hills Education Foundation, Somerset Hills and Basking Ridge Little Leagues, the Bernardsville Fire Company, Friends for a Greener Bernardsville, and the Bernardsville Garden Club. Last but not least, Rich has “been the human inside the Easter Bunny costume, giving out candy and taking pictures with the children of the community, for the past 10 years.” Every day we feel fortunate to be a part of this community and neighborhood. We try to take care of our customers, knowing their names, their children, their likes and the dates and milestones they celebrate. We’re thrilled to be a part of those special moments.

Our customers and friends, they all know we’re more than just their jeweler; our door is always open, for a conversation, timely advice, or a glass of wine! And they are there to support us in return, buying us a new dish for our chocolate that matches our interior, inviting us to their weddings and special occasions, and becoming lifelong friends. We strive to provide services that big, chain companies and online retailers are unable to provide. From custom design and jewelry and watch restoration to estate acquisition and appraisals to simply sizing rings. We help keep the community beautiful by maintaining our storefront, but that is nothing compared to the work of the Bernardsville Garden Club, which supplies and maintains all the beautiful plants in the common areas of our downtown. Local shops should always be your first stop. You might find a new friend, a new relationship, a new experience, or, at the very least, a new piece of chocolate!

“...look first to your local stores; even if you do not find what you were looking for, you might find something else entirely – a new friend, a new relationship, a new experience, or, at the very least, a piece of chocolate!”

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Endless Possibilities...

...Always Within Reach

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Chronomat 44 The Chronomat 44 reflects a universe dedicated to performance, sporting feats and surpassing personal limits. This Automatic selfwinding chronograph set in stainless steel and 18K rose gold with Onyx black dial is water-resistant to a depth of 500 meters – a feat worthy of an authentic diver’s watch. This chronograph is the perfect watch for all circumstances – from intensive sport to sophisticated night life.

The 2013 BREITLING JET TEAM ach appearance of the Breitling Jet Team, the world's only professional civilian flight team performing on jets, is a breathtaking vision. A meticulously coordinated ballet in which the planes sometimes fly within less than 3 meters of each other, at speeds of almost 700 km/h and with up to 8G accelerations - thus embodying the very essence of daring, speed and precision. This flight team unique in its kind - newly kitted out in black and dark grey colors - is made up of seven extremely fast and powerful L-39C Albatros Czech-made twin-seater military training jets. The pilots are all extremely experienced professionals, most of them from the French air force, or from the Patrouille de France. Each year, the Breitling Jet Team performs around fifty demonstrations throughout Europe at air shows, Formula 1 Grand Prix races, sports events, etc. The team has its own mechanics, responsible for guaranteeing the availability of the planes and safety at shows thank to extremely meticulous maintenance. In all, a dozen people work full time to enable the Breitling Jet Team to perform, representing a unique alliance of professionalism and passion. At the Buochs event, the Breitling Jet Team gives a daily show featuring the most spectacular figures. Pilots then take passengers for acrobatic flights in formation - a unique opportunity to discover the thrills of aerobatics in a jet plane.


Avenger II GMT The Avenger II GMT stands out by its ultra-practical 24-hour second timezone display, complemented by a bidirectional rotating bezel enabling a third timezone reading. The officially chronometer-certified selfwinding movement is protected by an ultra-sturdy steel case water-resistant to 300 m (1,000 ft). The efficiency of the controls is guaranteed by a solid crown with a nonslip grip. The aviation-inspired stenciltype numerals lend a technical and original touch of style.

Galactic 36 Designed for women wishing to enjoy a blend of refined luxury and uncompromising technical sophistication. The Galactic 36 stands out by its generous diameter that is nonetheless extremely elegant on the wrist. The case in steel, steel & rose gold or rose gold houses a chronometer-certified mechanical movement. The exquisitely crafted dial is available in various colors, while versions featuring mother-of-pearl and diamonds lend an especially glamorous touch. Shown here set in stainless steel and 18K rose gold.


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The seven pilots of the Breitling Jet Team belong to the international elite of aviation professionals. In performing their aerobatic figures at almost 500 mph, flying 7 feet from each other and with accelerations of up to 8Gs, errors are not an option. It is for these masters of audacity and daring exploits that Breitling develops its chronographs: sturdy, functional, ultra high-performance instruments all equipped with movements chronometercertified by the COSC – the highest official benchmark in terms of reliability and precision. Welcome to the Breitling world.






