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Art-full Creative Challenge


now available at Springs Medical Daylesford

RT-full Living is about increasing your wellbeing by living creativity.

The recently published book The Arts Apothecary outlines the proof of the value to your health and happiness in a number of case studies. We are inviting you to take action and unlock your potential by signing up for the weekly (fortnightly in The Local) campaign of Creative Challenges…or take the challenge here and keep us posted with the results. Creativity is the breath of life – giving purpose, a sense of wellbeing and contributing to our health. We are all instinctively creative and need to rekindle that freedom inside… Here we go with the first challenge… Alphabet Adventure This week’s challenge requires you to go exploring and get involved in an Alphabet Adventure - how many items of the alphabet can you find? Go for a walk and photograph or collect as many items as you can in under 15 minutes, each starting with a different letter of the alphabet. If you have more time...see if you can find 26 items, one for each letter of the alphabet. Think - How difficult or easy was it to do, were there any letters you struggled with? Share - Share a photo collage of your items on #artfullifer & #art-fullweekly on Twitter & art-full living on Facebook. Share with The Local via Then watch for the next challenge on February 24 and maybe your photo in the same edition. Links: | Art-full Living is offering a chance to take the challenge further in May in a first ever Art-full Living Experience. Find Your Story is an intimate live-in weekend of writing, painting and music at Casa Allegra, Trentham May 25-27. More information to come or contact Jill Rivers or 0418 389 189.

Did you know that you can desensitise against some pollen and dust mites using a tablet now? No more weekly injections! Instead you can now take a tablet from the convenience of your home!

Ask your doctor whether you should have Allergy Testing at Springs Medical Daylesford. In an emergency always call 000

Daylesford | 10 Hospital Street | tel: (03) 5348 2227

Myo Studio has been running classes for over 2 years now and would like to reveal its new logo, new App and new Myotherapist! Myo Studio is an extension to Daylesford Osteopathy and Myotherapy, it offers Pilates, Stretch and Myotherapy-led Exercise Classes. Utilising Pilates Reformers, mat-based exercises, balls and bands you can improve your core strength, flexibility and balance in very small groups or one on one. Introducing Emilia Sadler - Myotherapist. As a therapist, Emilia’s aim is to assist her patients in making lasting improvements to their physical condition. Having trained in Clinical Pilates and Myotherapy simultaneously, she understands the importance of supporting hands-on therapies with the proper exercise prescription and movement pattern corrections. Emilia spent eight years as a Pilates instructor at a leading Physiotherapy practice in Melbourne where she cared for patients with hugely varying abilities and requirements. Her approach is always individualised and continually motivated by that desire to support positive change. Emilia is available Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays. Also on offer at Myo Studio are Stretch classes. These are led by John Ieleo. John is an experienced Myotherapist using “Stretch Therapy” classes as an extension of his hands-on clinic work. Stretch Therapy is a safe, efficient and comprehensive system of stretching, strengthening, muscle re-patterning and relaxing the body. You will learn to use a series of stretching and strengthening exercises, which effectively isolate all muscle groups and restricted areas for you. Myo Studio is a place for people to exercise under close supervision and direction. Erin Richardson (Myotherapist, RN and Pilates Instructor) established Myo Studio as an extension of her hands-on Myotherapy treatments recognising corrective exercises as an essential Myotherapy treatment. Classes Monday to Saturday.

Contact details and schedule: Erin Richardson: 0428 542454 Shop 8/11 Howe St, Daylesford (next to Daylesford Osteopathy and Myotherapy). Parking at rear. Find Myo Studio on MINDBODY App to book and see class schedule. Also find us on Facebook. Therapist, Emilia

The Local Issue 117 February 12, 2018  
The Local Issue 117 February 12, 2018