Sudoku “My favorite go-to game whenever I need a break.”

Aquamarine Earrings “I love the soft, organic look of these earrings.” 26 carat aquamarine surrounded by white and colored diamonds set in 18K rose gold, $8,500

Flexible Ring and Bracelet

This versatile collection features an expandable design that makes it easy to wear. The bracelet and ring are set in 18K gold and pave set diamonds.

Breguet Reine de Naples

“I love the feel of Pomellato Nudo rings and the variety of colors that they use.” Color Stone Earrings Italian jeweler Pomellato makes some of the most stunning earrings, rings, and necklaces out of gold, precious, and semi-precious stones. Every piece in their collection is handmade in Milanese workshops and their striking pieces have long been celebrity favorites. Nudo rings from $2,250

A contemporary interpretation of the Reine de Naples line designed for fashionably elegant young women. Curved ovoid watch steel case with finely fluted case flanks. White mother-ofpearl dial, individually numbered and signed Breguet, alligator strap harmonised with the dial’s hue. Off-centred hour circle at 6 o’clock. Blued steel Breguet hands with eccentric mooncut tip. Finely tuned self-winding mechanical movement fitted with a silicon balance spring and escapement. Its gold oscillating weight is engine-turned by hand. $15,500

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A) 18K midnight pendants starting from $1,325 B) 18K midnight stack bracelets starting from $645 C) 18K gold and midnight silver bracelets




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“After a long day of meetings and viewings, we attend the Breitling party. The group gathers at buses which take us to an undisclosed location. It feels like an induction into a secret society, being whisked away to a glamorous fantasy-world.”








Breitling has reasserted its horological mastery by launching a “worldtimer” chronograph equipped with an innovative in-house movement – Caliber B05 with a patented mechanism. Thanks to its double disk, the Transocean Chronograph Unitime provides at-a-glance reading, anywhere in the world, of the time in all 24 timezones. When the user changes timezone, simply turning the crown forwards or backwards enables instant correction of the hour hand, the city disk and the 24-hour disk – while automatically adjusting the date to local time. The ultimate in user friendliness.


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A typical day at Baselworld involves a slew of appointments with exhibitors and then dinner or a party at night. We make sure to meet with representatives of the brands we already carry to see their new pieces, but we also meet with representatives from brands we might carry in the future. It is imperative to keep a finger on the pulse of the industry, and to check out new pieces that are receiving generous amounts of buzz from the press and bloggers. In order to be successful, we must make sure that what we decide to bring back for the store is the best and most innovative the watch and jewelry world has to offer. Before each appointment, we meticulously prepare, researching which new pieces we are most interested in seeing. By being intimately familiar with our clientele and their preferences, we can make sure we have pieces that cover a range of price points, designs, and materials. Breitling’s space includes a massive, suspended fish tank with colorful fish and small sharks. After a long day of meetings and viewings, we attend the renowned Breitling party, an annual tradition that is not to be missed. The group gathers at buses which take us to an undisclosed location. “It feels like an induction into a secret society,” Edward explains, “Being whisked away to a glamorous fantasy-world.” The party includes many rooms that are decorated in different ways. One room has women dressed as fairies riding on white horses made to look like unicorns. Another room has fountains, while another has a stage with water and dancers performing. Other rooms have live musical performances, and even Jacuzzis! But, before we know it, it is time to return to reality. Here's to next year's trip being even more fantastic than the last!


Blossom Collection starting from $390 Murano Glass Jam Jars $4,030

Handcrafted Animal Collection in sterling silver starting from $550

Family-owned and operated for almost 100 years, Buccellati creates exquisite one-of-a-kind home dĂŠcor pieces and sterling silver flatware. Buccellati artisans use old-world techniques to delicately handcraft each item, resulting in pieces that are one-of-a-kind.

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A) The necklace is a double strandof imperial topaz adorned with a gold pearl accented by a 18K yellow gold bale B) Double drop freshwater pearl earrings joined by multi color sapphires, accented in 18K yellow gold C) 18K two tone gold white and gold South Sea pearl enhancer accented with spirals of diamonds


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A) 18K white gold diamond hoop earrings with diamond accent with a white South Sea pearl earring charm B) Black Tahitian pearl enhancer capped with diamonds set in 18K white gold on a white Seed pearl necklace C) 18K white gold South Sea and Tahitian pearl enhancer circled with diamonds





D) South Sea pearl earrings set in 18K gold E) 18K white gold Sout Sea pearl ring flanked by diamonds on each side

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Starting from from $895 $105 Starting

Starting from $179

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Available in sterling silver and gold starting from $95

Starting from $895



Starting from $215

Starting from $360

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S H I N N E S TAT E V I N EY A R D ne weekend in August, we found ourselves returning to one of our favorite weekend getaway spots - Shinn Estates Vineyards and Farmhouse Inn on the North Fork of Long Island. The area - soon to be called "the next Napa Valley", is a quick trip out of the big city, a serene, place where the tourists are few but the farms are many, and an abundance of organic produce has practically made it the epicenter of the farm-to-table movement. Wine is not all they make here: Among the elements of their authentic lifestyle are chickens - from which they gather eggs for breakfast - together with fresh herbs and vegetables from their own garden and honey taken from the beehives on the property. A platter of local cheeses and fruits along with a selection of estate wines is an afternoon treat. For us, the North Fork is a place we can truly relax and unwind. We start our weekends going for long walks through the vineyards or on the beach, enjoying superb meals with great local wines. Located only two hours from our suburban New Jersey home, owners Barbara Shinn and David Page have created a modern farmhouse setting and a very warm and welcoming environment, complete with wine classes, tastings, and special dinners.


Their organic lifestyle very much affects their approach to winemaking; one can really taste the difference in their final product. We find a lot of similarities in the way this husband and wife team operates: Their values and work ethic; the way they interact with clients, and their hard work at making their dream a reality. We always come home with a couple cases of sampled wine, and delicious fruits and vegetables bought from the farmstand nearby. We always come back with our car loaded and look forward to our next trip!

From Organic Wines...

Edward & Faina with Shinn Estate owner David Page

In The Celler: 2011 Chardonnay, 2010 Wild Boar Doe, 2009 Nine Barrels reserve Merlot

...ToOrganic GemstoneCreations 54

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Every Philip Stein watch contains wellbeing technology to help bring order to your life.

Corporate Gifts

Shop our unique selection of executive gifts that is sure to please clients and employees alike.


Available at Diamond Dream Fine Jewelers

Our Commitment to Service Restoration of Jewelry & Watches We specialize in expert jewelry and watch repair and restoration. Each piece is handled with care and returned to you in the best condition possible. Some of the services we provide are ring sizing, engraving, pearl/bead stringing, prong retipping, stone replacement, gemstone cutting, link adjustment, and much more.

Custom Design With over 30 years of experience in jewelry manufacturing, the hands of highly skilled craftsmen, and the latest technology, we are creating and customizing pieces that reflect the unique personality and style of the person for whom we are designing.

Estate Acquisition We offer consultations and fair prices for pieces you no longer wish to own. Our expert analysis will ensure the best value with the right benefit to you. All transactions are handled with the utmost discretion and care.

Appraisals We provide appraisal services of fine jewelry and timepieces. Our GIA-trained professionals use the latest techniques and information available to determine the accurate value for your full protection.

visit our Bernardsville Showroom 10-12 Mine Brook Road Bernardsville 908-766-4700 · Breguet · Omega · Buccellati · Breitling · Pomellato · Roberto Coin · Marco Bicego · Philip Stein · Baume & Mercier · Miseno · me&ro · Pianegonda · Armenta & More

Breguet, the innovator. Creation of a peerless style, 1775

With a particularly refined and timeless design, Breguet renewed the traditional horological aesthetic of the late 18 th century. Today, the Classique 7787 model, indicating the age and phases of the moon, is a contemporary interpretation of the Breguet style : white grand feu enamel dial, Breguet numerals, Breguet moon-tip hands and secret signature. History is still being written ...

T7787-DiamondDream_212x276.indd 4

16.10.13 16:10

Diamond Dream Fine Jewelers - 2014 Catalog  
Diamond Dream Fine Jewelers - 2014 Catalog